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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

News for 07-30-07

07-30-07 - The governmental employees union takes the government to court The Palestinian governmental employees union decided on Monday to take the Palestinian government and Palestinian banks to court because of government failure to deliver the employees' salaries according to the agreed-upon timetable.

07-30-07 - European Union assistance to the Palestinian people in 2007 tops $1 billion

07-30-07 - 30 July 2007: Joint Call by Israeli, Palestinian and European Human Rights Organizations: The Rafah Border Crossing Must be Opened Israeli, Palestinian and European human rights organizations today issued a joint declaration calling on Israel , the Palestinian Authority, the European Union, and Egypt , to immediately open Gaza 's borders to passenger traffic, irrespective of their political agenda concerning Hamas.

07-30-07 - 144 Settlements in the West Bank are housing 476,000 Israel settlers

07-30-07 - Israel to grant West Bank entry to Iraqi Palestinians Israel has recently agreed to allow a group of 41 Iraqi refugees of Palestinian origin to enter the West Bank and reunite with relatives there, as a goodwill gesture to the government of Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayad.

07-30-07 - Palestinian Human Rights Center issues report about medical conditions in the coastal region.

07-30-07 - Hamas shows Gaza to foreign reporters

07-30-07 - Putin-Abbas talks will accelerate Middle East settlement - Lavrov Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said he hopes that President Vladimir Putin's talks with the head of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas will accelerate the Middle East settlement.

07-30-07 - Palestinians hail withdrawal of U.N. Gaza statement "It is unacceptable for anyone, including friends, to act on our behalf without our knowledge, without consulting us ... It would send wrong messages."

07-30-07 - PM Fayyad says Palestinians have right to resist Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has said Palestinians have a legitimate right to resist Israeli occupation, even if the phrase does not appear in his new government programme.

07-30-07 - Olmert looking at Jordan troops for West Bank: report

07-30-07 - Egypt says arms smuggling into Gaza slower under Hamas

07-30-07 - Israel approves entry of 1,000 more Palestinians from Egypt

07-30-07 - Abbas says open to mediation over Hamas Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in remarks aired on Monday he would welcome any push for rapprochement with Islamist group Hamas if it relinquishes control over the Gaza Strip.

07-30-07 - Israel wounds 7 in Gaza Four Palestinian bystanders were treated for slight injuries

07-30-07 - Stranded Palestinians return to Gaza, fear bleak future

07-30-07 - Israel, E.U. sign academic pact Israel has signed an agreement with the European Union that thwarts efforts to impose a British academic boycott of Israel.

07-30-07 - Rally calls for justice in Gaza The Irvine man who wore a Palestinian flag on his head and waved another one with his hand said he had plenty of reasons to voice his concerns at an Anaheim rally Saturday, where about 150 denounced what they said were injustices in Gaza.

07-30-07 - Exclusive: ?Possible Attack On The U.S. Within Ninety Days Mr. Aviv knows of that which he speaks. He is a former Israeli Counterterrorism Intelligence Officer and has also served as a special consultant to the U.S. Congress on issues of terrorism and security.

07-30-07 - For first time Israel to pay monthly stipend to Holocaust survivors Responding to growing criticism that it was neglecting Holocaust survivors, Israel's government decided Monday to award monthly stipends to those of its citizens who had survived the Nazi persecution of the Jews.

07-30-07 - Academics oppose Israel boycott The group, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME), said the boycott plans attacked academic freedoms. Where were they when Norm Finkelstein was denied tenure for HIS beliefs? Not a peep could be heard. Hypocrisy.

07-30-07 - West Bank's own slice of America the wealth found in Mazraa Sharqiya is not produced locally - it comes from the Palestinian diaspora, people who have left their homes in search of a better life.

07-30-07 - West Bank scholars push for spiritual reply to Hamas extremism

07-30-07 - Rice, Gates trip signals united front The Secretaries of State and Defense set out for the Middle East to make a case for US initiatives.

07-30-07 - Christian Group Warns U.S. Against Pressuring Israel on Peace Deal "Would somebody else, another country, coming in to America say, 'You need to give up Florida'? I live in Southern California, 'You need to give up San Diego to Mexico.' That's not going to happen. Why should we do that with Israel?" Stephens asked. Because Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Shebaa Farms, the Golan Heights do not belong to Israel. They are Israel-OCCUPIED territory.

07-30-07 - Funding added for U.S.-Israel missile system "In light of Iran's open hostility toward the U.S. and Israel, I consider increasing the effectiveness of the Arrow system to be essential to our defense," said Rep. Steve Rothman (D-N.J.), who requested the additional funding.

07-30-07 - Bedouin clash with Egyptian police Thousands of Egyptian riot police have clashed with Bedouin protesting against the Government near the border with the Gaza Strip, and witnesses say several civilians were shot and wounded.

07-30-07 - Israelis and Palestinians build in east Jerusalem Dozens of Israeli and Palestinian activists, alongside volunteers from abroad, gathered at the annual work camp of the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions and are rebuilding demolished homes

07-30-07 - Local program brings Jewish, Palestinian kids together

07-30-07 - Arabs skeptical of U.S. conference idea The Arab League expressed reluctance Monday in backing a U.S.-proposed conference to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, saying any talks should cover all Arab-Israeli conflicts, including those involving Syria.

07-30-07 - U.S. congressman urges special provision to help Jordanian woman facing deportation

07-30-07 - Iran's Khamenei says U.S. and Israel are main foes Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Saturday the United States and Israel were his country's main enemies, just days after U.S.-Iranian talks about Iraq's security.

07-30-07 - Syria calls upon Palestinian parties to return to dialogue

07-30-07 - Hebron Jews may pay for own removal In a move that would up the ante on Jewish West Bank protests, the IDF is considering billing two Hebron Jewish families the cost of forcibly evacuating them in the future from two former Palestinian marketplace stalls where they have been living since September.

07-30-07 - Barenboim wants Arab-Israeli orchestra to perform in Middle East

07-30-07 - Golan residents call for talks with Syria The Peace with Syria movement held a conference Monday evening at Kibbutz Gadot with the participation of hundreds of Golan Heights residents.

07-30-07 - Reports: Iran to buy jets from Russia Israel is looking into reports that Russia plans to sell 250 advanced long-range Sukhoi-30 fighter jets to Iran in an unprecedented billion-dollar deal.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

News for 07-29-07

07-29-07 - PNA president has come to Moscow on 3-day working visit Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has come to Moscow on a three-day working visit.

07-29-07 - 100 of the 6,000 Palestinians stranded in Egypt allowed to cross back to Gaza Israeli forces, which have kept the Rafah border crossing closed since last year, have allowed a list of 100 Palestinians to return to their homes in Gaza through the Nitzana crossing.

07-29-07 - Israeli army jeep strikes and injures Palestinian child Local sources indicated that a number of military vehicles stormed the village shortly after midnight. Ala Abu Bakr, 13, was standing in front of his home when he was run over by an Israeli jeep. After soldiers hit the boy, they fled the scene and did not provide any medical assistance for the injured child.

07-29-07 - Fatah says members being arrested by Hamas in Gaza A senior official in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement accused Hamas on Sunday of a sweeping campaign to detain members of the group in the Gaza Strip.

07-29-07 - Palestinian militants rocket Israeli towns, crossings Palestinian militants fired a barrage of rockets at Israeli communities adjacent to the Gaza Strip Sunday, in what observers said may be an attempt to prevent Palestinians stranded outside the salient from entering the enclave via Israel.

07-29-07 - Hebron Reflection: Bringing in the Sheaves Not only is the Palestinian farmer prevented from working on his land, but he
has been shot at, his children physically assaulted, and he has been arrested on
erroneous charges and heavily fined.

07-29-07 - Poll: 68 per cent of Palestinians favour early elections

07-29-07 - Frustration mounts amongst the stranded at al-Arish

07-29-07 - Palestinian govt platform vows Islamic tolerance A new Palestinian government platform drawn up by Prime Minister Salam Fayyad pledges to prevent the use of violence in the name of Islam.

07-29-07 - Barghuothi: Israeli claims concerning the peace initiative are simply deceiving Dr. Mustafa Al-Barghuothi the general secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative faction confirmed today that the Israeli allegations of the peace initiative are simply deceiving. Adding, it is just another way of by passing the final status of peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

07-29-07 - Machsom Watch wants to branch out to airport

07-29-07 - Abbas calls for co-ordination of efforts with Russia

07-29-07 - Abbas denies reports of talks on Palestinian state Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas denied reports he had held talks with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on setting up a Palestinian state, Russian news agencies reported Sunday.

07-29-07 - Hamas left behind as Palestinians in Egypt return to Gaza

07-29-07 - Armageddon ? Bring It On ** According to the Jewish Blumenthal, the typical CUFI member apparently believes "God" wants Bush to do what Lieberman and the Likudniks are urging him to do ? nuke Tehran ? to trigger an all-out nuke war to bring on Armageddon ? the final climatic battle, waged here on the planet Earth, between God and Satan.

07-29-07 - Why my landlord is expecting the worst In a truly pitiful remark, the UN Secretary-General stated last month: "I regret to have to report that, despite a number of attempts by UN senior officials to obtain information regarding the firing data of cluster munitions utilised (sic) during last summer's conflict, Israel has yet to provide this critical data." To which my reaction is: why not ask Washington for the information? Surely a UN official could take the Amtrak out of New York and pick up the figures from the Pentagon?

07-29-07 - Leftist arrested for 'crossing line marked on floor' Dafna Banai, a Machsom Watch activist who witnessed the incident on Thursday, said, "For the past six months, despite remarks made by senior army officials, the soldiers systematically move us away from the checkpoints......The organization's activists are expected to arrive at the court hearing on Friday carrying protest signs reading, "What does the IDF have to hide at the checkpoints?".

07-29-07 - Israel says U.S. aid to Saudi military is understandable ** "We understand the need of the United States to support the Arab moderate states and there is a need for a united front between the U.S. and us regarding Iran," Olmert told a weekly Cabinet meeting. The rare agreement reflects shared U.S. and Israeli concern with the potential threat of an Iran with nuclear weapons. Israel doesn't dare complain. It knows that we are arming the Saudis and others for our upcoming attack on Iran.

07-29-07 - Coalition of Evangelicals Voices Support for Palestinian State The Rev. Joel C. Hunter, senior pastor of Northland Church in Longwood, Fla., said, ?There is a part of the evangelical family which is what I call Christian Zionists, who are just so staunchly pro-Israel that Israel and their side can do no wrong, and it?s almost anti-Biblical to criticize Israel for anything. But there are many more evangelicals who are really open and seek justice for both parties.? Excellent.

07-29-07 - Lebanese troops advance into camp The Lebanese army has said its troops have moved deeper into a Palestinian refugee camp near Tripoli to try to oust Islamist fighters remaining there.

07-29-07 - Bush to Urge Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia, Gulf States The military assistance agreements would provide $30 billion in new U.S. aid to Israel and $13 billion to Egypt over a decade, Goodrich-Hinton said.

07-29-07 - Palestinian prefers memories to 'rude' present without hope

07-29-07 - Soldier left behind in Gaza Over an hour after completing military operation in Strip, Golani troops realize one soldier missing, only to be found in Palestinian territory due to faulty headcount

07-29-07 - Arms deal to Arab nations opposed Reps. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., and Robert Wexler, D-Fla., said Saturday that they will introduce a joint resolution of disapproval to block the deals when Congress is formally notified. They have seven Democratic co-sponsors. Note to the minions of Israel on Capitol Hill: Israel gave its blessing for this deal. We had to pretty much buy it out of them.

07-29-07 - Hope in deportation fight? The Green Township woman, who is facing deportation to Jordan without her family, may move a step closer to a reprieve next week when U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Westwood, introduces a ?private bill? on her behalf.

07-29-07 - Um Salamona: A Somber Day of Reflection and Resistance The soldier began to taunt and physically assault Jihad, and as the abuse grew, Jihad did what one does in that situation, he defended himself. These two young men, probably around the same age, began brawling. Four nearby Israeli soldiers saw this, jumped out of their jeep, and began beating Jihad with their batons and the butts of their rifles. He fell to the ground but the beating continued. Many more jeeps came as reinforcement. Jihad?s body was carried into a jeep to an unknown location. Hours later Red Crescent got a call to pick up a body, Jihad had been beaten to death.

07-29-07 - Siege camp militants kill Lebanese soldier

07-29-07 - Gaza surfers find freedom in the sea On some days, the Israeli navy fires warning shots toward the beach, cautioning fishermen and swimmers not to venture too far from the shore. But the patrols can't contain the surfers. They may be trapped in Gaza, but riding the waves seems like the great escape.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

News for 07-28-07

07-28-07 - Israeli troops kill two Palestinian gunmen in Gaza

07-28-07 - IDF to provide aid to injured Palestinian IDF soldiers were instructed Saturday to aid a Palestinian man critically injured in an unauthorized shooting by IDF soldiers that occurred Thursday. The IDF's Central Command Chief, Major-General Gadi Shamni, ordered the head of the military's civilian authority to give the man's family entrance permits into Israel and additional aid.

07-28-07 - Weekly nonviolent demonstration held in village of Bil'in

07-28-07 - Christian Group Warns: Iran Wants to Hit Israel First, U.S. Next ** several Jewish organizations in the United States hold that U.S. officials must do everything in their power to persuade the international community to pressure Iran to stop its nuclear ambitions......"If diplomatic options, economic sanctions could work they could only work if there is a threat of another alternative," said Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League. The Israeli lobby makes sure that Israel's problems become OUR problems.

07-28-07 - Hamas starts payment of salaries The Islamist Palestinian movement Hamas has begun paying the overdue wages of more than 10,000 civil servants and members of the security forces.

07-28-07 - Three years after ICJ barrier ruling, access to land still a problem The ICJ observed that these pockets were created for the benefit of Israeli settlements, which it declared were also illegal under international humanitarian law.

07-28-07 - Egypt, Israel agree to transfer stranded Palestinians to Gaza The embassador said the deal will be carried out on Sunday morning and the stranded Palestinians will cross Aloja, which is under control of Egypt and Israel, on many stages.

07-28-07 - Media diversity in danger in Gaza Strip and West Bank Palestinian journalists have for several weeks been living with the fear of being targeted by Hamas or Fatah militants

07-28-07 - Egyptian FM: Bibi not opposed to Arab initiative Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Abul Gheit said Saturday that Arab countries were waiting for a clear indication from Israel that it was interested in discussing peace with its neighbors.

07-28-07 - Tel Rumeida: Violent Settler Attacks Human Rights Workers

07-28-07 - EU will help to ease the movement of Palestinians especially in Rafah

07-28-07 - Palestinian factions criticize omission of reference to resistance Along with Hamas, the Islamic Jihad (Holy War) and the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) also opposed the programme presented by acting Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Friday calling for Palestinians to work towards an end to the occupation, the creation of an independent state and an amicable solution to the refugee problem.

07-28-07 - Gaza students demand access to W. Bank The petitioners called on the army and the Interior Ministry to lift the ban preventing the students from traveling from Gaza to the West Bank and studying in Bethlehem. There is no school for occupational therapy in Gaza.

07-28-07 - Lebanese troops kill 8 Islamic militants

07-28-07 - Building a foundation in Clifton In the mid-1970s there were only a few Muslim students attending Clifton High School. That made it difficult for Yassin Abu Romi, a Palestinian who immigrated with his father from East Jerusalem in 1975. He was one of about a dozen foreign-born students in the senior class.

07-28-07 - France fears new war in Lebanon The French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, has warned that Lebanon faces the danger of renewed war if there is not a resumption of political dialogue.

07-28-07 - 'We blocked US plans' - Hezbollah "This war aimed to impose a new Middle East, broken up into confessional and ethnic mini-states, serving the interests of the United States and Israel,"

07-28-07 - Hebron Reflection: Fear or Forgiveness?

07-28-07 - Hebron Reflection Hebrew University Part 2 Between those few and the zealots who have no conception of Palestinians as
human beings are a great number of people who express nicely packaged sentiments
about co-existence but are too comfortable or too afraid or both to advocate for
any real change. It reminds me of reading Dr. King's Letter from a Birmingham
Jail in which he responds to a group of clergymen who had cautioned against what
they considered provocative activity......Israel and its friends abroad need to start asking themselves about their
responsibilities to Palestine, instead of always about the Palestinian's
responsibilities to Israel. Under the current status quo the responsibility of
the Palestinians to Israel is that of African-Americans to Jim Crow and of
non-white South Africans to apartheid. None.

07-28-07 - Resentment stirs in Hizbollah faithful the official did not expect a war soon, saying that it would take both the Israelis and the movement at least two to three years to be ready to fight.

07-28-07 - RACIST BLOG WITHDRAWN FROM BBC MESSAGE BOARD FOLLOWING PROTEST FROM BOARD OF DEPUTIES The allegation that Jewish teaching permitted Jews to deal dishonestly with non-Jews seems clearly to breach quite a number of these rules, as does the suggestion that Zionism is a racist ideology." Zionism has developed into an ideology that holds Jews supreme over those native Arab inhabitants of "Zion", or Palestine, that were cleansed to make way for Israel. Exhibit A: How many Israeli ARABS inhabit the settlements in the West Bank? ZERO. Zionism is supremacism.

07-28-07 - Bush's Real Agenda in Palestine one must not lose sight of the regional context. The Israeli lobby and its neo- conservative allies in the US administration and in the media are eager for a military showdown with Iran, which would weaken Syria's political standing in any future negotiation with Israel in regards to the occupied Golan Heights, and which would obliterate the military strength of Hizbullah, proven to be the toughest enemy Israel has ever faced in its decades-long conflict with the Arabs.

07-28-07 - Israel likely to devise missiles for India Pakistan's cruise missiles that can hit hundreds of miles inside India prompted New Delhi to accept an Israeli plan to develop a cruise missile interceptor.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

News for 07-27-07

07-27-07 - Fatah officials blamed over Gaza

07-27-07 - Hundreds protest near UNRWA offices in refugee camps all over the West Bank Hundreds of Palestinian refugees and their supporters organized protests, on Thursday, all over the West Bank in front of the United Nations Relief Work Agency ? UNRWA- offices due to the cuts in aid and funding money to the Palestinian refugees.

07-27-07 - Israeli sources: PA has helped foil terror attacks Palestinian security organizations loyal to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas have transferred information on terrorist plots in the West Bank to Israel, Israeli security sources said. The information served Israeli security services in countering plans to carry out terrorist attacks.

07-27-07 - OPT - Israel: Gaza 'almost completely' aid-dependent "People hate having to ask for assistance. People want work," said Sime. "They want aid in the form of job-creation programmes." Such programmes may remain a pipedream if the borders stay shut.

07-27-07 - News feature: Poor prospects for 6,000 Palestinians stranded in Sinai

07-27-07 - Rice- won?t promise Palestine by 09 The quest for Palestinian statehood might outlast the Bush presidency, Condoleezza Rice said.

07-27-07 - Lavrov voices concern over Palestine

07-27-07 - Bedouins under threat in Israeli-Egypt border area

07-27-07 - Israeli military suspends company The army said the soldiers, on a foot patrol near Hebron, had commandeered a Palestinian taxi and had shot a man who had come near them.

07-27-07 - Palestinian cab driver relates hijacking, shooting incident Soldiers stopped a taxi at random, told its passengers to get out and tied up and blindfolded the driver. From what please gathered so far it appeared that at a certain point a Palestinian carrying a shovel neared the vehicle and the troops called to him to stop. When the man failed to stop, the commander, apparently feeling threatened, ordered the soldiers to open fire. After wounding him, they left him bleeding on the street and fled the scene.

07-27-07 - Hamas' marketing campaign for Gaza: 'Safe, clean and green' They call it the "Gaza Riviera." Lime-green Hamas banners flutter over Gaza City with a message in English for aid workers and journalists worried about being kidnapped: "No more threat for our foreign visitors and guests."

07-27-07 - Brown to appoint his own Middle East envoy

07-27-07 - Palestinian govt platform drops "armed resistance" "In this platform, we are very clear that the armed resistance must come to an end because it has nothing to do with establishing the state," Like it or not, many states came about as a result of armed resistance against an occupying army. That's how America was born.

07-27-07 - Palestinian student dies of wounds A university student shot during a brawl between supporters of Fatah and Hamas at a West Bank university died of his wounds Friday, hospital officials said.

07-27-07 - At-Tuwani Update: 11 July - 24 July 2007

07-27-07 - Union of Disabled Palestinians office raided by Israeli troops In an Israeli invasion of the city of Qalqilia Thursday, troops raided the office of the Union of Disabled Palestinians in the West Bank city.

07-27-07 - Soldiers die in Lebanese clashes

07-27-07 - Jerusalem hails Muslim woman cabbie In her conservative Muslim community, Mrs Bahr says that it is her female Muslim friends that have been her biggest champions.

07-27-07 - US to fund defense systems for Israel The new system would be used in addition to Israel's existing sophisticated 'Arrow' system, a project the US continues to fund.
On Thursday the House Appropriations Committee voted to give Israel an additional $70 million in defense aid beyond the $80 million requested by the administration.
Are our men in Iraq being given the best equipment there is? Why are we continuing to fund Israel defense projects when their economy is booming and ours continues to tank? Outrageous.

07-27-07 - Israel urges 'damaging' Iran sanctions Israel is anxious that the international community has "taken its eye off the ball" in the effort to ratchet up economic and diplomatic pressure on the Islamic Republic, while the nuclear program speeds relentlessly ahead, The Jerusalem Post has been told.

07-27-07 - Ramon: withdraw from most of West Bank "In my eyes, the occupation of the territories threatens our very existence, our legitimacy and our international standing," Haim Ramon told Israel Radio

07-27-07 - Beverly Hills looks to Holy Land Beverly Hills is looking for a "sister city" in Israel, its mayor said.

07-27-07 - Bush signs ports bill with boycott clause A bill increasing scrutiny over foreign purchases of American ports signed by President Bush includes a provision targeting the Arab boycott of Israel.

07-27-07 - Obama would talk up Israel with Iran "If I sit down with a leader of Iran, I will send them a strong message that Israel is our friend and that we will assist in their security and that we don?t find nuclear weapons acceptable," Obama said in a conference call Thursday.

07-27-07 - Senate approves increased funding for non-profits A significant portion of $50 million allocated for 2005 and 2006 went to Jewish institutions. In the past, federal funds have been used by non-profits for security enhancements, such as concrete barriers.

07-27-07 - Supporting the Palestinian Business Sector: The Middle East Investment Initiative

07-27-07 - 15-year old boy to be deported after half his life in Norway according to UNE, the 15-year-old's attachment to Norway is not strong enough to allow him to stay. The immigration authorities argue that "Hamodi" and his mother are from a culture where family ties are strong. "He has siblings, and a number of uncles and aunts in Syria. We are not informed that he has strong ties to Norwegian places or Norwegian friends," a statement from UNE read.

07-27-07 - Gaza was a Gas for Blair

07-27-07 - Miliband says UK needs U.S. alliance to secure goals Miliband denied suggestions by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, reported by Britain's Guardian newspaper on Thursday, that London had expanded links with the Palestinian Islamist group.

07-27-07 - U.S. plans big arms sale to Saudi Arabia: report ** the proposal for advanced weapons for Saudi Arabia has stoked concern in Israel and among its U.S. backers, the Times said......Senior officials, including State Department and Pentagon officials who outlined the deals' terms, told the Times they thought the Bush administration had resolved those concerns, partly by offering Israel more than $30 billion in military aid over the next 10 years, which would be a significant increase over recent levels.....The Times said officials described the plan as intended to bolster Gulf countries' militaries in a bid to contain Iran's growing strength in the region, as well as to demonstrate Washington's commitment to its Arab allies.

07-27-07 - U.S. to expand aid in Mideast The comprehensive regional aid-and-weapons package is meant to compensate Israel for the sale of U.S. weapons to countries Israel considers potential enemies. But those sales are nonetheless certain to draw opposition from pro-Israeli organizations and human rights organizations.

07-27-07 - Baseball lobby scandal sinks ex-AIPAC staffer's new job A former top fundraiser for AIPAC has been ordered to repay $70,000 in unauthorized expenses to a previous employer, a baseball political action committee.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

News for 07-26-07

07-26-07 - Six Palestinians killed by Israelis A fifth Palestinian -- 20-year-old Jihad al-Shaer -- was shot dead by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank village of Taqoa, near Bethlehem, after attacking a soldier at a checkpoint, medics and witnesses said.
An army spokeswoman said a soldier fell down after the Palestinian tried to stab him and that the Palestinian died after he was "hit" by another soldier.......In the village of Al-Dhahiriyeh in the south, 18-year-old Adham Nazmi al-Shalami was shot and wounded seriously in the chest by Israeli special forces while working in his father's quarry, Palestinian medics said.

07-26-07 - IDF suspends officer whose troops shot a Palestinian without justification The Israel Defense Forces suspended a platoon commander Thursday, after his troops shot and wounded a Palestinian civilian without any apparent justification in the Southern Hebron Hills earlier in the day.

07-26-07 - Palestinian security chief quits in wake of Gaza defeat Mohammed Dahlan, the Palestinian national security adviser, said he was quitting because of poor health, but some officials said that he had been asked to resign to take responsibility for the recent defeat in Gaza.

07-26-07 - Palestinians willing to restart peace talks amidst an Israeli proposal

07-26-07 - Israel ready to discuss Arab peace initiative: Olmert Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Wednesday that Israel would like to launch serious discussions on the Arab peace initiative with "an open heart and an open head."

07-26-07 - One killed as army invades village near Bethlehem

07-26-07 - CORRECTION: Israel transferred 1,000 rifles to Palestinian

07-26-07 - Rice: Israel's future is in the Negev and Galilee "I believe that Israel understands too that it has obligations that need to be met and need to be met now, because the future of Israel is not under the continued occupation of the West Bank," Rice said. "The future of Israel is in building a strong Israeli state in places like the Negev and Galilee."

07-26-07 - Under cover forces invades Jenin refugee camp and kidnapped a resistance fighter An under cover Israeli army force invaded Jenin refugee camp located in the city of Jenin in the northern part of the West Bank and kidnapped one Palestinian resistance fighter there on Thursday midday.

07-26-07 - Investigators say 60 Palestinian officers to be tried for letting Gaza fall to Hamas

07-26-07 - Lavrov, Mashal discuss situation on Palestinian territories Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had a telephone conversation with Hamas? political bureau chief Khaled Mashal on Thursday to discuss the situation on Palestinian territories.

07-26-07 - Abbas security chief Dahlan resigns Palestinian security chief Mohammad Dahlan resigned on Thursday, six weeks after his forces were routed by Hamas Islamists in the Gaza Strip, two senior officials told Reuters.

07-26-07 - Palestinians Ponder Solutions to Crisis People living in the Palestinian Territories have different views on the adequate way to deal with the current political turmoil, according to a poll by Fafo

07-26-07 - Economic and Social Council adopts texts on Palestinian people, Independence for colonial countries, social development The Council adopted a resolution by a roll-call vote of 29 in favour to 2 against, with 18 abstentions on the economic and social repercussions of the Israeli occupation on the living conditions of the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan, in which it called for the lifting of the severe restrictions imposed on the Palestinian people to alleviate the desperate humanitarian situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

07-26-07 - US wants Israeli-Palestinian deal within year: Abbas US President George W. Bush is looking to reach a final status Israeli-Palestinian agreement before he leaves office, Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said in an interview published on Thursday.

07-26-07 - INTERVIEW-Abbas says will alter voting law, may hamper Hamas Asked whether voting could take place in the West Bank while leaving an election in Gaza aside or holding it over for later, he said: "We do not want to divide the homeland.

07-26-07 - Tensions rise in West Bank city The observer group said that during a three-month period ending Jan. 31, a total 35 complaints of settler violence and harassment were received, and that number grew to 71 cases over the course of the following three months.

07-26-07 - Delay: US and Israel must enjoy second coming That evangelical support for Israel is largely based on "End Times" theology is largely irrelevant to the Israeli politicians who share the goal of expanding settlements into the West Bank and a military strike on Iran, but it is anything but irrelevant to the rank-and-file members and even one former House Majority Leader.

07-26-07 - Panel to probe alleged IDF war crimes in Second Lebanon War Gal-On said serious accusations made by human rights organizations, who reported that the IDF committed war crimes and harmed the civilian population of Lebanon, strengthened her conviction that these claims must be probed.

07-26-07 - Gag lifted on arrest of Israeli allegedly recruited by Hezbollah The Shin Bet security service on Tuesday lifted a gag order on the June arrest of a woman who allegedly admitted during questioning that she had been recruited by the Hezbollah.

07-26-07 - Syria threatened to fight in Lebanon war-Hezbollah

07-26-07 - Iraq refugee summit offers help

07-26-07 - Deal ends Israel general strike

07-26-07 - U.S. Kills Plans to Build Embassy in Hezbollah Area of Beirut U.S. officials say the proposed embassy site is just a few hundred yards from the scene of fierce fighting last summer between Hezbollah and Israeli forces.

07-26-07 - Palestinian doctor will not forgive Libyan jailors The Palestinian, who recently received Bulgarian citizenship, and the nurses were freed on Tuesday after more than eight years in detention, under a cooperation deal between Libya and the European Union.

07-26-07 - The ivory tower behind the Apartheid Wall

07-26-07 - Gearing Up For The Next Administration Groups on the Jewish right, he said, have a built-in advantage at this stage of the presidential contest: the desire of most major candidates to avoid even the faintest hint of conflict with pro-Israel groups. Kahn said groups like the Zionist Organization of America are starting to exploit that advantage by pressing candidates from both parties to flesh out their broad pro-Israel pronouncements with details

07-26-07 - LA evangelical leader: Iran confrontation 'inevitable' he said he was "very gratified" when President George W. Bush was elected, given his unwavering commitment to Israel's interests and in his antiterror policies

07-26-07 - Lebanese army 'tightens noose' on Islamists in camp Two soldiers were killed late Thursday by a shell fired by Islamists inside the camp, bringing the troop toll to 122. This figure included a soldier whose body was was recovered earlier from the camp. Two soldiers were also wounded.

07-26-07 - How Truth Slips Down the Memory Hole Dr. David Halpin, a British trauma surgeon who works with Palestinian children, emailed the BBC's Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen. "The BBC should report the alleged details about the shooting," he wrote. "It should honor Alan [Johnston] as a journalist by reporting the facts, uncomfortable as they might be to Israel." He received no reply.

07-26-07 - Lebanon: Refugees again "How long must the Palestinian people endure tragedy? How many times do we have to be displaced?" The speaker is Abu Hisham, sitting in Beddawi camp surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

07-26-07 - BUNGLERS IN WASHINGTON GET EVERYTHING WRONG The administration continues to blame the Palestinians for every problem there and, although they have shown incompetence and often cruelty, the fact is nothing happens on its own. In order to bring an Israeli-Palestinian peace, the United States would have to become an independent negotiator, in the style of James Baker in the administration of Father Bush, and force both sides to negotiate and compromise.

07-26-07 - U.S. candidates see Iran nuclear threat All were asked by the Israel Project to discuss their views and endorse a petition signed on-line by more than 75,000 people telling the United Nations Security Council "Iran must be stopped now -- before it develops a nuclear bomb." Jump for your masters. Bark like a dog.

07-26-07 - Israel believed close to Saudi meeting A senior government source said Israel is close to meeting with Saudi Arabian officials.

07-26-07 - Rice: 'There will be a Palestinian state' Prior to her visit to the Middle East next week, U.S. Secretary Condoleezza Rice told an Arabic broadcaster in Washington "There will be a Palestinian state."

07-26-07 - Israel's occupation remains poisonous

07-26-07 - Anti-Zionist rabbis demand IDF protection during shmita year

07-26-07 - U.S. Unions Organize Against British Boycott As the number of British labor unions passing Israel boycott resolutions has snowballed in recent months, American trade union officials have raised alarms over the growing phenomenon, which encompasses boycotts of Israeli goods and academic institutions. Last week, nearly every top union leader in America signed on to a statement drafted by the Jewish Labor Committee decrying the raft of boycott proposals as non-constructive. US unions need to get a clue and get with the program.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

News for 07-25-07

07-25-07 - Palestinian boy, 14, says was attacked by two settlers A 14-year-old Palestinian youth said he was attacked by two armed settlers on Tuesday near the village Kafr Kusra, south of Nablus.

07-25-07 - Israeli army kidnaps six Palestinians from Nablus The Israeli army kidnapped six Palestinians early Tuesday morning during an invasion of the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank.

07-25-07 - Presidential Guard attacks Barghouti's children Palestinian security forces in Ramallah attacked the children of former Fatah Secretary-General in the West Bank Marwan Barghouti, the Al-Hayat al-Jadida newspaper reported Tuesday

07-25-07 - Hamas leader claims UK has widened links Mr Haniyeh, who was the Palestinian prime minister until last month, claims that contacts between Hamas and Britain have increased since they worked together to free Alan Johnston, the BBC Gaza correspondent, who was held captive in Gaza for almost four months.

07-25-07 - Arab leaders hold talks in Israel on peace plan Foreign ministers from Jordan and Egypt held rare talks in Israel yesterday to present an Arab League peace plan for an independent Palestinian state.

07-25-07 - Arabs woo Israel over peace plan The proposal envisages the recognition of Israel if it leaves occupied Palestinian land.

07-25-07 - Report: Palestinian children in Israeli detention abused, tortured The report includes personal testimonies from children that expose physical and sexual abuse at the hands of the Israeli army and brutal treatment during lengthy periods of interrogation. At the end of the interrogation process the children were told to sign papers, despite not knowing what they were signing.

07-25-07 - Hamas warns Israel against targeting Islamic movement leaders The military wing of Hamas has warned Israel on Wednesday against targeting any leader of the Islamic movement in Gaza Strip.

07-25-07 - Palestinian president says he is close to calling new elections Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday said he is close to calling new legislative elections, a move designed to freeze the Hamas militant group from power.

07-25-07 - Olmert wants talks on Palestinian state 'principles'

07-25-07 - Israeli army attacks Palestinian civilian in Hebron Palestinian sources in the southern West Bank city of Hebron reported that Israeli soldiers attacked and injured a Palestinian civilian on Wednesday morning.

07-25-07 - Unidentified gunmen attack Palestinian local TV station in Nablus A group of masked unidentified gunmen attacked and damaged a local television station in the centre of the northern West Bank city of Nablus late Tuesday night.

07-25-07 - Israel blocks new wildcat settlement

07-25-07 - U.N. Mideast envoy warns of economic collapse in Gaza Strip if cargo crossing remain closed Michael Williams said the closure of the Karni crossing in early June has prevented the export of agricultural and industrial goods to Israel, the West Bank and elsewhere, as well as the import of materials needed for manufacturing and construction ? bringing the Gaza economy to a standstill.

07-25-07 - Hamas leader alleges Fatah involvement in corruption

07-25-07 - Israeli nabbed in Costa Rica drug bust Costa Rican police say they have arrested an Israeli citizen in connection with the largest seizure of the designer drug ecstasy in the country?s history.

07-25-07 - US favors 'constructive' Mideast efforts The United States welcomes Arab-Israeli talks on a Saudi-inspired Middle East peace plan but believes key issues were best left to the Israelis and Palestinians, the White House said Wednesday.

07-25-07 - Hezbollah leader suggests Israel may be behind attacks on U.N. peacekeepers "It will be very embarrassing for the Israelis, especially if they are thinking in the next war to launch a large-scale land invasion (of south Lebanon), to have UNIFIL troops there," Nasrallah said.

07-25-07 - Re-Targeting Syria, the "Ho Chi Minh Trail of Terrorists?" former Bush speech-writer and Christian rightist Michael Gerson complains that the administration?s military reaction to alleged subversion in Iraq by Iran and Syria has been "muted" but concedes that attacking Iran could be problematic. "Syria, however, is what one former administration official calls ?lower-hanging fruit,?"

07-25-07 - Lebanese army steps up shelling of Islamists

07-25-07 - Hamas uses charity for 'terror,' US court told Prosecutors contend that Texas-based Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development sent more than 12 million dollars to committees in the Palestinian territories controlled by Hamas, which Washington calls a terrorist organization.

07-25-07 - Few Muslims 'back suicide bombs' However, 70% of Palestinians interviewed said they believed such attacks were sometimes justifiable. ......The survey also suggests that as countries and families grow richer, optimism increases, as well as support for ruling governments.

07-25-07 - Woman recounts West Bank travels In her view, Israeli settlements built in the occupied territories halt peace negotiations; similarly, the poor conditions of Palestinian roads and the 20-foot high wall Israel constructed along its territory add to the already strained relations

07-25-07 - Some Jews oppose land bill "It's not appropriate for the government of the State of Israel, which must serve all of its citizens, to take actions that discriminate against its non-Jewish minority, specifically its Arab minority." Right on.

07-25-07 - U.N. chief rebuked for Israel support Islamic states criticized U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for condemning the singling out of Israel by the Human Rights Council, according to a Geneva-based watchdog group.

07-25-07 - Obama, Clinton feud on talks with Assad and other despots The Obama-Clinton contretemps comes as the pro-Israel lobby has made isolating Iran its signature issue and after Republicans attacked U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in April for meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad.

07-25-07 - Archbishop: Church in the Holy Land must say ?enough? to violence's logic The Catholic Church in the Holy Land, in the face of ?painful suffering,? must ?raise our voices to say ?enough?? to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories, to killings, to other human-rights violations and to ?the logic of violence,? said the coadjutor of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

07-25-07 - Israeli military court extends detention of head of women's society Al Huda Society for Women works to support hundreds of orphans and employs more than 300 countryside women in handicrafts.

07-25-07 - Congress mulls Jewish refugee cause Two resolutions currently before Congress aim at requiring that any international discussion mentioning Palestinian refugees refer to Jewish refugees as well. It is the latest attempt to bring greater attention to the issue of Jewish refugees from Arab countries.

07-25-07 - U.N. peacekeeper killed in Lebanon A French peacekeeper working on a U.N. demining team was killed Wednesday when an unexploded shell from last summer's war between Israel and Hezbollah blew up as he was trying to clear it, a U.N. official said.

07-25-07 - We've heard so many promises After 40 years of occupation, the idea that progress can be achieved with goodwill gestures such as tiny prisoner releases and the removal of a few checkpoints is misguided.

07-25-07 - America puts Israel's enemies on trial

07-25-07 - Public sector strike hits Israel Public sector workers in Israel have begun an indefinite general strike to demand higher pay.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

News for 07-24-07

07-24-07 - Israeli planes strike Gaza Strip Israel has carried out an air strike on Gaza, damaging a block of flats.

07-24-07 - Five wounded in Israeli air strike in Gaza An Israeli air strike wounded at least five Palestinians in Gaza City on Tuesday, witnesses and medics said.

07-24-07 - Fatah, Hamas clash at Nablus University

07-24-07 - Saudi Arabia backs out of Arab peace initiative Saudi king gets cold feet over suspicions of Iran and fears of terror attacks sponsored by al-Qaeda, Israeli official says

07-24-07 - Blair sees hope after first talks with Middle East leaders Many expect Mr Blair will try to extend the remit of his new job beyond the task of supporting Palestinian governance and economic development. He is thought to want to arrange the renewal of a broader peace process. Some among the Palestinians support that idea, but many Israeli officials are less keen.

07-24-07 - Blair's first trip as Mideast envoy met with support, skepticism

07-24-07 - Israeli settlers set fire to Olive fields in Dier Al Hattab and Salem villages, near Nablus Israeli settlers from the "Alon Moreh" settlement, located to the north of Nablus City, set fire to fields in the Dier Al Hattab and Salem villages near Nablus on Sunday night.

07-24-07 - ACT Appeal: Gaza Crisis, Occupied Palestinian Territories In addition to the crisis in Gaza, the on-going blockage of funds by international donors and the withholding of money from taxes and custom duties collected for the Palestinian National Authority by the Israeli government since March 2006, has created a dire humanitarian situation for the majority of Palestinians in the West Bank.

07-24-07 - Minister accuses Hamas of tapping his phone

07-24-07 - Palestinian Authority arrests 13 Hamas supporters in Bethlehem Ahmad Al Hadar, the commander of the Palestinian security forces in the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, announced on Tuesday that the Palestinian security forces arrested 13 Palestinians this week, after accusing them of being members of the Hamas affiliated executive force.

07-24-07 - Hamas learns of Israeli plans to assassinate movement leaders in Gaza Palestinian sources told the London-based newspaper Al Haiyah that Israel is planning to conduct a wide-scale military offensive in the Gaza strip in the near future. This military offensive is said to include plans for the assassination of four senior Hamas leaders, among them deposed Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

07-24-07 - Abu Zuhri denies reports of internal conflict within Hamas over events in Gaza Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, spokesman for Hamas in the Gaza strip, denied reports of an internal dispute within Hamas over last month's events in Gaza.

07-24-07 - Gaza militants say won't attack Egyptian border without factional arrangements

07-24-07 - Jordan's King presses Bush on Mideast peace issues Jordan's King Abdullah II pressed US President George W. Bush Tuesday to step up Middle East peace efforts and told him Israel must ease limits on Palestinian movement, Jordan's embassy said.

07-24-07 - Barghouthi: Israel expanding settlements, covering up attacks Palestinian MP and ex-Minister of Information Mustafa Al Barghouthi accused Israel of expanding settlements and covering up attacks by right-wing Jewish settlers on Palestinians. He also criticized the lack of condemnation of these activities by the international community.

07-24-07 - Norway behind Hamas tape of Israel prisoner: report Hardline Palestinian movement Hamas last month issued a tape from an Israeli soldier being detained in the Gaza Strip under pressure from Norway, Israeli army radio reported on Tuesday

07-24-07 - Murdoch, Son Differ Sharply Over Israel The elder "Murdoch was at one point putting the traditional very right-wing view on Israel and the Middle East peace process and James said that he was ?talking f? nonsense.'

07-24-07 - A tribute to my grandparents' home

07-24-07 - Hezbollah says prisoner-swap talks with Israel still underway The head of Lebanon's Shiite movement Hezbollah said on Tuesday that UN-mediated talks with Israel over an exchange of prisoners were continuing, but he would not provide details.

07-24-07 - Nasrallah: We squashed Greater Israel plan Speaking to al-Jazeera, Nasrallah said his organization had weapons capable of reaching every corner of Israel.

07-24-07 - Sharp rise in Israelis seeking German citizenship The number of Israelis who obtained German citizenship rose sharply last year in a sign that a younger generation of Jews is shedding an aversion to the country where the Holocaust was masterminded.

07-24-07 - New army deaths at Lebanon camp

07-24-07 - U.N. Council asked to address Syrian arms smuggling The United States, Britain and France want U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to pursue ways to stop weapons flowing into Lebanon over the Syrian border, according to a draft U.N. statement on Tuesday.

07-24-07 - In pictures Palestinian cartoonist remembered 20 years after fatal shooting

07-24-07 - Hummus brings Israelis, Palestinians to the table

07-24-07 - Hunter: 'Postage stamp' Israel should not give up 'one inch' of territory On May 20, Hunter, a California Republican, voiced his position during a meeting with Christian Zionists in Alexandria, Va

07-24-07 - Accountability sought on Palestinian aid Canada must ?ensure full accountability and transparency? regarding the $8 million Canada intends to give the Palestinian people, a Canadian Jewish leader said.

07-24-07 - Channel 10 crew sneaks into Gaza The IDF closed Sufa Crossing on Tuesday after a Channel 10 crew managed to bypass Israeli security, cross into the Gaza Strip and interview several Palestinians.

07-24-07 - Egyptian FM calls on Israel to show wish for peace talks before his visit to Jewish state

07-24-07 - Anger mounts as more soldiers fall in Lebanon battle camp "There is not a single house where there is no soldier," explained 42-year-old Zeina Sufain, who lost her 19-year-old son Firas on May 22. "There is no work here. Even for those who go to school," she said.

07-24-07 - US Treasury moves against Hezbollah 'support network'

07-24-07 - From Jan. 2007: Iranian Jews Reject Outside Calls To Leave ** In recent months, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Israeli officials and some American Jewish communal leaders have urged Iranian Jews to leave. But so far, despite generally being allowed to travel to Israel and emigrate abroad, Iranian Jews have stayed put. This goes along with the recent story of pro-Israeli/Israeli(?) officials offering Iranian Jews cold hard cash to lure them out of Iran and into Israel. The question: why? What's the rush? Impending attack?

07-24-07 - Commentary: Intelligent intelligence CSIS' Transnational Threats Project, which this writer directs, recruited 15 experts on Islamist extremism in Europe from the Middle East (including Israel), North Africa, Europe, the United States and Canada, and networked them 24/7 with a state-of-the-art, electronic collaborative software tool. They were known as TIN members -- for Trusted Information Network.

07-24-07 - Congressmen warn Bush on terrorist funding On Monday, Reps. Steve Rothman (D-N.J.) and Mike Pence (R-Ind.) asked colleagues to sign a letter demanding that no money be handed over to Palestinian recipients "if there is a chance that those resources could be redirected to terrorist organizations such as Hamas."

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

News for 07-23-07

07-23-07 - Palestinian gunmen storm Fatah offices in Gaza

07-23-07 - Paralysis in the Palestinian Parliament

07-23-07 - Hamas willing to negotiate with Blair Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri indicated that the Hamas movement was willing to open talks with the Quartet?s new envoy, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, but reiterated their refusal to negotiate with the Israeli state.

07-23-07 - West Bank Hamas leader says seizing Gaza was wrong A high-ranking Hamas official in the occupied West Bank criticised on Monday how the group's Gaza allies seized that territory by force and said part of Hamas was mulling ways to make peace with their Fatah rivals

07-23-07 - Israeli settlers take control of Homesh settlement

07-23-07 - Beinisch: IDF ignored court on removal of Hebron barrier According to petitioners, the smaller concrete wall was set up to obstruct Palestinian shepherds from crossing the road with their herds of livestock. The petitioners claim this was done to keep the area east of Route 317 under the control of Jewish settlers

07-23-07 - Hamas investigates "honour" killing of 3 sisters "There is a law and no one should take the law into his hands," said Executive Force Spokesman Islam Shahwan. "The defendants will be jailed and brought to justice".

07-23-07 - Scores of Israeli right wing extremists storm the Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem On Monday, scores of Israeli right wing extremists stormed the Al Aqsa mosque in the city of Jerusalem.

07-23-07 - Fatah MP shot and wounded in Gaza Strip A parliamentarian in the Fatah movement of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas was shot and wounded by masked men in his offices at Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on Monday, witnesses and medical sources said.

07-23-07 - Islamic Jihad shells southern Israel, wounding three A military wing of the Islamic Jihad (Holy War) movement claimed responsibility on Monday for firing a home-made rocket into southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, wounding three Israelis

07-23-07 - Hebron Update 07-06-17 to 07-06-30

07-23-07 - Blair arrives in Israel on first trip as Middle East envoy

07-23-07 - Canada resumes support for Palestinian government Canada will give the new Palestinian government C$8 million ($7.6 million) in direct aid and more could follow now that Hamas is no longer in the government, Foreign Minister Peter MacKay said on Monday.

07-23-07 - Hezbollah says didn't confirm Israeli captives alive

07-23-07 - In Lebanon, the UN and Hizbullah make unlikely bedfellows

07-23-07 - Wanted, for crimes against the state Bishara denies the accusations brought against him, and argues that the real reason for the investigation is not his actions during the Lebanon war but his long-held and widely published call for a fundamental change to the nature of the Israeli state: his belief that the country should no longer be a Jewish state but must protect Arab rights and become a "state for all its citizens".

07-23-07 - Hague likely to host Lebanon court on Hariri death The United Nations has asked the Netherlands to host a special court to try the suspected killers of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, a U.N. spokeswoman said on Monday

07-23-07 - Controversial Play in Spotlight at Contemporary American Theater Festival

07-23-07 - 11 Lebanese soldiers wounded in clashes with Islamists

07-23-07 - Israeli president calls on world to unite against Iran Israeli President Shimon Peres called on the world in an interview Tuesday to form a united front against Iran that would force the Islamic republic to end its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

07-23-07 - Dancing to a record A record 2,743 Israeli Arabs danced their way into the Guinness Book of World Records with the largest and longest group performance of the Debka.

07-23-07 - Jewish group wants Outremont Liberal pulled from byelection B'Nai Brith Canada has asked Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion to remove new star candidate Jocelyn Coulon from an upcoming byelection in Montreal's Outremont riding because of his past stance on Israel.

07-23-07 - Rafah Children Honor Rachel Corrie

07-23-07 - Former President Jimmy Carter Speaks in Iowa City Noting "the powerful influence" of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which pursues what Carter characterized as "its legitimate goal of defending the policies of Israel's most conservative governments and arousing maximum support in our country," Carter cautioned that "Under AIPAC pressure there are few significant countervailing forces in the public arena, and any balanced debate is still practically non-existent in the U.S. Congress or among presidential candidates."....."The bottom line is this," he said. "Israel will never find peace until it is willing to withdraw from its neighbors' land and permit the Palestinians to exercise their basic human and political rights.

07-23-07 - New Group Works for "MY Right to Enter/Reenter" Territories

07-23-07 - Boycott leader claims he has been subjected to ?sustained vilification? Tom Hickey, the UK-based lecturer who first proposed a resolution calling for an academic boycott of Israel, has claimed he has been made the victim of a sustained campaign of vilification at the hands of various professors and powerful persons in the US and Israel.

07-23-07 - Gone Fishing "We challenge the Israeli bullets," the old man states defiantly. "But we are only allowed to fish within an eight-kilometer area. Even if we don't go beyond that, often we are still shot at."

07-23-07 - JORDAN-SYRIA: Deputy UNHCR head wraps up two-country tour Johnstone praised government policy towards the estimated 1.5 million refugees, but expressed concern for the 1,400 Palestinians stranded in makeshift desert camps on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

07-23-07 - Secretary Rice should follow her own example With time so short, Rice should either be shuttling full time or sending out a legion of diplomats to try to ensure that there are enough heavy hitters at the table and enough they're willing to talk about to make all sides want to keep talking.

07-23-07 - Israeli Cable TV Provider Wants to Cancel Christian Network

07-23-07 - Israeli rightists clash with police in ex-settlement Homesh Hundreds of right-wing activists who had infiltrated the former West Bank settlement of Homesh clashed with police Monday morning, which left at least four protestors and two policemen injured, according to police sources.

07-23-07 - IDF appeals to Israeli expatriates Thousands of Israelis who have served in the IDF live in the Diaspora.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

News for 07-22-07

07-22-07 - Israel launches twin air strikes against Gaza militants Two Palestinians were wounded in a later Israeli air raid on a car travelling in Gaza City, but the vehicle's occupants escaped unscathed, medical sources and witnesses said. Instead, two passers-by were injured in the blast, the sources said.

07-22-07 - Israelis kill militants in Gaza Four members of Palestinian militant groups have been killed in Israeli military operations in the northern Gaza Strip.

07-22-07 - 'Tortured' bodies found in Gaza Medics say the bodies of three women bearing signs of torture have been found in a street in the central Gaza Strip.

07-22-07 - Settlers clash with Palestinians near Homesh

07-22-07 - Israeli settlers plan to reoccupy a West Bank settlement Israeli Media sources reported on Saturday that a right wing Israeli groups calling it self " Homish first" is planning on Sunday to reoccupy a West Bank settlement in the northern part of the West Bank that was evacuated during the 2005 Israeli unilateral disengagement plan.

07-22-07 - Palestinian lawmakers fail to ratify government

07-22-07 - An introduction to Hebrew University, Jerusalem If this type of misinformation and outright racism is being disseminated by
Israeli universities, then they are indeed complicit in the growing apartheid
regime taking hold here, making it harder and harder for Palestinian society,
thousands of years in the making, to survive.

07-22-07 - Hamas denies report that Iran asked them to delay Shalit release

07-22-07 - Israeli textbook states Arab view

07-22-07 - USS Liberty survivor assails former Navy lawyer's view Cristol seeks to discredit our eyewitness accounts by maligning our motives and falsely claiming Arab financing and influence.....The false accounts of our opponents illustrate once again why we survivors have sought for 40 years to have a full, complete, open investigation where we can testify under oath.

07-22-07 - The Threat of American Public Opinion Unequivocal elite support for Israel, while a major roadblock to serious peace efforts in the Middle East, is hardly beyond challenge or correction. Activists and progressives throughout the U.S. need to learn to better utilize their biggest strength: an American public which shares major reservations about supporting Israel and its war crimes.

07-22-07 - Ze'ev Schiff Israeli author, military analyst and journalist who said things others dared not utter

07-22-07 - Textbooks to give Arab view on Israel's birth A new third grade textbook for Israeli Arab students acknowledges that Israel's creation was a tragedy for Palestinians, Israeli officials said yesterday......She said the education ministry had no plans to introduce the Arab narrative into textbooks for Jewish students.

07-22-07 - Israeli amnesty offer divides militants

07-22-07 - UNWRA struggles to provide full diabetes treatment service to refugees

07-22-07 - Mob wars hit new heights in Israel

07-22-07 - Counter Tourism Two women from Boston are stirring up anger and passions by leading trips to the West Bank that show young Jews what an Israel-sponsored outing won't. Great article.

07-22-07 - Orlev: Fire Tamir over Arab text book approval

07-22-07 - Pair will experience Palestinian life

07-22-07 - Three Lebanese soldiers killed by die-hard camp militants Three Lebanese soldiers were killed Sunday in sporadic gunfire between the army and Islamist militants holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp.

07-22-07 - Largest ever Pharaonic-era fort discovered "The three forts are part of a string of 11 castles that made up the Horus military road that went from Suez all the way to the city of Rafah on the Egyptian-Palestinian border and dates to the 18th and 19th dynasties (1560-1081 BC)," antiquities supreme Zahi Hawwas said in a statement.

07-22-07 - Iran: No secret arms deal with Syria Iran's foreign ministry spokesman on Sunday dismissed as a "media game" recent reports of a secret arms deal with Syria allegedly made in return for an agreement that Damascus would not hold peace talks with Israel

07-22-07 - Israel: Hezbollah hiding arms among civilians Hezbollah is hiding rockets in southern Lebanon among civilians to avoid detection by Israel and U.N. troops, the Israeli army said.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

News for 07-21-07

07-21-07 - Israel kills 2 Hamas gunmen in Gaza: medics Israeli soldiers shot and killed two Hamas gunmen in the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday, Palestinian medics said

07-21-07 - A witness to Palestinian history from behind bars "Before I was jailed the nation was under occupation but united. I could go to Jerusalem or Gaza. But today Jerusalem is isolated, surrounded by a wall, and so is the West Bank.

07-21-07 - Hamas creates 'judicial committee' in Gaza Hamas announced on Saturday the formation of a judicial committee whose work will be to administer justice in the Gaza Strip, which the Islamist movement took over last month.

07-21-07 - Olmert says Israel must leave many West Bank areas Israel will have to withdraw from "many areas" in the occupied West Bank, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in remarks broadcast on Saturday, part of a drive by Middle East power brokers to resume peace efforts.

07-21-07 - Hamas sends warning to Tony Blair The militant Palestinian group Hamas has warned Tony Blair today, that his credibility as the international Middle-East peace envoy will be damaged if he ignores them.

07-21-07 - France hails liberation of Palestinian prisoners "I hope that this will be followed shortly by other gestures and that the remaining 550 prisoners that Israel had agreed to liberate in December 2006 will also be freed,"

07-21-07 - Troops invade village near Nablus, demolish one home, kidnap two residents

07-21-07 - Israel to annex thousand of Dunams from Arab villages Several Arab institutions and parties in Israel started preparations to counter a new Israeli plan that aims at annexing thousands of Dunams from Arab villages in the Galilee in order to expand the regional district of Maali Yousef regional council in the Western Galilee.

07-21-07 - Iran attack could be 2nd Holocaust, Gingrich warns Former US House speaker, who is considering running for presidency on Republican ticket, warns that if Iran acquires nukes, Israel and US would be under severe threat; 'Firing one or more bombs at Israel could be a second Holocaust for the Jewish people,' Gingrich says Message to Newt: America and Israel = 2 separate countries.

07-21-07 - Israel's Olmert rejects Syria conditions for talks Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Syria was setting an "impossible threshold" for peace talks by demanding Israel commit to withdraw fully from the occupied Golan Heights before negotiations resume.

07-21-07 - Reflection: A level playing field with Israel? Tonight I was reminded of the story about Christmas Day in the trenches of World
War I. The story tells about enemy soldiers coming together, as human beings, in
no-man's land to celebrate Christmas.

07-21-07 - 20 rightists forcefully removed from Homesh Police forcefully removed some 20 rightwing activists who arrived early Thursday to the former West Bank settlement of Homesh, which was emptied during the 2005 disengagement.

07-21-07 - US, Europe Firm on Shunning Hamas

07-21-07 - US to keep Blair out of Middle East Tony Blair was told by the United States yesterday that he had no authority to tackle political negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians as he spent his first full day as special envoy to the Middle East.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

News for 07-20-07

07-20-07 - Israeli army invades several West Bank cities and towns, kidnaps 17 civilians

07-20-07 - New Aid for Palestinians Called a Mirage A congressional staff member said: ?Congress will have no problem with this money. There is no new money here, only re-programming.?

07-20-07 - Israeli army levels home in village east of Bethlehem Israeli army bulldozers and military vehicles stormed the village of Al-Asakra, located east of Bethlehem city in the southern West Bank, leveling the house on Thursday at midday.

07-20-07 - Israel looks to bolster Abbas by freeing militants

07-20-07 - In pictures: Palestinian prisoner release

07-20-07 - Israeli army prevents farmers from reaching their land in Al Zawia Israeli soldiers manning a gate in the illegal Israeli wall separating the northern West Bank village of Al Zawia from its agricultural land refused to grant farmers access to their lands on Thursday.

07-20-07 - UN-HABITAT signs pact with Arab agency to build Palestinian medical centre ?The Centre will provide medical services to more than 30,000 people living in Taqua and its 12 villages surrounding Bethlehem,? UN-HABITAT said in a news release. These will include emergency medical services to poor women, children, the elderly and persons with chronic diseases.

07-20-07 - Palestinian underage Detainees are facing harsh treatment in Benjamin Israeli prison

07-20-07 - Ahmadinejad says Iran fully supports Palestinian resistance

07-20-07 - New York Could Host Mideast Peace Conference Egypt's foreign minister announced Thursday that New York may be hosting a Mideast peace conference in September.

07-20-07 - Foreign ministers of Jordan, Egypt to visit Israel Wednesday

07-20-07 - China's special envoy meets with Israeli president Visiting China's special envoy on the Middle East issue Sun Bigan met in Jerusalem with Israeli President Shimon Peres on Thursday.

07-20-07 - Caritas reports on desperate plight of 6,000 Palestinians trapped at border crossing Imagine yourself being in a place that lacks water, food and proper living conditions. Imagine suffering health problems and staying under the hot sun and facing cold nights for more than 40 consecutive days. Imagine people around you are dying. Imagine having no hope for a resolution of this problem. Certainly, we hope you will never be in such a situation, but this is what is happening at this moment for more than 6,000 persons stuck on the Palestinian-Egyptian border.

07-20-07 - Egypt opens shelters in Sinai for stranded Gazans Although Palestinian and Egyptian officials technically control the crossing, it can be blocked by Israel.

07-20-07 - Seven wounded in Bilin's nonviolent demonstration Upon reaching the barricade, Israeli soldiers opened fire randomly on the protestors and showered them with tear gas, injuring seven of the demonstrators.

07-20-07 - Palestinian solution key to regional peace: Jordan FM Middle East peace efforts should focus on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before other issues, the Jordanian foreign minister said in an interview on Friday ahead of a visit to Israel.

07-20-07 - Curfew imposed on Egypt-Gaza border town of Rafah: report

07-20-07 - Jewish refugees from Arab lands speak out at House caucus A congressional caucus heard testimony from Jewish refugees from Arab lands in support of legislation that calls on any peace Middle East peace deal to take into account their expulsion Not a matter for the US Congress.

07-20-07 - Israel slams Iran-Syria alliance Any withdrawal from the Golan, which Israel captured from Syria in the 1967 Middle East war and annexed in 1981, would see the Jewish state "find itself without peace and without the Golan," Eitan said. Not theirs to keep in the first place.

07-20-07 - CNN in Bilin: Blames the Victim In a report airing this morning on CNN, reporter Cal Perry produced a story on the weekly demonstrations in the Palestinian village of Bilin.

07-20-07 - Perilous times for Iraq Palestinians "We're just waiting for death," said Ziad Nassir, a 35-year-old barber who has lived in Iraq for 16 years. "The only question is how we'll die."

07-20-07 - World Likud head seeks evangelical funding Dannon said that he was proud to accept contributions from evangelicals "whose ideology about the Land of Israel is equal to [his]," rather than receive funding from Israeli building contractors.

07-20-07 - Ahmadinejad warns: Enemies will be 'burned' Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad voiced his support for Lebanon's militant Shiite Muslim movement Hezbollah during an official state visit to Syria, warning 'enemies of the region' to abandon hostile plans or risk being 'burned'.

07-20-07 - Petition to stop the Iranian nuclear threat sent to world leaders Thursday?s conference was sponsored by The Israel Project and featured U.S. Representatives Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) Jon Porter (R-Nev.), Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) and TIP Founder and President Jennifer Laszlo.

07-20-07 - Lawmakers scold Saudis on boycott A bipartisan slate of members of the U.S. House of Representatives wrote to the Saudi ambassador to complain about his country's continued role in the Israel boycott Not a matter for the US Congress.

07-20-07 - Strong backing in House for U.N. panel slam A U.S. House of Representatives resolution slamming the U.N. Human Rights Council for targeting Israel has dozens of co-sponsors. Not a matter for the US Congress.

07-20-07 - Texas governor plans divestment from Iran Texas Gov. Rick Perry wants to divest the state's pension funds from Iran after meeting with Israeli officials.

07-20-07 - Iceland?s Foreign Minister visits bombing victims in Israel ?I still haven?t gone to Palestine and met the Palestinian representatives and seen what the situation is like in the West Bank. I still haven?t seen the whole picture, just a part of it,?

07-20-07 - GOP hopefuls blast Bush on Mideast Two likely Republican presidential candidates told a Christian audience that Bush administration policies endangered Israel

07-20-07 - Obama names liaison Like Obama, Lynn has a community activist in Chicago. He has also been involved in a number of pro-Israel groups.

07-20-07 - Abrams reassures Jewish leaders Elliott Abrams, the deputy national security adviser who is often the last word on Israel-related issues, spoke Thursday in a conference call with the Jewish leaders, a number of participants said.

07-20-07 - The West Bank pimpernel pops up

07-20-07 - Ex-Mideast envoy says US thwarted efforts US thwarted his efforts at Israel's behest, no doubt.

07-20-07 - A peek inside Gaza's most infamous clan Boosted by their numbers, money and arms, the Doghmushes have become one of the most powerful of Gaza's clans over the past several years.

07-20-07 - Idiots on the March by Charley Reese ** Idiots in Israel, along with those American idiots in the punditocracy who can't see where they are going because their vision is blocked by Israeli backsides, are trying to pressure our idiots in the White House to commit an act of insanity. In a nutshell, yes.

07-20-07 - INTERVIEW - No swift return for Palestinians to battered camp Many of the 32,000 Palestinian refugees who have fled fighting between the Lebanese army and Islamist militants will need temporary homes while their devastated camp is rebuilt, a U.N. official said on Friday.

07-20-07 - U.S. Islamic charities feel post 9/11 heat Islamic activists say charities that donate to Palestinian causes have been singled out. "Any charity that decides to provide aid to Palestine is either shut down or intensely scrutinized," "Cui bono ? Who benefits? ? is a question that must ever be asked about Middle Eastern terror." - Patrick J. Buchanan.

07-20-07 - No place to call home As Palestinians born in Kuwait, both Dakar and her husband, Bassam Garadah, are considered ?stateless.?.....The couple came to America legally in 1997, they have permission to work and pay taxes, they report monthly to immigration officials and they have filed the paperwork necessary to obtain U.S. citizenship. Unlike many of the 200,000 people facing deportation from the United States each year, Dakar and her family did not break any law. They were deemed deportable after the courts rejected their application for political asylum, a decision that does not bar them from seeking citizenship but limits their time to do so.....A huge backlog in applications means Dakar?s request for residency in the United States won?t be processed for at least five years, long after she is due to be deported.

07-20-07 - US Affairs: Bush Doctrine revisited On Tuesday, Deputy National Security Adviser Elliot Abrams held a conference call with Jewish officials and reassured them that there was nothing in the speech that meant policy toward Israel would be changing or that Israel would find itself under extra pressure to make concessions

07-20-07 - Court upholds blocked Holy Land funds The New Orleans-based 5th circuit Court of Appeal on Wednesday upheld a lower court's 2004 decision blocking funds from the Holy Land Foundation of Texas from being sent to relatives of Yaron and Efrat Ungar, a couple killed by Hamas terrorists in 1996, the New York Sun reported.

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