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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

News for 08-28-07

08-28-07 - Israeli army kills Palestinian in northern Gaza The army prevented ambulance workers from getting close to the fence to evacuate the body of Ra'ed al-Riffati, 34, who was lying near the beach, a few meters away from the border, Dr. Mu'awia Hassanin with the ambulance said.

08-28-07 - Lieberman to Iran: Change regime Israel's strategic affairs minister urged Iranians to choose a more moderate government.

08-28-07 - Hamas closes four private clinics in Gaza

08-28-07 - Executive Force issues a statement on Khan Younis Tuesday clashes The Hamas-formed Executive Force, under the authority of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, issued a press release regarding the internal clashes that took place on Tuesday evening between members of the force and members of Zo?rob family, in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

08-28-07 - Israeli settler runs over a Palestinian woman in Hebron Security Sources reported that an Israeli settler ran over a Palestinian woman in the old city of Hebron in the early hours of Monday morning.

08-28-07 - Jordan dispatches medical aid to Palestinian hospitals The aid package, including medical drugs and equipment worth 250,000 Jordan Dinar (about 353,000 U.S. dollars), will be delivered to Al-Maqased Hospital in Jerusalem and to hospitals in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

08-28-07 - High court allows Modi'in Ilit residents to remain in Heftsiba apartments Tuesday's High Court ruling, however, stated that even though the temporary injunction against moving into the new buildings built on Palestinian-owned land remained in force, residents would not be evacuated for now.

08-28-07 - West Bank: Food parcels for Hebron families

08-28-07 - Bush lists 'vital' peace priorities 'Reforming' the entire Middle East (to suit Israel's interests) seems to be our interests.

08-28-07 - Church of Nativity exiles may be granted reprieve

08-28-07 - U.S. delays aid screening plan A Bush administration plan to toughen screening for U.S. aid recipients was delayed while the government considered complaints by NGOs.

08-28-07 - Rice nudges Abbas, Olmert on final status Condoleezza Rice encouraged the Israeli and Palestinian leaders to discuss final-status issues at their meeting this week.

08-28-07 - Israeli anger over holy site work Muslim authorities at al-Aqsa mosque, also venerated by Jews as the Temple Mount, are digging a 150-metre trench for water pipes and electricity cables.

08-28-07 - Olmert and Abbas hold talks on 'core issues' However, the chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, said the two leaders did not discuss the issues in detail

08-28-07 - Hebron: Hebron Update: 10-17 August 2007

08-28-07 - Two Palestinians kidnapped near Bethlehem

08-28-07 - Expansion of surveillance powers has groups fearing U.S. scrutiny The recent congressional expansion of surveillance powers, aimed ostensibly at terrorists abroad, has Jewish groups at home worried that their dealings with Israel could invite U.S. government scrutiny......The expansion of government powers comes as some Jewish groups already are upset at the FBI's surveillance of AIPAC and the ongoing prosecution of two former employees of the pro-Israel lobby......While ostensibly supporting the legislation, it is significant that the ADL, in the first sentence of the release, called for the legislation to be "carefully crafted." Really now.

08-28-07 - Two Israelis shocked, a third wounded as a Palestinian shell lands on Sderot

08-28-07 - Palestinian govt closes scores of charities In an interview with several Palestinian newspapers published on Tuesday, prime minister Salam Fayyad said 103 associations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip had been ordered to close.

08-28-07 - Palestinians bomb Hamas targets in Gaza Palestinian gunmen set off two bombs in Gaza City on Tuesday at separate locations belonging to forces of the Islamist group Hamas, causing damage but no casualties, local security officials said.

08-28-07 - Hamas official denies sending initiative to Abbas An Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) leader in Gaza on Tuesday denied reports that he had submitted his vision of ending Gaza crisis to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of rival Fatah.

08-28-07 - Arab states league decries international inaction against Israeli practices The league of Arab states, decried yesterday the international community?s inaction towards the Israeli practices against the Palestinian people, calling for all concerned bodies worldwide to take a firm stance in this respect.

08-28-07 - Palestinians stranded at Al Oja border terminal call for swift resolution to their plight The Hamas movement has condemned the treatment of those Palestinians stranded at the Beit Hanoun and Al Oja border Crossings, blaming both the Fatah-led government and the Israeli administration for their suffering.

08-28-07 - Journalists rally disperses after Hamas media workers slip into

08-28-07 - Hamas spokesperson criticizes Fayad for sealing off charitable societies

08-28-07 - Israeli army injures man with learning difficulties in the northern Gaza strip

08-28-07 - Answering emails The specific Palestinians I write about are the civilian property owners who fled with a couple days worth of cloths to briefly escape, they thought, an unsafe war zone, but found that the fighting went longer than a few days and when it was over and they attempted to return to their property, it had been taken.

08-28-07 - Travel: Vatican and Israel sign deal to bring pilgrims to Holy Land She added that Israel was also interested in bringing secular Italians to the country, and has "created ad and PR (Public Relations) campaigns to encourage non-religious Italians to visit Israel". Always about the Hasbara.

08-28-07 - Why the US and Israel Should Lose Middle East Wars ** Let's say it bluntly. War with Iran is inevitable before January 2009 unless Bush and Cheney are both impeached first. New Israeli-U.S. hostilities in Lebanon are also likely. Either warfare or covert actions conducted by the U.S. and/or Israel to bring about regime change in Syria are also probable. Former CIA.

08-28-07 - Lebanese gunships raid Islamists in siege camp Lebanese army helicopters on Tuesday attacked positions held by Islamist militants entrenched in a refugee camp in northern Lebanon, an AFP correspondent said.

08-28-07 - Second chance rowing in the international events A battle between France and Palestine went on behind them. Mark Gerban of Palestine has been plugging away internationally for a couple of years and is being helped by a German coach in Hamburg. He is the sole Palestinian rower racing at the international level. Gerban tried but couldn?t catch Prosvirnin

08-28-07 - Israeli mercenary arrested An Israeli mercenary was arrested in Russia at the request of Colombian authorities.

08-28-07 - Sarkozy reaffirms pro-Israel stance "I have the reputation of being a friend of Israel, and it's true. I will never compromise on Israel's security," the French president said Monday in his first foreign-policy speech since taking office in May.

08-28-07 - Egypt rejects Israeli charge of inaction on Gaza arms smuggling Egypt criticized Tuesday comments by Israel's internal security minister, who alleged that Cairo was doing nothing to stop arms smuggling to Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

08-28-07 - Parents of detainees imprisoned by Israel protest in front to the Tulkarem office of the Red Cross

08-28-07 - Too early for pandering The good news is that it's too early for the various US presidential campaigns to have begun the predictable, and by now ritualistic, arguments about who is "better" on Israel. That is probably because none of the major candidates has said or posted very much about Israel that is not routine fare, designed not to offend anyone.

08-28-07 - Pastor and Jewish Activist to Debate on BBC Inspired by an IsraelNationalRadio program, some 30 Christians protested at a Florida church against its pastor's national call for a Palestinian state in the Land of Israel.

08-28-07 - Trip to Israel leaves impression on Hare Hare told about a nine-day trip that 18 members of Congress took as guests of the American Israeli Education Foundation

08-28-07 - U.N. conference has groups worrying about Durban sequel Groups already differ on how seriously to take next week's conference. U.N. Watch, an American Jewish Committee-affiliated watchdog group, and the Wiesenthal Center had delegates on hand for the Geneva meetings, while the Anti-Defamation League chose not to attend......"Congress holds the purse strings," Bayefsky said. "Congress decides whether or not its foreign operations budget is used for the funding of U.N. meetings, and which U.N. meetings. We can't do anything in Geneva."

08-28-07 - Emory Envoys 'Journey' to Holy Land

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