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Thursday, August 23, 2007

News for 08-22-07

08-22-07 - U.N. "concerned" Israel hasn't done more for Abbas Williams, who will leave his U.N. post in September to serve as Middle East envoy to the new British prime minister, said "meltdown is too strong" of a word to describe the economic situation in Gaza but that conditions were deteriorating. "We do not see how that can be changed short of the opening of additional crossing points, and in particular Karni," Williams said, referring to the commercial crossing that served as Gaza's economic lifeline.

08-22-07 - Peres hails new opportunity to make peace Shimon Peres, Israel's president, said yesterday he saw a "real opportunity" to make peace with the Palestinians and highlighted progress on both political and economic agreements ahead of further talks to be held in the US this autumn.

08-22-07 - Palestinian president condemns Israeli military escalation in Gaza The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday condemned Israeli military escalation in Gaza Strip, saying the recent attacks raise doubts about the Israeli government's peace intentions.

08-22-07 - Israel proposes W. Bank-Gaza route in land swap Israel has proposed that safe passage for the Palestinians from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip be included in an exchange of territory with the Palestinians in the framework of the agreement of principles now being formulated ahead of the upcoming regional summit.

08-22-07 - U.S. policing Israeli commitment to stop pursuing Fatah men

08-22-07 - Officer to pay for killing W. Bank teen Koretzky ordered the two boys to go into their house, which they did. The crowd of boys remained at the scene. Koretzky fired one bullet toward Zayid's home, which struck and killed the teen, who was in the living room.

08-22-07 - Gaza power plant back online after EU resumes aid Gaza's only power plant went back online on Wednesday after the European Union resumed paying for fuel supplies, ending days of blackouts after moves to ensure Hamas would not benefit from the aid.

08-22-07 - Ex-Fatah fighter in battle for justice after daughter killed by Israeli police Abir was with her sister and two friends after buying chocolate at a grocery shop having just finished a maths exam. One of the friends, 12-year-old Abrar Abu Qweida said an Israeli Jeep passed them in the opposite direction and she noticed a gun protruding from the rear.Moments later, she said, she heard a loud bang and like Abir's sister Arin, 11, hunched her shoulders in an instinctive reaction. She said that Abir fell forward. A boy who helped to take Abir into her nearby school handed the Israeli legal rights agency Yesh Din a rubber bullet he said he found under her body.

08-22-07 - Palestinian mother and her two daughters kidnapped from Al Khadir village near Bethlehem

08-22-07 - Hamas slams P.A security for barring it from carrying social activities The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, stated on Wednesday that the Palestinian Security forces are barring it from carrying social activities in Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank

08-22-07 - Palestinian factions fire rockets into Israeli targets

08-22-07 - Israeli naval forces arrest eight Palestinian fishermen "The watercrafts and the helicopters have suddenly opened fire at the boats," al-Najjar said, adding that seven boats could flee towards the beach but the helicopters and the gunboats shelled them.

08-22-07 - W. Bank-based Palestinian gov't to draft three-year plan of reform

08-22-07 - Israel prevents Palestinians from going to the Dead Sea The reason for the prevention, apparently, is to enable Israelis to use the recreational sites without Palestinians present.

08-22-07 - Palestinian Security forces kidnap 9 Hamas members Palestinian Security forces of Fatah kidnapped 9 Hamas members from different parts of the West Bank on Wednesday morning.

08-22-07 - Jimmy Carter, coming to a theater near you The controversy over Jimmy Carter's book on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, is set to be reignited by an upcoming screening of a documentary centered on his book tour.

08-22-07 - Hamas leader: Palestinians will 'never stop the intifada' "The Palestinian people will never stop the intifada," Mashaal said. "Maybe they will calm down. Sometimes they might stop to catch their breath. But the only thing that will stop resistance is ending the occupation."

08-22-07 - Police break up Islamist meeting in Jerusalem Israeli police broke up what they said was a gathering of Hamas and an Israeli Islamic group in Arab East Jerusalem on Wednesday.

08-22-07 - Palestinian government plans new law to cut off Hamas funds

08-22-07 - Iraqi, Syrian oil ministers agree to reopen key pipeline Iraqi and Syrian oil ministers agreed on Wednesday to repair and subsequently reopen a key pipeline between their two countries that connects Iraq's oil-rich Kirkuk region and a Syrian port.

08-22-07 - Congress members urge EU Parliament on U.N. committee More than 30 U.S. members of Congress signed on to a letter urging the European Parliament to end its cooperation with a U.N. committee for Palestinian issues. Not a matter for the US Congress.

08-22-07 - More Lebanese army raids on camp The Lebanese military has launched further attacks against Islamic militants in a camp in north Lebanon.

08-22-07 - Emanuel blasts Israel on Sudan refugees "I am writing today to express my disappointment that Israel would turn away any person fleeing from persecution," Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), the fourth ranked Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives said in his letter sent Monday to Ambassador Sallai Meridor.

08-22-07 - Iraqi Jews must leave, liaison says The handful of Jews remaining in Iraq should flee for their lives, a representative of the community said.

08-22-07 - Congress members urge EU Parliament on U.N. committee More than 30 U.S. members of Congress signed on to a letter urging the European Parliament to end its cooperation with a U.N. committee for Palestinian issues. Not a matter for the US Congress.

08-22-07 - AJWS to push U.S. on Sudanese refugee issue The American Jewish World Service is putting together a targeted advocacy campaign to push the United States to develop a policy on accepting refugees from the genocide in the Sudan. "It's not fair to these small countries in the Middle East and in North Africa to ask them to take in all of these refugees,"
Oh you knew that one was coming. Israel doesn't want them, so they'll be sent here instead. Those supremacist aholes. Throw America's borders open to all manner of people, including granting amnesty to illegals, but lil Israel is to remain a nation based on one kind of people. Hypocrites all.

08-22-07 - Israelis airdrop an occupation With an estimated one million unexploded land ordnances meaning lack of access to their lands, many farmers in southern Lebanon see cluster bombs as an Israeli "occupation."

08-22-07 - Senator Dianne Feinstein Tells Pacific Council on International Policy That for Bush Administration to Leave Legacy, Israeli-Palestinian Settlement Must Pass Feinstein says U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice should be given more time to devote to the Israel-Palestine peace deal.

08-22-07 - Police investigate destruction of settlements' vines Vineyard?s owner says 4,500 seedlings destroyed by Palestinians, left-wing activists. ?It was like a pogrom,? he says Mm k.

08-22-07 - Preserve Christian presence in Holy Land, Franciscan leader pleads Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the head of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, pleaded for support as he spoke to the tens of thousands of people assembled in Rimini for the annual conference organized by the Communion and Liberation movement.

08-22-07 - Israel remains obstacle to peace for Palestinians Larry Koch's characteristic defense of Israeli criminality (Voice of the People, Aug. 13) in ethnically cleansing a million Palestinians; stealing 70 percent of their land, homes, farms, and possessions, and pursuing a repression that kills, maims, dehumanizes and forecloses sustenance for the millions captive in their own land is to call the critic "rabidly anti-Israel" and change the subject.

08-22-07 - Ministers, ex-Ministers, representatives of NGO?s visit Bil?in village

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