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Some headlines and summaries from JTA

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Some headlines and summaries from JTA

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

03-16-06 - The Jewish Exponent: Pull the Plug on UNRWA! Halting aid to the P.A. means nothing if funds shift to the 'humanitarian' front Here is the reason for the five-article report on UNRWA from the Jewish Telegraph Agency of yesterday - to put forth that humanitarian organizations such as UNWRA are 'politicized', or found to 'support terror', and therefore nobody should give those agencies money either. In other words, Palestinians must be cut off from aid completely - including from humanitarian aid. Sound like Nazism to you?

03-16-06 - (Three) Years Later, Justice Still Not Served: Remembering the Death of Rachel Corrie

03-16-06 - Amnesty International: Israel/Occupied Territories: Elections are Opportunity to Address Human Rights In the Occupied Territories the spiral of violence, which has claimed the lives of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians and caused widespread destruction and suffering over the past five years, makes the quest for a just and durable peace all the more urgent. Too often, policies pursued by Israel in the name of security have breached international law and grossly violated the fundamental rights of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.

03-16-06 - Three Palestinians in Awarta village injured after being attacked by Israeli settlers The settlers threw hand grenades and fired live rounds at the Palestinians, injuring three, local sources reported.

03-16-06 - Israel bans Palestinian conference in Jerusalem Israeli police banned a conference, to be attended by Palestinian non-governmental organisations and MPs, at an east Jerusalem hotel and detained six people.

03-16-06 - Israeli soldier killed in Jenin Palestinians also threw stones at Israeli soldiers. The Israeli forces took over a number of homes in the area

03-16-06 - Israeli Forces to Step up Targeted Killings: Mofaz

03-16-06 - NY theatre under fire for postponing Mideast play Corrie has long been a controversial figure, with critics accusing her of naivete and not giving equal weight to Israeli victims of Palestinian attacks, and supporters praising her for defending Palestinian civilians. An Israeli investigation concluded her death was an accident. accident???????????

03-16-06 - Hamas 'days away' from government

03-16-06 - Hospital kept new-born baby over unpaid bill "This is not the first time that the hospital has kept babies as hostages for payment of debts."

03-16-06 - Hamas Leader Talks Peace In an exclusive interview, CBS News correspondent David Hawkins talked with the man who will lead the government, new prime minister and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. Haniyeh says there's no blood on his hands ? that he's never personally ordered any kind if military action or terrorist action against Israel. Israeli officials agree: They tell CBS News that they have no evidence connecting Haniyeh to any terror attacks.

03-16-06 - US distances itself from Jericho prison raid The United States distanced itself from Israel's raid on a West Bank prison, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice saying the US had never been responsible for security at the Jericho jail.

03-16-06 - Palestinians accuse Israel of destroying Authority Israel stood accused of working to destroy the Palestinian Authority after a raid on a West Bank prison that boosted acting premier Ehud Olmert's prospects of re-election.

03-16-06 - 49 haredim arrested in J'lem for Purim riots A policeman lightly injured from stones was treated at Shabbat Square in the city, where dozens of haredim tried to attack two Arab taxi drivers.

03-16-06 - U.S. bill would fund Israeli security research Israel is named as an ally in the war on terror in a U.S. congressional bill that would fund international cooperation for homeland security....The funding for international cooperation would be at least 2.5 percent of the total U.S. research and development budget. ???????????????????

03-16-06 - Dead birds spark Israel flu fears Israeli Agriculture Minister Zeev Boim said the dead turkeys were found in Ein Hashlosha and nearby Holit, next to the Gaza Strip in the western Negev region.

03-16-06 - US Homeland Security delegation in Israel next week The Export Institute said yesterday that a 120-strong delegation from the US Department of Homeland Security would visit Israel next week. The delegation, which will comprise experts in the fields of security, internal defense and homeland security will attend a conference in Jerusalem, where they will study Israeli technologies and solutions for homeland security issues. The conference will be attended by dozens of Israeli companies, which will exhibit products and technologies for explosives detection, surveillance and armor.
There's a big irony. If you don't know what it is, then you haven't been paying attention.

03-16-06 - UN Council stymied on reacting to Jericho raid Last minutes changes in a council statement, which requires the approval of all 15 members, are usually difficult because governments may have to send the new wording to their capitals for approval.

03-16-06 - Amnesty International Calls On Israel to End Settlements and Constructing Apartheid Wall

03-16-06 - Israeli family charged in shrine attack An Israeli couple and their 20-year-old daughter were charged Thursday with arson and public disorder after they set off firecrackers inside a major Christian shrine, sparking violent protests by Israeli Arabs.

03-16-06 - State prosecutor: Ze'evi killers to face trial in Israeli court The six Palestinian inmates were seized Tuesday in a raid by the Israel Defense Forces on the Palestinian Authority prison in Jericho, where they have been held in the last four years.

03-16-06 - In pictures: Palestinian anger over Jericho raid

03-16-06 - Soldier killed in Jenin from friendly fire? Investigators said there is no conclusive evidence that Shapira was killed by Palestinian gunmen.

03-16-06 - Saadat Says Not Involved in Killing Israeli Minister A Palestinian militant leader seized by Israel in a raid on a West Bank jail denied any responsibility for his group's 2001 assassination of an Israeli cabinet minister, his lawyer said on Thursday.

03-16-06 - 'Gitmo' prisoners wrapped in Israeli flags U.S. military interrogators wrapped prisoners at Guantanamo in Israeli flags, according to the FBI.

03-16-06 - Pro-Israel Activists Block Travel Reform Jewish organizations, in the lead of a loose coalition of nonprofit groups, moved to block the reforms on travel, arguing that one of their most effective lobbying tools has been privately sponsored trips to Israel for lawmakers. Israel is the number one foreign destination of privately funded congressional trips, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Washington's powerful pro-Israel lobby, is the second largest underwriter of such overseas travel. It's all just a big conspiracy theory though - all of this talk about the Israeli lobby and it's control over the US government - nothing to see here...

03-16-06 - Army resumes land bulldozing in Tubas The orchards were annexed by the soldiers and settlers last month in order to expand the nearby settlement of Ronem, local sources reported.

03-16-06 - Prison raid gives Israel's Olmert a boost Haaretz in an editorial Thursday pointed out that the raid marks a troubling end to the cooperation and coordination Israeli and the Palestinian Authority officials had managed to maintain on security issues, turning a page on a deeply uncertain future.

03-16-06 - John Thomas: 'The IRS, the IRD, and Red State / Blue State Religion' If the IRD were merely a think tank on the nexus of religion and politics from a neo-conservative perspective, there would be little to complain about even from those who disagree sharply. But the agenda is far less benign....This past summer the IRD launched an advocacy effort aimed at undermining the mainline churches? long standing support of justice for Palestinians in the Middle East conflict. As church assemblies addressed the Occupation, the security barrier or wall, and in some cases the use of economic leverage - either divestment or positive investment - to advocate for an end to the occupation, the IRD and its related organizations joined with some Jewish organizations to vigorously challenge these resolutions....Since our Synod, the Wiesenthal Center, the David Project, and the Anti-Defamation League have been eager allies for IRD related organizations within the United Church of Christ in an on-going strategy of disinformation and disruption. The IRD agenda matches that of AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobby that largely controls the Washington agenda on Middle East policy. What was striking in this instance, however, was that the debates were not among United Church of Christ members or Disciple of Christ members; the debates were between the church and others outside the church Those CHURCHES that don't toe the pro-Israeli line are now being targeted.

03-16-06 - NY fund to sink $100m into local equity The New York State employees' pension fund will establish a new $100 million fund for investing in Israeli high-tech, said New York State comptroller Alan G. Hevesi yesterday during his visit here.

03-16-06 - Lebanese army out in force for anti-Israel demo Lebanese troops were out in force in a bid to prevent violence at a demonstration in protest at the controversial Israeli raid on a West Bank prison this week.

03-16-06 - Hamas denies running kids' suicide Web site "We know and assume that they are working together," said Ehrlich. "I checked it out with my Israelis sources and they confirmed this. I can't reveal who they are." Naturally. Why should we question the word of pro-Israeli outfits such as 'Palestinian Media Watch'?

03-16-06 - Theater Addresses Tension Over Play Mr. Nicola did say he had had a conversation with one board member who said that his rabbi had concerns about the play. An old friend, who is Jewish, also questioned the play's message

03-16-06 - CAIR Calls for Probe of U.S. Role in Israeli Prison Attack The 10-hour assault resulted in the deaths of three Palestinians and sparked protests throughout the Occupied Territories. Both the United States and Britain denied cooperating with Israel, despite the short time period between the withdrawal of the monitors and what was apparently a pre- planned attack.

03-16-06 - The time for accounting The pledge that all this suffering would at least assist a solution to the Palestinian question has proved painfully hollow, with the Israelis ram-raiding a Palestinian prison in Jericho - just like British troops in Basra. But still the war junkies seem to believe one more hit - this time against Iran - will lead to the breakthrough to the docile Middle East they desire

03-16-06 - Packed Finkelstein talk draws 'real outrage' Finkelstein, who cracked light-hearted jokes about his own Jewish heritage, is known for a pro-Palestinian stance and criticism of Israel.

03-16-06 - South African Union Head: "Israel is an apartheid state" He actually said that compared to Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, South Africa's apartheid policies were 'a Sunday picnic'.

03-16-06 - Freed Canuck aid worker to stay in Gaza

03-16-06 - Jewish groups urge Archbishop to have 'moral strength' over disinvestment "We, the undersigned representatives of Israeli and Jewish organizations, have witnessed the Occupation first hand. In our view, Israel's Occupation and settlement policies stem more from territorial claims than from genuine concerns of security, which can only be addressed through a complete end to the Occupation and peace with the Palestinians. Of the 12,000 Palestinian homes demolished by Israel in the Occupied Territories since 1967, less than 5% were demolished for security reasons "

03-16-06 - Syria condemns Israeli raid on Jericho prison as state terrorism

03-16-06 - Landmark Lawsuits Filed in U.S. Courts Against Israeli Officials Israelis have filed suit in the US against Palestinian organizations - and have won. But watch how this goes. One can only imagine how itchy pro-Israeli legislators such as Ileana Ros-Lehtinen must be to pass new laws barring Palestinians(only) from seeking justice in this fashion.

03-16-06 - Palestinian Hip-Hop Comes to DC

03-16-06 - As P.A. financial crisis looms, Europe's hard line starts to waver Abbas' case was not helped by the Palestinian reaction to the Israeli raid on the Jericho prison Israel decided to raid this jail while Abbas, at that very moment, was in Europe seeking to discuss aid to Palestine. Abbas abruptly left Europe because of this raid. My guess: Israel alerted the British and American authorities ( " U.S. and British observers who had monitored the jail for the past four years withdrew early Tuesday morning - just before the raid - citing security concerns " )at that Jericho prison that they were about to storm the place. This is why, I believe, that the British beat feet as fast as they did ("The monitors slipped away at 9.30am after telling Palestinian authorities at the prison they were getting their car fixed. They headed straight for the Israeli checkpoint on the road out of Jericho. "). Israel does not want Europe (or US) funding the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority. And conveniently, Europe is now looking more askance at the idea than before the Jericho raid.

03-16-06 - US Bias Against Palestine Palestine Media Watch is not the same outfit as Palestinian Media Watch. The latter is a pro-Israeli website.

03-16-06 - Hamas cited in White House strategy U.S. demands that Hamas abandon terrorism and recognize Israel are part of a new U.S. national security strategy. "The opportunity for peace and statehood - a consistent goal of this administration - is open if Hamas will abandon its terrorist roots and change its relationship with Israel," says the document, released Thursday by the White House

03-16-06 - Israeli professors hit anti-Hamas policy

03-16-06 - Colonization of Palestine precludes peace Israel-run Haaretz, the only MSM to run the piece by Jimmy Carter from 03-09. I wonder if any of OUR media will pick this up now?

03-16-06 - Protesters in Novi pressure Caterpillar to stop sales to Israel The protest is occurring on the third anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie, a protester who was run over by a bulldozer destroying a home in the Occupied Territories

03-16-06 - Palestinian delegate asks US Christians to help spread message

03-16-06 - Predictions of a better Middle East have evaporated three years after invasion President Bush cited Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction and ties to international terrorism - neither of which turned out to exist - when he ordered a pre-emptive war that began March 19, 2003. He predicted payoffs for the wider Middle East: spreading democracy, deterred enemies, more secure oil flows, a less hostile environment for Israel. "a less hostile environment for Israel."

03-16-06 - 'We love Canada' "When they were certain I was Canadian, they were very disappointed. Then, they told me, 'We love Canada.' That's wonderful to hear when you have guns pointed at you,"

03-16-06 - India pledges support to new Palestine regime

03-16-06 - When All That's Left is Aipac The defendants' former employer has denied any knowledge of or connection to "Aipac-gate." But it's very possible that once the media start focusing on Aipac's inner workings in federal court, the organization - and therefore the entire pro-Israel community - will be on trial in the court of public opinion. Critics of Israel and its overwhelming influence brought to bear over our government by its well-financed and powerful US lobby AIPAC are branded 'anti-Semitic', 'anti-Zionist' 'Jew-bashers' by the author of this article. Naturally.

03-16-06 - U.S.: We won't oppose China deal The United States does not object to Israel's resumption of arms sales to China.

03-16-06 - From Massacre to Militia: The Case Against Palestinian Disarmament in Lebanon Two days after the PLO fighters were evacuated, Israel deployed its armed forces around the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila in breach of the cease-fire agreement. Nevertheless, Israel was not asked to withdraw by the supervising international forces. On the evening of Sept. 16, 1982, then Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon reportedly invited Lebanese Phalangist militia units to enter the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps. For the next 36 to 48 hours, they massacred 3,000 to 3,500 unarmed Palestinian refugees. It's strange our government's insistance that Lebanon implement UN resolutions when it has refused to insist that Israel implement any of the scores of UN resolutions that it has been in violation of for over thirty years.

03-16-06 - Dumbarton Church Hosts Palestinian Ambassador, Photo Exhibit

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