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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

News for 02-27-07

02-27-07 - Palestinians venture out after deadly Israeli incursion

02-27-07 - Hamas chief evokes political 'prospect' in Palestinian-Israeli conflict

02-27-07 - Gazans upset by three suspected 'honor killings' Female activists in the Gaza Strip expressed deep concern over the latest spree of murders and urged the Hamas-led government to take measures against the perpetrators

02-27-07 - Body pulled out of collapsed tunnel on Gaza-Egypt border Palestinian security officials on Tuesday pulled the body of a Palestinian man out of a tunnel along the Egyptian border that collapsed earlier this week.

02-27-07 - Hebron settler spokesman attacks Italian film crew

02-27-07 - Hamas and Fatah agreed to reform PLO: Fatah lawmaker

02-27-07 - Mubarak leaves for Riyadh for talks with King Abdullah on regional developments

02-27-07 - Republican senator urges US to deal with Iran, avoid war Hagel, whose criticisms of American foreign policy in the Middle East have ruffled the Bush administration, also backed greater US involvement on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

02-27-07 - More factions agree to join Palestinian national unity gov't: Haneya's aide

02-27-07 - Refugee agency criticizes Israeli policy Commissioner-General of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, Karen Koning AbuZayd, said Tuesday that ignoring Israel's expansion of settlements and extension of the separation barrier, as well as economic blockades and the "occupation generally," works against the agency's goals.

02-27-07 - Two residents injured, one taken prisoner, during anti-Wall protest in Bethlehem Two Palestinian residents were injured, and one was taken prisoner, during Tuesday clashes between farmers and residents of Um Salmouna village, near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, as the army started bulldozing orchards in preparation for the construction of the Annexation Wall

02-27-07 - Israeli raid 'will not keep TV station off the air' Mrs Braik said the station regularly interviewed Palestinians whose houses had been targeted or occupied during the frequent incursions into the old city. She said the station had not filmed Israeli military operations in progress since a raid in 2002.

02-27-07 - Israeli forces abduct four Palestinian civilians near Hebron

02-27-07 - Russia offers Hamas leader help to lift embargo Russia told Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal on Tuesday it would try to influence Western powers into lifting an aid embargo on the Palestinian administration but urged the Islamist movement to recognize Israel.... Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman, also in Moscow on a visit, rejected any possibility of lifting the embargo or recognizing the planned new Palestinian government at this stage.

02-27-07 - Armed resistance launches projectiles at Israeli forces in Gaza Strip in response to Nablus invasion Saraya Al Quds claimed responsibility for launching projectiles at the Kissufim military installation in the Gaza Strip

02-27-07 - Israeli war-ship opens fire at Palestinian fishermen in Rafah In a separate incident, Israel army tanks stationed east of Rafah city opened fire at Palestinian farmers working on their lands; no in injuries were reported.

02-27-07 - UNRWA appeals for US$ 26 million to rehabilitate Neirab Refugee Camp in Syria The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has appealed for US$ 26 million to improve the living conditions of some 18,000 Palestine refugees living in Neirab camp near Aleppo, Syria.

02-27-07 - Hezbollah warns U.S. against Iran attack Sheik Naim Kassem suggested his pro-Iranian group would not get involved if the U.S. attacks Iran, but he raised the possibility that Israel might attack Lebanon as part of such an assault ? in which case, he said, Hezbollah would "definitely" respond.

02-27-07 - A fun day for children in Gaza

02-27-07 - Hebron Reflection:Barriers to Peace Some of Israel's barriers are made of concrete, of varying sizes and shapes. In
Hebron, barriers such as these block access to areas that Israeli soldiers tell
us "are for Jews only". Palestinians who live in the Tel Rumeida area must leave
their vehicles at the concrete barriers and make their way on foot to their
homes. Vehicular access to the area is only possible for Israeli settlers.

02-27-07 - Negev desert nomads on the move again to make way for Israel's barrier His tent is small but it affords Mr Hassan a compelling view of the future. Stretched out before him are the hilltops of the West Bank where he and his family, all Bedouin shepherds who fled Israel in 1948, used to live and graze their sheep. Standing there now is Ma'ale Adumim, one of the largest Jewish settlements which is illegal under international law.

02-27-07 - Widespread Demands for Pollard's Release American Jewish organizations have organized a massive nationwide campaign to call the White House every afternoon for the next two months and request/demand freedom for Pollard.....The Zionist Organization of America "welcomes" the recent statements by former CIA director James Woolsey and former top US. Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross in favor of clemency for Pollard, and reiterated its own call for his release.

02-27-07 - From May 2006: George Washington Had It Right He warned against foreign influence, calling it a poison to republican government. While he was no doubt thinking of the French, his advice applies to Israel. No foreign country should be allowed to influence American policy because that country will always seek to influence policy to favor its interests, not ours. If we followed Washington's advice, the only thing we would be sending to the Middle East would be oil tankers and tourists.

02-27-07 - As Jewish groups huddle, quagmire in Iraq undermines resolve on Iran The Boston JCRC proposal called for Jewish and non-Jewish groups to form a "Stop Iran" coalition that would launch political, economic and educational initiatives against the Iranian nuclear threat, including a mass demonstration in Washington and a divestment campaign.....Hagel said Bush's policy of not engaging Iran until it comes clean on its nuclear program was not adequate. "By refusing to engage with Iran, we are perpetuating dangerous geopolitical unpredictabilities," he said. "Our refusal to recognize Iran's influence does not decrease its influence but increases it." He added, "We must be clear that the United States does not seek regime change in Iran." Such talk is in clear contradiction to policies promoted by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the lobbying powerhouse, which backs Bush's tough posture and advocates only the narrowest engagement with Iran.

02-27-07 - Theater empowers Palestinians Dreams, for the children of Jenin, are thin. The camp is subject to Israeli army incursions almost nightly. Poverty, unemployment, and isolation are at high levels. Many children have witnessed violence of one kind or another: homes destroyed by Israeli army bulldozers during the Battle of Jenin, the death of parents or siblings during hostilities. Except for the Freedom Theatre, there is little to do and barely even a place to play.

02-27-07 - Germantown Man Accused of Terror Ties A Palestinian man living with his family in a quiet Germantown cove is in government custody after he's accused of having ties to terrorists

02-27-07 - Palestine Native Sentenced To Seven Years The leader of a small mosque in Rome, Ga., has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison after confessing to aiding the Islamic militant group Hamas

02-27-07 - Analysis: EU extends hand to Israel The EU commissioner criticized Israel for failing to implement an agreement on movement and access designed to ease travel and movement of goods and thus help the Palestinian economy

02-27-07 - America's Alliance With bin Laden We can thank Scooter Libby and the vice president of the United States for having blinded American intelligence to Iranian WMD programs ? Valerie Plame was reportedly the CIA's resident expert on Iranian WMD, and her outfit, Brewster-Jennings "consulting," was the U.S. government's regional eyes and ears on nuclear proliferation issues. I guess that's why we have to depend on the Israelis.

02-27-07 - Irish Bishops call for justice in Palestine/Israel "We also intend to raise with Minister Ahern the intolerable situation that is the daily lot of the Palestinians who live in Gaza, a territory just 6 miles wide and 25 miles long and home to 1.3 million Palestinians. As things presently stand Gaza is little more than a large prison. Israel retains control of its land borders, airspace and territorial waters and imposes severe restrictions on the rights of Palestinians in Gaza to either enter or leave the territory. This injustice is exacerbated by the restrictions that are placed on Palestinians engaged in a commercial activity such as fishing ­ a key source of income in a territory such as Gaza with a relatively long coastline."

02-27-07 - UN envoy takes Israel to task over Lebanon overflights "The question of Israeli overflights has been raised forcefully in our meetings in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem,"

02-27-07 - Senators Eye Curbs on Cluster Bombs, Widening Matter beyond Israel?s Use "For Jewish-American activists who are active because of their concerns about Israel, they are, generally speaking, not going to want to see additional restrictions placed on Israel's use of U.S. weaponry,".... The director of Human Rights Watch?s arms division, Steve Goose, said the first Feinstein-Leahy push failed "primarily because it was depicted as an anti-Israel amendment." Advocates of the new bill have begun outreach to Jewish-American groups to tamp down any misperceptions that the measure targets Israel, he added.

02-27-07 - Hikind's New/Old Cause Hikind is drawing national attention (CNN is interviewing him Thursday, he says) for his support of a plan by a group called Amana to expand Jewish communities in the West Bank by encouraging Americans to buy yet-unbuilt homes there. This is a New York State legislator offering support for violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention (article 49)

02-27-07 - Journalists condemn attacks on media during ongoing Nablus invasion Journalists are issuing daily condemnations of the attacks they are facing. Tareq Abu Kishek has difficulty broadcasting the news, as Israeli forces throw sound bombs when he tries to broadcast on air.

02-27-07 - UAE reaffirms support for Palestinians

02-27-07 - Business booming in Israel, says diplomat Then they don't need that extra aid that they are looking to get from American taxpayers.

02-27-07 - Coming Home: Palestinian Cinema In 1982, the Israeli army invaded Lebanon and the Palestinian film archives disappeared, along with the rest of the PLO's cultural heritage collections

02-27-07 - Peretz warns Hamas over Gaza weapons Defense minister says IDF may have to act against terror groups in Gaza; also sends warning to Hizbullah

02-27-07 - Palestinian terror suspect offers insight into years spent in CIA custody

02-27-07 - Arab League chief blasts Iran policy The 22-member nation group's Secretary-General Amr Mousa Tuesday blasted what he called "double standards" in the West's dealing with Iran's nuclear program, even if it was not military, while "there is definitely an Israeli nuclear military program."

02-27-07 - Criticizing Israel is not an act of bigotry This is the latest attempt to conflate anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism in order to silence or marginalize criticism of Israel. This approach is widely used in Canada. Upon becoming CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Bernie Farber declared that one of his goals was to "educate Canadians about the links between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism."

02-27-07 - Unjustified Lawsuit Threatens Free Speech Maniaci is a former chairman of the JDL, basically a terrorist organization which an FBI official called ?violent? and ?extremist? in 2004 congressional testimony. Maniaci also tried to get THE HOYA to run an offensive, racist ad just before the conference.

02-27-07 - Where the Israeli Baseball League Can Find the Best Pitchers

02-27-07 - Israel & The West tighten grip on occupied Palestine

02-27-07 - Italy irked at mafia comment Italy took umbrage after an Israeli watchdog warned that his country was going the way of Sicily.

02-27-07 - Re: Feb. 8 article "West Bank outposts thriving." the average reader probably infers that the 200 major settlements must be "legal." All 300 settlements housing more than 400,000 Israelis in the West Bank are illegal, as is the 40-year occupation according to the United Nations Charter and many U.N. resolutions.

02-27-07 - Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon Authorities have confiscated 31 sets of highly sophisticated explosive devices near a Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon, police said Tuesday.

02-27-07 - Students form Israel Caucus Students at Harvard University?s John F. Kennedy School of Government have formed a group that aims to show the many positive facets of the Jewish state

02-27-07 - Be fair to Palestinians

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

News for 02-26-07

02-26-07 - One shot dead in West Bank raid Associated Press television filmed a group of soldiers forcing a Palestinian youth to lead them into one building being searched.

02-26-07 - Israeli troops kill father, wound his son in Nablus The eyewitnesses in the city said that a 50-years-old Palestinian was shot dead by an Israel bullet to the neck, while he was walking down a street with his son. The son was wounded in his leg from the gunfire.

02-26-07 - 2nd round of Palestinian coalition gov't talks to begin

02-26-07 - Unknown gunmen kill a Palestinian man in Iraq

02-26-07 - Abbas condemns Israeli army operation in Nablus

02-26-07 - Nablus man critical after denial of medical treatment When the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC) tried to evacuate Ashraf they found him in shock and tried to escort him down the stairs. Their path was blocked by soldiers, who beat up one UPMRC volunteeer.

02-26-07 - Hamas leader hails Russian efforts over aid embargo

02-26-07 - The little girl trapped by a quirk of war "I'm not asking the Israeli government for compensation for my late wife," her father said. "I'm only asking that they take care of Marya as I won't be around for ever." The Israeli defence ministry, however, has refused to meet the cost of a lifetime's care which has been estimated at £10,000 a month - millions in all.

02-26-07 - Japan plans 4-way Middle East meeting Japan has planned to help build an agro-industrial park on the West Bank in a joint project under the framework and has pledged to seek cooperation from private-sector companies.

02-26-07 - Israel arrests two Palestinians suspected of killing settler (Extra) They reportedly told interrogators they killed Levanon out of 'nationalist' motives, but not on behalf of any militant organization.

02-26-07 - ROUNDUP: Jordan, Saudi Arabia blast Israeli incursion into Nablus

02-26-07 - Israeli army attack Nablus hospitals

02-26-07 - Israeli army abducts ten Palestinian civilians near Jenin

02-26-07 - Abbas arrives in UAE for talks

02-26-07 - Obama to address AIPAC

02-26-07 - AIPAC Demands "Action" on Iran **

02-26-07 - A Debate on the Israel Lobby

02-26-07 - Israel to hold nationwide nuclear attack drill Israel suspects is Iran is aiming to develop an atomic bomb, but Tehran insists its programme is for civilian energy purposes

02-26-07 - Virtually at war

02-26-07 - Preemption option: a must for Israel Why the CSM has saw fit to publish and feature prominently on its front page not one but two pieces of propaganda that fall in line with the 'attack Iran' camp is a mystery to me.

02-26-07 - Palestinian Diplomat Official Speaks at Lehigh University

02-26-07 - Watchdog slams doves for defending P.A. Palestinian Media Watch slammed a dovish Jewish group for defending Palestinian Authority textbooks. PMW, a 'watchdog'? Sounds more like a Hasbara outfit.

02-26-07 - Cultural festival on land annexed for Wall This Friday villagers from South Bethlehem will hold a cultural festival on their land which is being confiscated for the annexation barrier.

02-26-07 - Diamond in the rough: Israel launching a pro baseball league infusing a deep-seated part of Americana could be a public relations boon for Israel. Fittingly, the league's first commissioner is Daniel Kurtzer, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel. The opportunity to show Israel not only as a country at war but as a country involved in sports - quintessentially American sports at that - could help Americans bond with Israel....exposing new audiences to Israel is an important part of this initiative.

Always an agenda, seems.

02-26-07 - Jews should embrace evangelicals despite their differences, group told if the evangelical community perceives that the United States is forcing concessions on Israel against its government's will, "they come down on the White House like a ton of bricks," he said.

02-26-07 - Musical comedy on West Bank wins Oscar for best live action short film

02-26-07 - U.S. Vows To Force-feed Inmate On Strike Former Professor Sami al-Arian, 49, began his strike Jan. 21 and has had only water since to protest demands he testify about Virginia Muslim charities allegedly financing terrorist organizations.

02-26-07 - Brandeis U. under 'friendly fire' Despite the fact that American politics are primarily democratic, throughout the years it has aligned itself with the hawkish parties in Israel. In time, this stance was adopted by organizations such as AIPAC, the United Jewish Appeal, the Presidents' Conference and Zionists of America. Anyone questioning this stance found himself ousted.

02-26-07 - GOP drops candidate over Jewish remarks "I personally see Israel going into Iran and Syria in the next couple of months... It's mainly because of the Jewish faction inside the Democratic Party. Most Jewish people are Democrats, and they bring that wealth. My opinion is, if Israel would go into Iran, Democrats will follow that cause."

02-26-07 - Knesset members seek trial of blood libel author Committee Chairman Michael Melchior said Toaff has caused "damage to the Jewish people and to the nation of Israel," The Jerusalem Post reported.

02-26-07 - From July 2005: The American hand in Iran On February 11, a promoter of the IFF,, announced that Corsi had helped Republican Senator Paul Santorum write the Iran Freedom and Support Act of 2005 Corsi is a neocon.

02-26-07 - Hizbullah builds new line of defense

02-26-07 - In e-mail age, some still swear by pigeons The most common users of the 3,000-year-old method of communication are Palestinian refugees

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Monday, February 26, 2007

News for 02-25-07

02-25-07 - Israeli ban hurting Gaza fishermen: rights group An Israeli human rights group slammed the country's military on Sunday for devastating the Gaza Strip's lucrative fishing industry by harassing, humiliating, and even shooting Palestinian fishermen.

02-25-07 - Israeli police find body

02-25-07 - Palestinian woman dies of wounds sustained two weeks ago in Al Aqsa Mosque The woman, Yosra Ahmad Al Rajabi, aged 60, from Beit Hanina neighborhood in Jerusalem, was seriously injured as she was attempting to bar the soldiers from abducting a Palestinian youth who was protesting against the excavations.

02-25-07 - Blue-ribbon panel heads for US to negotiate 'responsible' new aid package Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer will head a high-level Israeli delegation to Washington this week for talks on the future of American aid, with his presence aimed at sending a message of "fiscal responsibility," government officials said Sunday. The team left Sunday night and will discuss terms of a new multiyear US aid package that is expected - in addition to the annual military assistance - to also include loan guarantee requests for development of the Negev and Galilee.

02-25-07 - Israeli troops raid West Bank city Soldiers then moved from house to house in search of suspects. At one point, a small group forced a Palestinian youth to lead them into a home. Still using human shields, I see.

02-25-07 - Palestinian "executive force" member wounded in Khan Younis Palestinian medical sources said the militants opened fire on 23-year-old Hassan Saleem Sharrab, wounding him in both legs. The youth was taken to hospital for treatment.

02-25-07 - Islamic Jihad says willing to join PLO

02-25-07 - Abbas urges Haneya to accelerate formation of coalition A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement urged designated Prime Minister Ismail Haneya of Hamas on Sunday to accelerate formation of national unity government.

02-25-07 - Jihad denies reports on planned attacks against Israeli targets abroad

02-25-07 - Hamas lawmaker slams Jordanian king's remarks on recognizing Israel A senior Hamas lawmaker on Sunday slammed Jordan's King Abdullah II for asking forthcoming Palestinian national unity government to recognize Israel.

02-25-07 - In pictures - Israeli forces stage major incursion in West Bank town

02-25-07 - At-Tuwani Update: February 1-17, 2007

02-25-07 - Abbas arrives in Cairo for talks on Palestinian issue Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas arrived here on Sunday for talks on forming a Palestinian national unity government, Egypt's official MENA news agency reported.

02-25-07 - Abdullah to address Congress Jordan?s King Abdullah II will speak to the U.S. Congress and appeal for an increased U.S. role in brokering Middle East peace.

02-25-07 - Report: 3 Gulf states agree to IAF overflights en route to Iran ** According to the report, a diplomat from one of the gulf states visiting Washington on Saturday said the three states, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, have told the United States that they would not object to Israel using their airspace, despite their fear of an Iranian response. Coincidentally, Cheney is in Oman today.

02-25-07 - Israeli companies suspected of funding Palestinian groups: report

02-25-07 - Meqdad; We Do Not Expect A Swift Unlock Of Aid Embargo Maher Meqdad, spokesperson of Fateh expected that the road will not be paved before the Palestinian unity government in the aftermath of the international stance, insisted to meet up Quartet's triple conditions.

02-25-07 - Rampaging settlers given immunity by Hebron Police on Sabbath The teenage settler girl and several young settler boys then proceeded to kick and punch the tourist, injuring him in the groin and legs. The tourist continued to appeal to the nearby soldiers for help, but the soldiers did not respond. Start making more videos of these incidents, upload them to You Tube. Seems the only way to draw any real international attention to matters such as these.

02-25-07 - Palestinian Antiquities Minister: UNESCO must be let in to assess damage at Al Aqsa The Palestinian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities says that the Israeli government has disregarded Palestinian, Islamic and international requests to stop the destruction of Muslim holy sites in occupied Jerusalem

02-25-07 - Egypt rejects conditions on Palestinian government

02-25-07 - Israel welcomes European demand that Palestinian government recognize Israel

02-25-07 - Palestinian GDP shrinks by over 11%

02-25-07 - INTERVIEW-EU dangles prospects of new aid to Palestinians The European Union's external relations commissioner will seek in a four-day trip to the Middle East to encourage the formation of an internationally acceptable Palestinian government with the prospect of new aid.

02-25-07 - Arab League refutes Israeli reports on using Arab airspace against Iran **

02-25-07 - BADIL Center: "Israel is practicing ethnic cleansing" Joseph Schechla, coordinator of the Habitat International Coalition's Housing and Land Rights Network, characterized Israel?s Basic Laws and parastatal institutions such as the World Zionist Organization/Jewish Agency, and the Jewish National Fund as "principal agents in carrying out Israel's material discrimination against non-Jewish citizens and long-expelled refugees who inhabited the country before the creation of the state of Israel."

02-25-07 - HEBRON REFLECTION: "I'm Ok" After being shot with a grenade by Israeli forces, I am grateful that I am ok. I
limped home from the demonstration on my own two feet, unlike the four others I
watched carried away on stretchers.

02-25-07 - Jordan queen urges Muslims to reject extremism Jordan's Queen Rania on Sunday said Muslims must recognise that much of the terror in recent years has been committed in the name of Islam if they want to be taken seriously by the West.

02-25-07 - Edwards: Israel not a threat to world peace Columnist Peter Bart reports that Edwards told a Hollywood fundraiser last month that the possibility that Israel would bomb Iran's nuclear facilities is perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace.

02-25-07 - JCPA, Hillel plenum draws 800 Delegates will close the session on Tuesday with lobbying on Capitol Hill. Among the policies they will advocate are sanctions against Iran and Sudan

02-25-07 - Shorbagi to be sentenced The charge came from donations Shorbagi made to the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), an Islamic charity shut down by federal authorities in 2001.

02-25-07 - Transcripts lack key quotes in terrorism case In recent court filings, defense lawyers disclosed striking discrepancies between an official summary and the verbatim transcripts of an FBI wiretapped conversation in 1996 involving Holy Land officials.

02-25-07 - Film?s View of Islam Stirs Anger on Campuses When a Middle East discussion group organized a showing at New York University recently, it found that the distributors of ?Obsession? were requiring those in attendance to register at, and that digital pictures of the events be sent to Hasbara Fellowships, a group set up to counter anti-Israel sentiment on college campuses.

02-25-07 - ?West Skirting Israeli Nuke Issue? ?The Middle East should be free of all weapons of mass destruction. There is unwillingness on the part of America and its European allies to discuss Israel?s weapons. As you have seen just now Gen. Clark and others will go first to Iran, then other countries, and then to Israel,?

02-25-07 - Hezbollah construction firm -- charity or terror group? "Is it terrorism to help people rebuild their homes, destroyed by American-made Israeli bombs in the course of a war sponsored by the United States?"

02-25-07 - The European path for Israel?

02-25-07 - Israeli government pressured UNRWA into forcing resignation of director of West Bank operations Fange's criticism of the Israeli occupation and his support of Palestinian refugees led to his forced resignation two years before his five year term was completed, say the UNRWA sources.

02-25-07 - Man without a country is stuck in prison His birthplace, Saudi Arabia, won't recognize him as a citizen because of his Palestinian ancestry; other countries, including Jordan, won't take him either.

02-25-07 - Israel and Turkey Have a Plan Turkey and Israel are acknowledging that that are once again discussing the possibility of constructing underwater pipelines from the Turkish port of Ceyhan to the Israeli port of Ashkelon.

02-25-07 - Lenten Message from Patriarch of Jerusalem

02-25-07 - PBS and students to discuss Islamic and American relations The meeting will coincide with a six-part PBS film series produced by WETA ?TV, the PBS affiliate in Washington, D.C. The series is titled, ?America at a Crossroads,? and explores the American experience in the War on Terror in Iraq. One of the film clips which will be shown at the meeting is called, ?The Case for War: In Defense of Freedom? and will discuss the reasons and objectives of an aggressive foreign policy in Iraq. Perle is featured extensively in this segment.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

News for 02-24-07

02-24-07 - Four killed in new Gaza clashes At least four Palestinians have been killed and nearly 20 hurt in the Gaza Strip in fresh violence between backers of the rival Hamas and Fatah factions.

02-24-07 - Council approves illegal W. Bank building plan The project calls for the construction of 42 buildings containing approximately 1,500 apartments. The buildings, already in various stages of construction, are in the neighborhood of Matityahu East, which is located in the large ultra-Orthodox settlement of Modi'in Ilit.

02-24-07 - No change on sanctions after Abbas trip Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ended his European tour Saturday without persuading any country to end crippling economic sanctions based on his power-sharing deal with the rival Islamic militant Hamas.

02-24-07 - PPS Appeals for Saving Life of a Female Palestinian Prisoner

02-24-07 - Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories

02-24-07 - OIC chair Malaysia says Muslim nations to sever ties with Israel Malaysia, the chair of the 57-member Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), has said Saturday the grouping had agreed to sever ties with Israel over its works at the Al-Aqsa mosque.

02-24-07 - Chirac vows to support coalition Palestinian gov't

02-24-07 - Negotiations on abducted Israeli soldier significantly advanced: report Israel has confirmed "significant" progress in negotiations for the release of abducted soldier Gilad Shalit, the Jerusalem Post reported on its website Saturday evening.

02-24-07 - Palestinian organization activities relieve some psychological stress on children under siege

02-24-07 - Abbas: "We must continue to hold talks with Israel"

02-24-07 - Amid turmoil, a Hamas mayor builds and builds "Simply, we don't want occupation," Shatat said. "Leave us alone and let us administer our institutions by our own hands."

02-24-07 - Israel denies seeking US go-ahead for Iran strike **

02-24-07 - "Israeli settlement sale in Teaneck discriminatory, may violate international law and the roadmap"

02-24-07 - Report: Pakistan's Musharraf calls Palestinian president to discuss Mideast peace bid

02-24-07 - Israeli army abducts eight Palestinians from Hebron

02-24-07 - Five year old girl terrified to death after Israeli forces arrest her father

02-24-07 - Israeli forces uproot trees to make way for Settlers road Qassem Al Najar, the owner of the trees stated that the Israeli army is planning to expand a Settlers road that connects the nearby illegal Israeli settlement of Brikha to Israeli.

02-24-07 - Palestinians under Arab pressure to meet demands

02-24-07 - Senior Israeli official denies report of progress in talks on Israeli-Palestinian prisoner swap

02-24-07 - Sen. Sununu speaks on Iraq; Bush policy on war; upcoming election Sununu did not dispute corruption exists in both Israeli and Palestinian governments, but made clear: "Corruption is horrible, but that doesn't mean that two parties can't come to an agreement on things like borders and security and have that agreement hold."

02-24-07 - Yemen and US work on their relationship The unjust foreign policies of the Americans, especially towards Palestine, triggered hatred among many youth, said al-Hitar

02-24-07 - Coverage of controversial Carter book slow, reactionary In my view, AJC opinion page editors should have sought out Palestinians for their reactions. Even more important, the AJC and other media outlets should have spent more time focusing on the book's contents so that readers might have a better understanding of the complexities facing the region.

02-24-07 - Sudan's Beshir urges lifting of boycott on Palestinians

02-24-07 - US rejects ban on cluster bombs

02-24-07 - Sale brings controversy from West Bank to N.J. However, a New Jersey official said state and federal authorities have no jurisdiction on overseas property.
.....About a dozen complaints about the event have been sent to the state Division on Civil Rights, spokesman Lee Moore said Friday.However, the agency determined that it does not have jurisdiction over such sales, and that the sales also fall outside the federal Fair Housing Act, Moore said.
Locked out again. I wonder if the shoe were on the other foot, would this event be taking place in the US? Congress would pass emergency legislation blocking such sales, no doubt.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

News for 02-23-07

02-23-07 - Palestinian killed, one abducted by unknown gunmen in Gaza

02-23-07 - Israel seeks all clear for Iran air strike ** Israel is negotiating with the United States for permission to fly over Iraq as part of a plan to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.....A senior Israeli defence official said negotiations were now underway between the two countries for the US-led coalition in Iraq to provide an "air corridor" in the event of the Israeli government deciding on unilateral military action to prevent Teheran developing nuclear weapons.

02-23-07 - IDF prohibits fishing off Gaza coast and abuse fishermen

02-23-07 - Israelis and Palestinians unite in protest at barrier And, as happens every week, there was pushing and shoving, then a volley of stones thrown by boys some distance away from the demonstrators. The Israeli military fired stun grenades and dozens of rounds of tear gas, before eventually bringing out a water cannon to disperse the crowd. Sixteen people were injured, four of whom were taken to hospital.

02-23-07 - Israeli court backs settlement fence Israel?s High Court of Justice ruled that security fences around two West Bank settlements may be built on land owned by Palestinians.

02-23-07 - House of P.A security official attacked with explosives, bullets

02-23-07 - Palestinian member of Knesset: Israeli government displacing 35,000 Palestinians from East Jerusalem The latest reports indicate that after expelling tens of thousands of Palestinians, the Israeli government intends to displace another 35,000 from East Jerusalem for expansion of the Ma'ale Adumim Settlement.

02-23-07 - EU not yet ready to lift boycott on Hamas-led government, says Solana

02-23-07 - European states will send money to new gov't: Hamas

02-23-07 - Israel breaks up West Bank barrier protest Israeli, foreign and Palestinian protestors had gathered in the village of Bilin, near Ramallah, to mark a two-year-old campaign against the Israeli barrier built in this area of the occupied Palestinian territory

02-23-07 - Rice Faces Formidable White House Foe Abrams' personal influence over Bush could not possibly match Rice's, but his bureaucratic skills and political connections -- notably to the so-called "Israel Lobby" of pro-Likud Jewish organisations and the Christian Right -- give him considerable clout. According to various sources, Abrams has been working systematically to undermine any prospect for serious negotiations designed to give substance to Rice's hopes -- and increasingly impatient demands by Saudi King Abdullah -- of offering the Palestinians a "political horizon" for a final settlement.....Abrams was an early protégé of Richard Perle, whom he first met, along with other prominent pro-Likud hard-liners, such as Feith, former U.N. Amb. Jeane Kirpatrick, and Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, while working in the offices of Washington State Sen. Henry "Scoop" Jackson....Badly damaged by his felony conviction for lying to Congress about his role in the Iran-Contra affair, Abrams, like many neo-cons, left government service under the decidedly "realist" administration of President George H.W. Bush
'felony conviction for lying to Congress'? Why is this man back in the US government? Because he's a darling of the neocons/AIPACers. Read the entire article.

02-23-07 - Jerusalem prayers pass off peacefully Only Muslim men aged over 45 with Israeli identity cards, together with Muslim women, were admitted to the compound to pray as 2,000 Israeli police fanned out around occupied east Jerusalem.

02-23-07 - Merkel urges Israel recognition German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stressed the European Union's insistence that any new Palestinian government must recognise Israel.

02-23-07 - Egypt seizes explosives near Gaza Security forces in Egypt say they have found one tonne of explosives near the border with the Gaza Strip

02-23-07 - Hamas chief to woo Russian support for end to boycott Israel continues to insist that the international community not deviate from demands for the government to recognise the Jewish state, renounce violence and abide by past peace agreements before relaxing the embargo.

02-23-07 - UN body slams plight of Arabs in Israel, occupied territories

02-23-07 - Indonesia says plans Hamas meeting in March Most populous Muslim country invites Hamas to talks with Western representatives in Jakarta aimed at persuading group to moderate its positions

02-23-07 - In a Meeting with Hamas?s Mashal, Egyptian Foreign Minister Hopes End of Embargo in Sight

02-23-07 - Jordanian Muslims march in protest of Israeli dig at Islamic holy site About 2,000 Muslim worshippers marched Friday following noon prayers in eastern Amman, in protest of the Israeli archaeological dig around an Islamic holy site in Jerusalem.

02-23-07 - UNESCO to inspect dig near Temple Mount World body to send four experts to Jerusalem to assess impact of construction works on the Temple Mount

02-23-07 - Israeli Army abducts two civilians from Bethlehem

02-23-07 - Israeli settlers demonstrate for new bypass road through Bethlehem This road, like many others, would naturally be for Jews only.

02-23-07 - 2nd anniversary of weekly non-violent Bilin demonstration against illegal wall: 1500 attend

02-23-07 - MCC funds million dollar Palestinian water recycling project A $1.16 million Cdn/$1 million U.S. grant from Mennonite Central Committee makes it possible for ARIJ's water and environment research unit to install on-site waste water treatment systems for 180 homes, providing direct benefits to about 1,800 people. The project gets underway this year and will be completed in 2010.

02-23-07 - Attorney: Guilford College dragging feet

02-23-07 - Jewish toddler missing in Hebron found A two-and-a-half-year-old child from the Jewish neighborhood of the West Bank town of Hebron was found by Palestinian policemen Friday evening while wandering alone in one of the city's Arab neighborhoods.

02-23-07 - "All Candidates are pro-Israel"

02-23-07 - Israeli minister in vision gaffe Dahh..

02-23-07 - Dems complain about RJC at Rice briefing Six Jewish Democrats in the U.S. Congress asked Condoleezza Rice to explain why she invited a Republican Jewish group to a briefing on the Middle East.

02-23-07 - Analysis: U.S. nixes Israel-Syria talks It is laughable the notion that the US directs Israeli policy and not the other way around.

02-23-07 - Dems call on GOP to drop Indianapolis pol ..."My opinion is, if Israel would go into Iran, Democrats will follow that cause. I really do believe that."

02-23-07 - Muslim nations to hold Mideast talks in Pakistan

02-23-07 - Abdullah tells Israel TV: This could be last chance for Mideast peace

02-23-07 - The British government must take this new opportunity to end its shameful opposition to a ban on cluster bombs According to the police report, Kamaleddine Mohammad was gathering wood near the Rashidiyeh Palestinian refugee camp outside Tyre in Lebanon last month when he stepped on an unexploded submunition from a cluster bomb. Mohammad was yet another victim of Israel's cluster bombing campaign at the end of last summer's war between Israel and Hizbollah. He is one of the tens of thousands of civilians killed or injured by cluster munitions in war zones throughout the world in recent decades.

02-23-07 - 46 nations push for cluster bomb treaty Some key arms makers - including the U.S., Russia, Israel and China - snubbed the conference

02-23-07 - British U-turn brings global ban on deadly cluster bombs a step closer

02-23-07 - Carter Addresses Book Critics in Town Hall Carter said the public would be hard-pressed to find officials in the U.S. government willing to criticize Israel. "It would be political suicide for them to do so," he said......He also said one of his top priorities besides his family is to "bring peace to Israel and justice to Palestine."
He received three standing ovations from the audience

02-23-07 - Report issued by PLC deputy Issa Qaraqa': Israeli school curriculum promotes racism

02-23-07 - Hizbullah rep says no talks on hostage swap There are currently no negotiations for prisoner exchange between Israel and Hizbullah, Lebanese Hizbullah parliamentarian Hasan Haballah says. Haballah warns group may launch civil revolt in Lebanon if ?doors closed in our face?

02-23-07 - Teaneck synagogue seeks to aid West Bank Congregation B'nai Yeshurun will host a real estate fair aimed at persuading American Jews to buy property in the disputed territories of the West Bank. To send financial support to a cause that is in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which all Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian land are, is to support war crimes. Why is this being allowed?

02-23-07 - Watching the Checkpoints Contrary to the impression of most observers, the great majority of the checkpoints are not even near the Green Line, Israel's internationally recognised border until it occupied the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. Some are so deep inside Palestinian territory that the army refuses to allow Machsom Watch to visit them. There, the women say, no one knows what abuses are being perpetrated unseen on Palestinians. Machsom Watch - a brave group of women.

02-23-07 - UN envoy to visit Lebanon to assess August truce A UN envoy is to visit Lebanon next week to assess compliance with an August truce resolution that ended last summer's war between Israel and Shiite militant group Hezbollah.

02-23-07 - Clinton raised $100 million for Bonds Former President Clinton reportedly helped raise more than $100 million for Israel Bonds in a single sitting.

02-23-07 - Old Europe and the Mullahs by Philip Giraldi ** AIPAC's formulation that the option of force "must remain on the table" when dealing with Iran has been repeated like a mantra by numerous politicians and government officials, not too surprisingly as AIPAC writes the briefings and position papers that many Congressmen unfortunately rely on

02-23-07 - What else can Israel ask of President Bush? On Friday, when Rice was en route to the region, Olmert and Bush spoke on the phone. It is not clear who called whom, and what exactly was said, but Olmert announced after the conversation that Bush is in line with him about insisting on "the Quartet's conditions" for the Palestinian government: recognize Israel, renounce terror and honor previous Palestinian-Israeli agreements........Some believe that since Bush is the best thing to ever happen to Israel, it is important to exploit the remainder of his term to upgrade relations. GFY. The first thing that comes to mind after having read this article. America has done quite enough, thanks.

02-23-07 - Kurds deny deal to allow Palestinians safe haven

02-23-07 - Islamophobia at Urban Outfiters

02-23-07 - Chances of another Middle East war in 2007 low: Israeli report

02-23-07 - Holy row after Glasgow twins with Bethlehem

02-23-07 - Viet Nam welcomes Palestine's peace deal A Foreign Ministry spokesperson has affirmed that Viet Nam welcome a deal signed by Fatah and Hamas to form a national solidarity Government in Palestine.

02-23-07 - U.N. marks Zionism = racism repeal

02-23-07 - Three out of four Israelis would like to be part of EU Seventy-six per cent of Israelis cited foreign policy as a priority, which suggests that the widespread perception of Tony Blair as a friend of Israel may have influenced Britain's 80 per cent approval as the Israelis' favourite European country And that would be because under Blair, Britain has gone along with the Bush administration's neocon-driven foreign policies.

02-23-07 - US Jews mull Sudan boycott The resolution has gained much support, but also faces criticism, as some Jewish organizations "fear that an economic boycott of any country could be used against Israel, itself the target of divestment efforts," the Jewish Week said.

02-23-07 - War drills occupy French sailors amid Lebanon lull Amid the drills, Israeli warplanes continue to overfly UN peacekeeping ships, a practice French Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie criticised last October as "dangerous".

02-23-07 - ACLU asks NY federal court to strike down US terrorism policy It said an entry in the State Department's Foreign Affairs Manual says that the provision is directed at those who have voiced "irresponsible expressions of opinion."

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Friday, February 23, 2007

News for 02-22-07

02-22-07 - Palestinian police kills a Palestinian man by mistake in Ramallah

02-22-07 - One Palestinian man injured by Israeli army fire east of Gaza

02-22-07 - Occupied Gaza like apartheid South Africa, says UN report "Can it seriously be denied that the purpose of such action is to establish and maintain domination by one racial group (Jews) over another racial group (Palestinians) and systematically oppressing them? Israel denies that this is its intention or purpose. But such an intention or purpose may be inferred from the actions described in this report."

02-22-07 - Eight Palestinians wounded in clashes with local forces Eight Palestinians were wounded Wednesday night when a fight broke out between a Gaza family and members of the Palestinian Interior Ministry's "executive force",

02-22-07 - Call centre plan for Palestinians The charity wanted to devise a scheme that would not be affected the frequent closures imposed on Palestinian areas by the Israeli military. Great idea.

02-22-07 - UN alarm at Palestinian poverty

02-22-07 - Injured resident dies after soldiers obstructed ambulance transferring him to hospital

02-22-07 - Palestinians 45-year old or less barred from entering Al Aqsa Mosque on Friday

02-22-07 - Washington planning UN arms embargo against Iran In recent weeks, Israel has carried out a diplomatic campaign against the transfer of weapons to terrorist organizations, in an effort to establish this concept as part of a new international norm. Imagine.

02-22-07 - PSIS Report: 5050 Palestinians Killed, 49760 Wounded, 10,400 Detained since 2000 The Palestinian National Information Center of the Palestinian Authority?s International Press center reported that since the outbreak of the Palestinian Intifada in September 2000, up until late January 2007, the Israeli army has killed 5050 Palestinian men, women and children, wounded 49760 others and detained 10,400 people.

02-22-07 - Family Seeking Freedom Held In Detention Center The Palestinian family has been awaiting deportation since November 2. They fled the war-torn Middle East in 2001 seeking political asylum in the U.S. The family was denied and was ordered back to Palestinian territory.

02-22-07 - FM: Hamas political leader to visit Russia

02-22-07 - Settlers release boars in Palestinian farmlands

02-22-07 - Israeli Army Reinforces Presence on Southeastern Gaza Border Line Meanwhile, Israeli warplanes have been hovering over different parts of the Gaza Strip since the early morning.

02-22-07 - Anti-wall protests hit second anniversary Villagers of Bil'in say they are cut off from 200 hectares of farmland by the barrier - here a steel fence with stretches of barbed wire and patrol roads. Though the land is on the Palestinian side of the 1967 boundary dividing Israel from the West Bank, Israeli authorities claim it as "state land" and are extending Jewish settlements nearby, particularly Modi'in Illit.

02-22-07 - Carter says majority in U.S. support views in book The book's main points were that Israel should stop persecuting and abusing Palestinians, withdraw to internationally-recognized borders and conduct intense negotiations with its neighbors to bring peace, Carter said.

02-22-07 - Arabs say Israel is not just for Jews Avigdor Lieberman, who joined the Cabinet last year as head of the Israel Is Our Home Party, warns repeatedly that Israel's Jewish character faces a long-term "demographic threat" from Arab population growth. He favors a proposal to strip more than 150,000 Arabs of their Israeli citizenship by redrawing Israel's eastern boundary to put them in the Palestinian-controlled West Bank. In a recent speech, he appeared to validate the manifesto's claim that Israel's Jewish and democratic values are inherently contradictory.

02-22-07 - Israeli authorities destroy crops of Bedouin citizens

02-22-07 - 'Israel's actions akin to Taliban's' The secretary-general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), an international grouping comprising 57 Muslim countries, has blasted Israel's excavations at Jerusalem's Mughrabi Gate, saying they are akin to the actions of the ousted Taliban government in Afghanistan.

02-22-07 - Quartet has no plans to boycott to Palestinian government - Lavrov

02-22-07 - Palestinian situation to deteriorate if new gov't fails to end sanctions The situation in the Palestinian territories will definitely deteriorate if a long-awaited national unity government fails to gain recognition of the West and end sanctions led by the United States, analysts said on Thursday.

02-22-07 - Hamas denies Israeli reports of smuggling Sagger missiles into Gaza

02-22-07 - Israel gripped by Syria war fears A reported Syrian troop build-up near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights has fuelled speculation in Israel about a future conflict, more than three decades after the two enemies last went to war.

02-22-07 - Israeli army abducts three civilians from Hebron

02-22-07 - Hamas urges US to back Palestinian unity efforts

02-22-07 - OPT: Gaza power supply under pressure The Gaza Strip in the Occupied Palestinian Territories continues to suffer daily power cuts eight months after Israel bombed its only power station, leaving health services relying on expensive generators and residents without regular electricity or water.

02-22-07 - Abbas optimistic that sanctions will be lifted

02-22-07 - Report: Most Jerusalem kids Arab by 2020 A majority of the children in Jerusalem will be Arab by the year 2020, a new study found. Oh the horror!

02-22-07 - Raed Salah to be investigated Head of the Islamic Movement in Israel to be investigated for incitement in speeches regarding Temple Mount works. 'Justice is on my side,' he says Israel is inciting 1 billion Muslims when it continues its illegal excavations under the Al Aqsa mosque compound.

02-22-07 - Al Qassam brigades: "Truce with the occupation practically dead" Abu Obeida, media spokesperson of the Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said on Wednesday that the truce with the Israeli occupation is practically dead, since "the occupation violated it and assassinated the leaders of the military wing of the Islamic Jihad in Jenin.

02-22-07 - Israeli Army invades several parts of the West Bank and abducts two civilians On Thursday at dawn the Israeli army invaded several cities, refugee camps and villages in the northern part of the West Bank, searched houses and abducted two civilians.

02-22-07 - Regional Council of Unrecognized Villages: Israel undeterred in cleansing Negev The Israeli military destroyed 3,500 dunams of Palestinian crops in the Negev Desert yesterday, leaving the ground black and barren. Several families in Arara Village watched from a distance as Israeli tractors sprayed poisonous chemicals under the pretext that the land belongs to the Israeli state.

02-22-07 - Capitol rally for captives Families of three captive Israeli soldiers will join Congress members and Jewish community leaders in a Washington rally.

02-22-07 - Birzeit University close after tuition crisis escalate Dr. Nabil Qassis, President of Birzeit University, the second largest Palestinian University, decided on Thursday to close the campus and suspend all classes for further notice after the tuition crisis between the students and the administration escalated.

02-22-07 - Sharp rise in U.K. anti-Semitism? Numbers don't add up for everyone The Jewish Chronicle, the U.K.'s national weekly newspaper, reported last week that the Community Security Trust "rebuked" Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni for "grossly" underestimating the level of anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom. A letter sent to Livni said the Israeli figures "were wrong" and the reported fall is "a grossly inaccurate portrayal of the situation in the U.K."....If British media and other institutions, such as universities, were more balanced in their coverage of Israel, it would help reduce the number of attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions, Gross said The last sentence there is the real issue; the British press needs to become more 'balanced' (like the American press is).

02-22-07 - Danby slams Democrats on Israel Allison, who visited the Middle East following last year's war between Israel and Hezbollah, warned that international sanctions on Palestine could lead to more "disease, malnutrition and violence" in Gaza.

02-22-07 - Iraq is 'worst disaster' for US policy The current administration mistakenly believes it can bring peace by unilateral action, she said.
It has also failed to engage sufficiently in a search for peace between Palestinians and Israel and failed to adequately support Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, she said.

02-22-07 - US poll: Israel alone named 'vital friend' "The broad support of the American people to Israel is of the utmost strategic importance to Israel and it must be nurtured and maintained," Israeli ambassador to the United States Salai Meridor told Ynet in response to the poll's findings This 'support' is understandable given the pro-Israeli bias in just about every major mainstream news medium in the US.

02-22-07 - In Utah, former Israeli leader warns of spread of nuclear weapons More students in America get Hasbara-ized.

02-22-07 - Don?t compare Arabs to settlers Attempts to compare unauthorized outposts to illegal Arab construction hypocritical

02-22-07 - Albright says next president must 'restore goodness of American power' Carter and Albright appeared on The Carter Center stage together for what the former president had indicated would be a debate on his controversial book "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid."

02-22-07 - Israelis favor U.S. The United States tops the list of Israelis? favorite foreign countries, a poll found. Small wonder.

02-22-07 - Is Washington Being Sidelined on the Middle East? In a way, the change demonstrates an erosion of U.S. influence in the Middle East, which is a direct result of the implementation of the neoconservative agenda that has led to the disastrous political and military situation in Iraq.

02-22-07 - Iranian students torch flags at nuclear rally The students also condemned construction work by Israel near Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque compound which sparked violent Palestinian protests and angered Muslims across the world.

02-22-07 - Hutto family facility criticized

02-22-07 - Taking the Rap "Traditionally, Palestinian songs are all about love," says one member, Mohammed al Farra, whose rap handle is D.R., the Dynamic Rapper, "but our reality in Gaza is about suffering. Gaza is like a big prison, and we get our message across with rap music."

02-22-07 - Be leaven to 'true resistance' to end occupation's evil, Holy Land patriarch calls Catholics

02-22-07 - 'There will be another war in the summer' Many in the south suspect Israel is trying to create a buffer zone along the border on Lebanese land allegedly captured during the summer war and the UN is assisting them. That suspicion has furthered the popular perception that the UN forces are in south Lebanon to protect Israel from Hizbullah.

02-22-07 - Public awareness important in terrorism fight, official says Nadav Morag, formerly Israel's senior director for domestic policy, had a nontraditional tip on Wednesday for representatives of public and corporate security agencies concerned about possible terrorism. "Tell the public what you're doing," said Morag, now a faculty member at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security operated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Monterey, Calif.
Read that again.

02-22-07 - Escalating Threats of U.S. Attacks Against Iran ** Israeli rhetoric against Iran is largely paralleling U.S. claims; unlike the run-up to the Iraq War, Israel and the pro-Israeli lobbies in the U.S. are pressing hard for an attack on Iran, and any Israeli involvement would significantly undercut Congressional opposition.....The U.S. is more isolated now than at any time since the beginning of the 2003 Iraq War; no U.S. allies except Israel are supporting calls for a U.S. attack on Iran.
That's because US allies know this time around who is behind this second cry of 'wolf!'. They are not amused.

02-22-07 - Washington notes: Iran embargo, Quartet statement, AIPAC trial Last week, a Foreign Ministry delegation headed by the deputy director for strategic affairs, Miriam Ziv, presented data on the arms transfers to Hezbollah to senior officials in the German Foreign Ministry. The Germans expressed some reservations about the validity of the data.

02-22-07 - A Palestinian director with a mission "There is no artistic infrastructure in Palestine and for a lot of reasons," he says. "Some of it is the occupation, some of it is other things which are completely legitimate ? hunger beats art, that's the reality."

02-22-07 - Polls show anti-American feelings at all time high in Muslim countries "Muslims cannot accept the US policy of supporting Israel and its occupation of Arab and Muslim territories," he said, adding that Arabs could also not understand Washington's opposition to Iran's nuclear program while Israel's was ignored.

02-22-07 - Israel's eye in the sky watches for dig protests The airship, or blimp, carries cameras and will hover over the Old City, monitoring the al-Aqsa mosque during Friday prayers

02-22-07 - Defense in ex-AIPAC staffers' case can cite U.S.-Israel ties, judge rules Ellis adds: "U.S. State Department and other U.S. government officials likely are able to testify as to whether the governments of the United States and Israel routinely used AIPAC as a diplomatic 'back channel.' " .....Of the two other U.S. government officials cited in the indictment as sharing information with Rosen and Weissman, David Satterfield has since been promoted to the post of top State Department adviser on Iraq issues, and Ken Pollack, formerly a national security councillor, is now research director at the Saban Center think tank. Apparently there are no plans to charge Satterfield or Pollack.....Ellis also ruled that defense lawyers may present exculpatory evidence of the close Israel-U.S. relationship, and of AIPAC's role in nurturing that relationship. He said he would allow, even encourage, testimony showing that the AIPAC-U.S.-Israel triangle benefits all three parties. ....Ellis' latest ruling means that defense lawyers can "put on evidence that AIPAC serves as a back channel" between the United States and Israel, a source close to the defense said. "Evidence of the policy cooperation between the United States and Israel is relevant." Thank you judge, you have just proved my case for me :) AIPAC, you see, drives American foreign policy in the region (to our detriment).

02-22-07 - Hebron Reflection: "This is Our Life"

02-22-07 - The final punch Evidently, Israel is a prime cheerleader for war, and most likely Israeli agents are working overtime to provide the needed case for war; at least we know, through news reports that Israeli agents are actively involved in Iraq and there is a possibility that they have penetrated the Iranian domain as well, through the northern Kurdish areas

02-22-07 - 'Solve it or quit' Lebanese campaigners tell politicians

02-22-07 - Israel echoes South Africa's apartheid nightmare

02-22-07 - Professor, author to speak on Israeli-Palestinian relations Finkelstein is currently a professor of political science at DePaul University in Chicago, Ill. He is the author of five books, all of which pertain to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and anti-Semitism.

02-22-07 - Israeli artist is a voice of dissent "Chad Gadya," the song was called in Hebrew, or "One Goat." Listeners correctly perceived it as criticism for the often brutal way in which Israeli soldiers were treating women and children in the occupied territories. Israeli radio stations banned the song. Parliamentarians denounced it.

02-22-07 - US congressional leaders remember Jewish refugees A group of eight US congressional leaders this week introduced resolutions in both the Senate and House of Representatives calling for recognition that hundreds of thousands of Jews were made refugees by their Arab host nations at the time of Israel's rebirth. This would appear to be another example of Congress solidifing in legislation the supremacy of Jewish victimhood over all others (including that of the Palestinians).

02-22-07 - Former professor discusses peace in the Middle East Zmora said the organization envisions a four-campus college situated on the border of Israel and Palestine that will cater to about 60 students and cost approximately $10 million.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

News for 02-21-07

02-21-07 - Militant dies in Israeli ambush Mahmoud Abu Obeid was driving through Jenin when undercover agents sprayed his car with bullets, witnesses said.

02-21-07 - Half of Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza malnourished The unpublished draft report, the first of its kind since the boycott was imposed when the Hamas government took office last March, says bluntly that the problem "is primarily a function of restricted economic access to food resulting from ongoing political conditions".

02-21-07 - Resident of Gaza Killed in Mysterious Explosion A mysterious explosion ripped through the Wad Alselqa village, south of Gaza Wednesday, killing a 33 year-old Palestinian resident, medical sources reported.

02-21-07 - Russia, U.S. at odds on Palestinians before meeting Russia called on Wednesday for an easing of pressure on the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority but the United States said an aid embargo must remain in place until the Palestinians meet conditions set out by western powers.

02-21-07 - Fatah to join coalition with Hamas despite international apathy

02-21-07 - Palestinian unity government must stick to roadmap: Blair Meanwhile, Israel is still building/expanding the settlements...

02-21-07 - Hebron Update 11-17 February 2007

02-21-07 - Olmert calls for tougher Iran sanctions

02-21-07 - US wants tougher Iran sanctions Hey, where did I just hear that?...

02-21-07 - Quartet warning to Palestinians

02-21-07 - Talk is cheap: Bush is pushing the Palestinians toward civil war This part of the world is intimately familiar with Washington's habit of seeking to impose double standards, and no one has been on the wrong end of such attempts more regularly than the Palestinians, but the Bush administration is breaking new ground in terms of duplicity and inconsistency

02-21-07 - Olmert told Abbas 'you cheated me,' senior PA official says Palestinian official who attended Jerusalem summit hosted by Rice says Israeli premier told Palestinian leader, 'you cheated me by reaching unity deal with Hamas'; Abbas responded by saying, 'you gave me nothing and didn?t keep your promises,? official adds.

02-21-07 - Germany urges tamer Mideast expectations

02-21-07 - Suicide bomber has a change of heart as soon as Israeli interrogators had acquired a name for the mastermind of the failed attack, they sent a squad of undercover special forces deep into the West Bank yesterday where they tracked down and killed him.

02-21-07 - Gaza woman gives birth to quintuplets

02-21-07 - Israel keeps building in West Bank settlement blocs: report Israel is currently building more than 3,000 new apartments in existing Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, with construction of 1,000 of them started in 2006, a report published Wednesday by Peace Now said.

02-21-07 - South Bethlehem village marked out for the Wall

02-21-07 - Quartet under pressure to recognise Palestinian government

02-21-07 - Hamas' Syria-exiled leader in Cairo for talks with Egyptian officials on Mecca deal

02-21-07 - Israeli army closes Palestinian shops in Hebron The soldiers claimed that Palestinian youth hurl stones at them from the top of the shops, and that is why they closed them.

02-21-07 - Palestinian Authority deficit reaches 655m dollar in 2006

02-21-07 - U.S. favorite accepts key Palestinian ministry post A U.S.-educated economist with close ties to the Bush administration agreed on Wednesday to serve as finance minister in a Palestinian unity government, despite the threat of a boycott by the United States and Israel.

02-21-07 - Sinai bomb plotter held A Palestinian man wearing a suicide belt who planned to attack Israeli tourists has been caught after entering Egypt through a tunnel on the Gaza border, Egyptian police sources said yesterday.

02-21-07 - Lebanese army fire at Israeli planes The Israeli planes had "violated Lebanese sovereignty, posing a challenge to U.N. Resolution 1701," the spokesman said, referring to the Security Council resolution that ended Israel's 34-day war with Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon last August. What do you suppose Israel would do if the Lebanese (or any other nation in the region), routinely and in defiance of international law, flew over the country?

02-21-07 - Doves blast watchdog group to Clinton Brit Tzedek suggests that PMW?s alleged agenda colored its conclusions.

02-21-07 - As Democrats flex their muscles, groups array against Bush agenda Another area promising tension with the Bush administration is its drive to revive the Israel-Palestinian peace process. Pro-Israel and Jewish Democrats, backed by the pro-Israel lobby, often drive congressional Middle East policy, and they already have made clear their skepticism about Rice?s efforts. Note the source.

02-21-07 - Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Israel Spokeswomen Israel cares not for the lives of Arabs - be they civilian or otherwise. Never has. Recall that AFTER the incident in question of the video clip, that Israel fired 1 million cluster bomblets into Lebanese civilian areas knowing that a ceasefire was to be implemented in 3 days. The same Israeli spokeswoman can be seen during the last few minutes in this clip on this British news website trying to spin Israel's attack on Beit Hanoun which killed many civilians including children. It's pitiful.

02-21-07 - Your assistance is greatly appreciated. To those of you who were able to respond to my appeal for support,
Thank you. This has been a slow month for donations. I need to post this
notice again in the hope that others may respond. A great newsletter. Please support the cause.

02-21-07 - In pictures: Jerusalem's Temple Mount or Haram al-Sharif

02-21-07 - Reinforcing the Occupation: Israel's High Court

02-21-07 - Director of Israeli support group to speak The Christian Friends group does not evangelize but does encourage churches and other organizations to support Israeli settlements through financial or material means, according to the organization?s web site. Israeli settlements are a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Sending money to support them is sending money to support war crimes.

02-21-07 - Olmert: ?Realignment plan postponed due to current circumstances?

02-21-07 - UNRWA opens Japanese funded computer lab and multi-purpose room at Jerusalem/Yazour school in Yarmouk, Syria These facilities will provide hundreds of Palestinian refugee students and the community at large with access to computer technology and learning material

02-21-07 - Palestinian farmers and Israeli supporters plant trees near Hebron

02-21-07 - 'Israeli Apartheid Week' spreads to more campuses "I've spoken to a couple people already who have called me frustrated because the administration won?t take action,"

02-21-07 - Jimmy Carter confronts fallacies of pro-Israel lobby

02-21-07 - Charade in Jerusalem Israel could have reinforced Mr. Abbas?s position and increased the chances for progress with a series of low-risk steps: committing to serious negotiations, freezing the expansion of settlements and easing restrictions on civilians? movements in the West Bank. Those steps would have given new hope to Palestinian moderates and thereby increased the political pressure on Hamas to abandon terrorism.

02-21-07 - Hezbollah slams assets freeze A Hezbollah statement faxed to The Associated Press said the measure against Jihad al-Bina came because the company is "rebuilding areas destroyed by the brutal Zionist aggression last summer which occurred with a clear political, military and financial American support."

02-21-07 - Egyptian cop refuses Israeli Embassy duties

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

News for 02-20-07

02-20-07 - Three US women briefly kidnapped in West Bank Three American women were briefly kidnapped by a lone Palestinian man in the northern West Bank who was demanding a job, Palestinian security sources said.

02-20-07 - Palestinians want Arabs to cut Israel ties over dig

02-20-07 - Palestinians seek to restore order in Hebron "We appeal to Hebron families to show solidarity and to help us to bring back stability to Palestinian society,"

02-20-07 - Haniya Criticizes U.S Stance towards his Coalition Government

02-20-07 - One Palestinian teen injured during clashes with Israeli army near Hebron One Palestinian teen was injured by Israeli army gunfire during clashes that erupted at the entrance of Al Arub refugee camp north of Hebron city, in the southern part of the West Bank on Tuesday morning.

02-20-07 - 'Israeli democracy built on 1948 transfer' "Israel is implementing apartheid policies in Palestine by building the apartheid separation wall, bypass roads for Jews only in the West Bank, restrictions on movement of Palestinians, hundreds of checkpoints, in addition to the siege and daily violation of basic human rights of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza,?

02-20-07 - The United Nations and Palestinian refugees For the past 55 years, UNRWA and UNHCR have been cooperating, each within its mandate, and in close coordination with the host states, to support and protect Palestinian refugees. In recent years, the partnership between the two agencies has become closer, resulting in increased cooperation in a variety of areas, including in the exchange of information and joint efforts to resolve problems faced by Palestinian refugees.

02-20-07 - Quartet to discuss recognition of Palestinian unity gov't

02-20-07 - Abbas in an Arab and European tour to explain the Palestinian stance

02-20-07 - Israel threatens to ignore Abbas Israel said Tuesday it would stop dealing with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas if he goes ahead with plans to join Hamas in a new government

02-20-07 - Jordanian king urges Israel to revive peace track with Palestinians the king also urged Israel to stop excavation work near the al-Aqsa Mosque.

02-20-07 - Two inspectors of Be?er Sheva municipality arrested for assaulting a Palestinian

02-20-07 - PDF file: Palestinian Christians in the Middle East - Study From the Presbyterians.

02-20-07 - PFLP will not participate in the coming government, DFLP and PPP to weigh their participation

02-20-07 - Hebron Reflection: Living Resistance For Palestinians the simple act of every day living often becomes an act of
non-violent resistance against the cruel, illegal Israeli occupation and
confiscation of their land. These are but a few of the daily acts of resistance
I have witnessed.

02-20-07 - Rice heads to Berlin after inconclusive Mideast mission Rice's initiative has been undermined by the power-sharing deal brokered by Saudi Arabia earlier this month which caught the US administration by surprise, according to a senior US official.

02-20-07 - Olive tree campaign helps keep hope alive in Palestine The campaign, Keep Hope Alive, makes it possible for individuals, churches and organizations from other countries to help Palestinian farmers maintain their land and source of income, said Mennonite Central Committee peace development worker Timothy Seidel.

02-20-07 - 'Palestinian National TV' car stolen in Gaza

02-20-07 - Japan''s envoy for Middle East to visit Egypt, Palestine Japan is the third-largest donor to Palestinians after the US and the European Union (EU), according to the ministry. (end) mk.

02-20-07 - Two Palestinian men abducted by Israeli army near Ramallah

02-20-07 - Israeli forces attack Palestinian vehicles and confiscate keys Palestinian sources reported that Israeli army troops attacked Palestinian civilian cars and confiscated keys at the southern entrance of Jenin city, in the northern part of the West Bank on Tuesday midday.

02-20-07 - Army detains a number of Palestinian shepherds east of Tubass city Israeli forces detained on Tuesday midday a number of Palestinian shepherds who were herding their sheep in farm lands east of Tubass city, in the northern part of the West Bank.

02-20-07 - Mohammad Dahalan Says Israel?s Pretexts Unjustified

02-20-07 - Israeli checkpoint between Hebron and Bethlehem removed Palestinian sources reported on Tuesday that the Israeli army has decided to remove one of the many Israeli military checkpoints between the southern West Bank cities of Bethlehem and Hebron.

02-20-07 - Israeli army abducts thirteen Palestinian civilians from several parts of the West Bank The Israeli army invaded several parts of the West Bank on Tuesday morning, attacked Palestinian houses and abducted thirteen Palestinian civilians.

02-20-07 - Robert Fisk: Lebanon will be first victim of Iran crisis **

02-20-07 - Israel tries to increase immigration Immigration is at an 18-year-low, and members of Israel's Arab minority are having children at a faster rate than Jews. Some lawmakers are keen to protect Israel's identity as a predominantly Jewish state.

02-20-07 - New English-language station seeks to air peace through radio waves

02-20-07 - Need for a Balanced Lobby Group on Middle East

02-20-07 - Caritas asks: Why do Gaza's children buy toy guns? Through our Caritas Gaza Medical Center, we are providing a room available for children to play with educational toys and more age appropriate games to help them escape the daily violent atmosphere. Through equipping our center in this way, we are making a safe place where children in Gaza can come and play. We are also making time available for children with psychological problems to come and speak with a trained psychologist

02-20-07 - Who's Afraid of Jimmy Carter? the rhetorical device used by the 11 Emory professors of referring to Carter's book in one sentence as "moronic," "strange," "cynical," "a distortion," etc. - politely separated by the names of major newspapers - is worthy of middle school, at best. Events are always staged, but that doesn't mean they're phony. Carter doesn't have "biases," he has opinions, reinforced by his profound experiences and stature.

02-20-07 - Barak visits; speaks on geopolitics "Forming strategic partnerships with Syria and Iran would be a serious mistake, because I believe that would mean partnering with the enemy."

02-20-07 - Graduate Student fights for peace Eddy spent most of his six weeks living and volunteering with Palestinians living in or near Israeli settlements. He said his duties often included simply walking Palestinian children to and from school so they would not be harassed. He also participated in non-violent protests, dismantled roadblocks and faced rubber bullets and tear gas from Israeli soldiers

02-20-07 - Inaugural meeting of Congressional, Knesset allied caucuses The meeting was co-hosted by Congressmen Dave Weldon of Florida and Eliot Engel of New York; the two are also the founders of the CIAC, a bipartisan group of legislators dedicated to defending Israel's right to exist in peace and promoting Judeo-Christian values.

02-20-07 - Dems' Disdain For Palestine For years these witnesses have obstructed Palestinian national aspirations, and they were at it again on February 14. In well over two hours of testimony the threesome said not one word about Israel?s expanding settlements, the devastating economic circumstances gripping Palestinians in Gaza or the illegal barrier steadily being erected inside the West Bank. When challenged after the hearing on the lack of diverse voices, staffers erupted in a fury rooted in hubris. They have the power. Those concerned with Palestinian rights do not, so back off.

02-20-07 - AS I SEE IT: Israel wages a policy of deliberate destruction Settlers have poisoned sheep, forced the closure of native markets and attacked children trying to get to school. Peacemaker Team internationals, pledged to nonviolence, accompany the children. They, too, are attacked. While there, we saw a young American led to a doctor appointment because of a settler attack, her leg in a brace, her arm in a cast. Her co-worker was in the hospital with a collapsed lung and broken ribs. They?d been leading small children to school.

02-20-07 - Spanish peacekeepers have another scuffle in South Lebanese youths threw stones at Spanish troops from the UN peacekeeping forces during an evening patrol in the village of Debbine over the weekend, while Hizbullah unveiled a monument along the Southern border of an armored personnel carrier with two fake rockets pointed toward Israel.

02-20-07 - 'Emory 11' Editorial Misguided

02-20-07 - Petition Circulates Against Carter Talk

02-20-07 - Three Steps Emory Can Take to End Israel's 'Occupation' of the Palestinian People

02-20-07 - What Secretary Rice's Agenda Should Be

02-20-07 - A Legacy in the Balance The more opinions that students are exposed to, the more of an opportunity they have to be educated on the subject, and education should always be the goal of this university. These students, if they read their newspapers and watch the local and national news here in America, have been getting one side's view for their entire lives. It's about time to give someone else the floor for a change.

02-20-07 - Treasury puts freeze on Lebanese firm The Treasury Department acted Tuesday to freeze all U.S. assets owned by Jihad al-Bina, a Lebanese construction company it said is owned and operated by Hezbollah.

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