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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

News for 08-27-07

08-27-07 - Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian farmer in Gaza Witnesses said the farmer whose identity was still unknown was shot as he was heading as usual to his farm east of al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip, adding that his farm is near the borders with Israel.

08-27-07 - P.A. police protect errant Israeli officer Palestinian Authority policemen protected an Israeli army officer who wandered into a West Bank city by accident.

08-27-07 - Haniyya welcomes the statements of the French President The Prime Minister of the dissolved government in Gaza, Ismail Haniyya, from the Hamas party, welcomes on Monday the statements of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who stated that he is willing to hold talks with Hamas, the Maan news agency reported.

08-27-07 - Journalists in Bethlehem protest against attacks targeting reporters in Gaza Dozens of reporters and representatives of media outlets in the West Bank city of Bethlehem protesting on Monday in front of the Church of Nativity against attacks carried by the Executive Force members against protesters in the Gaza Strip.

08-27-07 - EU Parliament to host Palestinians' rights meeting A UN panel meeting on the rights of Palestinians will take place at the premises of the European Parliament later this week, despite protests by Israel and some European Union parliamentarians, who claim the group organizing it has an anti-Israeli record, officials said Monday.

08-27-07 - Israel minister accuses Egypt of letting arms into Gaza

08-27-07 - The deposed Hamas government installs its own police forces

08-27-07 - Occupation bad for environment Toxic sewage from plants and sewage systems pouring into Palestinian agricultural and pasture areas are a routine matter. Local authorities abandon and neglect the handling of their pollutants as long as the result surfaces a few kilometers away, outside their municipal area. On the other end, Palestinian residents are left to deal with the pollution and filth.

08-27-07 - Israeli troops reinforce presence in northern Gaza Israeli army troops reinforced Sunday their presence in northern and eastern Gaza Strip by moving numerous tanks and armored vehicles into army posts in the areas, Palestinian media sources reported.

08-27-07 - Palestinians urge Israel to discuss final status Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas cautioned on Monday that much had yet to be decided about holding a conference the United States hopes may relaunch Middle East peace talks in the coming months.

08-27-07 - Hamas to enforce media law amid crackdown Hamas said on Monday it planned to enforce a 12-year-old Palestinian press law designed to silence dissident journalists, amid a crackdown that has raised fierce protests from the local media.

08-27-07 - Al Mezan condemns Israel's denial of ID for 100,000 Palestinians Without an ID card, Palestinians' movement between Gazaand the West Bank, or leaving either, is impossible. The origins of the problem go back to the 1948 war and the expulsion of Palestinian refugees.

08-27-07 - Hamas chief says Mideast conference doomed to fail

08-27-07 - Resident dies of wounds sustained in Israel invasion to Khan Younis two weeks ago The resident was identified as Mohammad Asfour, 25. He suffered serious wounds as fragments of one of the missiles fired by the army directly hit him in several parts of his body.

08-27-07 - THE BEDOUIN OF ISRAEL BBC Documentary this week....For about two years now, the Israeli government has been carrying out an unwritten policy of wiping from the face of the earth entire villages of Bedouins in the Negev.

08-27-07 - Turkey: 'Israel must get US Jews to back down' While senior Israeli government officials said Sunday that Israel was trying to explain to Turkey that it did not control the American Jewish organizations, Tan did not accept that argument. "On some issues there is no such thing as 'Israel cannot deliver?'" he said, adding that this was one of those issues.

08-27-07 - Mediators try to evacuate wounded from Lebanon siege camp

08-27-07 - Meet Giuliani?s Advisors: AIPAC?s Dream Team

08-27-07 - Zealous for Zion The image of thousands of conservative Christians from the heartland waving the flags of a foreign nation would have astounded anyone 50 years ago?except maybe George Orwell Just a note, looks like the American Conservative made it into the Google News index (finally). Or perhaps it's always been there and I never noticed...

08-27-07 - Israeli law experts challenge U.S. law "For more than fifty years, Israel has faced mortal threats to its national survival and countless acts of terrorism against its civilian population, with devastating losses of life," the brief argues. "Yet even as terrorist attacks have intensified, Israel has strengthened its commitment to unimpeded judicial review of detention." Horseshit. Ask the thousands of Palestinians who have been or are now in administrative detention (no due process involved whatsoever).

08-27-07 - Barak: Hezbollah arsenal bigger than ever Hezbollah's arsenal is bigger than it was before the Lebanon war, Israel's defense minister said.

08-27-07 - DePaul Violates Finkelstein?s Contract and Further Undermines Academic Freedom at the University On Friday, however, both Professor Finkelstein and many disappointed students were informed by the administration that his classes have been cancelled, breaking Finkelstein?s contract and further undermining academic freedom at DePaul by refusing to let the prominent professor teach during his final year.

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