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Saturday, April 30, 2005

News for 04-30-05

04-30-05 - Israeli Troops Wound Ten Palestinians in the Resurrection Church The Israeli occupation troops wounded Friday ten Palestinian residents in the vicinity of the Nativity Church in the occupied east Jerusalem, and barred access of tens others to the holy mosque of Al-Ibrahimi in the old city of Hebron.

04-30-05 - Al Aqaba: Another village under threat

04-30-05 - Abbas launches law-and-order drive

04-30-05 - Palestinian workers under "moral terror"

04-30-05 - Second phase of Palestinian local elections ready on May 5

04-30-05 - State Department Confronted on Israeli Mistreatment of U.S. Citizens

04-30-05 - Analysis / Syria's still there The withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon is seen by Israel as a first and important step, but behind the scenes Damascus will continue to control intelligence, including within the Lebanese army.

04-30-05 - Turkey: Israel Actions Fuel Anti-Semitism Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused his Israeli counterpart of "terrorism," compared Israel's crackdown against Palestinians to the Spanish Inquisition and said Israeli actions fuel anti-Semitism.

04-30-05 - Multi-million dollar arms deal on agenda as Turkish PM visits Erdogan has frequently criticized what he views as the unequal balance of power between Israel, which has a large and advanced military, and the Palestinians who don't even have a state and "fight with stones."

04-30-05 - Obies demand divestment Students promoting this issue are calling upon the College to pull investments out of companies or organizations that hold contracts with the Israeli military, thereby making a statement against the ongoing territorial dispute occurring there

04-30-05 - Israel blacklisted by U.S. Israel is among the world's worst offenders when it comes to violation of intellectual property rights, a U.S. International Trade Commission report says.

04-30-05 - Cell Phones No Luxury to Palestinians

04-30-05 - A Story from Occupied Palestine: A moment that changed my life I sit with my full mind, in honor, knowing I have done no wrong, and even after all they have done to me, I am still here willing to liberate my country, even while sitting on my wheelchair.

04-30-05 - Church Plans Divestment Vote Over Israel Issues The 1.4-million-member United Church of Christ will vote this summer on whether to divest from certain U.S. firms doing business with Israel, a protest against the Jewish state's occupation of Palestinian territories, church officials said Friday

04-30-05 - Over 10,000 demonstrate against 'israel'

04-30-05 - Putin, Abbas pushing for Mideast conference

04-30-05 - On Orthodox Great Saturday, Israel closes Jerusalem's Christian Quarter The Christian Quarter of the Old City was blocked off in four places by heavily armed Israeli police, which meant that Christian Orthodox Palestinians as well as members of the church who had flown in from Greece, could not enter their church for the service.

04-30-05 - Film review: "Rainbow"

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Friday, April 29, 2005

News for 04-29-05

04-29-05 - Israeli police, Palestinians clash at land protest

04-29-05 - 19 wounded as Occupation unleashes brutal wave of attacks against resisting Bil?in villagers

04-29-05 - Russia President Meets Palestinian Leaders

04-29-05 - Putin to Help With Palestinian Security

04-29-05 - Militants arrested by PA security

04-29-05 - Putin pledges help for Palestinians

04-29-05 - Suspected stone throwers detained Security forces raid West Bank settlement in search of settlers suspected of hurling stones at Palestinian trucks; IDF regiment commander lightly injured when settlers slam door on him; settlers claim raid was ?brutal? and ?humiliating?

04-29-05 - Putin meets Abbas on Middle East tour

04-29-05 - Jailed Palestinian Leader Slams Gaza Plan "What have we had in return? New settlements, a siege, checkpoints and thousands of prisoners still being held,"

04-29-05 - Greek Orthodox Leader under Fire over Land Deal The embattled leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in the Holy Land failed to show up for Good Friday services just hours after an Israeli newspaper reported it had obtained proof the church leased prime property in disputed east Jerusalem to Jewish investors for 198 years.

04-29-05 - Israel in row over American weapons for Palestinian police The diplomatic sources predicted that the US would not bring serious pressure on Israel to change its stance, at least until after disengagement from Gaza. This is in keeping with other issues such as settlement expansion, where the US disagrees with Israel but is reluctant to push its differences to a full-scale row.

04-29-05 - US concerned over Russian pledge of military aid to Palestinians

04-29-05 - Putin seeks role as 'honest broker'

04-29-05 - Syrian president could be toppled: Israeli spymaster

04-29-05 - FBI Affair Costs Lobby Dynamic Director Rosen

04-29-05 - Turkish, Israeli, Palestinian businessmen in new initiative for cooperation

04-29-05 - Palestinians fear for Jerusalem's future "Jerusalem is being grabbed," he says, "and turned into a Jewish-only suburb."

04-29-05 - U.S. accused of pro-Israel bias at 2000 Camp David

04-29-05 - Rice Calls for "Legitimate" U.N. Human Rights Body

04-29-05 - From layman to expert, economic prospects look bleak

04-29-05 - TA group at UW backs anti-Israel resolution A proposed resolution by students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison calling for the school to divest from companies that do business with Israel won support from the Teaching Assistants' Association this week.

04-29-05 - Putin honors Arafat's memory

04-29-05 - Jordanian Expert: Dimona Nuclear Plant produced 4 tons of waste

04-29-05 - Safeguarding Palestine's past for the future The mishmash of items persevered in time is eerie testimony to the sudden and urgent departures of the thousands of Palestinian refugees, and all they left behind in the mass exodus of 1948, in unfulfilled hopes of returning within a few days.

04-29-05 - "The Coming Pax Americana"

04-29-05 - Iraq and Palestine are two sides of the same coin

04-29-05 - Zionist Hate Email Never Fails to Amaze

04-29-05 - AIPAC Investigation Hinders Push for War with Iran?

04-29-05 - Booming Economy Lures Soviet Jews Home

04-29-05 - Lies and Dershowitz Circumambulate Dershowitz?s Wonderland, and you will arrive to Finkelstein?s conclusion: Dershowitz is "constitutionally incapable of saying anything that is true. I think that if a true word actually came out of him, he would implode.?

04-29-05 - Swiss Muslim Women Campaign for Palestinians

04-29-05 - Anti-Semitism or Ultra-Semitism?

04-29-05 - Pollard and AIPAC

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

News for 04-28-05

04-28-05 - MK among 10 hurt at anti-fence protest During the clashes, undercover security forces mingled with the demonstrators and began to throw stones at the soldiers and police, demonstrators said

04-28-05 - Palestinians, Israeli peace activists attacked under army' sight

04-28-05 - Palestinian Elder lady dies of X-ray search machine

04-28-05 - Abbas orders "iron fist" to keep Palestinian truce

04-28-05 - EU's Solana seeks international Mideast conference but cautious about date

04-28-05 - Autopsy confirms reservist was killed by friendly fire

04-28-05 - Israel rejects Putin's plans to aid Palestinian security forces

04-28-05 - 'Russia to beef up Palestinian security'

04-28-05 - Palestinian Parliament Orders Inquiry into X-ray Scanning

04-28-05 - Israeli Occupation Continues Strict Closure on oPt for 8th Day

04-28-05 - U..S, Tel Aviv sign deal setting Israel boundaries

04-28-05 - The changing face of Jerusalem But when you see this city changing shape by the day, you do wonder whether sometime, sooner or later, there will be nothing left to negotiate.

04-28-05 - Palestinians: Former intelligence chief not detained

04-28-05 - Putin struggles to allay Israeli fears over Syria, Iran deals

04-28-05 - Palestinians in Lebanon Won't Disarm "We did not fight to become Lebanese, Syrians or Jordanians," he said. "We fought to protect our Palestinian identity."

04-28-05 - What they said about ... Putin's trip to Israel

04-28-05 - Israel rejects U.S. request to arm Palestinian police Who is the boss here?

04-28-05 - US to sell bunker bombs to Israel The sale has gone ahead despite concern that Israel might use the weapon for a unilateral attack against Iran.

04-28-05 - Analysis: The plight of Palestinians in Lebanon

04-28-05 - Mideast Peace Efforts Should Focus on Gaza Withdrawal, Rice Says

04-28-05 - Russia backs off Middle East conference plan

04-28-05 - Putin urges Sharon to support Abbas

04-28-05 - Queens Rep. Weiner seeks closure of PLO office in D.C.

04-28-05 - Palestinian political prisoner arrested seven times

04-28-05 - Israeli protests fail to block Russian arms sales to Syria

04-28-05 - Film review: "Land of '48"

04-28-05 - AIPAC Faces Staff Questions Iran's threat to Israel, his top priority in recent years, is to be the centerpiece of this year's AIPAC's policy conference, which begins May 22

04-28-05 - Statewide Academic Union Calls for University of Wisconsin Israel Divestment

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

News for 04-27-05

04-27-05 - 182 Dunams annexed near Jerusalem

04-27-05 - One third of Palestinians unemployed

04-27-05 - Palestinians demand rights in Lebanon

04-27-05 - Israel to purchase American-made 'bunker-buster' bombs

04-27-05 - As Gaza withdrawal approaches, Bush adamant on Palestinian funds

04-27-05 - Israeli Military Proposes Hebron Wall

04-27-05 - PA: Premature to link Gaza with railway Official Palestinian sources Wednesday said Israeli plans to link Gaza with the West Bank by a rail line were still premature.

04-27-05 - U.S. balks at Putin's Mideast peace conference plan

04-27-05 - Israel closes checkpoints to block Gaza transport The closure, aimed at blocking north-south movement of the Palestinians in Gaza, came after two homemade rockets landed near a factory in the southern Israeli town of Sederot.

04-27-05 - Abbas condemns rocket attack on Israeli town

04-27-05 - Israeli army arrests 18 Palestinians

04-27-05 - Palestinians say Israel violates truce

04-27-05 - Exiled Palestinian wins Swede writing prize

04-27-05 - Russia proposes Middle East conference in Moscow Israel has always made clear that it was happy having its U.S. ally as by far the most important Middle East peace broker.

04-27-05 - Analysis: Russia seeks Mid-East role

04-27-05 - Putin Finds Egypt Firmly Allied With U.S.

04-27-05 - Russian missiles in Syria pose risk for Israel civil aviation Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov has said military experts had "proved concretely that this equipment cannot be used in man-portable mode and Israeli military personnel acknowledged this."

04-27-05 - Iran wants clear response from Europe on nuclear proposal Iran has attributed the international pressure to what it sees as "double standards", given that it has signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) while arch-enemy Israel -- an undeclared nuclear power -- has not.

04-27-05 - Palestinians sign peace pledge in exchange for jobs "When the occupation ends, I will probably hand in my weapons on my own because I won't need them."

04-27-05 - Academics opposed to Israeli boycott try to overturn ban

04-27-05 - Israelis rally against Gaza plan

04-27-05 - Russia asserts itself in Mideast

04-27-05 - Rand Corp. proposes 225-km, ARC rail link for Palestinians

04-27-05 - Retired P.A security chief held at the Rafah Crossing Al-Hindy is still held, yet it is not clear if the army is interrogating him or placing him under arrest.

04-27-05 - Thinktank: Palestinian state viable

04-27-05 - Israeli-Palestinian-Dutch triangle Israel and the Netherlands are discussing a cooperative arrangement whereby the Dutch will help Palestinians use the greenhouses left behind in Gush Katif to grow flowers that Israel will then help market in Europe.

04-27-05 - Study: Little chance for Mideast gas network with Israel

04-27-05 - Canada changes votes at human rights body But Canada?s vote shifted on a third resolution, from support to abstention. The resolution expressed "grave concern at the continuing Israeli settlements and related activities, in violation of international law," and "demanded that Israel, the occupying power, comply fully with its legal obligations."

04-27-05 - Israelis Resist the Arabs in Their Midst

04-27-05 - The Cabinet Asserts the Prisoners Issue Atop the Agenda

04-27-05 - Analysis: Forging Israel's destiny Expanding the settlements, he said, would only bring about a third intifada that may be more violent and more brutal than the second one.

04-27-05 - Israeli apologia in the Sunday New York Times

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

News for 04-26-05

04-26-05 - Palestinian militants attack Israeli troops in southern Gaza

04-26-05 - OPT:Thousands of Israelis flock to Hebron as new settler homes open The opening ceremony for a five-storey block of flats in Hebron came as thousands of Israelis attended an annual festival to mark the Jewish passover holiday in the centre of the flashpoint southern city.

04-26-05 - Bush Prods Sharon on Peace

04-26-05 - Palestinians plan for Israeli exit from Gaza

04-26-05 - Israel's controversial settlement building advances This is contrary to Housing Minister Isaac Herzog's statement that building in the area is not included in the ministry's plan for 2005

04-26-05 - Israeli settlers poisoning our sheep, say West Bank farmers

04-26-05 - Dead Israeli shot by his comrades An Israeli soldier killed in the West Bank on Monday night was shot by his comrades, in an incident in which a Palestinian driver was also shot dead.

04-26-05 - Rafah crossing closed in protest of "death chamber" Meanwhile, the Palestinian National Authority officially demanded Israel to investigate the killing of a Palestinian taxi driver by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.

04-26-05 - Abbas names tough new security chief

04-26-05 - Reservist killed in W. Bank was hit by Palestinian taxi, IDF fire The IDF is having difficulty determining the specific cause of Eyal's death, but military sources said the injuries were apparently mostly caused by the gunfire, not the taxi

04-26-05 - Russia Fugitives Mar Putin's Israel Visit

04-26-05 - Putin kicks-off Middle East tour On Wednesday, Mr Putin will also become the first Russian leader to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories.

04-26-05 - Israel bids farewell to late president

04-26-05 - Explosive Study Gives NY Times Failing Grade in Mideast Coverage

04-26-05 - The prisoner who said 'No thanks' when offered his freedom

04-26-05 - Parents discuss death "I don't think American taxpayers want their money to be used to commit the human rights violations that are happening in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

04-26-05 - Hebron: Terror in the Shadow of Peace

04-26-05 - Israeli railway authority plans to link Gaza

04-26-05 - Orthodox patriarch at center of mounting Jerusalem dispute

04-26-05 - Fatah says it destroyed Israeli bulldozer

04-26-05 - Hamas insists on forming national committee to monitor Israeli

04-26-05 - Registration to begin for Palestinian poll

04-26-05 - Province to probe Hebrew school

04-26-05 - Qatar draws up plan to sell off al-Jazeera Washington objects to some of al-Jazeera's coverage, including that of al-Qaida, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Iraq.

04-26-05 - Film Review: Arafat, My Brother

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Monday, April 25, 2005

News for 04-25-05

04-25-05 - Palestinian driver mows down IDF reservist near Hebron It was not initially clear whether the Palestinian had driven into the soldier intentionally. There have been no Israeli deaths in the territories now for three months.

04-25-05 - Amnesty: West Bank farms poisoned

04-25-05 - Amnesty: Israeli authorities must put an immediate end to settler violence Press Release, Amnesty International,

04-25-05 - Amnesty calls on Israel to halt poisoning of Palestinian livestock Condemning the "increasingly frequent attacks" against Palestinian villagers, Amnesty urged the Israeli government to investigate all violent incidents, and in particular, the recent spate of cases of poisoning fields that has affected scores of Palestinian livestock

04-25-05 - Gaza city facing environmental disaster

04-25-05 - IDF troops to deploy in south to halt arms smuggling

04-25-05 - The Housing Ministry's Jerusalem branch is continuing to work on the controversial construction plan for the area between Ma'aleh Adumim and Jerusalem.

04-25-05 - Abbas says he expects Hamas to disarm

04-25-05 - 'Israel fails to deliver'

04-25-05 - Hamas warns Washington against recognizing Jerusalem as Israels capital

04-25-05 - Palestinian leader pledges to restore rule of law

04-25-05 - Israeli strikes cost British tax payers millions The cost of damage to infrastructure paid for by British and European tax payers by the Israeli military in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank has been put at more than £16 million.

04-25-05 - Israel Extends Closure of oPt as its Troops Storm 2 Villages

04-25-05 - US urges Saudi aid to Palestine

04-25-05 - Some Gaza Settlers Trapped in Purgatory

04-25-05 - Russia's Putin Heads Off for Tense Mideast Tour Israel, a quarter of whose population have roots in Russia, is expected to press Putin to sever growing nuclear and military links with Iran and Syria

04-25-05 - Israel hopes Syria exit could lead to peace with Lebanon "Now that Lebanon is being liberated, there exists the possibility that the authentic national forces in this country will see that it is in their interests to live in peace with Israel," What a coincidence.

04-25-05 - Armenians in Israel remember the other 'holocaust' Sylvan Shalom, has appealed to Jewish US organisations to help fight against a US Congressional resolution which would deplore the genocide

04-25-05 - My First Settler Attack

04-25-05 - Retired officers refuse Abbas rewards

04-25-05 - The Looming Demographic Catastrophe

04-25-05 - Abbas vows to prevent looting after Israeli pullout from Gaza Strip

04-25-05 - Palestinian politicians eye alliances Various Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) factions are exploring the idea of forming a united nationalist-democratic front to challenge the Islamist resistance group, Hamas, in upcoming elections.

04-25-05 - Palestinians in Lebanon refuse to disarm

04-25-05 - Russia Will Cooperate With Both Israel and Palestine ? Putin

04-25-05 - Congress bill: Jerusalem to remain whole A U.S. senator drafted a bill demanding the recognition of Jerusalem as the unified and indivisible capital of Israel before any recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

04-25-05 - When the New York Times' distortion gets up close and personal Unintentionally, editors around the country are reporting this issue with a distortion based on ethnicity that most would oppose, if they were aware that they were doing it.

04-25-05 - Grandmothers take on the police to see law enforced in territories Now, they not only collect testimonies but accompany frightened Palestinians to police stations and to Shin Bet interrogations

04-25-05 - STORIES OF IDENTITY: Dearborn is home to the country's first Arab-American museum, a $15-million source of pride "In 1948, he and his family were forced to leave their home and farmlands following the declaration of the state of Israel,"

04-25-05 - The Israel on Campus Coalition and the David Project: Sponsored by US oil and Israeli bank profits?

04-25-05 - The Persecution of Mordechai Vanunu

04-25-05 - Union losing members over Israeli boycott

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

News for 04-24-05

04-24-05 - Israel Detains Palestinian Workers

04-24-05 - Group: Israel Must Allow Movement in Gaza "There will be no separation between the West Bank and Gaza, and we will not allow the Gaza Strip to be turned into a prison,"

04-24-05 - Palestinian leader asserts control over security services

04-24-05 - Palestinians seal arms tunnel as Israeli forces seize land for West Bank settlemet

04-24-05 - Israeli army 'lied' about Miller death Leaked report returns Gaza Strip death of British film-maker to the spotlight

04-24-05 - Investigators Probing Abramoff's Finances Have Found That Some Money Meant for His Charity Went to Fight the Palestinian Intifada More than $14,000 of foundation funds were actually sent to the Israeli West Bank where they were used by a Jewish settler to mobilize against the Palestinian uprising...Abramoff, a legendary lobbyist particularly close to DeLay, is also a fierce supporter of Israel -- "a super-Zionist," one associate says. That may explain why Abramoff's paramilitary gear ended up in the town of Beitar Illit, a sprawling ultra-Orthodox outpost whose residents have occasionally tangled with their Palestinian neighbors

04-24-05 - Israel?s Sharon Not to Extradite Russian Oligarchs

04-24-05 - Rosen and Weissman Refuse to Take the Fall for AIPAC

04-24-05 - Bush, Saudi crown prince to discuss oil, terrorism On the Middle East, the crown prince was expected to raise his initiative for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which the Arab League adopted at its summit in 2002 but which Israel has rejected.

04-24-05 - Diary of an American martyr inspires a young audience in theatre's hit play The Royal Court in London announced yesterday that My Name is Rachel Corrie had become one the fastest sell-outs in its 50-year history. But not in America. The pro-Israelis have made sure that in the American press, Corrie is properly demonized and made 'irrelevant'.

04-24-05 - India's 'lost tribe of Israel' awaits a second exodus On Thursday, a call from Israel said a place had been put aside for him, his wife, Leora, and his 12-year-old son, Sampson, in a Golan Heights settlement.

04-24-05 - Abbas mired in struggle Uri Avnery, head of the dovish Israeli group Gush Shalom, says that such talk is aimed at convincing Washington that Israel has no peace partner despite the achievement of the cease-fire.

04-24-05 - Bush ranch summit with Saudi leader may be tense

04-24-05 - Arafat's doctor demands answers

04-24-05 - NZ troops could find a role in Gaza New Zealand is being courted (unofficially) to take part in a Nato-led mission to stabilise the borders between Israel and the Palestinian state.

04-24-05 - Sharon?s U.S. Diplomacy Worries Israelis

04-24-05 - Mbeki and Palestinians extend courtship

04-24-05 - Israel's ex-leader Weizman dies

04-24-05 - Abbas holds phone talks with Sharon He said he and Sharon agreed to meet before he (Abbas) travels to the United States in mid-May to meet with President George W. Bush

04-24-05 - US Middle East Policy: Heedless But Unequivocal While again there was nothing shocking about the US position in the UNCHR or any other international body critical of Israel, it confirms that no meaningful change has occurred or should be expected to occur in the Bush administration regarding the issue of colonies.

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News for 04-23-05

04-23-05 - Two residents badly beaten in Hebron

04-23-05 - International conference urged to rebuild Palestine

04-23-05 - PA: A temporary state in Gaza 'rejected'

04-23-05 - Israel enforces Passover closure

04-23-05 - Gaza land not for sale, warns Dahlan "These properties inside the settlements are the property of the Palestinian people ... I warn against any sale because it will be wrong and null,"

04-23-05 - Soldier injured in knife attack

04-23-05 - Abbas ejects Arafat old guard

04-23-05 - Abbas Struggles to Meet Expectations

04-23-05 - Israel Decries British Union's Boycott

04-23-05 - Village of the Collaborators fears a Palestinian revenge

04-23-05 - Pope Benedict XVI: How the world reacted Whereas Pope John Paul II expressed support for Palestinian nationalism, Pope Benedict is considered pro-Israeli. As a cardinal, Ratzinger was a leading force behind the Vatican?s recognition of Israel in 1993, and John Paul II?s apologies to Judaism.

04-23-05 - Poll: Most Gazans oppose postponing elections

04-23-05 - Israeli, Jordanian, Palestinian representatives sign Red-Dead Sea Canal study agreement

04-23-05 - Palestinians work on own currency

04-23-05 - Israel allows Palestinians to visit jailed children

04-23-05 - PNA holds Israel responsible for 39 miscarriage at military barriers

04-23-05 - The West?s colonial project The inadequacies and bias of the western media in West Asia are examined.

04-23-05 - Detroit-area Jews, Arabs plan to invest in Palestinian territories

04-23-05 - Offer olive branch for peace's sake On a few occasions the gates did not open at all, leaving men, women and children waiting for several hours before they gave up hope and went home

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Friday, April 22, 2005

News for 04-22-05

04-22-05 - Palestinians, an Israeli and a Journalist injured in Anti-Wall demo

04-22-05 - EU concerned about lack of progress in Middle East peace process The ministers "are particularly concerned by the announced reinforcing of settlements in the West Bank, while the roadmap calls for it to be frozen", the draft said.

04-22-05 - Academics back Israeli boycotts Academics have voted to boycott two Israeli universities over their alleged involvement in "illegal activity" in the occupied territories.

04-22-05 - Lecturers to boycott two Israeli universities

04-22-05 - Sharon to Announce Delay in Gaza Pullout

04-22-05 - SUMMARY STATEMENTS IN TODAY?S MEETING OF THE COMMISSION ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT When it came to contamination, there was no greater source of environmental devastation than in the illegal Israeli settlements and the approximately 200 Israeli factories that those hosted.

04-22-05 - ?We?ll collect weapons?

04-22-05 - Abbas rapped for failing to win concessions from Israel "Sharon is drawing the borders of Israel unilaterally according to demography, water and military requirements. He does not need or want a negotiating partner,"

04-22-05 - Putin moves to calm Israeli fears over missiles sale to Syria

04-22-05 - Putin confirms sale of short-range air defense missiles to Syria

04-22-05 - Shaking Up Israel's Spy Nest it's no accident that the core of this espionage cell is located in the policy department of the Pentagon, formerly overseen by Douglas J. Feith, who resigned earlier this year. Why did he resign so suddenly?

04-22-05 - After 100 days, Palestinian leader's aura begins to fade

04-22-05 - IDF rabbi composes prayer for Pollard Army's chief rabbi Yisrael Weiss meets with imprisoned spy during recent visit to U.S.; calls Pollard "true hero"

04-22-05 - Putin reassures Israel over Iran Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the nuclear collaboration between his country and Iran is merely for "peaceful uses" of atomic energy

04-22-05 - The coming Pax Americana Read the article. The title should be duly changed to 'The coming Pax Israel, at America's expense'.

04-22-05 - Lecturers condemned for vote to boycott Israeli universities ?There are far too few academics in Israel who are prepared to speak out against the (Israeli) Government?s past and ongoing culpabilities in the Arab-Israeli conflict.?

04-22-05 - Sharon and Abbas to Meet Soon -Israeli PM's Office

04-22-05 - Palestinian twin town bid progress

04-22-05 - Hizb Allah threat to Israeli soldiers

04-22-05 - Vanunu blasts Israel in Internet chat with Norwegian readers

04-22-05 - Bush needs to be firm with Israel

04-22-05 - On the offensive Even though the Columbia committee largely cleared the MEALAC professors from blame, the debate on Israel has been thoroughly poisoned. It is easier in Tel Aviv to discuss the politics of Israel and Palestine than it is in New York.

04-22-05 - Analysis / AIPAC institutes its own 'disengagement plan' One surmise is that AIPAC insisted on presenting their departure as a dismissal in order to convey the message that it takes resolute action against officials who do not abide by regulations and that the lobby itself is not a problematic body.

04-22-05 - CAT says it cannot control the use of its machines

04-22-05 - PBS Scrutiny Raises Political Antennas

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

News for 04-21-05

04-21-05 - S.J.RES.14 S.J.RES.14
Title: A joint resolution providing for the recognition of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel before the United States recognizes a Palestinian state, and for other purposes.

04-21-05 - Sharon Shrugs Off U.S. Concern on Settlement Growth

04-21-05 - Israel not bound by roadmap until Palestinian violence ends: Sharon

04-21-05 - Sharon vows to defy Bush over expansion of Israeli settlements "I am doing everything I can to preserve as much [of the West Bank settlements] as I can," he said.

04-21-05 - Gaza blast wounds Israeli soldier

04-21-05 - Israeli Minister OKs Gaza Pullout Delay

04-21-05 - A Rejection Of Violence Two years after a Russian Jewish settler ran over his young son, while the boy's mother watched helplessly, Khalil's wife is still hospitalized in Jerusalem,

04-21-05 - West Bank wasteland

04-21-05 - Russia will sell antiaircraft missiles to Syria But, an Israeli opinion and news site, notes that Sharon believes he cannot press Putin too hard because it might "open the way for others to intervene in Israeli arms sales."

04-21-05 - Physicians Group visits Ofer Detention Camp

04-21-05 - PA demands urgent checks of Rafah"death chamber"

04-21-05 - International pressure needed to stop Iran: Sharon

04-21-05 - Sharon Says Worried World Accepting 'Nuclear' Iran Calling on the United States "to stand at the head of an international coalition" to stop Iran, Sharon also spoke in the radio interview of the possible prospect of Iranians rising up against their government.

04-21-05 - Sharon Criticizes Russia on Syria Missile Deal Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said on Thursday Russia's plan to sell anti-aircraft missiles to Syria posed a danger to Israel and he intended to bring it up during President Vladimir Putin's historic visit next week.

04-21-05 - Marines storm ashore in Nitzanim Hundreds of US Marines riding hovercrafts stormed ashore the beaches of Nitzanim Wednesday as part of joint maneuvers being quietly held between the US and Israeli militaries.

04-21-05 - AIPAC fires two senior employees The move is a significant turnaround from AIPAC's adamant defense of the two men when they were first accused

04-21-05 - Two E. J'lem residents held for planning to kill policemen Thirteen of those arrested are Arab residents of East Jerusalem and nearby villages, including four with Israeli citizenship, and one Jewish Israeli

04-21-05 - Israel frees Jordanian prisoners The men had all been accused of crimes related to the Palestinian uprising.

04-21-05 - Lecturer defends Israeli boycott plan on eve of vote

04-21-05 - Israel lobby in US 'fires staff' Israel has regularly warned the US it fears Iran is developing nuclear weapons and could use them to destabilise the region

04-21-05 - Sharon rules out Iran military action - for now

04-21-05 - Full closure of West Bank imposed

04-21-05 - Palestinians, Israelis, must do more, UN told

04-21-05 - Egypt rejects Israeli plea to act as moderator with Arab states Egypt's Foreign Minister Ahmed Abu al-Gheit said Thursday said his country would reject a plea by Israel to encourage Arab countries to establish normal ties with the Jewish state.

04-21-05 - Analysis: Israel expects full-scale Mideast war in 2006 possibly following the expected US withdrawal from Iraq in 2006.
In other words, our troops should stay over there so Israel can continue to do what it wants while big brother plays the strongman

04-21-05 - Appeal launched over Gaza killing Israeli army prosecutors are appealing against the acquittal of an officer over the killing of a UK cameraman. To soften up the whitewash, likely won't go anywhere

04-21-05 - Sharon's 92 Percent Solution Kathleen Christison is a former CIA political analyst and has worked on Middle East issues for 30 years. She is the author of Perceptions of Palestine and The Wound of Dispossession.

04-21-05 - The new McCarthyism A witch hunt against a Columbia professor, and the New York Times' disgraceful support for it, represent the gravest threat to academic freedom in decades.

04-21-05 - Lutherans invest in peace The church council, or governing board, last week approved $100,000 to fund the campaign "Peace Not Walls: Stand for Justice in the Holy Land." The strategy aims to promote coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians, reduce Palestinian poverty, and achieve a negotiated settlement that includes shared control of Jerusalem

04-21-05 - Does the Media's anti-Israel bias matter? Furthermore, given the declining number of Americans who actually read newspapers or pay attention to the news, isn't it likely that Peter Jennings' skewing of ABC News has less impact than say "The West Wing," which has a much larger audience, three Jewish characters in major roles, and, on several occasions, featured pro-Israel (or at least anti-Arab) storylines? No attempt made to hide their glee at the promotion of anti-Arab bigotry. And again, take note of the sheer amount of time and money being spent to influence YOU, my fellow Americans. Why is it necessary, if what Israel is doing is just and right?

04-21-05 - Israel 'shocked' at BBC reporter award A sure way to tell if she's doing here job right. And she is.

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A Rejection Of Violence

For Many Palestinians, hatred Is Not The Answer

General Assignment Reporter/Columnist
Published on 4/21/2005

Sawaiya, West Bank -- Ibrahim Khalil said it would cost him only 20 shekels, or about $5, if he wanted to get from his West Bank home to Tel Aviv and blow himself up, along with some innocent Israelis, to avenge the killing of his son by an Israeli settler.

That's 10 shekels for the materials to make the bomb, which are easily available anywhere, he said, and 10 more to pay for a “lift” over the wall that Israel is building to secure itself from angry Palestinians.

But, he said, he wouldn't do that.

Khalil said he wouldn't even tell his 6-year-old son that an Israeli killed his older brother, though he thinks the young boy is likely to find out someday. The death of his son, he said, led to his wife being hospitalized for shock and depression.

Despite the deep pain and grief, Khalil said, there's been enough hate and killing.

Wednesday morning travelers from Old Lyme visited Khalil in his hilltop village home of Sawaiya, which Khalil said has existed for about 1,000 years.

Two years after a Russian Jewish settler ran over his young son, while the boy's mother watched helplessly, Khalil's wife is still hospitalized in Jerusalem, he said.

He said she can't function without drugs and sessions with a psychiatrist, who visits from Tel Aviv. He has sold off much of his olive orchards, he said, to pay the bills. Since he is the only family member who can get a permit to visit her, which often takes hours of waiting at checkpoints, he can't work the way he used to.

Anyone who has suffered a death in the family attributable to an Israeli is automatically considered a security risk, Khalil said.

This was not the first time that Connecticut travelers, on a tour hosted by the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, heard of Khalil. He is a member of the Bereaved Parents Circle, made up of Israelis and Palestinians who have lost children to violence and chosen reconciliation over revenge.

Robi Danelin, an Israeli woman whose son was killed by a Palestinian while serving as a soldier in the West Bank, has visited Old Lyme to tell her story, and the group plans to meet with her later this week.

•••Along with meeting Khalil, the group on Wednesday toured the tiny Sawaiya medical clinic, which serves 10,000 Palestinians with two examining rooms, bi-weekly doctor visits and no nurses. After the visit, the group moved on to Galilee.

They would spend the night at the Ein Gev Holiday Village on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. But first came a visit to the Mar Elias Educational Institutions in Ibillin, founded by Abuna Elias Chacour, a well-known Melkite priest, peace activist and author.

Travelers had all been asked to read Chacour's autobiographical “Blood Brothers” in anticipation of the journey. In 1948, Zionists evicted Chacour's family from the village where they had centuries-old roots.

But his father rejected violence and hate, Chacour said, and recognized that Jews needed a safe haven after centuries of persecution that culminated in the Holocaust.

Speaking to the American visitors, the priest said, a person can't be an advocate for peace “if you understand the terror that your friend does and don't understand the good that your enemy does.”

Chacour clearly had no use for those who claim suicide bombers are driven to terror by oppression, or for those who claim Israel confiscates land and restricts people's freedom because of security concerns.

Chacour said he doesn't study philosophy or theology because he is too busy telling the story of Jesus Christ, a story of love for others and especially for those who are different. He said Christians should honor and celebrate those of different backgrounds and faiths, rather than tolerate them.

“If anything has killed our Christianity,” he said, “it is philosophy and theology.”

In a few run-ins with evangelical Christians who have come to the Holy Land seeking converts and proclaiming the infallibility of their take on the Bible, Chacour said, he has been “shocked” by their claim that people who aren't “saved” according to their rules are doomed to hell.

If that were the case, Chacour said, “I prefer to be in hell, because that is where God is.”

Chacour amused his audience with an anecdote from a long-ago trip to the Vatican, where he questioned a cardinal.

“You are not in communion with Rome,” the cardinal admonished him. To which, Chacour said, he replied, “You are not in communion with Galilee,” going on to point out that nothing came out of Rome but everything came out of Galilee.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

News for 04-20-05

04-20-05 - U.S. to provide $3 billion to assist pullout

04-20-05 - Palestinians Pass Elections Law That Snubs Abbas

04-20-05 - Guns of Gaza stay loaded but silent as talks go on

04-20-05 - EU gives $80 million for Palestinians

04-20-05 - Palestinian leader discusses date for White House trip with US envoys

04-20-05 - UNICEF Says Israeli Actions Hampered Palestinian Education

04-20-05 - Mideast seeks continuity from new pope

04-20-05 - Four missing as Syrian cargo ship sinks off Israeli coast

04-20-05 - PM: I can withstand pressure for another disengagement plan Prime Minister Ariel Sharon believes he will be able to resist international pressure for a further withdrawal from the West Bank "the day after" the upcoming pullout.

04-20-05 - In the Arab Mideast, some unease over Benedict's views

04-20-05 - Israel army prepares to quit Gaza

04-20-05 - AIPAC staffers under investigation negotiate departures, severance pay

04-20-05 - Israel arrests Netherlands consul

04-20-05 - PA says is better prepared for disengagement than Sharon

04-20-05 - Mobster to be extradited

04-20-05 - Hundreds of would-be 'martyrs' gather in Iran

04-20-05 - Putin: Sale of missiles to Syria will block Israeli flyovers "It will make flying low difficult," implying what has long been believed to be the reason for the sale of the anti-aircraft missiles: Syrian embarrassment over Israeli air force planes "buzzing" presidential palaces in Syria to issue warnings to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

04-20-05 - IDF chief Ya'alon: Israeli media is shallow, ignorant He said the IDF has built a news studio where officers learn how to present themselves on television, and that there has been a significant change in relations with the media. "Media issues are now taught in every army command course," he said.

04-20-05 - Abbas pushes retirement law

04-20-05 - EU to help train PA police forces

04-20-05 - Israel Warns U.S. Of Rising Prospect Of Middle East War In 2006 But officials said most of the U.S. intelligence community does not share the Israeli assessment of either an imminent Iranian nuclear threat or the prospect of a regional war in 2006. They said U.S. intelligence does not envision an Iranian nuclear bomb until at least 2010.

04-20-05 - PNA rebukes Israeli accusation Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Wednesday completely rejected accusation by Israeli Financial Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the PNA had not fulfilled its roadmap obligations to disarm the militant groups.

04-20-05 - Abdullah satisfied Orthodox Church won't sell J'lem lands

04-20-05 - Posthumous BAFTA win for filmmaker

04-20-05 - Jerusalem's Armenians Want Israeli Recognition oF Genocide

04-20-05 - Wheels of Justice details suffering of Palestinian people "What has happened to them [the Palestinians], is exactly the way our lands were colonized and we were displaced."

04-20-05 - To boldly go Haifa University academic Ilan Pappe is one of the few Israelis supporting the university boycott of Israel. Here he explains why

04-20-05 - For Local Group, Talk Is Not Enough OL Parishioners Moved To Do More After Visit To Palestinian Refugee Camp

04-20-05 - Palestine US exhibit stirs controversy A unique art exhibition showcasing the works of 23 Palestinian artists is facing uncertain times in the United States, with major museums refusing to play host.

04-20-05 - Christian Right 'Burns' Over Bush's Israel Policies The Rev. Bob Smith of Trinity Baptist Church in Arlington said that U.S. Christians should support the Jewish state of Israel at all costs because the Bible says that to do otherwise would be devastating to the United States

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

News for 04-19-05

04-19-05 - Army favors detention for Samaria rabbi The IDF is also worried about the possibility that extremists might try to conduct massacres in Palestinian villages in the northern West Bank in a hope that the subsequent turmoil will stop the disengagement.

04-19-05 - Abbas Tells Israeli Reporters He Reining in Gunmen

04-19-05 - Erekat Says Expanding Israeli Settlements Could Ruin "Two State" Vision "At the time where Israel talks about dismantling 2100 settlement units in Gaza, it is building thrice as much in the West Bank and East Jerusalem,"

04-19-05 - As Gaza disengagement nears, Israel prepares to ask U.S. for aid

04-19-05 - Court suggests IDF should compensate Hebron merchants the justices said they accepted the view of the IDF commander in Hebron that opening the nine shops would put the lives of the Jewish residents at risk.

04-19-05 - Abbas blasts Israel for inciting against him . "There has not been a single minute without criticism, without complaints or without incitement," he said. "Just like the first government I headed, we cannot get a moment's rest from these onslaughts. And just like it was during the period of that first government, we are not being given a chance."

04-19-05 - Senior US officials visit Mideast

04-19-05 - Why we ask for a boycott

04-19-05 - No cabinet decision on Gaza delay Mr Sharon has said every effort should be made to make the withdrawal easier for Jewish settlers.

04-19-05 - Fuel fears stop Israeli flights

04-19-05 - Palestinian lawmakers to stick to July 17 election timetable

04-19-05 - The battle for the 'fingernails' There is no sign that President Bush and his government agreed to even a hint of continued construction in the territories or to annexing Ariel-Kedumim.

04-19-05 - Russia offers choppers to PA Russia has reportedly offered to donate to the Palestinian Authority two Mi-17 transport helicopters for VIP use to replace the choppers Israel destroyed in 2001.

04-19-05 - Israel urges new pope to fight anti-Semitism

04-19-05 - Crimestoppers offers bigger reward for tips in the stabbing death of pregnant Muslim Muslims in Jefferson Parish pooled their money to offer a $45,000 reward to anyone who can lead investigators to the indictment of a suspect in the killing of a pregnant Palestinian-born woman who was stabbed 33 times.

04-19-05 - Al-Aqsa leader vows not to lay down arms till state established

04-19-05 - Israel guns for Iran the sites shown in Sharon's photos have already been visited by IAEA inspectors, with nothing found.

04-19-05 - Abbas comes under increasing pressure

04-19-05 - Hamas under pressure over vigilantes

04-19-05 - Plan means more Canadian help for fewer countries "There's no mention of support for the Palestinian Authority,"

04-19-05 - Palestinian teachers? fight highlights their oppression

04-19-05 - Chirac proposes international conference for Palestine

04-19-05 - Outside View: Letter to President Bush The mother of 15-year-old Khalid Ghannam, one of three teenagers killed on April 9 by Israeli soldiers in Gaza, asked Bouthaina Shaaban, Syrian Minister of Expatriates, to send this letter to President Bush

04-19-05 - EU: Hamas will not be removed from list of terror organizations The European Union will not consider removing Hamas from its list of terrorist organizations so long as it refrains from demonstrating "respect for human rights,"

04-19-05 - Travel ban on Vanunu extended

04-19-05 - Palestinians Invite Ronaldo to Play in Rafah

04-19-05 - Palestinian trio gives oud a youthful, bluesy spirit

04-19-05 - The sins of the few

04-19-05 - Bush adamant on Hizbullah disarmament He stressed: "Hizbullah is trying to destabilize the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. It is a dangerous organization."

04-19-05 - As The Globe Spins: Editorial looks tough but lacks credibility

04-19-05 - Community Activist Damu Smith is Fighting for his Life

04-19-05 - TWISTS AND TURNS IN THE ROAD MAP TO MIDDLE EAST PEACE curiously, the Israeli leader was using the word in a new sense: to demand that his illegal West Bank settlements be expanded so that THEY are contiguous. Which means, of course, that a Palestinian state cannot be.

04-19-05 - Dangerous democracy an Israel whose influence on US policy has reached unprecedented levels. In fact, the rationale for Arab democracy comes partly from Israel itself, in the person of the rightwing zealot Natan Sharansky, whose thinking, says Bush, is "part of my presidential genes"

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Monday, April 18, 2005

News for 04-18-05

04-18-05 - Palestinian wounded in northern Gaza Israeli troops stationed near the settlement of Nissanet in northern Gaza Strip reportedly opened fire Monday and wounded a 19-year-old Palestinian farmer.

04-18-05 - Palestinian gunfire hits Israelis The group said it was avenging the Israeli army's killing of three Palestinian youths in Rafah on 9 April

04-18-05 - Israel issues tenders for new West Bank settlement homes

04-18-05 - U.S. warns Israel on settlements "Israel should not be expanding settlements."

04-18-05 - Sharon considers withdrawal delay because of Jewish religious considerations

04-18-05 - IOF soldiers targeted Palestinian children at Rafah

04-18-05 - Israeli Occupation Awards the Killer of Al Himess ,Acquits the Journalist Miller's Murderer

04-18-05 - Israel Plans More Homes in West Bank Settlement

04-18-05 - Virginia Offers Incentives to Lure Israeli Companies

04-18-05 - Hyde fights for overlooked Christians "I witness the strangulation of east Jerusalem, and the deprivation of her non-Jewish residents' religious rights every day."

04-18-05 - Israeli college boycott debated

04-18-05 - Gaza activist's life becomes play

04-18-05 - How determined are the settlers?

04-18-05 - Wadi Kelt fence worries environmentalists

04-18-05 - China ready to mediate Israeli-Palestinian talks

04-18-05 - IAF beefing up surveillance over Lebanon According to military sources, reserve units have been training in the North to prepare for possible confrontation with Hizbullah

04-18-05 - PLC deputy speaker rejects elections postponement

04-18-05 - A new sports and cultural center opens in the Palestinian village of Ain Arik

04-18-05 - "As the Arabs see the Jews"

04-18-05 - Sharon and Bush Win at Crawford

04-18-05 - An Interview with Israeli Activist Jonathan Pollak Pat O'Connor: The Israeli military spokesperson lied about what happened. Does this type of thing happen often?

Jonathan Pollak: They always do. It happens all the time. Reading an IDF spokesperson responded is the best way to know what didn't happen, basically. Their statements have no relation to reality or to the truth whatsoever.


04-18-05 - Israel/Palestine Democracy

04-18-05 - Israel, sports and racism

04-18-05 - Imam, his family find refuge in Des Moines mosque "The contact person for the domain is the same person who maintains," Hooper said. "Both are maintained by an Israeli settler named Grayson Levy who lives in a West Bank settlement. And Pipes is regarded by many Muslims as America's leading Islamophobe."

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

News for 04-17-05

04-17-05 - Islamic Games: Palestine follows sporting roadmap to hope "What we pray for is a gold medal so that we can take it back to Palestine and say to our people, to the Israelis and the world, 'Here, this is what Palestine have won'."

04-17-05 - U.S. curbs Israeli role in F-35 development "Technology has made its way inappropriately to China via Israel," the official said. "There have been many violations of technology transfer agreements."

04-17-05 - Israel plans more lands seizure in Hebron

04-17-05 - Soldiers who killed Rafah youths didn't aim at legs The soldiers who killed three Palestinian youths in Rafah nine days ago shot to kill and did not aim their weapons at the lower parts of the victims' bodies as military sources originally claimed

04-17-05 - Sophy Miller is taking on the might of an entire army

04-17-05 - Abbas willing to coordinate Gaza withdrawal

04-17-05 - Palestinians will face challenge in dealing with land, assets

04-17-05 - Israelis: U.S. Derailed Jet Development

04-17-05 - Sympathizers Move in to Gaza Settlements Sympathetic families are coming with moving vans, hawkish politicians are renting homes and busloads of ultra-Orthodox students are establishing new religious schools, or yeshivas.

04-17-05 - When the first shot is fired Sharon's attempt to calm them by implying that the disengagement plan will strengthen Israel's hold on the West Bank and allow the vast majority to stay was not well received.

04-17-05 - BRITAIN: The BBC: apologising to torturers

04-17-05 - Shimon Peres´ PA Investment Fund Closes Down

04-17-05 - Egyptian MPs Sue Sharon for the killings and torture of thousands of Egyptian prisoners of war during the 1956 and 1967 wars.

04-17-05 - Sharansky Symbolizes Anti-Arab Hatred

04-17-05 - Massive anti-Israel protests hits several Indonesian cities

04-17-05 - Tehran says Israel in no position to threaten action against Iran

04-17-05 - Wolfensohn to Visit Israel, Gaza Soon as Envoy Wolfensohn, the departing president of the World Bank, said he would focus on economic and social development in Palestinian territories and on marshaling international support.

04-17-05 - PFLP members held in plot to assassinate Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

04-17-05 - Poll: U.S. Jews back Gaza pullout, Palestinian state

04-17-05 - Israel to build homes for Gaza evacuees

04-17-05 - Ex-deputy FBI chief: Israel leads world in counter-terrorism Pomerantz, who headed a delegation of acting US law-enforcement officials brought to Israel by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA),

04-17-05 - Jordan, Palestine call for end to new settlements building

04-17-05 - PNA asks for US clarification on Gaza

04-17-05 - Israel's propaganda war on U.S. campuses several Israeli Ministries have been involved in an active campaign to "promote pro-Israel activism on American campuses."

04-17-05 - Battle for home spotlights hurdles to Mideast peace Palestinian clan faces settler ire

04-17-05 - O.C. Bail Bonds Family Steels for Downsized Trial Witchhunt alert

04-17-05 - Sonia Nettnin Film Review: Women in Struggle

04-17-05 - ?Israelis don?t get visas to U.S.? the assistant secretary promised she would better the treatment given to applying Israelis, and added that visa-application fees are to be lowered.

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

News for 04-16-05

04-16-05 - U.S., Spain to propose NATO role in Middle East

04-16-05 - Abbas Says Elections Will Be on Time

04-16-05 - Press sides with Caterpillar's 'right' to sell tools of destruction to human rights violators

04-16-05 - PA wants Gaza settler homes razed

04-16-05 - Israel, Palestinians to renew cooperation on security matters

04-16-05 - Prisoners' release is priority for Palestinian leadership: Qurei The remark came as some 8,000 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails started on Saturday a two-day hunger strike to protest their detention and deteriorating living conditions.

04-16-05 - PNA condemns Israeli plan to expand settlements "Israel is trying to compensate rightists who will pull out from the Gaza Strip by intensifying in a crazy way settlement activities in the West Bank,"

04-16-05 - Israel to grab 1/3 of Aboud village farmland

04-16-05 - Palestinians want to see schedule for Israeli withdrawal

04-16-05 - Abbas to meet Bush in Washington on May

04-16-05 - MP Ashrawi Calls for Further US Efforts in Mideast Peace

04-16-05 - Israeli Envoy to Visit Pollard Amid Rumors of Bush-Sharon Deal Sources in the Sharon's office have leaked to the media that U.S. President George W. Bush hinted to the Prime Minister that he might pardon Pollard if Sharon follows up with a withdrawal from most of Judea and Samaria following this summer's planned evacuation of Jews in Gaza and northern Samaria.

04-16-05 - 2 Israelis illegally enter PA cities

04-16-05 - Years of delays at Gaza airport

04-16-05 - SU law clinic takes Corrie versus Caterpillar, Inc. case

04-16-05 - Bethlehem bends it like Beckham Established just two years ago, Bethlehem girls' was the first Palestinian women?s football team

04-16-05 - Lock down

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Friday, April 15, 2005

News for 04-15-05

04-15-05 - Hamas warns of cease-fire collapse

04-15-05 - U.S. Suspends Israel from Warplane Project - Paper Israel went ahead and upgraded those Chinese planes, despite our vehement opposition

04-15-05 - Rice Discusses Palestinian Conditions

04-15-05 - Israel captures gunman from Syria BS Alert

04-15-05 - Palestinians demand prisoner release

04-15-05 - Palestinians' time bomb causes Israel to be fearful

04-15-05 - Peace Marathon from Bethlehem to Jerusalem

04-15-05 - Sharon mulls new pullout post-Gaza: aides A source close to Sharon said that new unilateral moves -- which reportedly could see Israel hold on to over 20 percent of the West Bank -- would allow the country to sidestep international pressure over its future borders with a Palestinian state.

04-15-05 - Turning on the water taps in Anza

04-15-05 - Vanunu faces extended curbs on travel

04-15-05 - Gaza envoy seeks agreement on settlers' homes He is also expected to consider issues of purchase or compensation for the businesses and greenhouses owned by 340 of the 1,100 families in the Gaza settlement block Gush Katif, to help stimulate the Palestinian economy in Gaza

04-15-05 - UN condemns Israeli settlements The international community considers all settlements in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this

04-15-05 - Israeli shells found in south Lebanon

04-15-05 - Vanunu turned down by Norway for asylum

04-15-05 - Jewish extremists gearing up for a fight, Israeli officials say Legions of well-armed ultranationalist Jewish settlers from across the West Bank are pledging to join Sa-Nur and Homesh residents in fighting the evacuation, adding to Israeli officials' worries of bloodshed.

04-15-05 - Sidon, Palestinians honor Rafik Hariri Palestinian and local figures praised former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's continuous support for the Palestinian cause during a conference Friday

04-15-05 - Fatah studies postponing elections

04-15-05 - Child's death highlights refugees' plight on Iraq-Jordan border

04-15-05 - Soldier goes shopping in Jenin In a coordinated effort, IDF and Palestinian police rescued a Bedouin soldier who went shopping in Jenin, a hostile West Bank Palestinian town

04-15-05 - The Case Against Alan Dershowitz Public Committee Against Torture in Israel vs. Dershowitz

04-15-05 - Rower from Lower Merion to compete for Palestinians

04-15-05 - A ray of hope amidst violence... The Save Our Souls (SOS) Children's Village in Bethlehem is trying to give as many children as it can a better start in life.

04-15-05 - NYC Activists Call for End of CAT's Support for Israeli Human Rights Abuses

04-15-05 - Ukraine may deploy troops to Golan President Viktor Yushchenko asks parliament to endorse deployment of troops to U.N. observer mission in northern Israel

04-15-05 - Conflict: Israel and Palestine Teddy Katz, a member of the Gush Shalom peace organization, spoke Thursday to about 40 community members on Israel, Palestine and the war on terrorism

04-15-05 - Israeli students protest occupation "Every human being has the right to life, equality, dignity and freedom,"

04-15-05 - Home Office says sorry to suspects for ricin blunder

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Turning on the water taps in Anza

ANZA, WEST BANK - Palestinian officials opened Wednesday an American-funded, 500 cubic meter reservoir that will triple the amount of clean, safe water available to families in this village south of Jenin.

A $200,000 contribution from the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provided for the construction of the circular, reinforced concrete reservoir, the purchase of a booster pump and the installation of steel water pipes.

Jenin Governor Qadura Moussa attended the inauguration as did Dr. Hussein Araj, the Deputy Minister of Local Government and Mr. Aref Barahmah, head of the Village Council.

Because the village had no water reservoir for storage, Anza's 2,150 residents had access to only 20 liters of water per person, per day for domestic consumption -- drinking, cleaning, cooking and gardening. The World Health Organization's (WHO) benchmark is 100 liters of water per person per day.

The new reservoir will provide each resident with at least 60 liters of water a day - not perfect but a major improvement.

The water supply situation in the village had been dire for years. Not all the houses in the village were connected to the old water network and only 25% of the families received water all year round. The village council, together with the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), tried to remedy the situation by establishing a filling point so that water could be delivered by private tankers.

But the water tankers posed a health hazard because the standpipe and hose at the filling point were unprotected from contamination and the tankers were not regularly drained, cleaned and disinfected. Nor were their hose nozzles sterilized prior to use.

The quality of the water now received by Anza residents complies with the standards set by WHO and the Palestinian Authority.

Recognizing Anza's urgent water needs, the PWA and the Anza Village Council proposed the reservoir project and suggested that it be located at the highest point in the village to allow for water distribution via gravity.

The project, which created more than 1,200 person days of employment, was implemented for USAID by the CARE International Village Services Program and by Rafeed, a humanitarian program that addresses emergency needs in the West Bank and Gaza.

USAID has spent more than $1.5 billion to combat poverty, create jobs, improve education, build roads and water systems, construct and equip medical clinics, and promote good governance in the West Bank and Gaza.

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