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Thursday, November 30, 2006

News for 11-29-06

11-29-06 - International community cannot escape responsibility to aid quest for peace, says Secretary-General in message for Day of Solidarity with Palestinians

11-29-06 - Tutu to lead Beit Hanoun mission The mission aims to "recommend ways to protect Palestinian civilians against further Israeli attacks", the UN says.

11-29-06 - Settlers in Hebron abduct a Palestinian woman for seven hours

11-29-06 - PM to tell Rice Israel will exercise restraint in Gaza In the meeting in Jericho, Abbas is expected to voice to Livni the Palestinians' demand to extend the ceasefire to the West Bank territories as of Sunday. Abbas will also ask of Rice that the US make sure that the border crossings operate on a regular basis, in order to alleviate the Palestinian population's distress.

11-29-06 - Army demolishes two homes in Hebron Army claims that the house was illegal constructed. The leveled house is only a few hundred meters away from the Kharishna Israeli illegal settlement outpost.

11-29-06 - Army attacks farmers east of Tamoun village near Tubas Israeli troops attacked Palestinian farmers working in their lands east of Tamoun village, east of the West Bank city of Tubas.

11-29-06 - Rafah crossing shut down again after temporary opening: sources

11-29-06 - UN rights chief warns of 'climate of impunity' in Middle East UN human rights chief Louise Arbour warned of a "climate of impunity" operating in the Palestinian territories and urged Israel to carry out credible and transparent probes into civilian deaths resulting from military action.

11-29-06 - Army shells areas northern Gaza strip No injures or damage were reported but the shelling created panic among the residents, this shelling violates the ceasefire deal declared three days ago by the Palestinians and the Israelis.

11-29-06 - Palestinian PM celebrates Palestinian solidarity day in Egypt Visiting Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haneya on Wednesday attended celebrations marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Egypt's official MENA news agency reported.

11-29-06 - Bodies of smugglers found in Gaza-Egypt tunnel

11-29-06 - Egyptian intelligence chief to visit Israel

11-29-06 - Refugees Are The Key

11-29-06 - Mofaz: Arafat agreed to house secret Iranian bases inside PA Iran and the Palestinian Authority, then headed by Yasser Arafat, reached a secret agreement in 2002, which called for the creation of branch Iranian revolutionary guard corps bases in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in exchange for military aid to the Palestinian Authority. And they just discovered this NOW. Mmm k.

11-29-06 - Presentation by DCI to CRC I am here today to remind the Committee that the unlike the Israeli military campaign in Lebanon, the Israeli campaign in Gaza, is continuing as I now speak, AND it is continuing to devastating effect for Palestinian children.

11-29-06 - Palestinian PM pushes 1967 borders proposal

11-29-06 - Carter on Palestinian Prisoners

11-29-06 - For author of settlement report, hope is to spark moral reckoning "I especially love Hebron. But we cannot be there as occupiers. For 500 Jewish settlers to live in Hebron, thousands of Palestinians must live under effective house arrest. 'This is a mitzvah borne of a sin,' " she said, again quoting the Talmud.

11-29-06 - Iran leader appeals to US people The Iranian leader's discursive, five-page letter also urged Washington to recognise a Palestinian state, saying it was ignoring public opinion in "trampling the rights of the Palestinian people".

11-29-06 - Abdullah asked to probe Bush on overflights Jordan?s king may raise Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace during talks with President Bush.

11-29-06 - Ahmadinejad's letter to Americans

11-29-06 - Avigdor Lieberman to Washington ** Lieberman, whose Yisrael Beitenu Party joined Prime Minister Ehud Olmert?s government last month, will participate in a conference at the end of next week at the Brookings Institution?s Saban Center. The conference, which is closed to the public, will include other top Israeli and U.S. officials.
Lieberman is the new guy in charge of Israel's 'attack Iran' department.

11-29-06 - Conflict in the Middle East: Symbols of life and death

11-29-06 - UN marks Palestinian Solidarity Day with calls for peace with Israel

11-29-06 - Israelis adopt what South Africa dropped Many aspects of Israel's occupation surpass those of the apartheid regime. Israel's large-scale destruction of Palestinian homes, leveling of agricultural lands, military incursions and targeted assassinations of Palestinians far exceed any similar practices in apartheid South Africa. No wall was ever built to separate blacks and whites.

11-29-06 - GAZA: Episcopalians aid Gaza hospital In response to an emergency appeal, the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem sent $100,000 during the past five months to support the work of the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza.

11-29-06 - Hamas minister freed by Israel-witnesses Israeli authorities on Wednesday released one of the Hamas government ministers that it detained after gunmen from Gaza abducted an Israeli soldier in June, witnesses said.

11-29-06 - Egyptian intelligence chief mediating hostage solution in Tel Aviv

11-29-06 - Syria accuses Israel of building dam in Golan to secure water Damascus accused Israel on Monday of building a dam on the Golan Heights to steal water and deprive Syria and Jordan from badly needed resources, Syria's official news agency reported.

11-29-06 - Palestinian Students and Faculty Call for Academic Boycott Over one thousand Birzeit University students and over 110 of its faculty members signed an open letter in support of the international boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

11-29-06 - Baker Panel Aide Expects Israel Will Be Pressed AIPAC's Congress (formerly the US Congress) will never allow it. 100 new pieces of legislation will be passed therein to counter such a move.

11-29-06 - Bedouin citizens of Israel denied water as means of transfer

11-29-06 - Catholic relief confederation calls for end to Israeli occupation of Palestine In statement issued a day before the Nov. 29 observance of the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People, Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of 162 Catholic relief, development, and social service organizations present in about 200 countries and territories throughout the world, said it wanted to use the U.N.-organized commemoration as an opportunity to promote ?a just and durable peace for all those in the Holy Land ? Palestinians, Israelis, Jews, Christians and Muslims.?

11-29-06 - President affirms solidarity with Palestinian people President Nguyen Minh Triet yesterday sent a congratulatory message to the Palestinian people on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People which falls on November 29

11-29-06 - China shows solidarity with Palestinian people China strongly condemns Israel's military actions, which have caused heavy casualties to innocent Palestinian civilians. China is also concerned with the human rights situation in occupied Palestinian territory, he said.

11-29-06 - Man ordered imprisoned for threatening President Bush An Israel-born Palestinian was sentenced Tuesday to federal prison but was credited with time already served on charges that he threatened to castrate President Bush while involuntarily committed at a mental hospital.

11-29-06 - Hastings, Harman Rejected for Chairmanship House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has decided against naming either Rep. Jane Harman (Calif.), the senior Democrat on the House intelligence committee, or Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (Fla.), the panel's No. 2 Democrat, to chair the pivotal committee next year.

11-29-06 - Pelosi's Price is Right for Jewish Community Pelosi said that former President Jimmy Carter - who has a new book out that harshly criticizes the government in Jerusalem - "does not speak for the Democratic Party on Israel."

11-29-06 - Thousands demand release of Israelis Thousands demonstrated outside the European Commission in Brussels to demand the release of three Israeli soldiers kidnapped by terrorist groups

11-29-06 - Judge strikes ban on terrorist funding A California judge declared unconstitutional a 2001 presidential order blocking funds for terrorist groups, a decision that could affect funding for Hamas and Hezbollah.

11-29-06 - Jordanian, Israeli towns sign river agreement

11-29-06 - Film on failed suicide bombers counters Palestinian documentary New propaganda film coming to a theater near you.

11-29-06 - ZOA Condemns Jimmy Carter's Anti-Israel Book As Inaccurate, Shallow & Vicious A condemnation by the Zionist Organization of America : that's how you know you hit a homer. Way to go, Jimmy :)

11-29-06 - Rebuilding Lebanon: the task ahead Lebanon's finance minister, Jihad Azour, says that physical losses from the 34-day war amount to $2.5bn.

11-29-06 - And now a word from neocon Daniel Pipes Who is trying to decide for YOU, the American public at large, what you will and will not learn about in college. Message to Pipes (the look on that guy's face in the photo is priceless).

11-29-06 - Is 'American era' ending in Middle East?

11-29-06 - Israel chooses rocket defense system

11-29-06 - Palestinian families separated by Israel take action

11-29-06 - Victims call for peace

11-29-06 - Congenial meeting in Beirut warns against possible detractors

11-29-06 - Women's film festival in Jenin

11-29-06 - Energy-hungry China breaks ground in Middle East The Chinese have cleared thousands of cluster bombs and other ordnance -- including the bomb 2nd Sergeant Liu was tackling in Zebqin -- since the Israeli-Hezbollah war ended on August 14, winning them a degree of affection from Lebanese villagers.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Thousands demand release of Israelis

Thousands demonstrated outside the European Commission in Brussels to demand the release of three Israeli soldiers kidnapped by terrorist groups.
Cpl. Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by a group of Palestinian gunmen that included members of the ruling Hamas faction in a June 25 cross-border raid from Gaza.

Reservists Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser were taken by Hezbollah fighters in a July 12 cross-border attack that sparked a monthlong war.

Wednesday’s protest, organized by a coalition of Jewish organizations, was attended by members of the European Parliament.

“It was good to see that everyone is standing together behind one cause,” said Philippe Markiewicz, president of the Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations in Belgium.

Markiewicz added his hope that “this kind of a show of unity would only be necessary for positive things in the future.”

The Belgium Jewish community’s security organization estimated the turnout at 3,500 to 4,000 people.

Avigdor Lieberman to Washington

Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s minister for strategic planning, is visiting Washington.
Lieberman, whose Yisrael Beitenu Party joined Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s government last month, will participate in a conference at the end of next week at the Brookings Institution’s Saban Center.

The conference, which is closed to the public, will include other top Israeli and U.S. officials.

Lieberman may meet separately with Bush administration officials.

He also is scheduled to meet with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations early next week.

Lieberman is controversial because he has proposed subjecting Arab Israelis to loyalty tests and redrawing Israel’s borders to exclude many Israeli Arabs in the context of population swaps for Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

Judge strikes ban on terrorist funding

A California judge declared unconstitutional a 2001 presidential order blocking funds for terrorist groups, a decision that could affect funding for Hamas and Hezbollah.
Monday’s decision by Los Angeles District Court Judge Audrey Collins applies only to the Tamil Tigers and the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK.

Those parties were named in the case brought against the government by the Humanitarian Law Project, which wants to allow Americans to raise money for “lawful, nonviolent activities” by the groups, The Washington Post reported.

Alykhan Velshi, a lawyer with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, told JTA that the decision could have a “persuasive” influence on other cases.

Hundreds of terrorist groups, including Hamas, Hezbollah and their affiliates, have been banned from fund raising under the same law used by President Bush in his presidential order naming the PKK and the Tamil Tigers.

Velshi said his group would likely file an amicus brief if federal authorities appeal.

The foundation has lobbied for inclusion of Hezbollah affiliates on the terrorist list, arguing that allowing money to be raised for terrorists’ supposedly “nonviolent” activities is ludicrous.

Abdullah asked to probe Bush on overflights

Jordan’s king may raise Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace during talks with President Bush.
King Abdullah II is to host Bush on Wednesday at a Jordanian economic conference.

The office of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said he asked Abdullah to discuss with Bush the Israeli Air Force flights over his country that have continued despite the Aug. 14 cease-fire that ended Israel’s war with Hezbollah.

There was no immediate comment from Jordan.

Israel has said it needs the overflights to monitor arms smuggling to Hezbollah, itself a violation of the Lebanon truce.

Jordanian, Israeli towns sign river agreement

Israeli and Jordanian mayors signed an agreement to revive Jordan River tributaries.
The signatories last week were Jackie Levy of Beit Shean and Maoun Alloneh of Pella.

Efforts to revive the tributaries were written into the 1994 peace treaty between the nations, but there has been little progress.

“We came to the conclusion that the best way to solve the problems of this area was to let communities deal with each other directly while also involving key decision makers such as local municipal officials and mayors,” Munqeth Mehyar, the Jordanian chairman of Friends of the Earth Middle East, the group that set up the ceremony, told The Jordan Times.

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News for 11-28-06

11-28-06 - Qassam rocket fired from Gaza falls in Israel despite truce

11-28-06 - Gaza?s teetering tower of debt After nine months of an international trade embargo on the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), which has seen international aid cut off to the Hamas-led government because it has not recognised Israel or renounced violence, the economy of the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) is verging on collapse.

11-28-06 - Israel continues raids as Gaza truce enters 3rd day "If Israel expands its aggressions in the West Bank and continues with the arrest campaigns, the calm will collapse,"

11-28-06 - Israeli-militia fighting threatens new truce Speaking shortly after Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinians in Qabatiya, a local militia leader called for colleagues in Gaza to ignore the cease-fire that went into effect on Sunday and take revenge.

11-28-06 - Gaza Strip remains calm as ceasefire with Israel enters 3rd day Israeli troops arrested at least 10 Palestinians in West Bank cities on Tuesday morning, claiming they were wanted by the state of Israel.

11-28-06 - Israeli TV: Radiation Leak at Israel Nuclear Site Channel 2 reports that "high levels of radiation" were detected in water at a crater just outside the nuclear complex.

11-28-06 - Palestinian elderly refugee abducted, killed in Iraq

11-28-06 - The lie beneath Israel's settlements Facing court challenges in the 1970s, the state argued that the new communities served Israel's security and were not permanent. The officials who planned the settlements might have believed that they had military value. But they did not regard them as temporary. The settlements' underlying purpose, as shown by an extensive paper trail in Israeli archives, was to anchor a political claim to territory before any negotiations began.

11-28-06 - Cease-fire would help forming new government: officials

11-28-06 - Palestine's Teachers: Its Last National Resource

11-28-06 - Ghettos form in shadow of the wall A pattern of ghettoisation and population flight is being repeated in other towns along the length of the barrier.

11-28-06 - Hamas loses control at key Palestinian university

11-28-06 - Lebanon's farm business is suffering Lebanon's agriculture sector suffered about $280 million in damage during this summer's conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, a U.N. food agency said Monday.

11-28-06 - Gaza relishes moment of peace back on battered Hamad Street, Mr Adwan had this message for the militants. "That's enough with the rockets," he said. "That's enough."

11-28-06 - Rafah crossing reopened after two-week closure The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Tuesday morning reopened Rafah crossing on the border with Egypt.

11-28-06 - Salvaging Bush's Mideast disaster like it or not, the fact remains that the now 39-year-long Israeli occupation of Palestinian land continues to be the most incendiary issue in the Arab-Muslim world, the single thing that most inspires hatred of the U.S. A U.N.-sponsored group recently found that tensions between Islam and the West are caused not by religion but overwhelmingly by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has acquired a symbolic significance larger than itself......Bush's neoconservative brain trust is urging him to maintain his hard line against Syria and Hezbollah. But as Israel's recent, unsuccessful war shows, the Shiites in Lebanon are too powerful to smash into submission. The only long-term solution to Lebanon's woes, as former ABC News chief Middle East correspondent Charles Glass, who was kidnapped by Hezbollah in 1987, recently argued, is to remove Hezbollah's raison d'être by providing justice for the Palestinians. Excellent article there at Salon.

11-28-06 - Briton tells of surviving blast from Israeli mine

11-28-06 - Spokesman: Palestinians need "deeds and not words"

11-28-06 - Meretz MK mediating between Barghouti, PM's Office

11-28-06 - Olmert demands the Palestinians to drop the Right of Return

11-28-06 - Israel gives nod to deploying Jordanian forces loyal to Palestinian's Abbas in Gaza

11-28-06 - International Academy of Art Palestine to launch Next Week The International Academy of Art Palestine (IAAP) will be launched in Ramallah on Tuesday, December 7, shifting Palestinian artists from dream to reality, a press release by the administration of the academy said on Tuesday.

11-28-06 - Rice to press Abbas to assure ceasefire in Jericho meeting

11-28-06 - Abbas' senior aide rules out unilateral policy for Palestinian issue

11-28-06 - International day of solidarity with palestinian people to be observ.. The Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People will hold a special meeting in observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People in the Trusteeship Council Chamber, at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, 29 November 2006, as mandated by General Assembly ...

11-28-06 - Scores of Palestinian public sector employees take the streets in Gaza city Scores of public sector employees in Gaza city took the streets on Tuesday morning in protesting of the delayed over due salaries.

11-28-06 - Jordan to urge Bush action on Israel-Palestinian conflict "The best way to counter this Iranian danger is to resolve the Palestinian issue on the basis of a two-state solution, which will strengthen the moderate trends in the region and allow stability."

11-28-06 - Olmert speech puzzles press Palestinian commentators are puzzled by what they see as Mr Olmert's sudden change of tone, but also welcome a new "readiness to reinvigorate the political process". Olmert's sudden change of tone is predictable. It's because high-level US officials will be meeting with him and then the Palestinians very soon. Watch what he does after the former leave.

11-28-06 - Abbas sees talks with Hamas at "dead end": official Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has told Jordan that talks on a unity government with Hamas have hit a "dead end" and he will pursue other options, a senior Palestinian official said on Tuesday

11-28-06 - Jordan will reject 'unjust' Mideast settlement

11-28-06 - Egypt allows Palestinian FM to carry 20 million dollars into Gaza Al-Zahar was allowed to cross the terminal after he agreed to declare the sum in his tax statement, well-informed sources said, adding that he passed the crossing after his visits to Egypt and some Arab and Islamic countries.

11-28-06 - Israeli troops round up 13 Palestinians in West Bank Israeli troops arrested 13 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on suspicion of engaging in "anti-Israeli activities".

11-28-06 - Hezbollah Said to Help Shiite Army in Iraq The interview occurred at a time of intense debate over whether the United States should enlist Iran?s help in stabilizing Iraq. The Iraq Study Group, directed by James A. Baker III, a former Republican secretary of state, and Lee H. Hamilton, a former Democratic lawmaker, is expected to call for direct talks with Tehran. Wow, what a coincidence, this finding. For, the Iraq Study Group is going to release it's recommendations very soon, and well, we can't negotiate with Iran NOW, can we?

11-28-06 - Detainees facing harsh living and health condition in Be?er Shiva and Nafha prisons The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) published a report on the living conditions of the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli Be?er Shiva and Nafha prisons. According to the report, the detainees are subjected to repeated attacks and facing bad living and health conditions.

11-28-06 - Report: Jerusalem talks to Barghouti Israel's government has been holding indirect talks with a Palestinian politician jailed for orchestrating terrorist attacks.

11-28-06 - Haniyya leaves Gaza on his first tour as a Prime Minister

11-28-06 - Bulldozers destroying 700 dunams of Bethlehem Israeli military bulldozers began dredging Artas Village in southern Bethlehem under heavy guard. Israeli forces are confiscating and destroying 700 dunams of the southern Bethlehem village

11-28-06 - U.S. Critiques Russia as It Readies for Mideast Democracy Forum

11-28-06 - First Bank decides to Divest! Dutch Civil Society challenges investments in the Occupation

11-28-06 - Local doctor honored for his work in developing countries Since 1988, Mustafa has taken 15 medical mission trips to the Palestinian West bank, his homeland, to give medical service

11-28-06 - Netanyahu Questioned by Police MK Netanyahu was questioned by police as a suspect regarding the possible misuse of public funds to pay for polls used to advance his own political standing in recent years.

11-28-06 - Peace is Possible: Caritas Internationalis Supports International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People on 29 November We cannot overemphasize the urgency we share with countless others that justice be done, that the occupation come to an end, and that the fundamental root causes of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict be put squarely at the heart of fair negotiations

11-28-06 - On a mission to help kids Purdue University student Michelle Sullivan said she "loves doing humanitarian work." Last month, she and other Indiana students traveled with Ambassadors for Children to a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan

11-28-06 - More than 500 people participate in largest protest of the year About 500 people came to the university's Vari Hall to take part in the Nov. 16 protest or simply to watch it unfold. The protest began with speeches by pro-Palestinian students, but hollers, whistles and drums quickly drowned their words.

11-28-06 - School 'terrorist' simulation exercise banned

11-28-06 - Israel's newest PR weapon: The Internet Megaphone "An Israeli company developed a type of software that functions like a beeper from one central place. They send alerts and anyone who downloads the software gets a pop-up with links to an activity. It can be to vote for Israel in a CNN survey or react to an especially nasty article. We still have a long way to go, but this is our future." Conspire much?

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

News for 11-27-06

11-27-06 - Israeli army kills 2 in West Bank The woman, a neighbour aged 50, was killed in error as she rushed to help

11-27-06 - Israelis avoiding Cyprus due to Lebanese refugees

11-27-06 - High Court approves Bir Nabalah enclave

11-27-06 - Carter: Israeli 'domination' over Palestinians is 'atrocious' Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter called Israeli "domination" over Palestinians "atrocious" during an interview Monday on ABC's Good Morning America, RAW STORY has learned. He's right. Unfortunately, with so many dupes of Israel in the mainstream American media, Jimmy Carter will now be vilified. They must shout him down to attempt to discredit him in the eyes of ordinary Americans.

11-27-06 - Palestinians fire rockets in new truce violation The group said the rocket fire was in response to the deaths of a militant and middle-aged woman killed during an Israeli operation, plus the arrest of 15 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank on Monday.

The press has buried the deaths of these 2 individuals killed by Israel since the ceasefire went into effect - and that includes the British press. We are to focus our attention on the PALESTINIAN ceasefire breaches, seems.

11-27-06 - A group of settlers attack and injure one child in Hebron A group of illegal settlers attacked Palestinian school kids going back home to the Tell Rumeida neighborhood in the southern West Bank city of Hebron on Monday afternoon.

11-27-06 - Hamas orders investigation into violation of ceasefire The Hamas-led Palestinian government on Sunday condemned the rocket attacks at southern Israeli towns, which breached a ceasefire with Israel and said it would look into the attacks.

11-27-06 - Israeli prime minister offers prisoner exchange and hope of renewed Middle East peace talks In his most important policy speech since the Lebanon war, Mr Olmert said if the Palestinians halted violence and recognised Israel, there could be negotiations that culminated in the creation of a Palestinian state and an Israeli withdrawal from some of the occupied West Bank The supreme being of the universe has ordained that those pesky Palestinians may just be deemed worthy enough to have a state of their own, provided they meet the supreme being's conditions. And there are always conditions.

11-27-06 - Bush Asking Arab Friends for Iraq Help Meanwhile, one of Ms. Rice?s most trusted aides, Philip D. Zelikow, announced Monday that he was resigning his post as State Department counselor. Mr. Zelikow, widely viewed as a voice of candor in the administration on the Iraq crisis, said in his resignation letter that he would return to teaching at the University of Virginia

11-27-06 - IDF officials: Mines in Lebanon could have been laid by Syria, Hezbollah Dalya Farran, a spokeswoman for the UN agency, said its experts found the land mines and were able to tell they were new Israeli anti-personnel mines based on their "type, shape and condition." Right. Like that 'mine' that Hamas planted on the Gaza beach in July. K.

11-27-06 - U.N. rights council keeps Israel focus The U.N. Human Rights Council passed two resolutions against Israel.
The council voted 32-1 Monday to declare Israel?s presence in the Golan Heights illegal, and 45-1 to condemn Israel?s settlement construction.

11-27-06 - E.U. leader meets with Israel, Arabs Finland?s foreign minister began two days of meetings with Israeli and Arab leaders.
The Associated Press reported that Erkki Tuomioja, whose country holds the rotating E.U. presidency, led peace discussions Monday in Tampere, Finland, with foreign ministers from the European Union, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Turkey and Tunisia.

11-27-06 - Israelis Split on Unilateral Attack Against Iran Do you count on the United States and on the Europeans to succeed in stopping the nuclear program of Iran by peaceful means and via United Nations (UN) Security Council resolutions? That's PEACEFUL means. Look at the results. They forgot to ask the most important question: are you expecting America to attack Iran for Israel?

11-27-06 - Honor the agreement you signed The Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) signed on November 15, 2005 promised Palestinians freedom of movement of people and goods. A detailed fact sheet published by the Palestinian Monitoring Group shows that since last year, none of the agreement's provisions have been fully implemented by Israel.

11-27-06 - 'First flicker of light at the edge of darkness' It may be that the arrival of George Bush in the region later this week has provided the final impetus When you are as focused as intently as I on this conflict, you'll notice that just before an Israeli PM meets with a US president, suddenly there are Israeli 'gestures of peace'. Watch what happens after their meeting is over.

11-27-06 - Iraq's Palestinians in bull's-eye international officials warn that Palestinians are in an especially precarious position because they are considered outsiders, even after decades of living in Iraq, and have difficulty gaining admission to other countries because they do not carry Iraqi passports

11-27-06 - Carter shares insight on peace in Mideast I mention in the book that we've vetoed resolutions, some of them overwhelmingly supported by the world community, probably now about 45 times, in fact twice within the last two weeks when Israel attacked the Gaza people and killed those 18 civilians. The United States vetoed the resolution that condemned that action. And I have to tell you that I have always considered myself a supporter of Israel -- but with the premise that Israel comply with international law and withdraw from occupying territories of the West Bank and Gaza. And what's degenerated in recent years, to a very disturbing degree, is the gross abuse of the Palestinians by the Israeli occupying powers. It's one of the most serious human-rights abuses about which I'm familiar. It aggravates and alienates not only the Palestinians and the Arab world, but most of the rest of the world

11-27-06 - Gaza violence threatens Palestinian participation at Asian Games Palestine is due to send 84 athletes to the Asian Games to compete in 13 sports. Eleven of them were in the volleyball team

11-27-06 - Pass for Israel From Mainstream American Media and Congress By Robert D. Novak

11-27-06 - A Storm Is Brewing in Kurdistan.

11-27-06 - UN Aid Agency Bills Israeli Government For 28 Million Dollars The UN relief agency for Palestinians refugees (UNRWA) said Friday it has billed the Israeli government for 28 million dollars for port and container charges that it claims it should never have had to pay.

11-27-06 - MobIS to develop application for Souktel in Palestine Souktel's new Matching Service will help local communities get emergency food and medical aid more efficiently-by pairing them directly with NGOs that meet their specific needs.

11-27-06 - Military probe ordered in 2003 shooting of American in Nablus Here's what happened to Brian Avery.

11-27-06 - Palestine's First English Daily "Many foreign mass media have been telling the Palestinian story with their standards. Now it is time for us to tell the world our story with our standards,"

11-27-06 - Flurry of diplomacy as US seeks to regain Mideast initiative The burst of US diplomacy is seen in part as an effort to counter Iran's bid for a greater role in the region, where it has significant influence with Shiite militants who have been foiling US policies in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian areas Iran is the reason.

11-27-06 - Palestinian PM delays first trip abroad Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas has postponed a tour of Muslim countries because of Israeli travel restrictions, his office said Monday.

11-27-06 - Western boycott causes catastrophic impoverishment of Palestinians

11-27-06 - Palestinian's Abbas may meet Bush in Amman

11-27-06 - Palestinian Hamas PM to visit Egypt Tuesday: report

11-27-06 - Excerpt: Carter's 'Palestine Peace Not Apartheid' The overriding problem is that, for more than a quarter century, the actions of some Israeli leaders have been in direct conflict with the official policies of the United States, the international community, and their own negotiated agreements Ok, I will have to eat crow. Some in the mainstream media DID cover Carter's new book.

11-27-06 - Rice may meet Olmert, Abbas during her Mideast trip: official

11-27-06 - Islamic Jihad members taken prisoner near Jenin

11-27-06 - UN rights body urges Israel to reverse settlement policy The resolution called on Israel to prevent any new installation of settlers in the occupied territories. It also urged Israel to take "serious measures" to prevent settlers attacking Palestinians.

11-27-06 - Report: Hamas threatens more kidnappings Kidnappings like the abduction "done four months ago" of Gilad Shalit would go on, the report said, as part of "a bid to swap them for Palestinian detainees languishing in occupation dungeons."

11-27-06 - Interviews -Jimmy Carter on Conflict in the Middle East

11-27-06 - Workshops help Palestinian women take the lead in a refugee camp

11-27-06 - Jimmy Carter urges Canada to press Israel

11-27-06 - Palestinian homes abandoned in flight across Israel?s wall "Displacement is the root cause of the conflict. It is taking land and clearing it of people. The wall is just one aspect of a pattern of making life so difficult that people will eventually want to move," she said.
"One has to ask ? is this the goal of Israeli policy?"

11-27-06 - Palestinians decry 'hate crime' Greater Toronto's Palestinian community is in shock at what they are calling a hate crime that left the parking lot of their main gathering place vandalized.

11-27-06 - The complete text of The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict Published by
Jews for Justice in the Middle East

11-27-06 - Saudi urges US to play fair in Mideast

11-27-06 - Israelis Pick Netanyahu Instead of Olmert

11-27-06 - Murdered KGB Agent Visited Israel

11-27-06 - U.S. theaters pull Turkish film that ADL leaders had protested A Turkish film featuring a venal, bloodstained Jewish doctor has been mysteriously withdrawn from screening in the United States. In "Valley of the Wolves: Iraq," American actor Gary Busey portrays a Jewish U.S. Army doctor who cuts out the organs of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison and sells them to wealthy clients in New York, London and Tel Aviv.

11-27-06 - The Saudis strike back at Iran Three things must be said about Cheney's beliefs. First, he is steadfast in his belief that the Iraq war is still a "doable" job. Second, he consistently maintains that an Iraq settlement is inconceivable without a regime change in Iran. Most important, Cheney believes that when it comes to Israel's security, US politicians are alike. Name them, they are all "friends of Israel" - Democratic presidential hopefuls Senators Hillary Clinton and Evan Bayh, Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean, and the incoming chairman of the House Committee on International Affairs, Democratic Congressman Tom Lantos.

11-27-06 - Zuckerman, Tisch and Lauder: Rock stars of the Jewish world honored at ZOA dinner R. James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA under President Bill Clinton, was ZOA?s Keynote Speaker. Woolsey was honored with the ZOA?s Defender of Israel Award .....Among the numerous distinguished guests who attended the Dinner were Kenneth Bialkin, Malcolm Hoenlein, Steve Emerson and a number of national board members of AIPAC.

11-27-06 - Canadian PM receives a delegation from One Voice, a Palestinian-Israeli civil society movement for change The Palestinian youth delegation has held several sessions and panels at Canadian universities where they met with hundreds of Canadian students, businessmen, parliamentary members in addition to different unions and associations

11-27-06 - Palestine to Be Represented in World Weightlifting Championships

11-27-06 - Jewish Like Me

11-27-06 - Israel Wants Larger Share of Holocaust Funds And how much of this will the actual survivors get? They live in poverty in Israel. Why is that?

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

E.U. leader meets with Israel, Arabs

Finland’s foreign minister began two days of meetings with Israeli and Arab leaders.
The Associated Press reported that Erkki Tuomioja, whose country holds the rotating E.U. presidency, led peace discussions Monday in Tampere, Finland, with foreign ministers from the European Union, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Turkey and Tunisia.

Following the talks, Tuomioja optimistically cited the Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire, in place since Sunday.

He told reporters, “It is important the Palestinians have a credible, representative government which no one will have any excuse not to engage with seriously.”

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, at the same news conference, called the cease-fire “a message to moderates on the Palestinian side,” the AP reported.

U.N. rights council keeps Israel focus

The U.N. Human Rights Council passed two resolutions against Israel.
The council voted 32-1 Monday to declare Israel’s presence in the Golan Heights illegal, and 45-1 to condemn Israel’s settlement construction.

Canada was the nay vote in both resolutions.

The 47-member council has singled out no other country but Israel for human rights abuses since the council was established six months ago.

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News for 11-26-06

11-26-06 - Israeli army withdraws from Gaza Strip under ceasefire

11-26-06 - Gaza truce takes hold despite rocket fire

11-26-06 - PA forces deploy 13,000 in Gaza Palestinian Authority security forces began deploying along the Gaza Strip's border with Israel on Sunday, in order to prevent Palestinian militants from firing Qassam rockets at Israel in violation of the cease-fire.

11-26-06 - Travel ban on Palestinians in Israeli cars limited to Green Line The ban on allowing Palestinians to ride in Israeli cars in the West Bank will mainly be enforced near the border with Israel, and not throughout the West Bank, a senior Israel Defense Forces officer told Haaretz.

11-26-06 - Court rejects petition to change route of J'lem envelope fence

11-26-06 - US man allegedly spied for Israel, China A federal grand jury in Honolulu has indicted a leading former military engineer for allegedly transferring classified information to Israel, China, and other countries.

11-26-06 - Jordan king warns on Mideast civil wars "We could possibly imagine going into 2007 and having three civil wars on our hands," he said, citing conflicts in Iraq, Lebanon and the decades-long strife between the Palestinians and Israelis.

11-26-06 - Peacekeepers bring calm to south Lebanon

11-26-06 - Human rights urge less talk, more action "The State of Israel is obliged to protect Palestinian citizens and their property in the face of Israeli violence. Mazuz must organize the efforts and bring about the desired change."

11-26-06 - Nonviolent Palestinian protest in Israeli prison: hunger strike in Jalameh Since Friday Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli Jalameh Prison have been hunger-striking in protest of inhumane treatment. The Jenin area prison is accused of acting in contravention to international laws and norms.

11-26-06 - "America's moment in the Middle East is about to end" So, who benefits from greater antagonism between Washington and Damascus? Who gains from the continuing bloodshed in Iraq? Prime Minister Olmert helped answer this question just a few days ago when he said: "I know that (Bush's) policies are controversial in America. (but) I stand with the president because I know that Iraq without Saddam Hussein so much better for the safety and security of Israel?Thank God for the determination and leadership of George Bush". (Reuters)

11-26-06 - Hebron settlers trespass on Palestinian family?s land with IOF complicity

11-26-06 - Lebanon divide hits dangerous deadlock over UN court plans

11-26-06 - PA Gov't to Spend 50 K for Christmas decoration in Bethlehem Palestinian Minister of Tourism, Eng. Judeh Markus said the Paestinian Authority decided to allocate 50 thousand dollars to decorate Bethlehem on Christmas, Palestine News Network reported on Sunday.

11-26-06 - Mashaal backs away from 6 month deadline for talks

11-26-06 - Israeli settlers, or squatters? In the first years of the occupation, Israel regularly "requisitioned" land, ostensibly to meet provisional military needs. Palestinian residents retained ownership, but not control, of their real estate. On some of that land, the government established settlements.
State-sanctioned theft (and it's not a new Israeli policy either)- paid for in part by the unwitting American taxpayers.

11-26-06 - Egypt threatens to quit importing Israeli cotton over price hike Under the agreement, Egypt is obligated to incorporate in the production Israeli output to a minimum of 11.7% in order to receive customs tax exemptions in the United States

11-26-06 - Christian public library opens in Gaza

11-26-06 - West Bank land comes with a price Israel-apologentsia at the Boston Herald with a slight attempt to propound the truth.

11-26-06 - Film by Longview's Dylan Bergeson looks at lives of Palestinian children And you can watch it at Google Video. I have not done so yet.

11-26-06 - ELCA conference explores Christian responses to walls and barriers The Palestinian Christians called for justice, asking that the international community uphold United Nations resolutions and the International Court of Justice ruling in July 2004 against the separation barrier.

11-26-06 - Israeli Chief of Israeli Defence Force (Ret'd) in NZ -Palestinian groups protest! Auckland and Wellington Palestine support organisations are protesting against the presence in New Zealand of the former Israel Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon who is responsible for war crimes in Lebanon and is a fugitive from justice.

11-26-06 - Absurd Atrocity By YvonneRidley

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

News for 11-25-06

11-25-06 - Israeli artillery shelling kills two Palestinians Two Palestinians, one Hamas militant and one police officer, were killed in an Israeli artillery shelling on eastern Gaza Strip Saturday night, security sources said.

11-25-06 - Israel: Fear for Safety Human rights defenders working in the Occupied Territories are at risk of
attack by Israeli settlers. Amnesty International is concerned at the latest
such attack against those who seek through their presence to afford protection
to Palestinians and to bear witness to the abuses perpetrated against them by
Israeli settlers in the area.

11-25-06 - Palestinians agree to end rocket attacks in Gaza ceasefire deal The breakthrough came after the Palestinian leadership reached an agreement with resistance groups and factions to stop firing rockets into Israel. President Abbas told the Israeli premier of the development yesterday in a telephone call and Mr Olmert pledged to stop military operations in the Gaza strip.

11-25-06 - Hamas chief warns of new intifada Khaled Meshaal said it would happen unless there was international agreement on a Palestinian state within six months.

11-25-06 - Palestinian political prisoner paralyzed after being shot in spinal cord A Palestinian political prisoner is paralyzed after Israeli soldiers shot him in the back. During the arrest of Ali Hussein Ali Israeli soldiers unloaded several bullets into the body of the second year Al Quds University student

11-25-06 - December 2: International 'End the Gaza Siege' Day

11-25-06 - And now - Deep Background by Philip Giraldi FBI reportedly has kept the case open as Wells, an Israeli citizen who claims to be a student but does not appear to be registered for a course of study anywhere, is suspected of working for Israeli intelligence in some capacity. If it is determined that he might be from Mossad, he will undoubtedly be quietly deported on immigration charges to avoid embarrassing the Israeli government.

11-25-06 - Hezbollah 'to rule within five years' Not all Israeli experts believe the Syrian Government was involved in the assassination of the Lebanese minister. Zvi Barel, Arab affairs analyst of the daily Ha'aretz, noted that Syria was in the midst of chalking up significant diplomatic points that could only be harmed if it were shown to be involved in another political assassination.

11-25-06 - Palestinian Scholars Discuss Ethnic Cleansing in London Ramzy Baroud, a Palestinian journalist, editor of the Palestinian Chronicle and the author of several books, provided a detailed account of Israel?s policy of ethnic cleansing, but most importantly highlighted the racist discourse that adjoined such a policy

11-25-06 - Mubarak: identifying those behind Lebanon killings 'premature'

11-25-06 - Larijani says Israel cannot attack Iran with US support: report "How could IAEA and the West blame Iran for any illegal activity while the Agency's cameras are covering every activity and its inspectors have been inspecting each of Iran's nuclear installations?" Larijani asked.

11-25-06 - U.N. group: Israel laid mines in Lebanon The Israeli military said it wasn't convinced the mine was recently laid or used by Israel, saying it could have placed by Hezbollah or another party during the decades of conflict in Lebanon. But officials were evasive when asked whether Israel laid mines in Lebanon this summer. More deceptive behavior from the Israeli government.

11-25-06 - Hariri court gets Lebanon backing While he did not want to pre-judge any investigation into Mr Gemayel's death, Mr Bolton said, proof of Syrian involvement would show it was "not just a supporter of terrorism but is a state actor in a terrorist fashion".

11-25-06 - UN says Israel planted landmines in Lebanon as four wounded Four members of an international demining team have been wounded in an Israeli-laid minefield in south Lebanon, a UN spokeswoman said, adding it was the first evidence of use by the Jewish state of anti-personnel mines in the summer conflict

11-25-06 - Moussa welcomes Hamas chief's proposal to establish Palestinian state in six months

11-25-06 - Gaza to get electricity supply from Egypt: company Palestinian and Egyptian officials will sign a final deal to provide Gaza Strip with Egyptian electricity instead of some Israeli power, a Gaza power company announced on Saturday.

11-25-06 - FACTBOX-Key facts about the Gaza Strip Most Gazans live on less than $2 a day. Unemployment exceeds 50 percent because of Israeli security closures curbing cross-border trade and access to jobs.

11-25-06 - Financial Boycott Sends Palestinian Poverty Numbers Soaring, Finds UN Report More than 1 million Palestinians, or one in four inhabitants of the occupied territories, are now mired in deep poverty as living standards deteriorate dramatically following the economic boycott of the Palestinian Authority this year, according to a United Nations report released today.

11-25-06 - Egypt Steps up Mediation for Israeli-Palestinian Prisoner Swap

11-25-06 - Rockets, riots and rivalry Beitar fans were living down to their reputation when at least 7,000 travelled to their opening match against arch-rivals Maccabi Tel Aviv. 'We hate Arabs and Muslims,' shouted 19-year-old fan Eliran, a member of Beitar's La Familia hooligan gang. 'If any Arab played for Beitar, we'd burn their ass and burn the club. They're our enemy.'
"Rockets, riots and rivalry" and RACISM.

11-25-06 - Beyond the Mask - The ADL Spy Scandal What appears the most troubling is the fact that the ADL collaborated with state, federal and foreign intelligence agencies to provide confidential information that could have led to the deaths of anti-apartheid activists in South Africa and Palestinian activists. Wow. A harsh article featured on the Final Call, which I believe is affiliated with the Nation of Islam.

11-25-06 - Behind the Wall: Palestinian Teens Speak Out

11-25-06 - What if Israel invaded Vermont?

11-25-06 - Syrian Jews: Talk to Syria now

11-25-06 - U.S. Groups To Host Rightist Minister With Anti-Arab Plan In a further indication of his acceptance into the political mainstream, controversial right-wing Israeli politician and newly minted government minister Avigdor Lieberman will be hosted next month in New York by the most influential umbrella organization of American Jewish groups. It speaks volumes. He's coming here to speak about Iran.

11-25-06 - From Dec. 2005: Israeli Aides Warn U.S. Not To Drop Ball on Iran Israeli officials, sources said, were surprised by reports that rather than take the lead in pressuring Iran, the Bush administration instructed its ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khaklilzad, to open a dialogue with Iran's ambassador there. In addition, Israeli officials were also upset by Washington's restrained reaction to the deal that Russia is finalizing to sell Tehran more than $1 billion worth of anti-aircraft missiles, which could be used to help Iran protect its nuclear facilities against a possible air strike.

11-25-06 - New Israeli ambassador would like to see Malta 'more balanced' Israel, for its part, kept its word: it gave up the land it was supposed to give up. No, it didn't. Israel continued to build settlements in the occupied West Bank - doubling the amount of settlers therein during the Oslo process.

11-25-06 - Brenda Norrell: On Alcatraz, American Indians and Palestinians Offer Thanks On Alcatraz Island, Palestinian dance group Al-Juthoor (The Roots) were among the performers during the sunrise service on Thanksgiving, hosted by the International Indian Treaty Council, which attracted 3,000 people in solidarity against injustice and oppression.

11-25-06 - Israeli military chief may quit over failed campaign Many Israeli officers regard this year?s battles as a ?dress rehearsal for the real thing? ? a war against the combined might of Hezbollah and Syria, and possibly Iran.

11-25-06 - Caterpillar homewrecker?s visit to London

11-25-06 - From Nov. 2005: UN Amb. John Bolton And Jerusalem Post's Caroline Glick The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is pleased to announce that U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton will be the Keynote Speaker at the annual ZOA Louis Brandeis Award Dinner. He will also receive ZOA?s Defender of Israel award

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

News for 11-24-06

11-24-06 - Israel kills 2 Palestinians in Gaza: medics Israeli forces shot dead a 10-year-old Palestinian boy and a militant in Gaza on Friday, hospital officials said as the government vowed it would only end its assault when militants stopped attacking Israel.

11-24-06 - Israel rejects Palestinian offer to halt rocket fire A Palestinian child and Hamas militant were killed by Israeli fire in the Gaza Strip just hours after a spokesman for the ultra-radical Islamic Jihad extended the offer, following an overnight meeting between rival factions.

11-24-06 - Army shells a residential building near Beit Lahia Palestinian sources reported on Friday night after midnight that Israeli soldiers fired a shell at a residential building in Sheikh Zayid city, north of Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip; injuries were reported.

11-24-06 - Hamas says new rift with Abbas on government

11-24-06 - Resident dies of wounds suffered three weeks ago, three injured in Jabalia, two in Beit Lahia Resident Ala' Al Omary, died of his wounds at an Israeli hospital on Friday evening. He was seriously injured three weeks ago when the Israeli army shelled an area in Beit Lahia town; four residents, including two medics, were killed in the attack.

11-24-06 - Beit Hanoun: what happened? I linked to this video again because I had a chance to watch it. Watch at the end the Israeli spokeswoman just spin and spin and spin, shooting in all directions to try to detract from the focal point, and deflect attention and blame. Keep in mind that this woman is an offical spokesperson from the Israeli government. She fits the part nicely.

11-24-06 - Gaza's Reality

11-24-06 - TV News Footage - Israel/ Palestine. Poverty in the West Bank ICRC video footage available for media professionals. As the International Committee of the Red Cross is launching its report on "Household Economy Assessment" this report shows two stories of impoverished Palestinian families.

11-24-06 - At-Tuwani Update: 1-18 November 2006

11-24-06 - Syria: Convenient but Unlikely Fall Guy for Gemayel's Death Gemayel's death, and Syria's blame for it, strengthens the case of the neoconservatives in Washington ? Israel's allies in the Administration ? whose star had begun to wane. They can now argue convincingly that Syria is unreformed and unreformable. Such an outcome helps to avert the danger, from Israel's point of view, that White House doves might win the argument for befriending Syria.

11-24-06 - Cluster bomb wounds two experts Two mine-clearing experts were rushed to hospital in Lebanon after a dormant cluster bomb left behind by Israel exploded.

11-24-06 - Netanyahu warns on Iran The boy who cried wolf.

11-24-06 - Italy, France call for European action in the Gaza Strip

11-24-06 - Bethlehem youth ask President Abbas to waive tuition and increase security as economy worsens Four Palestinian youth organizations active in the Bethlehem District sent President Abbas a message. The letter asked that "some of the worries and burdens of the young be alleviated."

11-24-06 - Palestinians on Iraq-Syria border UNHCR is very concerned about five Palestinians ? three men and two boys ? who were arrested on Tuesday by Iraqi security forces at Al Tanf border crossing between Iraq and Syria.

11-24-06 - Peaceful settlement of Palestine question, UN special information programme among issues addressed as Palestinian rights committee approves four texts

11-24-06 - Japan eyes 4-way talks next spring for peace in Middle East Japan decided Friday to begin making arrangements with Israel, the Palestinian government and Jordan to convene four-party talks in Tokyo next spring to help achieve peace in the Middle East through regional development, Japanese government sources said.

11-24-06 - Palestinian deals go on despite boycott

11-24-06 - There's no accounting for it Gemayel's murder will be fully investigated - but there is no sign of justice for the 1,183 Lebanese civilians killed in this summer's war Good point.

11-24-06 - Bil'in peaceful protest marks agriculture season, demands free accesses to isolated orchards

11-24-06 - Gaza violence damages graves of Canadian soldiers The wall was reportedly damaged by an Israeli army bulldozer. Five headstones close to the wall were smashed

11-24-06 - U.S. general says building up Abbas's guard

11-24-06 - Killing plunges Lebanon deeper into crisis The assassination of Gemayel, and the fingerpointing at Syria, at a time when the ice was thawing between Syrian and the West - is highly reminiscent of the Lavon Affair. Somebody sought to poison the warming relations between Egypt's Nasser and the West. Who was it? And who are the experts at assassinations?

11-24-06 - Lebanese viewpoints I think Israel and the USA are benefiting from the situation; but I don't know who did it. We should wait for the investigation.

11-24-06 - Moral compass on the occupation

11-24-06 - Special meeting with Palestinian musicians

11-24-06 - Plays on Palestine sought for new Nibras theater project

11-24-06 - Al-Awda/Alternate Focus Annual Worldwide Video Contest

11-24-06 - The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe

11-24-06 - Hebron Reflection: Two Poems

11-24-06 - Syria expects foes to slander it over killing of Gemayel Syria, while clearly unhappy with the tribunal and with Lebanon's Western-backed government, argues that Gemayel's death plays into the hands of its Lebanese opponents and hurts its chances of dialogue with Europe and the United States.

11-24-06 - Settler rabbi calls for rogue militias A settler rabbi called on Jewish youth to set up unsupervised militias to counter terrorist rocket attacks on Israel?s South.

11-24-06 - Pullout cash went to unauthorized settlers Unauthorized settlers were compensated after leaving the Gaza Strip

11-24-06 - Tycoon blames Kremlin in spy death Leonid Nevzlin, who fled to Israel in 2004 after Russian authorities charged officers of the Yukos oil giant with tax evasion, murder and fraud, said Alexander Litvinenko had shared with him evidence of Kremlin malfeasance in the Yukos affair.

11-24-06 - When will Israel attack Iran?

11-24-06 - Kremlin critic who died in London suffered radiation poisoning: Britain Litvinenko's rapid, and previously unexplained decline, was reminiscent of that of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who became ill with nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea after eating dinner in his compound in the West Bank town of Ramallah on Oct. 12, 2004. The symptoms continued for more than two weeks before he was evacuated to France where he died on Nov. 11.

11-24-06 - Israel Poverty Addressed By US Outsourcing US firms looking to lower costs by outsourcing work abroad, may turn first toward Bangalore or Beijing. Luckily for Israel, it has other charms Why not? Our foreign policy was outsourced to Israel long ago. Imagine some of these Israeli settlers having access to your private data?

11-24-06 - Canadian church seeks action on tragedy of occupied Gaza "The unqualified Canadian government support for the Government of Israel in the face of the overwhelmingly disproportionate military response to the firing of Qass am rockets is a cause of grave concern to the United Church."

11-24-06 - Keeping it unreal Built by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) more than 30 years ago, the purpose of this replica town is to train Israeli soldiers in the strategies of modern urban combat. It was here that the IDF rehearsed the invasion of Beirut in 1982 and the withdrawal from Gaza last year. It was here, too, that US forces drilled the battle of Fallujah and the raid of Baghdad three years ago
They trained our guys in 'urban combat', among other things. Now you know why there are so many similarities (the origin of the term "Palestinian hangings"). Then one wonders why Iraqis didn't accept us as 'liberators'. (Because Israeli tactics work so well on Palestinians..)

11-24-06 - Iran and Syria Helping Hizballah Rearm additional reporting by Aaron J. Klein/Tel Aviv Wouldn't you know - Aaron Klein reported this propaganda, I mean news.

11-24-06 - Palestinian visitor makes case for peace According to Ghareeb, after Israel took Bethlehem in the Six-Day War of 1967, it deliberately obstructed attempts by Palestinian tour guides or operators to get licenses to show tourists Christian holy sites in the occupied territories, for fear they would point out other landmarks to pilgrims ? such as refugee camps and abandoned Palestinian villages.

11-24-06 - BBC appoints Jewish reporters A BBC representative has denied that the move was an attempt to defray criticism of the agency?s alleged anti-Israel bias. Contrary to what the Israeli lobby would have you believe, the BBC is biased in favor of Israel, NOT the Palestinians.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Cluster bomb wounds two experts

Two mine-clearing experts were rushed to hospital in Lebanon after a dormant cluster bomb left behind by Israel exploded.
The experts from the London-based Mine Advisory Group, a Briton and a Bosnian, set off the bomb while clearing a field Friday. Lebanese security officials told media that the bomb was among those left behind by Israel during the Israel-Hezbollah war this summer.

Officials say that as many as 24 Lebanese have been killed by dormant bombs since the war.

Settler rabbi calls for rogue militias

A settler rabbi called on Jewish youth to set up unsupervised militias to counter terrorist rocket attacks on Israel’s South.
“We should have allowed the youth of Sderot, Ashkelon, the western Negev and anyone fit to bear arms,” Rabbi Yisrael Rozen wrote in the bulletin of the Zomet Institute, a think tank he heads in the West Bank settlement of Alon Shvut.

In the remarks, first reported by Ha’aretz, Rozen says Avigdor Lieberman, the settler recently appointed as Israel’s strategic affairs minister, “will be able to argue that the State of Israel has become integrated in the Middle Eastern sphere and is incapable of controlling” its militants.

Pullout cash went to unauthorized settlers

Unauthorized settlers were compensated after leaving the Gaza Strip.
Ha’aretz reported Friday that its review of compensation for settlers who left Gaza as part of the 2005 pullout found that it included dozens of settlers who moved into the region and set up outposts without government approval; only authorized settlers were eligible for compensation.

Ha’aretz quoted government officials as saying that the unauthorized settlers were given a one-time “act-of-grace” compensation, with some families receiving as much as $140,000.

BBC appoints Jewish reporters

The BBC appointed two Jewish journalists to its team covering Israel.
Tim Franks was appointed Middle East correspondent and Katya Adler will leave her current post in Madrid to become a Middle East reporter. They are the first Jewish correspondents appointed to the BBC’s Middle East team in recent years, though they’re not the first Jewish journalists to serve the BBC in the region, according to a spokesperson from the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

A BBC representative has denied that the move was an attempt to defray criticism of the agency’s alleged anti-Israel bias.

Netanyahu warns on Iran

Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran’s president is a greater danger than Hitler.
The former Israeli prime minister told the biennial conference of the Orthodox Union in Jerusalem on Thursday that unlike Hitler, whose quest for nuclear weapons followed his genocide against the Jewish people, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was pursuing nuclear capacity first.

“The future of the Jewish state is as in danger as it has ever been in the last half-century,” Netanyahu said, echoing remarks he made to the North American Jewish federation system’s annual gathering earlier this month. Netanyahu said Israel should support the American-led initiative to contain the Iranian threat, but that Israel should also be prepared if those efforts fail.

“We must use the powers that we’ve amassed to make the Jews no longer defenseless and able to shape their destiny and protect their future,” Netanyahu said. “This is the most important thing that we can do today. Everything else is secondary.”

Tycoon blames Kremlin in spy death

A Russian Jewish tycoon taking refuge in Israel said he shared documents with British authorities implicating the Kremlin in the murder of a former KGB spy.
Leonid Nevzlin, who fled to Israel in 2004 after Russian authorities charged officers of the Yukos oil giant with tax evasion, murder and fraud, said Alexander Litvinenko had shared with him evidence of Kremlin malfeasance in the Yukos affair. Nevzlin said he forwarded the evidence to British authorities. Litvinenko died in London on Thursday night, three weeks after he was poisoned.

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News for 11-23-06

11-23-06 - Israel kills 7 in Gaza, woman attempts suicide attack Hospital officials said a 20-year-old civilian man was shot dead by Israeli troops east of the town of Beit Lahiya. The army said it was checking the report.

Residents said troops backed by tanks earlier thrust into Beit Lahiya. Tanks firing machineguns stormed a housing project, killing a 19-year-old man, hospital officials said.

11-23-06 - Two killed in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, several residents injured Earlier on Thursday morning, Israeli army helicopters fired a missile at a group of residents and killed one. Eight school boys were shot and injured east of Beit Lahia, in the norther part of the Gaza Strip.

11-23-06 - Several homes destroyed in northwestern West Bank citing building without Israeli permission The Israeli administration continues to target the houses of Qalqilia District citizens where early this morning Israeli forces demolished several homes 18 kilometers east of the city, and just days ago destroyed others in the south.

11-23-06 - Woman, 64, blows herself up in attack on Israeli troops Her oldest daughter, Fatheya, said she decided to become a bomber because her grandson had been killed.

11-23-06 - Palestinians offer Israel limited truce

11-23-06 - Beit Hanoun: what happened? Channel 4 News has been to Beit Hanoun, where the operation took place, to piece together what happened this month. What we found challenges the Israeli version of events and raises questions about the protection of civilians during conflict.

11-23-06 - Hamas official shot by West Bank gunmen

11-23-06 - Gunmen clash with Lebanese-Palestinian security forces in refugee camp, 3 wounded

11-23-06 - The Next Act: Will the Republicans? Mid-Term Loss Hurt Chances of a War on Iran? ** What's happening right now and the reason some of the people talked to me about the new Israeli intelligence, is that there's a great debate inside the community about how good it is, whether it's for -- you know, there is human intelligence about a warhead being manufactured, but nobody in the CIA knows much about it, who the source is, knows ? are there drawings, any evidence, any technical evidence? Those questions aren?t being asked and answered because the White House likes it. The Israelis are supplying us with intelligence on a Middle Eastern country's alleged WMD program - again.

11-23-06 - Olmert: I did not use classified information Wednesday morning, Yedioth Aharonoth reported that the prime minister used top secret intelligence information in order to censure Peretz for and, by doing so, exposed a number of Israeli intelligence capabilities, including the capability to listen to Abbas' conversations.

11-23-06 - Israeli MP dreams up new Mideast peace plan

11-23-06 - Families of Oct. 2000 riot victims nix payout over wording of deal Eight families of Israeli Arabs killed in the October 2000 riots said Wednesday that they have rejected the settlement agreed on with the state because of a specific clause in the agreement that declares that "both sides feel remorse for the civilian deaths and injuries that security forces sustained."

11-23-06 - Hebrew Univ. to review application process deemed discriminatory

11-23-06 - Israel permit 'too short' for PhD Israeli human rights group Gisha described the six-month permit as "cynical" because a doctoral thesis usually takes at least four years.

11-23-06 - France okays firing at IAF over Lebanon French soldiers in Lebanon who feel threatened by aggressive Israeli overflights are permitted to shoot at IAF fighter jets, a high-ranking French military officer told The Jerusalem Post.

11-23-06 - Civilians in Israel, Palestine bear brunt of abuses, UN rights chief says

11-23-06 - Louise Arbour: Israel may be more to blame than Hizbullah "I left Gaza with a sense that the right of its people to their physical integrity - their right to life - was particularly imperiled," Arbour said.

11-23-06 - Israel, Palestinians agree to continue preparations for Abbas- Olmert summit

11-23-06 - The Massacre at Beit Hanoun - How Can We Allow This to Go On? What can one say to them? That they should stop firing Qassams? But the vast majority of them are not involved in this at all

11-23-06 - Mideast diplomacy / Bush to visit Jordan, won't meet PM, Abbas We can assume that Bush informed Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of his intentions to limit the American presence in Iraq during their meeting last week. That would explain Olmert's controversial statements regarding a rushed American pullout from Iraq that would "undermine stability" in the region. From Israel's point of view, there is tremendous significance to the thinning American presence in the Middle East, at a time when Iran is getting stronger and is seeking to form a regional alliance against America and its allies.

11-23-06 - EU says must speak with one voice on Middle East

11-23-06 - Bereaved Gaza family struggles to recover

11-23-06 - Palestinian Contingent Stranded Due To Curfew In Gaza

11-23-06 - Israeli lawyers: Rescind Palestinian travel ban human rights activists said the order is part of a wider Israeli scheme to create separate road systems for Israeli settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank and to keep Palestinians from 20 percent of the territory.

11-23-06 - Shin Bet opposes assassination of Palestinian leaders

11-23-06 - Palestinian sources: Saudis have severed ties with Hamas

11-23-06 - UN official: Apology insufficient when you kill 19 civilians Frankly I don't think it's sufficient for the armed forces, after 19 innocent civilians are killed in their house, in their bed, two days later to say 'well, this was an accident'. It's not enough; it does not persuade the victims that this is the truth. I don't think it persuades the community at large and it certainly doesn't give any guarantee that it won't happen again.

11-23-06 - What the U.S. Has Failed to Learn in Lebanon a key reason for the U.S.'s setbacks in the Middle East is it's chronic refusal to wholeheartedly address the root causes of conflict, such as the lack of a negotiated end to Israel's occupation of Arab lands, the failure to establish a Palestinian state and Western support for repressive Arab regimes.

11-23-06 - War on terror is WWIII: Israeli Lt Gen The West should confront the threat through diplomatic and even military action if necessary, and Iran and Syria must be held responsible for their support of militants in Iraq, Lt Gen Yaalon said.

11-23-06 - Ex-council leader jailed for contacting Iranian agents

11-23-06 - Flemish Palestine Committee marks Israeli fruit

11-23-06 - Poll: More than half of Israelis support Syria talks More than half of Israelis would like to see Israel engage in negotiations with Syria, but are unprepared to withdraw from the Golan Heights as a price for peace

11-23-06 - Israel's Rumsfeld Takes Heat In my opinion were Israel to attack Iran, and if Iran takes revenge the world's oil market will be in a mess.

11-23-06 - Enter the historians, finally

11-23-06 - Jewish & Arab women unite in the spirit of entrepreneurship

11-23-06 - AWU meeting closes with Palestinian writer's winning laurel

11-23-06 - Damascus awaits a renewed political backlash Syria now expects its enemies to use the killing to blacken its image and dash its hopes of a thaw in ties with the West. This particular killing is reminiscent of the Lavon Affair. Who did it and why?

11-23-06 - Daniel Barenboim Receives Award From Berlin's Jewish Museum

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