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Monday, August 27, 2007

News for 08-26-07

08-26-07 - Palestinian baby dies after crossing Gaza An ill one-year-old Palestinian baby died on Sunday after crossing into Israel from the Gaza Strip to receive treatment for a heart condition, Palestinian medics and the Israeli army said. Ibrahim Abu Nahel died after waiting for hours to enter Israel at the Erez border crossing with Gaza, Muawiya Abu Hassanin, the director of the Palestinian ambulance service, told AFP.

08-26-07 - Hebron Update, 1-9 August, 2007 A CPT delegation arrived in Hebron. Harris and Lynes took them up Worshippers'
Way ("Haretij Jaber") and then to the "occupied house." They then went to Tel
Rumeida via Shuhada Street. An Israeli youth threatened to throw stones at them
near Abraham's Well. As the group descended towards Duboyya Street, Israeli
women spat at them. Israelis then attacked a Palestinian mother and child.
Israeli soldiers restored calm.

08-26-07 - Bethlehem mayor angers Jews BETHLEHEM Mayor Victor Batarseh yesterday attacked Israel and angered members of Australia's Jewish community within hours of arriving in Sydney - just as Australian immigration officials in the Middle East warned would occur if he was granted a visa.

08-26-07 - Dark side of Jewish dream historians say that much of the JNF's almost 3000-square kilometres of real estate was not legitimately purchased from its legal owners. At the birth of the state the JNF had only purchased less than 1000 sq kms of land from willing sellers, but Prime Minister David Ben Gurion then hurriedly and illegally sold it another 2000 sq kms which had been seized from native Arab owners displaced by the fighting or by military orders. Ben Gurion's aim was to block any possible implementation of a recent United Nations resolution calling on Israel to allow the displaced Arabs to return to their homes and property in the new Jewish state.
Ethnic cleansing based on supremacism.

08-26-07 - Peace Now: W. Bank roads being paved to tune of NIS 315 million At least six roads or parts of roads are currently being paved in the West Bank for the benefit of settlers, at a cost of at least NIS 315 million, according to a new report by Peace Now.

08-26-07 - Gazans Allowed Out to Resume Lives, Studies Abroad

08-26-07 - Ban on truckloads of paper set to hit Gaza schools "Some 200,000 children will go into our classrooms on 1 September, and won't have the books they need," John Ging, the Gaza director of UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, told IRIN.

08-26-07 - Palestinian factions shell Israeli targets around Gaza The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, armed wing of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement, announced it launched two home-made rockets into southern Israel Sunday morning.

08-26-07 - Face-to-face with top Hamas leader in secret location "Hamas changed a lot and great efforts have been made to conform with the realistic positions of Palestinians and Arabs. When Hamas says with other Palestinians forces that we demand for a Palestinian country as the border was back in 1967. Isn't this a development change?" he said.

08-26-07 - Delays at checkpoints challenged The report showed that 73% of Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances were denied entry into east Jerusalem in 2007. The report also showed that in the majority of cases, ambulances which were allowed entry had still been delayed at checkpoints from anywhere between one to six hours.

08-26-07 - Donald Macintyre: The decision to prevent the Palestinian Under-19 team from playing in Britain is a blow While the letter sent to the players did not say so, British officials have said - to among others Rod Cox, the enterprising Chester businessman who runs Chester and Palestine Exchange and whose brainchild the visit was - that the grinding poverty of Gaza was one of the reasons for the ban. The calculation, according to one official, was that given the lack of opportunity in Gaza at present, and the fact that the players were themselves unmarried and therefore without wives and children to return to, they might be all the more tempted to remain in Britain when the training camp was over.

08-26-07 - Palestinians infiltrate Israel Israel's security fence is doing little to keep Palestinian militants from attacking the Jewish state, a military official acknowledged Sunday. The 'fence' serves as a device to grab more Palestinian land, not one to provide security. Stealing your neighbor's land and water resources isn't going to afford you much security. Rocket science.

08-26-07 - Rice to meet Abbas in Ramallah 'on September 16'

08-26-07 - At-Tuwani Update: 25 July - 6 August 2007

08-26-07 - Gaza journalists sit-in for press freedom

08-26-07 - Israel PM to meet Palestinian President on Tuesday

08-26-07 - Egyptian man, stranded in Gaza, swims home A young Egyptian man swam along the Mediterranean coast from the Gaza Strip to Egypt overnight after almost two years of living without papers in the Palestinian enclave, police sources said on Sunday.

08-26-07 - Hamas 'calls for large-scale attack' in Israel Hamas is seeking to launch a "large-scale" suicide attack inside Israel to damage chances of a peace deal with moderate Palestinians, a senior security official warns. The second in command of Israel's Shin Beth internal security services was quoted by a senior government official as telling ministers during the weekly cabinet meeting that the Islamist group's exiled leadership in Damascus was calling for such an attack.
Surrrre it will be an attack by 'Hamas'. We believe you...

08-26-07 - "Security" wall along Route 317 dismantled

08-26-07 - HEBRON REFLECTION: Respect and disrespect The synagogue is a makeshift construction of wood and tarpaulin, built earlier
this year. It was built without permission. Built on the Palestinian family's
land. Were we and the Palestinians being disrespectful, working so near the
synagogue? Or was it the Jewish settlers who were showing disrespect,
worshipping in a synagogue they had built on stolen land? And, if so,
disrespect to whom?

08-26-07 - Hard-hitting critique or deadly lies? Welcome to the bigtime, Mssrs. Mearsheimer and Walt. You've got the leader of one of the most powerful organizations in America writing books to try and shut you down. You've made it!

08-26-07 - Arab-Americans take a shot at stardom

08-26-07 - HEBRON Sderot: where rockets still fall The Israelis we spoke to were all welcoming and glad to share
their anxieties, and their longing for peace. We were both glad to have made
the journey, but the violence-reduction techniques we use in Hebron would not be
applicable in Sderot. All we could do is to show solidarity with Israeli
victims of violence, and this would not justify a continued presence.

08-26-07 - Real peace comes with acceptance Israel has talked about a separate Palestinian "state" but has proceeded to settle Jewish people throughout the West Bank since 1967, confiscating more and more Palestinian land, homes and farms and dislocating the people.....Real peace can only happen when Israel accepts that the four million Palestinians are a people who are entitled to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," just as they do. Scroll down page. Well said.

08-26-07 - Soldiers killed in Lebanon camp battle Three Lebanese soldiers have been killed fighting Islamist militants who have been battling the army for more than three months in north Lebanon, security sources said on Sunday.

08-26-07 - Lebanon militants request evacuation of wounded

08-26-07 - Gaza wave of enthusiasm swept up in Hawaii Thanks to Dorian Paskowitz, "the world has seen for once something from Gaza other than war. It's seen that we, the Palestinians of Gaza, are normal people,"

08-26-07 - Lebanese army readies final assault on Islamists

08-26-07 - Settlers Violate Court Stipulations in Wrestle for Palestinian Land

08-26-07 - Video: Portion from CNN"s "God's Jewish Warriors" This is a perfect example of the power of the Israeli Lobby in America - and this happened 15 years ago or so. This is the kind of 'conspiracy theory' that the AIPAC/ADLers want you to believe doesn't exist. Good info about Baker and Bush (the first) and their efforts to stop the settlements. Features Mearsheimer and Carter. Note the utter bs that America and Israel have the same interests in the ME. America is against illegal settlements, Israel is for. Includes info on Christian Zionists and their role in this. One obvious point in all this: If Israel's and America's interests were the same, then THERE WOULDN'T BE A NEED FOR AN ISRAELI LOBBY IN AMERICA. Our interests are NOT the same. Not by a longshot.

08-26-07 - Peace Now report: Settlers enjoy luxury roads

08-26-07 - Bloggers say Palestine is an identity As I sat there taking pictures I thought to myself, "This is Palestinian folk dance, Palestinian music. I'm sitting here eating Palestinian food in a land we call Palestine." We do exist. We may not have physical borders delineated and recognized by "official" bodies at the U.N., but Palestine is an identity more than it is a state or some governmental body. This living, breathing body called Palestine may not reside on any published map, but it certainly resides in the heart of every Palestinian.

08-26-07 - Unlikely pair take peace project to next level Elbanna said a Palestinian mother told him her son, before he got his chair, "had no access to the world except looking out the window. Now he goes out and lives his life."

08-26-07 - Bogus War Party Propaganda This weekend on, Justin Raimondo?s Behind the Headlines column ?Home Front ?Surge?: War Party?s Ad Campaign Will Boomerang,? concerns the Israel Lobby?s pushing of $15 million worth of propaganda ads to run on TV, shaming the Democrats for their supposedly weak Stay in Iraq Forever policy.

08-26-07 - A comprehensive report on Israeli detention camps and prisons

08-26-07 - France ready to open up to Syria if it stays out of Lebanon France is ready to open up in a "spectacular way" to Syria if it stops meddling in Lebanon, Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said in a newspaper interview Sunday.

08-26-07 - Indian sect resumes exodus to Israel

08-26-07 - New Pro-Iraq-War Organization Hides Its Pro-Israel Agenda It's clear to me that several members of the new group care about Israel's security as a reason for American military engagement in the Middle East. They should say so upfront. As it is, the Freedom's Watch website has imagery of the eagle wrapped in a flag; its big new ad shows an Iraq War veteran who continues to support the disastrous war because of 9/11, and no one on the site is talking about Israel.

08-26-07 - 'If we Irish can solve our conflict, then...' A Northern Ireland peace activist told an audience of Arabs and Jews at the St. George Hotel in east Jerusalem on Friday, "If we Irish can solve our conflict, then so can anybody."

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