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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

News for 08-20-07

08-20-07 - Six killed in Israeli strike on Gaza Israeli planes today struck a car in the Gaza strip, killing six Hamas militants, Palestinian officials said today.

08-20-07 - Gazans face the progressive collapse of their economy Arnold Vercken, WFP Representative in the occupied Palestinian territory, has warned of a progressive collapse of the Gazan economy as a result of border restrictions and a breakdown of services. Kirstie Campbell reports.

08-20-07 - Israeli army wounds three Palestinians in southern Gaza Israeli army shot and wounded on Sunday morning three Palestinians, said to be resistance fighters, in southern Gaza Strip.

08-20-07 - Hamas forced to commit to electricity revenue checks The European Commission has demanded guarantees that Hamas would not " divert" electricity revenues before ending an increasingly critical shutdown, which has left hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents without power for four days.

08-20-07 - Israel to PA: Give W. Bank welfare or Hamas will win The Palestinian Authority must establish a strong welfare system in the West Bank to win elections and gain more support than Hamas, according to a plan formulated by a senior Israeli official. The reverse was precisely why Hamas was so popular in Gaza for so long.

08-20-07 - Hamas vows revenge after six of its members killed in Gaza Al-Qassam Brigades, armed wing of the Islamic Hamas movement, Monday vowed to take revenge on Israel for the killing of its six members by an Israeli airstrike in central Gaza Strip.

08-20-07 - Egypt to continue supplying electricity to Gazans

08-20-07 - Egypt backs Palestinian demand to tackle all aspects at U.S.-proposed meeting

08-20-07 - Three residents injured, one kidnapped in an invasion to Nablus

08-20-07 - Jerusalemites stripped of residency rights Palestinians living in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem are being stripped of their rights at an alarmingly high rate, according to newly-released statistics.

08-20-07 - Al Haq, Popular Campaign Against the Wall met with international diplomats in Ramallah The Al Haq Intuition, which is active in defending Human Rights, and the Popular Campaign Against the Wall, held on Monday a meeting with several representatives of international diplomatic missions in Ramallah, in the northern part of the West Bank, and informed them on the latest conditions in the Jordan Valley as Israeli continue to implement its plans which aim at removing the Palestinian residents from that area.

08-20-07 - Policewoman booted for alleged abuse The brief film shows three Palestinians on a donkey cart approach the IDF checkpoint. After an inaudible verbal exchange, the policewoman is seen hitting two of the Palestinians.

08-20-07 - Israeli army storms several areas in the West Bank, 8 Palestinians abducted

08-20-07 - ILA leasing Arab-owned land in Jerusalem to Ateret Cohanim The Israel Lands Administration (ILA) is working together with the Ateret Cohanim association to wrest from Palestinian landowners control of 30 dunams (7.5 acres) of land in East Jerusalem and to transfer it to the association without a tender. Such is the claim outlined in a petition submitted two weeks ago to the High Court of Justice, and appearing in documents which Haaretz has received.

08-20-07 - Hamas says Israeli-Palestinian talks meaningless unless it approves

08-20-07 - U.S.-backed campaign against Hamas expands to charities

08-20-07 - ?We will replant these trees again? Artas, however, is also located close to the ever-expanding Gush Etzion settlement bloc and the route of the Wall. Last year, construction started on the hills surrounding Artas. In May this year, inhabitants discovered with concerns that the bulldozers were moving increasingly down, in the direction of the valley. The first land threatened with confiscation and destruction was a plot covered with beautiful apricot trees belonging to the Abu Sway family.

08-20-07 - Egyptian police forces find explosives cache near border with Gaza

08-20-07 - In Gaza, a lion's return brings hope Sabrina had been snatched from her cage two years earlier, and the young cub had become a symbol of the lawlessness that characterized the Gaza Strip. But last month, Hamas forces freed Sabrina from a notorious criminal gang.

08-20-07 - Senior Arab officials tell Israel that Syria is not planning to attack

08-20-07 - Starving Gaza Violence begets violence. Iraq should have taught us that. The road chosen by the Bush administration and the Israeli government is one that failed in Iraq, failed in Lebanon and will fail in the Palestinian territories. It will only increase the chaos, suffering and death.

08-20-07 - Lebanon soldier killed as siege enters fourth month A Lebanese soldier was killed on Monday as the battle with Al-Qaeda inspired Islamist guerrillas at a seafront refugee camp entered its fourth month, the army said.

08-20-07 - Lebanon charges siege camp Islamists with terrorism Lebanon on Monday charged more than 200 people suspected of belonging to Fatah al-Islam with murder and terrorism, as a standoff between the army and the militants entered its fourth month.

08-20-07 - Return to Gaza

08-20-07 - Interpol chief in Israel suspected of fraud, breach of trust

08-20-07 - Hezbollah computer game based on war Hezbollah launched a computer game based on its war last summer with Israel.

08-20-07 - US survey raises eyebrows in Jerusalem A survey by a respected journal showing that 15 of 108 foreign policy elites in the US believe Israel does not serve US national security interests has raised eyebrows in Jerusalem

08-20-07 - Rally in support of new NYC Arabic school Meanwhile state Assemblyman Dov Hikind said the school's children could be "indoctrinated" and warned in a statement that "establishment of an Arab school is a misguided and dangerous idea."

08-20-07 - Ex-prisoner Lu'ay Al Ashkar leaves Israeli detention in a wheelchair Bishara Jabali, Al Ashkar?s lawyer, has initiated a lawsuit against the state of Israeli, the previous head of Shabak (Avy Dekhter), the current head of Shabak (Youval Desken) and the investigators of Shabak, asking for the compensation of his client.

08-20-07 - Keith Ellison ends Israel trip unscathed The Israeli and US press were poised to report on any slip by Ellison that might be construed as anti-Israel sentiment.

08-20-07 - Palestinian tour is cancelled A Palestinian National youth team's tour to the North West for a series of friendlies has been cancelled......the Consulate in Jerusalem has refused visas to every single one of the team and its support staff of coaches and officials.

08-20-07 - Urgent Action Appeal to Stop the Assaults Against Negev Villages

08-20-07 - U.S. Arms Create New Divisions "The U.S. is trying hard to convince its Arab allies that Iran represents a greater danger to them than Israel. When, in fact, Israel remains the overriding military threat to the Arab world."

08-20-07 - Christians, Jews in Holy Land alliance "If you had asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing with my life, I don't think I would have told you I'd be in church," she said. Baras stumps for money from evangelical Christians to support Jewish settlements in the occupied territories -- land she calls biblical Israel......They support Israel -- which to them includes Jewish settlements on the occupied West Bank. Church members tour settlements with Baras and have donated more than a $100,000 to support them......"If you don't live somewhere, if you don't take possession of it, it is not yours," Baras said.
How is it legal for US citizens to be giving money to a cause that violates international law?

08-20-07 - Defendant scolded over outburst during Holy Land trial At the time of the outburst, the courtroom was cleared of spectators as an Israeli government agent known by the pseudonym "Avi" was being cross examined.

08-20-07 - 2 Haredi buses unwittingly enter Palestinian town

08-20-07 - The View from the Valley of Hell Freed from the constraints of ABC objectivity, his critique of the current situation is hard-hitting and devastating. Repeatedly he describes Israeli maltreatment of Palestinians with ill-disguised horror. The stories of the way Israeli soldiers delight in humiliating Palestinians, the way snipers don't discriminate between stone-throwing children and AK-47-wielding fighters, the way borders are closed, punishing everyone for the sins of the few and the way collaborators are forced and bribed into reporting on their fellow citizens make for grim reading.

08-20-07 - Hebron before and after "Hebron is a microcosm of the occupation," said Manor. "It is a ghost town, with no Palestinian traffic. Houses and stores sealed and racist graffiti sprayed on the walls." Activestills photographers said that during their visit to the city, they encountered many army posts and soldiers and a few settlers, but "hardly any Palestinians."

08-20-07 - Courses on offer at community centre empower Palestinian women in Jordan

08-20-07 - US experts see more dangerous world for Americans A majority of top US foreign policy experts say the world is a more dangerous place for Americans today than just six months ago, thanks largely to the war in Iraq and a failing US war on terrorism, a new survey shows.

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