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Saturday, August 25, 2007

News for 08-23-07

08-23-07 - One palestinian dies in Israeli attack In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Israeli jet fighters targeted the Al Sahja'eya neighborhood, north of Gaza city, killing one Palestinian and injuring

08-23-07 - Palestinian killed in Israeli air raid on Gaza A Palestinian activist was killed and four other Palestinians were injured late Thursday in an Israeli air raid on the Gaza Strip, a medical source said.

08-23-07 - Qassam hits Sderot house; 2 women suffer from anxiety

08-23-07 - Britain bans Gaza football team A Palestinian football team has been banned from playing in Britain, because officials apparently believe they will not return to Gaza.

08-23-07 - Israeli airstrike wounds 5 Palestinians in southern Gaza

08-23-07 - Israeli army starts demolishing Palestinian homes in Tubas Israeli military bulldozers started to demolish homes and residencies in Krebet Homsa in the Jordan valley to the east of Tubas in the West Bank on Thursday morning.

08-23-07 - Dirty hypodermic needle infects Palestinian prisoner with disease

08-23-07 - Three Israeli soldiers injured in West Bank

08-23-07 - Israeli soldiers kidnap 10 Palestinian civilians, while settlers attack homes in Hebron district

08-23-07 - Israeli army opens fire on farmers in Beit Hanoun Israeli troops, positioned on the borders of Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, have opened heavy gunfire on Palestinian farmers while they were toiling on the ground on Thursday at midday.

08-23-07 - Israeli army demolishes home in Salfit

08-23-07 - Army Invades Jenin and Surrounding Villages

08-23-07 - Presidency spokesperson: "We will not accept a state with provisional borders"

08-23-07 - Hamas denounces Palestinian security for passing information to Israel The Islamic Resistance Movement ( Hamas) denounced on Thursday that it had found evidences that showed Palestinian security apparatuses spied on Hamas and provided the information to Israel and the United States under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

08-23-07 - Hamas leader condemns Islamist charity blacklist Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh on Thursday slammed a U.S. decision to blacklist a major Gaza charity as an attempt to weaken the Islamist group after it seized control of the coastal region.

08-23-07 - Hamas troops to be turned into main police force

08-23-07 - Oily legacy of war mars Lebanon coast

08-23-07 - A Boycott Of Israel: Something Has Changed what Nelson Mandela has called "the greatest moral issue of the age" refuses to be buried in the dust. For every BBC voice that strains to equate occupier with occupied, thief with victim, for every swarm of emails from
the fanatics of Zion to those who invert the lies and describe the Israeli state's commitment to the destruction of Palestine, the truth is more powerful now than ever.

08-23-07 - Offer to help Christian asylum seekers facing deportation from Israel Mark Regev, of the Israeli foreign ministry, responded that it is Israel's right to expel the Sudanese. "People who cross into Israel illegally can be sent back. That is part of international law," he said. What would Israel know about international law, particularly when it comes to crossing over (and 'settling') the territory of others? Hypocrisy.

08-23-07 - Israel to buy advanced Patriot missiles

08-23-07 - Journal: About the Combatants for Peace Meeting in Shufa

08-23-07 - The Flying Checkpoint street theatre project at the Edinburgh Festival!

08-23-07 - Palestinians: 28 fires in 18 months spell harassment A few months ago, brothers Mahmoud and Raji Sabatin were astonished to find they were being billed by the fire department for putting out fires on their property. And not only on their property; the bill also included fire-fighting services in the city park.

08-23-07 - Japan's "economic posture" in the Middle East

08-23-07 - Cluster bomb kills Lebanese A cluster bomb left over from last year's Hezbollah-Israel war exploded in southern Lebanon on Thursday, killing a Lebanese mine-clearing expert and wounding three others who were trying to dismantle it, security officials said.

08-23-07 - Village near Jerusalem, prefect example of the Israeli Apartheid

08-23-07 - Lebanon holds two for attack on UN Two suspected Palestinian extremists have been arrested over a roadside bombing against UN peacekeepers in Lebanon, a security official said on Thursday.

08-23-07 - Dahariya officer's lawyers: Probe into West Bank op was flawed Naturally.

08-23-07 - Muslim leaders face 'boycott' over Israel trip "Iraq's tragedy is recent. But Palestine is a cause burning for the last 60 years which Indian Muslims are very sentimental about and attached to. How could these people go there? Even the Palestinian Authority was angry, and these people weren't allowed to enter the premises of the Ramallah office where Yasser Arafat is buried, or the tomb of Hazrat Ibrahim,"

08-23-07 - Palestinian poll finds support for Fatah government over Hamas In the new poll, 47 percent said the Fayyad government is performing better than the previous Hamas-led Cabinet led by Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. In comparison, 24 percent favored Haniyeh's government, while 23 percent said there was no difference between the two governments. Six percent did not answer.

08-23-07 - Women ? and their success stories ? speak for themselves at UNIFEM Sabaya Centres

08-23-07 - Carter movie debuts in Italy A documentary about former President Jimmy Carter will make its debut in Italy.

08-23-07 - Scant medicine supplies endanger Gaza patients' lives Ellian Dabba, a nephrotic aged only 19, was lying on a bed at home in Gaza but not in hospital to receive the vital dialysis treatment when reporter visited him.

08-23-07 - Political Tourism in Jerusalem We drove in and around the sprawling Jerusalem municipality, visiting newly expanded settlements, completed and under-construction sections of the concrete separation wall, recently demolished Palestinian homes, and the Draconian Kalandia checkpoint, which leads north to Ramallah.

08-23-07 - Feds: Charity Groups to Be Probed for Terror Ties

08-23-07 - Fairfielder returns from peace delegation "The United States government has taken a side. The government needs to advocate for justice and human rights. I am in favor of a policy that flows from justice and human rights principles, and I do not currently see a resolution with these principles. The United States government puts billions of dollars in aid into Israel."

08-23-07 - So, is real debate over Israel possible on the Hill? when it comes to Capitol Hill, the focus of many of the Jewish and pro-Israel groups named by Walt and Mearsheimer, even some of those organizations say that it's very rare to hear criticism of Israel or of US policy toward it. .....Foxman's own book, The Deadliest Lies: The Israel Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control, will also come out on September 4, in an effort to counter that of Walt and Mearsheimer. The people in this (pro-Israel) article are totally deluded. America and Israel are nothing alike. But they sure want to take us down with them by making Israel's problems OUR problems.

08-23-07 - Rudy saber rattling is music to some - Giuliani brings presidential hopes to Sephardic enclave

08-23-07 - Chandler family stuck in Gaza Strip to return home After a push from the U.S. Department of State and from the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, the rest of the Hegazy family will be evacuated into Jordan and return home.

08-23-07 - Charity?s boycott guide slammed as a ?handbook of hate? MPs and Jewish leaders have condemned a high-profile British charity which has unveiled plans for a world-wide anti-Israel boycott.

08-23-07 - Two Lebanese soldiers die in battle with Islamists

08-23-07 - In The Name of Peace - Palestinians,Jews,Muslims

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