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Friday, September 30, 2005

News for 09-29-05

09-29-05 - West Bank killings cast shadow over Palestinian vote
JENIN, West Bank (AFP) - Three Palestinian militants were shot dead by the Israeli army in the West Bank

09-29-05 - ISR Police disperse 50 settlers after attacking Palestinians in Hebron An Israeli military source reported, on Thursday at night, that a group of 50 extremist settlers of Hebron attacked Palestinian residents in the city, and hurled rocks at them; the police dispersed the settlers after clashing with the residents.

09-29-05 - Arabs and Jews clash in Hebron According to a ZAKA report, the woman sustained her wounds after a cinder block was thrown at her, apparently by a Jew.

09-29-05 - Palestinians Enforce Weapons Display Ban

09-29-05 - Humiliation a Factor in Suicide Attacks

09-29-05 - AG: Bodies of Arabs killed in riots may be exhumed Attorney General Menachem Mazuz told Haaretz on Thursday that the state prosecution might call for the exhumation and autopsy of the 13 protesters killed by Israeli police in the October 2000 riots

09-29-05 - Palestinians, Jews scuffle in Hebron The Jerusalem Post reported about a dozen children were returned to the Jewish settlement by police after they threw stones at shops in a Palestinian area.

09-29-05 - Fatah ahead in West Bank vote

09-29-05 - Palestinian militants call off ceasefire A wing of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has called off a six month truce with Israel after three militants were shot dead today in the West Bank.

09-29-05 - 4166 killed, 45538 injured and 8600 arrested in five years

09-29-05 - Palestine urges intl. community to pressure Israel to stop actions in Gaza Palestine complained that de Soto did not reiterate the ruling by the International Court of Justice in July of 2004 that the wall is illegal

09-29-05 - Egyptian minister OKs European presence The Egyptian foreign minister on Thursday said Cairo and the Palestinians would accept a European presence to secure the border crossings, sea port and airport in the Gaza Strip

09-29-05 - Arab victim families: Review of Oct. probe 'dirty trick' None of the investigators gathered evidence at the scene during the riots nor did they attempt to collect evidence a short time after the events, Haaretz has learned.

09-29-05 - Too Late the Heroes ?The quarter of a million dollars that each Israeli settler received from their government to leave the land they illegally occupied came from you and could have been given to New Orleans!?

09-29-05 - Ex-Aipac Aide To Seek Dismissal of Case if the case goes to trial, it could cast an embarrassing spotlight on the ways in which Aipac collects information and wields power in Washington

09-29-05 - Fold Palestinian Relief Agency Into U.N.'s Refugee Body By Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Guess who? - acting once again as an agent of Israel. This is one part of the pro-Israeli 'reform agenda' pushed for by neocon Bolton at the UN.

09-29-05 - Israel reviews decision to close Arab riot deaths file Blatant discrimination prompts Israeli PR move.

09-29-05 - Israel Intercepts Massive Palestinian Rock Shipment Israeli troops patrolling the border of the Gaza Strip breathed a sigh of relief Monday as state-of-the-art Israeli customs-searching equipment intercepted a large shipment of rocks bound for Palestinian youth demonstrators

09-29-05 - US government illegally utilises FM frequency defined as Palestinian "national asset" by Oslo accords

09-29-05 - US pressing Abbas to act now on Gaza: official The Palestinian Authority must immediately start to exert control over Gaza, a senior Bush administration official said on Thursday, suggesting it was a prerequisite to restarting the "road map" peace process and addressing Palestinian issues on the West Bank.

09-29-05 - New playwright Ismail Khalidi represents the undistorted Part of the inspiration was the stuff happening after 9/11, as an Arab-American, as a Palestinian. How we've been demonized.

09-29-05 - Lebanese army tightens grip on pro-Syrian Palestinian militia

09-29-05 - Goshen woman returns from Bethlehem "The news report loves to highlight, or must highlight the conflict in order to sell the news. But day after day thousands and thousands of Palestinians get up, love their children and try to find a job if they can no longer go into Israel to work and care for their environment. That's what real life is in Palestine."

09-29-05 - Hamas not to participate in voting in parts of W. Bank

09-29-05 - Settlers: Willing to leave now

09-29-05 - On different continents, parties follow one script in courting Jews It also shows that both parties continue to view their records on Israel and the greater Middle East as the strongest avenue to garner Jewish votes.

09-29-05 - Peres: Gaza 'test' for Palestinians

09-29-05 - Pentagon Analyst to Plead Guilty to Leak

09-29-05 - Arab League: No ties with Israel yet

09-29-05 - Bush, Abbas talks to focus on Gaza security: US spokesman

09-29-05 - No faith in Police Investigation Unit

09-29-05 - Report says Israeli wall helps 'land grab'

09-29-05 - A second chance at learning for women in the West Bank

09-29-05 - Hong Kong, Palestine, Mexico select Oscar contenders

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Bolton: Anti-Israel bias still a problem

Breaking the pattern of anti-Israel bias at the United Nations requires “continued vigilance,” the U.S. ambassador to the international body said.

Testifying Wednesday at a session of the U.S. House of Representatives’ International Relations Committee, John Bolton said there was some improvement in U.N. attitudes, but bias against the Jewish state remains an issue.

“The problem of anti-Israel bias in the United Nations, I’m sad to say, continues. It’s a fact. There are a number of things that we need to do on that score,” Bolton said. “It will require continuing vigilance.” Bolton said some countries at the United Nations want to raise the issue of Israel’s presence in the Shebaa Farms, a tiny patch of land on the Israel-Lebanon border controlled by Israel under U.N. certification.

The Hezbollah terrorist group has used Israel’s presence in the Shebaa Farms to continue its attacks since Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, but the United Nations examined Lebanon’s claim to the area and found it baseless.

Pentagon wants Israeli arms-oversight law

The United States wants Israel to pass legislation mandating U.S. oversight of Israeli arms sales.

Members of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee who met this week with Pentagon officials would not discuss the proposed agreement, which would allow Israel to resume full military cooperation with the United States. The Pentagon suspended aspects of the relationship in recent years because of Israel’s sales of military equipment to China.

Most significantly, Israel has been frozen out of the development of the Joint Strike Fighter, a state-of-the-art combat aircraft. Members of the Knesset committee said they expected both sides to approve the agreement, but expressed concern that the appearance of the United States dictating Israeli legislation would encounter popular resistance in Israel.

Israelis warn of Iran strike

Israeli lawmakers on a visit to Washington hinted that Israel one day could resort to military force to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons.
Delegates from the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee who held talks with senators and members of Congress warned that if the United States does not rein in Iran’s nuclear program, Israel will.

“We sacrificed 6 million Jews because the Western world did not understand what Hitler intended,” said delegate Yosef “Tommy” Lapid. “We are not willing to sacrifice another 6 million Israelis because the world does not understand the mullahs of Iran.”

The committee, a parliamentary body, does not speak for the Israeli government. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said that Israel has no plans to attack Iran.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

News for 09-28-05

09-28-05 - Israel pounds Gaza as Palestinians seek help from Bush

09-28-05 - Israeli missile fire knocks out power in Gaza

09-28-05 - Palestinians clash in Gaza

09-28-05 - Israeli sonic booms terrify Palestinian children Ten-year-old Ahmad has suffered from nightmares ever since his school was destroyed in an Israeli air raid. "I'm afraid the Jews will shell our house after hitting the school," he said.

09-28-05 - Halpern to chair public broadcasting A former chairwoman of the Republican Jewish Coalition was chosen to lead the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Cheryl Halpern was elected by the corporation?s board Monday to replace Kenneth Tomlinson, whose term as chair expired.
Goodbye to any sense of fairness of PBS.

09-28-05 - Israel Urges Nations Against Declaration

09-28-05 - Israel Shuts Down 'Hamas' Charities In addition to its militant wing, which is responsible for hundreds of attacks on Israel in recent years, Hamas also runs soup kitchens, clinics and other charities that have helped make it popular among poor Palestinians.

09-28-05 - Abbas to Meet With Bush in D.C. Next Month

09-28-05 - Police to boost forces as Israeli Arabs prepare for rally

09-28-05 - Gaza water supplies dangerous low

09-28-05 - PID to reopen probe into Arab deaths in 2000 riots None of the investigators gathered evidence at the scene during the riots nor did they attempt to collect evidence a short time after the events, Haaretz has learned

09-28-05 - Settler who killed Palestinian flees "This murder was very painful, but it's not surprising:, the uncle said, "This is part of continuous harassments and violence carried out by the settlers, at the road, fields, and everywhere".

09-28-05 - Israel threatens to annex West Bank Israel may annex some parts of the West Bank if the peace process with the Palestinians remain stalled, a close aide to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told Israel Radio on Wednesday There's always an excuse to steal more land.

09-28-05 - Fewest deaths this year since intifada began Since September 29, 2004, 425 Palestinians have been killed in the intifada, an average of 35 a month. In that time, 56 Israelis and foreigners have been killed, an average of five fatalities a month

09-28-05 - 2000: 'Provocative' mosque visit sparks riots

09-28-05 - Bush's Security Barrier Why do our representatives continue to use our money to support the citizens of the 16th wealthiest nation on the planet, one third of our foreign aid budget, to .001 percent of the world's population? Why do we provide less support to sub-Saharan Africa than we do to Israel when its population exceeds 570 million and Israel's is 5.8 million? Does race have anything to do with this?

09-28-05 - OPT: Jihad to respond to uprooting Palestinians from northern Gaza It said that any Israeli action to force tens of thousands of Palestinians living in the northern Gaza Strip out of the area would mean resumption of Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip after it withdrew from the territory on Sept. 12.

09-28-05 - 'Third intifada almost here'

09-28-05 - Language matters Though Memri claims to be "independent", its founders were Yigal Carmon, a former colonel in Israeli military intelligence - who is currently its director - and Meyrav Wurmser, an ardent Zionist who helped to draft the now-famous 1996 Clean Break document proposing the overthrow of Saddam Hussein as a step towards reshaping Israel's strategic environment.

09-28-05 - Key Israeli officials declare support for more unilateral steps Henry Kissinger who warned Israel "not to get used" to the level of relations between the two countries that exists now, because it was unlikely to continue like this forever.

09-28-05 - Cyprus launches Programme of Help to Palestinians

09-28-05 - Waiting for the next Jewish terrorist The intelligence community is in denial about a very real threat

09-28-05 - French ambassador dismisses Hizbullah ban

09-28-05 - MI: Gaza escalation has weakened Hamas' standing

09-28-05 - Israel rejects Arab charges it is nuclear threat to peace Egypt proposed the creation of a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East and blasted Israel for standing in the way.

09-28-05 - Petition presses universities on Israel More than 2,500 people have signed on to a petition calling for changes in how the Israeli-Arab conflict and anti-Semitism are taught in the University of California system. Unbelievable.

09-28-05 - Jewish institutions get security funds Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) helped the institutions get the money, which came from federal and state homeland security funds.

09-28-05 - Congressman presses Egypt on Sukkot exports He wants a minimum of 25,000 lulavs so that every U.S. synagogue gets one. How is this an issue for a US politician in a country where there is supposed to be a separation of church and state?

09-28-05 - Israel seeks Security Council seat

09-28-05 - US to fund women's Internet centre in Madaba refugee camp - Jordan "The objective of the centre is to empower the Palestinian women in the refugee camp in all fields,"

09-28-05 - Ziv: 'Beit Hanun may be demilitarized'

09-28-05 - US urges Israelis, Palestinians to keep calm

09-28-05 - UN envoy meets with Palestinian, Egyptian leaders on Lebanon

09-28-05 - Homegrown hip-hop catching on among young Palestinians

09-28-05 - Assad boosting Palestinian terror? Israel´s Army Radio said Wednesday that Assad convened representatives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Damascus earlier this month

09-28-05 - Abbas to Mubarak: Restrain Israel

09-28-05 - DeLay gets pro-Israel plaudits DeLay has been a staunch backer of Israel, especially pro-settler groups and has expressed skepticism of Israel's recent decision to pull out of the Gaza Strip

09-28-05 - Richard Land Says Most Evangelical Christians Strongly Support Israel "We certainly do not give blind acceptance of everything that the state of Israel does or has done," he said. "But we do support the first of the Jews to exist in the land that God gave to them without any time limitation.

09-28-05 - Egypt calls for calm in Gaza after militant pledge Israel should respond to commitments from Palestinian groups, including the militants, and stop shelling the Gaza Strip, Egypt said on Wednesday

09-28-05 - PA official: Israel sabotaging vote

09-28-05 - Abbas urges Arabs not to normalize Israel ties yet

09-28-05 - China Describes Israeli Withdrawal from Gaza Strip as First Step toward Peace

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Some headlines and summaries from JTA

DeLay gets pro-Israel plaudits

A pro-Israel group of Christians and Jews gave Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) a standing ovation hours after he stepped aside from his Republican leadership position because of a criminal indictment.

DeLay, who stepped aside Wednesday as House of Representatives majority leader, made a scheduled appearance at a dinner in Washington for the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, an organization that partners pro-Israel Evangelicals with Jews.

DeLay has been a staunch backer of Israel, especially pro-settler groups and has expressed skepticism of Israel’s recent decision to pull out of the Gaza Strip.

DeLay, heeding House rules, stepped aside as leader as soon as a Texas grand jury indicted him on conspiracy charges related to allegations that DeLay had illegally used corporate money to fund elections. Republicans say the prosecutor, a Democrat, is on a political crusade.

“Thank you for allowing me to come under the present circumstances,” DeLay said to thunderous applause and cries of “We love you!” “I fear no evil, the truth is on my side, and make no mistake, justice will be served,” DeLay said.

Congressman presses Egypt on Sukkot exports

A New York congressman wants Egypt to resume exporting palm branches used as lulavs on Sukkot.

Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.), the ranking Democrat on the U.S. House of Representatives’ Middle East subcommittee, on Wednesday asked the U.S. ambassador to Egypt to raise the issue with Egyptian officials. Egypt is the source of virtually all the lulavs in Israel and the United States, Ackerman said. In 2004, 500,000 were exported to the United States and 300,000 to Israel. Egyptian officials want to stop the practice, which they say damages palm trees.

“The lack of lulavs will interfere with Sukkot services and prevent many thousands of Jews from fully observing the holiday,” Ackerman said. “It is my hope that, working together with the Egyptian government, some kind of solution can be reached in time.”

He wants a minimum of 25,000 lulavs so that every U.S. synagogue gets one.

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Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Assad boosting Palestinian terror?

Syrian President Bashar Assad has reportedly instructed Palestinian terrorist groups to step up attacks on Israel.

Citing Palestinian sources, Israel´s Army Radio said Wednesday that Assad convened representatives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Damascus earlier this month. According to the report, the Syrian president told the terrorist groups to mount new attacks as a means of distracting from the international scrutiny on his regime´s alleged support for the Iraqi insurgency and involvement in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Israel seeks Security Council seat

Israel applied for membership on the U.N. Security Council for the first time.

In a meeting Monday of the Western European and Others regional group, Ambassador Dan Gillerman officially announced the Jewish state’s candidacy for the council in 2018.

Israel will be running for a spot from the WEOG group, although no vote on Israel’s candidacy will take place until 2017, a spokeswoman for Israel’s U.N. mission said. “We think we can reach that goal,” Anat Friedman told JTA.

Halpern to chair public broadcasting

A former chairwoman of the Republican Jewish Coalition was chosen to lead the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Cheryl Halpern was elected by the corporation’s board Monday to replace Kenneth Tomlinson, whose term as chair expired.

As a board member, Halpern has been critical of Middle East reporting by National Public Radio, which the board oversees. “We have a duty to provide the public an explanation for the kind of work we do,” Halpern said in Washington after being elected. “And we must honor the principles clearly stated in our charter, to encourage objective and balanced programming.”

Halpern is a New Jersey attorney and real estate developer, and is an influential Republican donor. In addition to the RJC, she is active with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and the Anti-Defamation League.

Jewish institutions get security funds

Thirty Jewish institutions in New York City received government money to help bolster security.
The yeshivas and synagogues received an average grant of $65,000 each as part of a $7.3 million aid package to nonprofit groups in New York City and its suburbs.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) helped the institutions get the money, which came from federal and state homeland security funds.

Torah dedicated in Pentagon

Pentagon officials helped dedicate a Torah in a chapel built where a hijacked plane struck on Sept. 11.

Jacob Hank Sopher, a Florida parking-lot magnate, donated the Torah scroll dedicated Monday in a ceremony featuring representatives of the different services and the Pentagon chaplain’s office. The Aleph Institute, a Chabad-affiliated group that ministers to Jews in prison and the military, organized the Torah dedication. “In the most powerful country in the world, the most powerful building in the world, we did a dedication to Jewish eternity,” said Sholom Lipskar, director of the institute.

The Torah is locked in an olive-wood ark made in Israel.

Petition presses universities on Israel

More than 2,500 people have signed on to a petition calling for changes in how the Israeli-Arab conflict and anti-Semitism are taught in the University of California system.

The petition says courses on the conflict are biased and that instructors and guest speakers create a hostile environment for Jewish students. It calls on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to press university administrators to review existing courses, develop courses about post-Holocaust global anti-Semitism and ensure that campuses are “forums for intellectual inquiry and not vehicles for discrimination, intimidation and hate.”

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News for 09-27-05

09-27-05 - Israel Unleashes Barrage in Gaza City Missiles landed in at least three locations, including the impoverished Tufah neighborhood and the Bureij refugee camp, just south of the city. One airstrike hit a two-story building used by the ruling Fatah party. The offices provide tutoring lessons to school children, and cash and food assistance to families in Tufah.

09-27-05 - Israel launches fresh Gaza raids

09-27-05 - Israel minister threatens more killings

09-27-05 - MK Cohen Warns the Use of Artillery in Gaza Constitutes War Crimes

09-27-05 - Israeli Arabs in protest against 2000 killings "This is an outcry against Israeli racism,"

09-27-05 - Army spokesperson: "We will not hesitate in shelling civilian areas" "We will use cannon fire" he said, "even if Palestinian civilians are living there" It's never stopped them before.

09-27-05 - Hamas Candidates Part of Israeli Roundup Dozens of Hamas Candidates for Parliament, Local Council Members Caught in Israeli Dragnet

09-27-05 - Hamas kills Israeli in ransom bid

09-27-05 - Palestinian rockets hit Israel, none hurt --media

09-27-05 - Four one-act plays by Palestinian playwrights to support art exhibition The rarely heard voices of Palestinian playwrights come to New York City on October 16-17 for a unique and important theatrical benefit, Acts for Palestine, to support a visual art exhibition entitled Made in Palestine

09-27-05 - Palestinian militants to declare cease-fire with Israel

09-27-05 - 85 Palestinians Detained in West Bank

09-27-05 - Hamas shells blamed for 21 deaths at rally

09-27-05 - UN rights expert: Pullout diverted attention from W. Bank expansion

09-27-05 - Palestinian economy struggles up from ashes

09-27-05 - Middle East peace process should not stop at Gaza: Peres

09-27-05 - Hundreds of Bedouin protest house demolition orders in Negev Some 300 residents of unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev demonstrated on Monday in front of the government's Be'er Sheva office in protest of a policy calling for the demolition of their houses.

09-27-05 - Remembering Muhammad Al-Durra

09-27-05 - PBS Presents ELUSIVE PEACE: ISRAEL AND THE PALESTINIANS (w.t.), Three-Part Special on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Premiere: Monday, October 10 9:00 - 11:30 p.m. (ET)

09-27-05 - Five years on, hope starts to grow

09-27-05 - Israel to Open New Archaeological Site The shrine, which is adjacent to the Western Wall, is one of the most sensitive in the Mideast conflict, and has often been the catalyst of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. Both Israel and the Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital

09-27-05 - You exist if the Israeli computer says so

09-27-05 - Why US isn't prodding Mideast peace process

09-27-05 - What You Can't Say About Israel in Australia The difficulty in even raising questions related to Israel proves that serious debate is ever-more essential. The world is slowing waking up to the true reality in Israel and Palestine and Australians are joining the chorus of disapproval.

09-27-05 - Analysis: Ariel Sharon's next move

09-27-05 - Al Kidwa: International Community Required to Exert Pressure on Israel to Stop Constructing Apartheid Wall

09-27-05 - Mofaz: "Golan Heights will remain under Israeli control"

09-27-05 - Arab Americans to honor lawyers, doctor

09-27-05 - Jordan inmates in Israel plead for release

09-27-05 - Specialists Warn of Psychological Dangers of False Raids on Palestinians

09-27-05 - Hamas scrambles to limit Gaza damage

09-27-05 - EU investment bank reconsiders Israel

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

News for 09-26-05

09-26-05 - IAF helicopters fire missiles at three targets in the Gaza Strip

09-26-05 - A baby wounded in an Israeli airstrike

09-26-05 - West Bank: Settlers attack film crew

09-26-05 - Israel pushing Palestinians out of Jerusalem - UN UNITED NATIONS: Israel is striving to reduce the number of Palestinians living in Jerusalem while increasing its Jewish population to undermine claims on East Jerusalem as the capital of an eventual Palestinian state, a United Nations (UN) human rights investigator said....The barrier and settlements "seriously undermine the fundamental right of self-determination of the Palestinian people, upon which all other rights depend," Dugard said.

09-26-05 - Fresh Israeli air strikes on Gaza

09-26-05 - Israeli aircraft fired at a school

09-26-05 - Physicians for Human Rights protests closure of Gaza Strip Since the closure, however, only a handful of patients have been allowed into Israel or Egypt. In the past two weeks, the army has approved only six or seven out of 40 applications, while 16 children undergoing chemotherapy treatment have been unable to come for their regular appointments in Israeli hospitals over the past two weeks.

09-26-05 - Israeli-Palestinian summit set to be cancelled

09-26-05 - Return of Gaza land reveals family mosque, graves obliterated "I looked for the graves of my parents and an aunt" in the garden of the mosque, he said. "But there was nothing there."

09-26-05 - UNICEF psychosocial support helps kids recover The talkative and engaging student of Shija'ya, at the eastern border of Gaza City, received a bullet wound as she was sitting at her school desk studying math.

09-26-05 - Labor Party, Fatah officials to meet in Sweden

09-26-05 - Female Palestinian political prisoners continue nonviolent resistance

09-26-05 - 15 Body of abducted Israeli resident found near Ramallah

09-26-05 - Gunfire erupts near home of Palestinian leader

09-26-05 - Army shells Gaza

09-26-05 - Palestinians urge US to stop Israeli aggressions

09-26-05 - Saudi Prince Buys Large Share of Fox News

09-26-05 - Palestinian rights still violated in occupied territories, UN official says

09-26-05 - Israel sets aid for Israeli Arabs attacked by Jews

09-26-05 - Britain seeks to boost Palestinian infrastructure

09-26-05 - Israeli army detains 80 Palestinians in West Bank

09-26-05 - At UN, groups meet over joint Israeli-Palestinian projects

09-26-05 - Russia urges political foresight amid latest Mideast violence

09-26-05 - One Hour Before Sunrise

09-26-05 - Egyptians tell US to change its policies to improve image An Egyptian government newspaper also said that Hughes?s mission to improve Washington?s image abroad was bound to fail unless she could promise changes in US policy

09-26-05 - U.S. envoy Hughes' message to Muslims: We care They see what we do, not just what we say. And when our money is being used to fund Israel's colonial war machine, and our veto at the UN Security Council then shields Israel's violations of international and humanitarian law, nobody is fooled.

09-26-05 - Bush administration backs Sharon And the sun will rise tomorrow.

09-26-05 - EU urges Israeli restraint

09-26-05 - Ereikat: Latest escalation in Gaza resulted from Infringements of PA's Rule

09-26-05 - Eytan Schwartz?s film festival The Hasbara (Israeli PR) Road Show coming to a University near you.

09-26-05 - Sharon about faces on Gaza gas

09-26-05 - OPT: Two American grants support co-existence between Palestinians and Israelis Now if we could only stop funding the intransigence of Israel..

09-26-05 - Thousands protest war in Iraq any people carried Palestinian flags

09-26-05 - Under the guise of security: Routing the Separation Barrier to enable Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank

09-26-05 - Sharon wins leadership vote

09-26-05 - U.S. to Israel: Be careful in Gaza We also understand Israel?s right to defend itself, but in taking actions to defend itself, we ask Israel to consider the effect that its actions may have on reaching the overall goal that all share of achieving two states living side by side in peace and security

09-26-05 - Israeli legislators meet U.S. counterparts Members of the Knesset?s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee will discuss the Iranian nuclear threat with their U.S. counterparts.

09-26-05 - U.S. Jew arrested for alleged Sharon plot It would mark the first time a Jew is deported from Israel for security violations

09-26-05 - Brown to lead EU-G8 mission to Middle East

09-26-05 - Inside the Middle East... Uncensored

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

U.S. to Israel: Be careful in Gaza

Israel should consider the consequences of its actions in the Gaza Strip, the State Department spokesman said.

Israeli jets retaliated against Palestinian targets in Gaza over the weekend after Hamas terrorists launched rockets into Israel barely two weeks after Israel ended its 38-year occupation of Gaza.

“The Palestinian Authority has the responsibility — they have taken actions to try to prevent such future attacks,” Sean McCormack said Monday. “It is important that they take up their obligations to stop terror attacks, to dismantle terrorist organizations. We also understand Israel’s right to defend itself, but in taking actions to defend itself, we ask Israel to consider the effect that its actions may have on reaching the overall goal that all share of achieving two states living side by side in peace and security.”

McCormack said U.S. officials had discussed the situation with their Israeli and Palestinian counterparts. The Palestinian Authority warned Hamas to stop the attacks, and Hamas said Sunday evening that it would do so. Israel is waiting to see results before it declares an end to its retaliatory attacks.

Israeli legislators meet U.S. counterparts

Members of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee will discuss the Iranian nuclear threat with their U.S. counterparts.

The committee, chaired by Yuval Steinitz of the Likud Party, will meet later this week with counterparts in Congress and with U.S. defense officials. Steinitz told the Jerusalem Post that Iran’s nuclear threat will be high on the agenda.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear watchdog, came a step closer Saturday to referring Iran to the Security Council for sanctions, a policy that both Israel and the United States favor.

U.S. Jew arrested for alleged Sharon plot

An American Jew was arrested in Israel on suspicion that he planned to assassinate Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Police said they planned to deport Shen’or Zalman Hatzkolevitch, a fervently Orthodox Jewish man from Brooklyn. It would mark the first time a Jew is deported from Israel for security violations.

Student kicked off newspaper

A Jewish student at the University of North Carolina was kicked off the student newspaper after she wrote an article defending racial profiling.

Jillian Bandes, 20, was kicked off the Daily Tar Heel after she wrote in a column that she wanted all Arabs to be “stripped naked and cavity-searched if they got within 100 yards of an airport,” the Forward reported. The paper’s editor originally defended the column, but later fired her, saying she had misrepresented the views of three Arab Americans whom she quoted as agreeing with her.

Bandes, the daughter of a Jewish man and Catholic woman who grew up attending a Reform temple, said that if she had to do it over again she would state her argument differently.

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News for 09-25-05

09-25-05 - Rockets, bombs and jet fighters break Gaza's fragile peace Other Israeli targets included a school and buildings that Israel claimed were used to make rockets

09-25-05 - Israel launches new Gaza strike

09-25-05 - Israeli air strikes continue despite Hamas truce

09-25-05 - Withdrawal aid off the table

09-25-05 - Grim reminder for Gaza's people

09-25-05 - Hamas pledges end to Gaza rockets

09-25-05 - Israel Troops Arrest 200 'Fugitives'

09-25-05 - Rabbi gives 'reason' for Rita "Two million Americans have become refugees because the Gush Katif exiles have become refugees,"

09-25-05 - Pressure on leaders rises in Holy Land

09-25-05 - Sharon is silenced at Likud rally Mr Sharon took to the stage to address the stormy meeting, but walked out after discovering that his microphone cord had been severed.

09-25-05 - US 'understands' Israel's need to respond to attack

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

News for 09-24-05

09-24-05 - Israeli airforce pounds Gaza radicals as "legitimate targets" Shortly afterwards, Israeli warplanes raided militant targets in and around the southern city of Khan Yunis and around Gaza City, leaving at least 20 Palestinians injured, one of them seriously. Medical sources said all the injuries occurred during the Gaza City raid in which eight women and three children were wounded. A school building sustained heavy damage, as did several nearby houses, security sources said

09-24-05 - Settlers attack Israeli left-wing activists in Hebron A Member of Ta?ayush and its filmmaker, Ra?anan Alechsandrovic, was attacked by an armed settler as he tried to videotape the settlers while throwing unknown object into a well used by the Palestinian residents.

09-24-05 - Resident injured in Beit Amin village

09-24-05 - The Hebron confessions "No one did it intentionally. No one thought we were going to shoot
kids. Its just no one cares - it's just total disregard for human
life. Life is just totally cheap ... the guy that shot him really
felt bad about it, he was really uncomfortable."

09-24-05 - Israeli Settlers, Soldiers and Police Raid Palestinian Village

09-24-05 - The Israeli army's double standard: Treatment of settlers and Palestinians in August 2005 MachsomWatch is an Israeli women's organization that monitors one of the gravest aspects of the Occupation - the restriction of free movement by Palestinians in the Occupied Territories

09-24-05 - Twin rallies in Jerusalem and West Bank

09-24-05 - Palestinian authorities reclose Egypt-Gaza border in Rafah

09-24-05 - AIPAC Givers Sought To Fund Job For Fired Top Official "I?m sure there's a concern Steve would reveal everything he knows about AIPAC" in a trial, said the former official. "The concern is not just violations of law but also from a political angle; they don't want the inner workings of the lobby laid out." .....Paul McNulty, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, has publicly exonerated AIPAC of suspicion in the case. In fact, at a press conference last month announcing the indictments, McNulty publicly praised the lobby. Something very wrong with that picture

09-24-05 - Leading American, Israeli and Palestinian Medical Doctors Gather at U.N. to Promote Successful Peace Through Health Partnership on Monday

09-24-05 - The Palestinian 'Great Escape' On April 27, 2003, the Israeli high court issued a decision that effectively permitted Israeli military forces to use flechette anti-personnel tank shells against Palestinian civilians. These weapons are designed to injure or kill indiscriminately by spraying metal shards across as wide an area as possible. (I mention this here, since Israel's foreign ministry is directing the world's attention to the subject of terrorism.)

09-24-05 - Arab states at UN urge censure of Israel's nuclear program

09-24-05 - Israeli military fearing settler violence compromises with CPT delegation attempting to visit isolated Palestinian family Israeli soldiers and police admitted that they cannot
control violence prone Israeli settlers living in the Tel Rumeida

09-24-05 - Schubert in Bil'in - a New Kind of Demonstration The idea was born when the Dutch pianist, Jacob Allegro Wegloop, a veteran supporter of Gush Shalom, offered to come to Israel and play for peace and against the occupation. Allegro, born in 1941, is an orphan of the holocaust.

09-24-05 - Hamas vows to continue resistance after Mofaz threat

09-24-05 - Israeli hostage's family offers $10 million for his freedom He was shot down over Lebanon. Not Iran.

09-24-05 - US forced to import bullets from Israel as troops use 250,000 for every rebel killed Iraqis will love to hear that. A sure way to win over the insurgents, I'm guessing.

09-24-05 - Giuliani Desecrating Memory of the Babe Ruth

09-24-05 - The costs of a hasty U.S. withdrawal A failed American withdrawal in Iraq would increase the threats to the Jewish state.The succesful push to get us to take out Saddam was not enough. Now, we must stay there.

09-24-05 - U.K. group renews attempts at academic boycott of Israel

09-24-05 - Modest Plurality of U.S. Public Approves Removal of Israeli Settlers from Gaza and a Very Modest Plurality Believes This Increases Chance of Peace

09-24-05 - The Settlements and Their Sewage

09-24-05 - Just another rant about the Mideast Dershowitz is not the only supporter of Israel and of peace who argues in this way. Many Jews in America never really examine how Palestinians might feel about certain Israeli policies, always assuming that Israel tries to be humane (even when it drops a bomb on an apartment complex to eliminate one terrorist and also kills 10 children; even though more than 500 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers since the start of the second intifada).

09-24-05 - Qatar's foreign minister calls on the Arabs to pressure Israel

09-24-05 - Steinitz leads delegation to US The Iranian nuclear threat, and Israel-US defense relations will be on the agenda when members of Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee travel to Washington, DC this week to meet with US defense officials.

09-24-05 - USA TODAY misplaces 98,000 antiwar protestors

09-24-05 - Leftists rally against occupation

09-24-05 - Jordan's king to meet Abbas and Sharon in days


09-24-05 - Photo from today's anti-war protest Another.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

News for 09-23-05

09-23-05 - Blast kills 15 Palestinians at Hamas rally in Gaza including children

09-23-05 - Rocket fire injures five Israelis

09-23-05 - Palestinian militants fire rockets at southern Israeli town

09-23-05 - Report: U.S. Image in Bad Shape The report warned that televised images of U.S. policy choices -- such as in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the invasion of Iraq -- reverberate across the Arab media and will "long haunt the image of the United States." The committee recommended a series of steps, including increased funding and staffing, to rebuild efforts to promote U.S. culture and ideas Why not just take the logical step of bringing a just peace to the Middle East? Frankly, it would instantly boost our image in the world. Nah, too easy.

09-23-05 - Palestinians must see gains from Gaza pullout -UN

09-23-05 - U.S.: P.A. getting stronger in Gaza The Palestinian Authority is strengthening its control in the Gaza Strip and has restored greenhouses looted after Israel withdrew, a Bush administration official said

09-23-05 - 10 protestors arrested in Bil?in, dozens injured

09-23-05 - Israel aid unscathed in GOP proposal Funding for Egypt, Africa, the AIDS initiative and the Peace Corps would take hits

09-23-05 - Anti-wall protest dispersed with tear gas

09-23-05 - Turkey to Employ 6,000 Palestinians in Gaza

09-23-05 - Palestinian: Stop Expanding Settlements

09-23-05 - Red Cross movement to get new emblem The new emblem will eventually allow both MDA and Israeli military medical staff to use the crystal on its own as a protective symbol in conflicts to show the bearer is a neutral humanitarian player The IDF as a humanitarian player? You're kidding me, right? Laughable.

09-23-05 - IDF officer to remain despite conviction IDF officer First Lieutenant Tzvi Kortzki will be allowed to continue his army service despite being convicted of negligence leading to the death of a Palestinian teenager,

09-23-05 - Abbas's Fatah group blames Hamas for deadly blast

09-23-05 - Palestinians take charge of border for first time

09-23-05 - Crisis looms for water-starved Gaza Strip: experts

09-23-05 - U.N. Envoy: 'Road Map' Only Viable Option

09-23-05 - Dichter: U.S. embargoed Israel parts The embargo ended after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks,

09-23-05 - Southern Baptist: Don?t pressure Israel Pressure on Israel to take decisions that harm its security would cause a
"cataclysmic failure" in evangelical Christian support for President Bush, a senior Southern Baptist Convention official said.

09-23-05 - Annan: Gaza first, West Bank next

09-23-05 - Breaking The Silence Because It?s time To Tell ! The reality we experienced was made of: Innocent civilians being hurt, Kids not going to school because of the curfew, and parents who can?t bring food home because they can?t go to work. This reality has stayed us and will not go away. After discharge from the army, we decided that we shouldn?t go on. We shouldn?t forget what we ourselves did and what we witnessed. We decided to break the silence.

09-23-05 - Palestinians Will Negotiate But Continue the Struggle

09-23-05 - Palestinian in bid to scale Mt Everest

09-23-05 - Trip to Israel and Palestine showed 'Christians and Jews can work together to achieve peace'

09-23-05 - India ready to play bigger role in West Asia peace to counter Pakistan?s plans to embarrass India by comparing Palestine with Kashmir

09-23-05 - Photographer documents forgotten lives Rania Matar calls the Palestinian inhabitants of refugee camps in Lebanon "a forgotten people,"

09-23-05 - Unearthing earthly Jerusalem According to this theory, Ateret Cohanim is a safety valv."
"They have pledged to redeem houses in the Muslim Quarter, to evict the Muslims from there and to settle Jews there," says a government source, who is an expert in the life of the Old City. He in fact testifies to correct relations with the organization (andhis use of the expression "to redeem houses" demonstrates that he is not hostile to its goals).

09-23-05 - Gaza's attractive, untouchable dangers Although by abandoning the synagogues to angry Palestinian mobs who burned them down Sharon scored a major PR coup on television, by the standards of anyone with any decency his act reached the depths of obscenity. What else are newly liberated people expected to do but destroy the symbols of their occupiers? The willingly ignorant US president, George W. Bush, danced along to the piper's tune and condemned the torching of the synagogues

09-23-05 - Palestinian diplomat presented with medal of peace

09-23-05 - Saudi Foreign Minister Chides U.S. Policy

09-23-05 - Moslem Country Ends Boycott Against Israel to Win U.S. Favors The government of Bahrain will end its economic boycott against Israel, but the move is aimed at winning trade benefits with the U.S. and does not signal diplomatic relations with Israel.

09-23-05 - Taybeh October Fest Reflects Democracy in Palestine

09-23-05 - Connecting the dots: IRAQ & PALESTINE The Israeli lobby and the Iraq War

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Israel aid unscathed in GOP proposal

Funding for Israel would remain untouched in cuts proposed by Republicans in the wake of recent hurricanes.

Funding for Egypt, Africa, the AIDS initiative and the Peace Corps would take hits under a Republican Study Committee document, obtained by JTA, that breaks down offsets into several categories, including foreign aid. Israel is the single largest recipient of U.S. aid, receiving more than $2.5 billion a year, but is not on the list for cuts.

Egypt, the second biggest recipient with $1.8 billion a year, would lose $12 million in 2006 and $400 million over the next five years, according to the proposal, because its “democratic development has been extremely limited and its human rights record remains poor,” according to the document prepared by Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), the RSC chairman.

The report is a proposal that House Republican leaders may bring to the House floor.

U.S.: P.A. getting stronger in Gaza

The Palestinian Authority is strengthening its control in the Gaza Strip and has restored greenhouses looted after Israel withdrew, a Bush administration official said.
“Every single day what you see is the Palestinian Authority in a variety of different ways exerting greater and greater control in terms of the security situation and in terms of the economic situation,” State Department spokesman Shawn McCormack said Friday. Israel wants to see P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas contain terrorism before it takes further steps toward renewing peace talks.

Prior to Israel’s recent withdrawal from Gaza, U.S. Jewish philanthropists came up with $14 million to subsidize the transfer to the Palestinian Authority of Jewish settlement greenhouses that had employed thousands of Palestinians. However, Palestinians ransacked the greenhouses in the days after the pullout. “We have heard reports that in fact they have made great progress in getting those greenhouses back in shape and back up online so they can be used to start producing goods that can be sold,” McCormack said.

Dichter: U.S. embargoed Israel parts

The United States imposed a limited arms embargo on Israel in the first year of the intifada, a former Israeli intelligence official said.

Avi Dichter, former chief of Israel’s Shin Bet security service, said the embargo was imposed on helicopter parts because of their use in Israel’s targeted killing of terrorist leaders, but that U.S. officials resisted calls for a wider arms embargo. The United States opposed targeted killings at the time. Dichter was speaking at the Saban Institute in Washington, where he now is a fellow.

The embargo ended after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and the United States used helicopter-launched missiles to assassinate an Al-Qaida terrorist leader in Yemen in 2002. President Bush later said he could not keep Israel from carrying out an anti-terror strategy that he himself favored.

Southern Baptist: Don’t pressure Israel

Pressure on Israel to take decisions that harm its security would cause a “cataclysmic failure” in evangelical Christian support for President Bush, a senior Southern Baptist Convention official said.

Richard Land, president of the convention’s Religious Liberty Commission, said that as many as three quarters of Evangelicals supported Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s decision to leave the Gaza Strip because they believe in deferring to Israel on matters of security. No more than 20 percent to 25 percent opposes any withdrawal from the biblical Land of Israel, he said. But Land warned against outside pressure.

“It’s one thing for Sharon to say you can’t occupy people forever and to say that we ought to withdraw from Gaza and to seek a two-state solution,” Land said Thursday at a Council on Foreign Relations briefing in New York on evangelicals and the Middle East. “It is another thing for America — for the American government — to pressure the Israelis to make compromises on their security that they’re not comfortable with.”

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News for 09-22-05

09-22-05 - Israel Evacuates West Bank Military Base soldiers shot and killed an unarmed Palestinian teenager who entered the base too quickly. Allah Khamtouni, 19, and nine other Palestinians entered the Dotan base near the Palestinian town of Jenin early Thursday, mistakenly thinking it had been abandoned

09-22-05 - Israeli army kills Palestinian in West Bank Palestinian witnesses and security sources said the man was hit in the chest after heading into the base to scavenge for scrap metal

09-22-05 - Israeli troops kill 2 Palestinians in W. Bank raid

09-22-05 - U.N.: Babies die in IDF checkpoints Sixty-one women have given birth at Israeli checkpoints since 2000 due to delays in getting through the checkpoints, and 36 of their babies died as a result, the United Nations said on Thursday.

09-22-05 - Child dies of wounds sustained last month

09-22-05 - Hundreds of Palestinians stranded at Rafah crossing

09-22-05 - Abbas urges armed factions to help rebuild Gaza

09-22-05 - Palestinian FM calls for end to all Israeli settlement activities

09-22-05 - Israeli cop jailed in killing The victim apparently was selected at random by the policemen, who wanted to exact revenge for the killing of several of their comrades in a Palestinian terrorist attack.

09-22-05 - Israeli border policeman sentenced in Palestinian death many of whom like Wahabi are Druze Arabs which is precisely why they are being prosecuted.

09-22-05 - Ceasefire will end if Israelis block elections, says Hamas

09-22-05 - Netanya bomb mastermind convicted

09-22-05 - America's Syria problem Israel made Syria our problem

09-22-05 - After Gaza, some other settlers ready to move

09-22-05 - Straw apology on Israeli arrest

09-22-05 - Congressmen urge Swiss on ?Red Diamond? More legislation for Israel. And these are matters of such great import that they must take precious time and money from the taxpayers, when we surely can afford the such, given that we are not at war or not facing major natural disasters or anything. Right.

09-22-05 - Bush says Jordan king to meet with Sharon, Abbas

09-22-05 - UN Helps Palestinians Set Up Gaza Shipping Council The United Nations established an agency to support Palestinian importers and exporters

09-22-05 - Britain calls for arbitration over Shebaa Farms Britain's minister of state for the Middle East has called for "international arbitration" over the disputed Shebaa Farms, a border area occupied by Israel and claimed by Lebanon

09-22-05 - Egypt frets over high cost of doing business in Gaza About two-thirds of Gaza's 1.3 million residents live in abject poverty

09-22-05 - What's in a name? History, emotion for Palestinians

09-22-05 - Israelis petition against security fence

09-22-05 - Church of England fails to rise to Caterpillar challenge Anti-poverty campaign group War on Want today expressed shock and disappointment at the Church of England?s continuing refusal to withdraw its £2.2 million investment from the construction firm Caterpillar.

09-22-05 - Palestinian factions to end display of weapons

09-22-05 - Chief of Palestinian wanted militants' committee resigns

09-22-05 - Statement by Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, C. David Welch, on Palestinian governance

09-22-05 - Ahalan, Miss Seamline: Israeli and Palestinian beauties preen for peace "What I won tonight was that our neighbors in Gilo have become our friends," said fellow Palestinian contestant Christine, 14.

09-22-05 - Gaza aid request could be reduced An Israeli official said that a request for U.S. aid to help cover the Gaza Strip withdrawal could be reduced

09-22-05 - Israel: Palestinian Prisoners must pay for Health Israel Prison Service (IPS) relieved itself of responsibility for the health care of Palestinian prisoners in its custody and discriminates between them and other prisoners

09-22-05 - Dean praises Sharon effort ?The United States has to legitimize President Abbas as much as possible to make it as easy as we can to help him stand up to terrorists.?

09-22-05 - Jewish group protests CBC Hamas documentary as biased, producer denies it

09-22-05 - NZ gives aid to Palestine

09-22-05 - Saudi FM rules out diplomatic ties with Israel, raps Sharon

09-22-05 - Shin Bet 'failed to prevent' Jewish terror

09-22-05 - U.S. facilitates P.A. equipment transfer The United States has transferred more than $2 million worth of nonlethal military equipment to Palestinian Authority security forces, top officials said.

09-22-05 - Jewish Defense League Member Sentenced A Jewish Defense League member was sentenced Thursday to 20 years in prison for his role in a plot to bomb a mosque and a Lebanese-American congressman's office If he were Arab, he would've been tried as on terrorism charges, and it would've made headlines for quite some time, unlike this story which has been veritably buried.

09-22-05 - 'US stopped parts sales during intifada' The Pentagon and the State Department rejected those claims and did not put new limits on the sales to Israel.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Congressmen urge Swiss on ‘Red Diamond’

Two Jewish congressmen are circulating a “Dear Colleague” letter urging the Swiss government to designate a neutral emergency symbol in addition to the red cross and red crescent.

Reps. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.) and Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) say the Swiss proposal for a neutral red diamond would allow Israel’s Magen David Adom, and other agencies that reject the cross and crescent for religious reasons, to obtain protections guaranteed by the Geneva Convention to bearers of those symbols.

The letter to the Swiss embassy in Washington urges Switzerland to resist those who oppose plans to reconvene the parties to the Geneva Convention, a power reserved to Switzerland.

The letter says opponents of the red diamond scheme want to postpone such an arrangement until the Israeli-Palestinian issue is resolved. The convention defines attacks on individuals and vehicles carrying the designated symbols as war crimes.

Muslim nations have defeated attempts to accept the red star of David used by Israel’s emergency services.

Dean praises Sharon effort

Howard Dean called Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip one of the “biggest steps for peace we’ve seen in my lifetime.”

The Democratic National Committee chairman joined state chairs from Ohio, Arizona and Florida in a weeklong visit to Israel.

Dean praised Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for his efforts, and said more pressure must be placed on the Palestinians.

“We must do everything we can to help President Abbas exert control,” Dean told JTA on Wednesday before leaving Israel. “The United States has to legitimize President Abbas as much as possible to make it as easy as we can to help him stand up to terrorists.” Dean, who sought the Democratic Party’s nomination for president last year, said his trip was not connected to concerns in the Jewish community about his support for Israel.

He called efforts to demonize his Middle East positions last year “gamesmanship.”

Gaza aid request could be reduced

An Israeli official said that a request for U.S. aid to help cover the Gaza Strip withdrawal could be reduced.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s chief of staff said Wednesday that negotiations for a grant of $2 billion from Congress had been put on hold while the Bush administration deals with the ravages of Hurricane Katrina. “We have deferred this and will wait for the proper moment to go and discuss the issue. It could be that the sums originally planned for will be reduced,” Ilan Cohen told Channel One Television. T

he money is needed to cover the logistics of the pullout, as well as moving former Gaza settlers to underdeveloped areas of the Negev and Galilee.

U.S. facilitates P.A. equipment transfer

The United States has transferred more than $2 million worth of nonlethal military equipment to Palestinian Authority security forces, top officials said.

Gen. William Ward, the top U.S. security envoy to the Middle East, said he had distributed $2.3 million in equipment and training, some of it donated from European countries, including radios, riot control equipment and vehicles, delivered on the eve of Israel’s pullout from the Gaza Strip last month. The U.S. Agency for International Development is administering another $700,000 for community policing efforts, Ward said.

U.N. agency to help Palestinian shippers

The United Nations established an agency to support Palestinian importers and exporters.

Under an agreement signed Thursday in Jerusalem, the European Commission will fund the Palestinian Shippers Council, according to a statement from the Geneva-based U.N. Conference on Trade and Development. The council hopes this will help revive the Palestinian economy, which has been decimated by the intifada.

The commission also is funding customs-clearance operations on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, which is under Palestinian and Egyptian control since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza.

Israeli cop jailed in killing

An Israeli border policeman was jailed in connection with the killing of a Palestinian youth.

Jerusalem District Court sentenced the policeman Thursday to more than four years in prison after finding him guilty of driving a jeep from which the youth, a Hebron resident, was thrown to his death in 2002. Three border policemen who had manhandled the Palestinian are awaiting sentencing for manslaughter.

The victim apparently was selected at random by the policemen, who wanted to exact revenge for the killing of several of their comrades in a Palestinian terrorist attack.

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News for 09-21-05

09-21-05 - Israel sets international border with Gaza "I don't think we can classify it legally as an international border now because Gaza is not free of occupation,"

09-21-05 - Hamas could one day change vow to destroy Israel

09-21-05 - Abbas dismisses mediators' plea to disarm militants

09-21-05 - Abbas welcomes 'quartet' call for Palestinian state

09-21-05 - Israel ends final pullout phase

09-21-05 - PNA calls on Quartet to press Israel to turn words into deeds

09-21-05 - Gaza evacuees plan to move to new West Bank settlement Such a move, if approved by the government, would violate Israel's promises to the United States not to establish new settlements and not to encourage Gaza settlers to move to the West Bank. Under the U.S.-backed road map peace plan, Israel is also required to freeze settlement construction.

09-21-05 - Palestinians to build housing on Gaza settlement ruins

09-21-05 - Soldiers invade Hebron, four surrounding villages, arrest five brothers

09-21-05 - Israeli troops arrest seven Palestinians in Tulkaram

09-21-05 - UK Parliament member visits Gaza "The situation in Gaza is shocking, Starkey said, "The world says that Gaza is free, I can not feel that".

09-21-05 - 'We will lose our land if we stay quiet'

09-21-05 - Israel sticks to Palestinian vote threat despite US plea

09-21-05 - Gaza crossings to Israel now international borders

09-21-05 - Palestinian ICT firms to partake in Gitex 2005

09-21-05 - PICTI participation at Expotech 2005

09-21-05 - Mixed results and reactions to restoration of border between Hebron areas H1 and H2

09-21-05 - No answers How could all the evidence from the October riots have disappeared?

09-21-05 - D.C. Gives Palestinian Authority Low Grade Ros-Lehtinen is an Israel-firster. She is behind a lot of the pro-Israeli legislation in Congress - the majority of which, I find, is a complete waste of time and taxpayer money. We've got much bigger issues at hand - that concern this country, AMERICA.

09-21-05 - Bush urges Arab countries to bolster Palestinian moderates in Gaza

09-21-05 - Israel seeks seat on Security Council The highest profile foreign figure to back the bid is the controversial US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton. What a shocker.

09-21-05 - King's Activities in Washington

09-21-05 - Shalom to UN: Countries wanting to help the Palestinians must recognize Israel

09-21-05 - Beauty to the fore at Israeli-Palestinian pageant in East Jerusalem

09-21-05 - Jewish refugees from Arab countries seek compensation "Our aim is that, every time there is a Middle East discussion on refugees, instead of discussing only Palestinian refugees they will talk about Jewish refugees who are a result of the Middle East conflict," After the Jewish militants expelled the Palestinians in '47-'48, Arab countries expelled Jews some speculate for fear that the same fate awaited them.

09-21-05 - Bush wants provisional state in Gaza Bush, or Sharon?

09-21-05 - PNA to hold int'l conference for Palestinian developments

09-21-05 - U.K. seeks to boost economic development in PA

09-21-05 - Israeli firm tossed out of UK fair In the shadow of threats against retired Israeli generals over war crimes, organizers of one of the world's largest international arms fairs in London tossed out an Israeli company for offering stun guns, leg irons and other "weapons of torture."

09-21-05 - OPEC Fund extends US$2.5 million grant for housing program

09-21-05 - In pictures A rare show of Mid-East co-existence

09-21-05 - Israel, PA plan joint transport office, with a little EU help

09-21-05 - Egypt: Israel should launch negotiations Egypt's foreign minister called on Israel Wednesday to follow its withdrawal from Gaza by launching final status negotiations with the Palestinians and halting the expansion of settlements in the West Bank.

09-21-05 - Saudi: Conflict divides Muslims, U.S. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the main factor dividing the Muslim and Arab world and the United States, Saudi Arabia?s foreign minister said.

09-21-05 - Uzi Dayan unveils plan for West Bank Under the plan, Israel would retain control of the entire area west of the separation fence, including: the Etzion Bloc and Ariel; Route 443 (Modi'in-Jerusalem) and the area south of it; the "Jerusalem envelope," including Ma'aleh Adumim, Mishor Adumim, Ofra and Beit El; Kiryat Arba and the corridor leading to it through the Carmel settlement on the south side of Mt. Hebron; the Judean Desert; and the Jordan Valley.

09-21-05 - Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel Book shows major U.S. disasters happen after 'land for peace' deals

09-21-05 - Year was political thriller for U.S. Jews ''You have to screen out the background noise and see whether the basics have changed," he said. ''Jewish Americans have a pretty good position. When Democrats are in charge, they automatically have a lot of influence. And when Republicans are in charge, they have a lot of influence because Republicans have to be responsive to their fundamentalist Christian constituency. In that ideology, Israel is very important. Abe Foxman calls this kind of talk by anyone else about the purported overwhelming influence of Jewish groups as propagating 'anti-Semitic canards'

09-21-05 - Israeli, Arab kids celebrate 'Peace Day'

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Senate introduces Iran restrictions

The U.S. Senate introduced legislation to restrict American businesses from obtaining nuclear-fuel assemblies from anyone that also sells them to Iran.

The Iranian Nuclear Prohibition Act of 2005, introduced Tuesday by Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), targets fabricated nuclear items that contain enriched uranium, used to create nuclear energy. Under the bill, no American business or entity would be able to purchase the fuel assemblies from a business, entity or government that sells to Iran.

“Iran’s support for terrorist organizations, its past record of nuclear enrichment deceit and its opposition to U.S. foreign policy objectives in the Middle East make Iran one of the most pressing national security issues facing the U.S. and the democratic countries of the world,” Santorum said. “The U.S. must take this important step toward eliminating nuclear activity in Iran.”

Saudi: Conflict divides Muslims, U.S.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the main factor dividing the Muslim and Arab world and the United States, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said.

“The truth of the matter is that this conflict is the main overriding issue that separates us,” Prince Saud Al Faisal told the Council on Foreign Relations on Tuesday. He further said that, while Israel’s recent withdrawal from Gaza was a “glimmer of hope,” the move will prove “meaningless if it is not followed by a comprehensive plan for a withdrawal from the other occupied territories.”

Al Faisal also lamented Israeli Prime Minster Ariel Sharon’s defense of Israel’s West Bank Security barrier during Sharon’s address last week to the U.N. General Assembly, in addition to Sharon’s emphasis on the unity of Jerusalem.

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News for 09-20-05

09-20-05 - Doctors say Israel turning back Gaza cancer patients "What sin did this child commit to be deprived care,"

09-20-05 - PA: U.S. wants Palestinian state in Gaza the sources said they expect Israel to divide up the area into cantons, with the northern and southern West Bank being connected through bridges and tunnels, in a bid to ?establish facts on the ground.?

09-20-05 - Diplomatic quartet urges Israel to stop settlement expansion

09-20-05 - Egypt-Gaza terminal to open for two days: Palestinians

09-20-05 - Rice calls Abbas over Mideast 'quartet' meeting

09-20-05 - AP Cameraman Recounts Gaza Kidnapping

09-20-05 - Mideast 'quartet' seeks post-Gaza peace dividend

09-20-05 - Qorei shoulders blame for anarchy

09-20-05 - OPT: Gaza fishermen return to sea after Israeli pullout

09-20-05 - EU to allocate 280 million euros for Palestinians in 2005 Of the 60-million-euro package, 40 million euros will be used to restore provision of essential services such as water, transport and energy.

09-20-05 - Gov't bill proposes that Gazans in Israeli jails remain incarcerated

09-20-05 - Rafah: A new kind of tears in the rubble

09-20-05 - Palestinians hoist their flags in Sanur

09-20-05 - Hamas militants succeed in freeing two journalists in Gaza

09-20-05 - Arabs plan protests over failure to indict police for riot deaths

09-20-05 - Israeli occupation forces continue bulldozing the West Bank

09-20-05 - Israel, Iran clash over their nuclear programs

09-20-05 - Israel Seeks Seat on U.N. Security Council They don't need one. For years we have done their bidding at the UN Security Council - including (ab)using our veto to block resolutions that uphold international and humanitarian law.

09-20-05 - Hands off the Palestinian elections

09-20-05 - Breakthrough with Israel to benefit Pakistan: analysts The contacts between the sole Muslim nuclear power and the Jewish state after nearly six decades of hostility improve Pakistan's image in the West and with the United States' influential Jewish lobby...."The influential Jewish groups will now be sensitive to Pakistan's problems particularly with India,"

09-20-05 - Report: Sharon raised illegal campaign funds in New York

09-20-05 - World Bank to grant incentives to investors in Gaza

09-20-05 - Poll: 54 Percent of Palestinians See No Need for Weapons Other than PNA's

09-20-05 - US eases opposition to Hamas participation in election

09-20-05 - The Jew comes to learn from the Arab - and it works

09-20-05 - Soldiers bar laborers from crossing through a Separation Wall?s Gate

09-20-05 - Palestinian group threatens to kidnap Israeli soldiers for prisoner release

09-20-05 - Hamas threatens to end truce if Israel hinders elections

09-20-05 - CP of Israel Calls for Freedom for Occupation Refusers

09-20-05 - Shattering Democracy: Sharon's Plan for Palestine

09-20-05 - Abbas to tell Sharon Palestinian should be sovereign

09-20-05 - Army invades AL Khader

09-20-05 - Ethiopia Jews go on hunger strike

09-20-05 - Two Journalists Tell Their Stories in Link TV's 'Occupied Minds'

09-20-05 - Israel buries West Bank synagogue

09-20-05 - Israel hotel blast likely not a militant attack-medics

09-20-05 - Abbas, Mubarak to meet next week to discuss reopening the borders between the Gaza Strip and Egypt

09-20-05 - Rice Urges Israel to Aid Palestinian Election

09-20-05 - Rabbis push Congress on torture This is interesting because many of the torture techniques used at Abu Ghraib so closely resembled those that Israeli has used on Palestinians and other Arabs, and given that Israeli forces trained our men in 'urban warfare' in the runup to the Iraq war, I'd say it is safe to assume that this is where our men learned this torture in the first place.

09-20-05 - Travels in Palestine, Part One By KATHLEEN and BILL CHRISTISON
Former CIA political analysts

09-20-05 - FM: Israel has severed linkage of PA track, ties with Arab states Israel had broken the "absolute linkage" that had long existed between progress in negotiations with the Palestinians and broadened diplomatic relations with Arab and pro-Arab nations.

09-20-05 - A canvas for protest and peace

09-20-05 - P.A rejects international presence at the Rafah Border Crossing

09-20-05 - Quartet urges Palestinians to dismantle militias

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