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Friday, December 31, 2004

News for 12-31-04

12-31 - Two killed in Gaza missile strike

12-31 - Abbas takes election campaign to Gaza as death toll mounts A Palestinian teenager was also shot dead by Israeli troops in Rafah.

12-31 - Uneven race may chill Palestinian turnout

12-31 - Israeli railway to cross West Bank The announcement on Friday was immediately criticised by Palestinian representatives and raised questions about Israel's intentions for the occupied territory

12-31 - Brazil Town to Honor Arafat With Statue "We decided to build the memorial to demonstrate our solidarity with the Palestinian cause,"

12-31 - Heavy Security Surrounds Abbas During Gaza Visit Tens of thousands of Palestinians pledged support to front-running presidential candidate Mahmoud Abbas on Friday as he made his first visit to Gaza since the start of a campaign

12-31 - PCHR: "Palestinian Civilians Pay the Price as the International Community fails to stop the continuous Israeli attacks"

12-31 - Israel's tsunami efforts get cool response the sight of Israeli army uniforms might touch a raw nerve, particularly in countries with a large Muslim population

12-31 - Foreign sources say ... The poison was intended to cause symptoms that would indicate he had died of a heart attack. what happened to this guy always seemed a bit suspect...

12-31 - Bungled Israeli killing revealed

12-31 - Leaders Fear Probe Will Force Pro-Israel Lobby To File as 'Foreign Agent' Why the concern if this group has nothing to hide?

12-31 - France expresses concern over Israeli operations

12-31 - We're Still Waiting for a Home of Our Own A View from Syria on the Palestinian Right to Return

12-31 - US Applying "Israeli Tactics" in Felluce Halid Ibrahim, 42, describes the situation as "humiliating" and says they are being treated like Palestinian refugees

12-31 - Hundreds Join Anti-Wall Protest in Jayyous

12-31 - Mideast delegates visit to study water issues To prepare for cooperative water use, delegations from the Israel-Palestinian Authority Transboundary Water Citizens Exchange Program have been visiting Texas to learn how the vital liquid is managed here

12-31 - Iraqi Boy To Receive New Legs In Cleveland The Palestinian Children's Relief Fund, based in Kent, is turning its attention to Iraqi children war victims.

12-31 - Israeli army rabbi offers to resign over Gaza withdrawal

12-31 - Miracle recipe of non-violence just might end the occupation

12-31 - Five who made news in the world in 2004 Yasser Arafat

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News for 12-30-04

12-30 - Israeli Troops Kill Nine Palestinians in Gaza Raid After the raid, medics and witnesses said Israeli soldiers killed two 17-year-old youths, including one with Down's syndrome, watching clashes

12-30 - Gaza militants detonate bomb near Israeli post

12-30 - Schools under Israeli fire : 7 Killed, Tens Wounded And Havoc Wrecked Schools in Tulkarem

12-30 - B'Tselem: "Army killed 182 minors in 2004"

12-30 - Official Seeks Larger West Bank Pullout

12-30 - Israel Barrier to Include Palestinians A section of Israel's West Bank separation barrier will leave 17,000 Palestinians on the Israeli side, hampering their access to the West Bank, settler and security officials said Thursday.

12-30 - Cabinet to see new fence route after PA vote the fence will penetrate deeply into the West Bank in order to encompass the Gush Etzion settlements. The revised route will encompass 10 Israeli settlements with some 50,000 residents, and four Palestinian villages with some 18,000 residents. A sizable amount of Palestinian land in the Bethlehem area will also end up on the Israeli side of the fence.

12-30 - Israelis braced for new tunnel attacks

12-30 - Forgers 'tried to rewrite biblical history' had been "trying to change history". Scholars said the forgers were exploiting the deep emotional need of Jews and Christians to find physical evidence to reinforce their faith

12-30 - Peres deal ensures Gaza withdrawal

12-30 - Fatah condemns escalated Israeli operations

12-30 - Jordanian, Chinese officials hold talks on bilateral relations, Middle East peace process

12-30 - Smoke rises in Gaza A Palestinian student witnesses Israel's "days of penitence"

12-30 - Israel violates Lebanon airspace for second day The violation came a day after eight Israeli drones caused panic by staging mock raid over villages in south Lebanon

12-30 - China raises Mideast peace proposal

12-30 - Neo-cons can't escape responsibility for their Iraq miscalculations

12-30 - Cause celebre: WSU orders, then removes pro-Israel literature from Arab artist's show

12-30 - Ties with Israel not at the cost of Arabs: Natwar:

12-30 - U.S. INCREASES INTEL AGAINST ISRAEL The United States has increased intelligence operations against Israel as part of an effort to prevent a war in the Middle East.

12-30 - Israeli takes Palestinian job

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Israeli Troops Kill Nine Palestinians in Gaza Raid

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli troops killed nine Palestinians on Thursday, including two teenagers, as tanks pushed into the southern Gaza Strip (news - web sites) in what the army called a raid to stop mortar and rocket attacks on Jewish settlements.

Continuing violence in Gaza has raised doubts over optimism for talks following Yasser Arafat (news - web sites)'s death last month and the emergence of a new Palestinian leadership seen as moderates.

The violence poses a particular challenge to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who is widely expected to win a Jan 9. election to succeed Arafat and favors ending armed struggle. Israeli drones staged two strikes on the city of Khan Younis, firing missiles that killed seven militants, four from Abbas's Fatah (news - web sites) movement, Palestinians said. Others belonged to the Islamic Hamas militant group, they added.

The army said three killed in the first raid early on Thursday were part of a squad firing at nearby settlements.

"I estimate there are 10 to 15 squads," Brigadier Aviv Kochavi, commander of forces in Gaza, told Army Radio.

After the raid, medics and witnesses said Israeli soldiers killed two 17-year-old youths, including one with Down's syndrome, watching clashes. The army said soldiers fired at men thought to be laying explosives.

Later Israel reinforced its troops in Khan Younis and brought in more armored vehicles before another missile fired by a drone killed four militants. A military spokesman said an aircraft fired at and hit men planting an explosive devise.

Three of those killed belonged to the Abu Rish Brigades, an armed wing Fatah movement, Palestinians said.


At least 19 Palestinians were wounded in Khan Younis, including six in the latest air strike, witnesses said, while an Israeli woman was hurt by a mortar at a settlement, Israel said.

Further south, Israeli troops shot and critically wounded two Palestinians after they fired a rocket at an army vehicle.

In the West Bank, Israeli soldiers arrested three Al-Aqsa members, including the brother of a local commander of the group in the town of Jenin, military sources and Palestinians said.

Despite scores of raids during a 4-year-old Palestinian uprising, mortar fire has persisted and even intensified ahead of an Israeli plan to remove the 8,000 settlers living among 1.3 million Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip next year.

Militants hope to portray any Israeli withdrawal as a retreat under fire, while Israel wants to smash them first.

Abbas wants Palestinians to stop armed struggle and use peaceful means of resistance. But Hamas has rejected his call.

"The enemy knows nothing but the language of killing Palestinians and therefore, we have no choice but to continue the resistance," said a Hamas spokesman.

Israel moved closer to abandoning occupied Gaza as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) and the opposition Labour party reached a deal that appeared to clear a final obstacle to a unity government able to remove troops and settlers.

Palestinians fear that Sharon's "Disengagement Plan," backed by Western countries, will give them Gaza at the cost of a stronger Israeli hold in the West Bank. Both territories were captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war.


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