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Saturday, August 25, 2007

News for 08-24-07

08-24-07 - 4 Palestinian die in clashes with Israel

08-24-07 - Israeli boy killed in Border Police raid in West Bank The boy, Mahmoud Ibrahim Karnawi, lived in Rahat with his parents - a divorced Palestinian woman who remarried an Israeli Arab, according to relatives.

08-24-07 - More War on the Horizon ** Israel cannot finish off the Palestinians until Hezbollah is destroyed. An Israeli attack on Syria while the US attacks Iran would leave Hezbollah without supplies in the face of a new Israeli attack......The agenda unfolding before our eyes may be the neoconservative/Israeli/Cheney plan to rid the Middle East of any check to Israeli territorial expansion. It sure the hell is.

08-24-07 - Hamas detains journalists at Gaza rally

08-24-07 - Abbas denies reports of Gaza-West Bank passage proposal The office of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday denied earlier reports featured in Israeli media sources that a route of safe passage between the West Bank and Gaza Strip had been proposed by the Israeli administration as part of land-swap deal.

08-24-07 - Israelis deny killing Hamas man

08-24-07 - Hamas opens fire at Fatah rally Witnesses say the gunmen opened fire when demonstrators started hurling rocks at a former Fatah compound, now occupied by Hamas forces.

08-24-07 - MKs to initiate bill to evacuate area near Negev industrial zone Should the initiative become law, it would mean that seven unrecognized Bedouin villages would need to be demolished.

08-24-07 - Paralysed Gaza girl faces uncertain future

08-24-07 - Israeli warships attack northern Gaza Strip

08-24-07 - Lawmakers return to U.S. and pledge tougher Iran sanctions U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), who led a trip to Israel last week involving 18 members of Congress, told JTA that Israeli leaders depicted the Iran issue as most urgent. The delegation met with Israel's prime minister, foreign minister, defense minister, opposition leader and president. "All of us came back with a renewed sense of the importance of dealing with Iran, of the dangers that a nuclear armed Iran would pose to the region and the international community," Hoyer said. "There is a sense that Ahmadinejad is one of the few world leaders who expresses the possibility of the elimination of another sovereign nation -- Israel -- and hopes to eliminate from the Middle East the United States of America."....The American Israel Public Affairs Committee welcomed the accelerated push for tougher sanctions on Iran.
Thus does the AMERICAN Congress recieve its orders from and do the bidding of: ISRAEL. It's treason.

08-24-07 - Brutal army procedures at the Al Hamra checkpoint

08-24-07 - Columnist presents biased depiction of Israel The idea that Israel is a country based on love is hard to swallow in light of the historical truth that it was created through the dispossession of hundreds of thousands of indigenous Arabs of their homeland.

08-24-07 - Irish slated over anti-Israel funds Israeli diplomats are preparing to raise with the Irish government a report claiming that it is funding, to the tune of around £600,000, the activities of British and Palestinian non-governmental organisations ? some of which are running campaigns aimed at ?demonising? Israel and supporting boycott moves .

08-24-07 - Hebron settlers mull setting up own state There has even been casual talk in Hebron ? where 600 Jews live in the midst of 30,000 Palestinians and other settlements ? of the ?State of Judea?, an alternative to Israeli rule in the event of a mass withdrawal from the settlements.

08-24-07 - Peaceful protest in Al Walaja village faces down massive army presence Al Walaja, like other Palestinian villages in the outskirts of Bethlehem, stands to lose some 50% of its land to make way for expanding Israeli settlements, the route of the annexation wall and the construction of a new settlers-only bypass road.

08-24-07 - Palestine National Football Team T-Shirts Now Available from the PSC

08-24-07 - Pulling Up Illegal Settlement From the Root Approximately 60 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists joined together to protest and take non-violent direct action against the illegal confiscation of Palestinian land from the village of Al Mazra al Qiblya.

08-24-07 - Hamas TV airs 'Lion King' cartoon hero The Associated Press is still playing stoolie to MEMRI, an Israeli-run outfit. Pathetic.

08-24-07 - Israel should halt expulsion of Sudanese: rights group "It is astounding that the Israeli government would hand over Sudanese nationals, even from Darfur, to Egyptian border guards after Israeli soldiers said they witnessed these guards shooting and beating Sudanese migrants to death," said HRW refugee official Bill Frelick. Frelick said Israel appeared in violation of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, to which Israel is a signatory.
It is not astounding, given Israel's track record.

08-24-07 - 78 U.S. residents evacuated from Gaza Seventy-eight American citizens and permanent residents were evacuated yesterday from the Gaza Strip, ending more than two months of unsuccessful attempts to leave the region, according to the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations.

08-24-07 - Officials in South Florida order charter school to suspend Hebrew lessons Ben Gamla's director, Adam Siegel, says that the 400 students at the school -- which is now off limits to reporters -- are getting lessons in Israeli geography until the 25 faculty members are once again permitted to resume teaching Hebrew. Let's drop the pretense and just fly the Israeli flag in the American capitals and be done with it. Getting ridiculous.

08-24-07 - Truce as women flee Lebanon camp The families of Islamist militants, besieged by Lebanese troops for three months at a Palestinian refugee camp, have been granted safe passage out.

08-24-07 - The hills are alive Today Shehadeh, who has kept a private journal for 40 years, has become one of the most prominent diarists of modern Palestinian life. His latest book describes six walks through the West Bank and charts the expansion of Israel's settlements, all illegal under international law. Many are built on hilltops, securing water supplies, often linked by their own networks of roads and overlooking villages in the valleys beneath.

08-24-07 - Caught in the net when living conditions become so dire seeking asylum might be preferrable to returning home to family and friends, what does our government do? It bars a group of Palestinian teenagers from coming to play football. Talk about mixing politics with sport.

08-24-07 - Mine expert dies in Lebanon blast The United Nations, which is co-ordinating the clear up, believes only a fraction of the more than one million cluster bombs dropped by Israel have been removed so far. Work has been hampered by what it says is Israel's refusal to provide details of where it dropped cluster bombs and how many.
Ahh, Israel: a giant rolling war crime in progress - never being held accountable for any of it, thusly encouraging them to continue in like manner.

08-24-07 - Bush toughens NGO conditions The policy, announced last month and going into effect Monday, is based on congressional laws aimed at ensuring U.S. funds do not reach Palestinian terrorists. 'War on terror'- Cui Bono?

08-24-07 - Obama: I get my Mideast advice from Dennis Ross
The association with Ross could help Obama solve a key dilemma: how to win the confidence of hawkish pro-Israel donors without alienating his anti-war base. 'See look, Massa AIPAC. I can out-kowtow Rudy AND Hilary with my shiny new pro-Israel 'advisor'!'

08-24-07 - Meridor to speak with Emanuel on Sudan Israel's ambassador will speak with a top Jewish Democrat after the congressman wrote to express his "disappointment" in Israel for turning away Sudanese refugees.
One of the CongressSheep stepped out of line. Ride 'em in!

08-24-07 - Pro-'surge' group is almost all Jewish Of eight donors named Thursday in Politico, a political newspaper, four are Jewish: Sembler; Richard Fox, the chairman of the Jewish Policy Center, an RJC-affiliated think tank; Ed Snider, the founder of the Philadelphia Flyers ice hockey franchise who has been elected to several Jewish Sports Halls of Fame; and Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas casino operator who recently launched a giveaway newspaper venture in Israel. Note the source.

08-24-07 - NIE faults Iran, Syria in Iraq The Bush administration seeks the isolation of both countries because of their support for anti-Israel terrorism, their alleged backing for the insurgency in Iraq, and their suspected development of weapons of mass destruction.

08-24-07 - Illinois passes Israel life insurance law Illinois passed a law proposed by the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago that will expand the state's ban on insurance discrimination based on foreign travel. And we all know which 'foreign travel' that includes...

08-24-07 - Pentagon announces possible weapons sales to Egypt, Israel The US Congress has 30 days to act to prevent the sales. Congress won't prevent the 'sales' to Israel.

08-24-07 - Madonna headed to Israel for Rosh Hashanah Madonna is leading a delegation of Hollywood superstars to Israel for Rosh Hashanah.

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