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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

News for 08-21-07

08-21-07 - Children killed at Gaza border claim Palestinians

08-21-07 - Israel kills three militants and two boys in Gaza

08-21-07 - Hamas warns Israel against harming al-Aqsa mosque Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on Tuesday warned the Israeli government against continuing excavations beneath the al-Aqsa holy mosque in Jerusalem.

08-21-07 - Gaza-bound aid unusable after a year on Egypt border Around 80 tonnes of medical aid destined for the Gaza Strip have become unusable after being held up at the border with Egypt for more than a year, a security source at the frontier said.

08-21-07 - Gaza fuel shortage: Your views Yesterday I had to throw all my food away. I had had a lot in my fridge freezer but it all went to waste.
And because there is no electricity there is no water. It cannot be pumped. Unless you have a generator.

08-21-07 - Cigarette ends found in prison food

08-21-07 - Blackout over for Gaza as EU agrees to resume oil shipments

08-21-07 - MIDEAST: When the Occupation Gets Really Filthy ?The Israeli military came inside the valley and cut about 50 apricot and walnut trees since May. And now, they are coming to cut more trees. This is all because of what they are building through this land ? my land. Here, they are building a sewage channel to run raw sewage through this valley collected from four Israeli settlements near here.? .....Elsewhere across the West Bank, Palestinian villagers are facing land confiscation as illegal settlement colonies expand and tumble down hillsides. Some are watching as crops and orchards become poisoned and contaminated from raw sewage being actively pumped into their land from the sewage treatment facilities inside Israeli settlements.

08-21-07 - Soldiers kidnap two residents though their names were dropped from its ?wanted list?

08-21-07 - Islamic-Christian front: ?Israel is still carrying attacks against the Al Aqsa Mosque?

08-21-07 - Al Mezan Center calls on the international community to protest the Palestinian civilians The Al Mezan Center For Human Rights issued on Tuesday a press release calling on the International Community to act in order to protect the Palestinian civilians from the ongoing Israeli military attacks against them.

08-21-07 - Palestinian health officials value King's order to send medical supplies to Gaza hospitals Palestinian health officials on Tuesday hailed His Majesty King Abdullah's directives to send relief aids including medical supplies particularly to AL-Shefa'a Hospital in Gaza Strip.

08-21-07 - Hamas attacks Israel with 25 mortar shells Hamas said that the mortar attacks came as a revenge for killing six of its militants in an air strike on Monday east of al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip.

08-21-07 - UK 'hypocrisy' over Palestine soccer ban The anti-poverty charity War on Want today condemned the British government's decision to refuse visas to a team of Palestinian footballers due to play a series of matches in England.

08-21-07 - Peace now asks Israeli army to reveal cost of settler removal Israeli media sources have reported that Peace Now has requested the Israeli army reveal the financial cost of the recent removal of illegal settlers from several areas in the West Bank.

08-21-07 - Two Palestinian prisoners launch appeal to save lives

08-21-07 - Power shortages threaten sewage treatment If power and fuel shortages continue, a major sewage treatment plant in the Gaza Strip will be unable to operate, causing public health risks, a water and sanitation official said.

08-21-07 - Second PLC deputy head resigns

08-21-07 - Bedouins demand improved access to health care A new legal petition to Israel?s High Court demands the state connect 11 primary health care clinics in the unrecognised Bedouin villages in the Negev desert to the main power grid in order to provide better health services.

08-21-07 - Syrian newspaper: US pushing Israel to war The newspaper slammed Washington's decision to boost military aid to Israel whom it promised $30 billion over the next 10 years

08-21-07 - We have held peace talks with Hamas In his letter (August 17), Dr Colin Shindler mentions that Gush Shalom, the Israeli peace movement in which I am active, predicted that the "broad Israeli peace movement" would conduct talks with Hamas, yet "this has yet to take place".

08-21-07 - Cluster bomb kills Hezbollah member in southern Lebanon A cluster bomb left over from the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah on Monday killed a member of the Shiite militant group in southern Lebanon, the country's National News Agency said.

08-21-07 - High Court presses state to recognize mosques as holy sites The High Court of Justice demanded Monday that the state explain its failure to recognize Muslim sites of worship and to funnel sufficient funds to preserve mosques in Israel.

08-21-07 - Israeli president plans to meet Abbas soon Israeli President Shimon Peres said on Tuesday that he planned to meet with Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in the near future, Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

08-21-07 - Britons wary of Muslims more than Americans The French were the most enthusiastic when asked whether they saw Muslims as suitable marriage partners for their children, and a large majority also do not see Muslims as a threat.

08-21-07 - War Has Made Baghdad Pre-Industrial Just like Palestine.

08-21-07 - Gazans take delivery of a dozen surfboards as a peace gesture

08-21-07 - Hezbollah aids baby sea turtles Hezbollah has put half of a beach in southern Lebanon under its protection to safeguard endangered nesting turtles, it was reported Sunday.

08-21-07 - Woman wearing veil refused entry into swimming pool

08-21-07 - Group cancels forum on book about Israel lobby "If he wasn't protecting the council from the lobby, who was he protecting it from?" Mearsheimer asked, in wondering whom the authors' appearance would harm.

08-21-07 - Footage of Israeli Soldiers Beating Palestinian Children The first scene is what appears to be what is the subject of this article.

08-21-07 - Saudi-Syria tensions seethe over Lebanon

08-21-07 - Indian delegation visiting Israel witness rocket attacks The delegation is visiting the country on the invitation of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Australian Israel Jewish Affairs Council. Hasbara.

08-21-07 - Militants said seeking truce in Lebanon camp war Islamists who have fought the Lebanese army at a Palestinian refugee camp for the past three months are seeking a truce to let their families and other civilians flee, an intermediary said on Tuesday.

08-21-07 - Rival Gaza children's camps mix fun with politics

08-21-07 - Israeli army mulls how to spend its billions The moves have provided the Israeli military with an unprecedented opportunity for long-term planning and all services in the armed forces -- air, army and navy -- are anxious to get a piece of the financial pie. Question: Are AMERICAN troops serving in Iraq being given anything close to billion$ to secure themselves from roadside bombs and such?

08-21-07 - Israel helps protect PA livestock The Agriculture Ministry in Jerusalem on Tuesday donated more than 100,000 veterinary immunizations to Palestinian farmers after foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks were reported in Hebron, Ramallah and Jenin

08-21-07 - Sarra Residents Fight Settlements Through Non-Violent Roadblock Removal

08-21-07 - Jewish-Hawaiian surfing guru donates surfboards to Gazans

08-21-07 - NGO to Send Aid to Iraqis and Palestinians The NGO, which works on behalf of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland, granted 100,000 euros to help Iraqis and 70,000 euros to help Palestinians.

08-21-07 - Israel spares Palestinian home from demolition In 2005, Natshe received a registered letter from the Jerusalem municipal council. The letter informed him that he was being indicted on charges of having illegally built his house four months previously. At the time, the Israeli government wanted to demolish his home to build a 20-foot-high concrete section of a separation barrier

08-21-07 - Palestinian Girl benefits from Dubbo generosity A 10-year-old girl from the Gaza Strip named Mona Al-Hawarjy was suffering a growth deformity in her legs and she was sent to Dubbo for treatment.

08-21-07 - Bush Could Have Given Fatah That Kiss of Death "Abbas now appears to move entirely according to the U.S. and Israeli agenda," Abdel-Halim Kandil, former editor-in-chief of opposition weekly al-Karama told IPS. "The so-called PA has become little more than a security manager for the Israeli occupation.

08-21-07 - Giuliani's doubts on Palestinian talks part of 'systematic' policy, adviser says "The main thing I would emphasize is that Mayor Giuliani believes that the Palestinians should have a state only if they earn it by fulfilling much the same set of conditions that are specified in the road map," Norman Podhoretz, the former Commentary editor and another adviser to the candidate, told JTA in an e-mail.

08-21-07 - Wiesenthal Center praises Polish delegation for withdrawing from conference The UN's Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People describes itself as "the main U.N. forum where all NGOs interested in the Palestine issue can meet."

08-21-07 - Militants in Lebanese refugee camp seek truce for families Islamists who have fought the Lebanese Army at a Palestinian refugee camp for the past three months are seeking a truce to let their families and other civilians flee.

08-21-07 - U.S. rabbi defends N.Y. Arab school despite charges it will be anti-Israel

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