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Thursday, March 31, 2005

News for 03-31-05

03-31-05 - Oppose Senate Resolution Undermining International Court of Justice?s Opinion

03-31-05 - Seven dead in West Bank car crash

03-31-05 - Palestinian mob burns police tents in West Bank

03-31-05 - Sharon Plan Looking Like Border Blueprint Citing fierce domestic opposition to disengagement, Israel has quietly asked the United States to refrain from criticizing it about settlement expansion or any other issue until after the pullouts are complete this summer, Israeli officials confirmed.

03-31-05 - Palestinian intelligence chief quits

03-31-05 - Priest recalls violent origins of Land Day

03-31-05 - Abbas orders crackdown on gunmen

03-31-05 - Palestinians pass reform budget THE Palestinian parliament passed a 2005 budget today meant to encourage economic reforms and accountability after the corruption tainted rule of late President Yasser Arafat.

03-31-05 - Palestinians want to return to The Hague PA reportedly plans international campaign to pressure Israel into abandoning security fence

03-31-05 - Palestinian PM calls for serious peace talks with Israel

03-31-05 - Rabbis urge Israeli troops to desert and thwart Gaza pullout

03-31-05 - Hell in Hebron

03-31-05 - Praying in Hebron, a nightmare for Palestinians Last week the army evicted two Palestinian families from their homes backing onto the Tomb to use it as an observation post during the Jewish carnival of Purim

03-31-05 - Jerusalem patriarch apologises for mistakes, insists he will not resign

03-31-05 - PCHR is concerned at the ongoing security chaos

03-31-05 - Religious Leaders Launch United Campaign Against ?World Pride 2005? Gay Festival

03-31-05 - Bank probe reaches Russian mogul Israel has had a chequered reputation in dealing with dirty money, and till 2002 was on an international blacklist of money laundering havens.

03-31-05 - Militant rampage raises questions about Abbas's control

03-31-05 - FBI at crossroads in probe of pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC

03-31-05 - Arab Soccer Players Rescue Israeli Team Kafr Kassem -"mishap"? By the time the shooting stopped that evening in 1956, Israeli troops had killed 49 peaceable residents, half of them women and children, in the village of Kafr Kassem, about 10 miles east of Tel Aviv

03-31-05 - Tuwani: Poison Pellets Kill More Sheep

03-31-05 - Papal candidate gives pro-Zionist talk

03-31-05 - Palestinian charges Ateret Cohanim with forging documents A Palestinian resident of Jerusalem who says he worked as a front man for Ateret Cohanim has charged that the yeshiva - known for its attempts to buy lands from Palestinians - is forging documents in order to grab lands in East Jerusalem.

03-31-05 - Mofaz hints UAV deal with China may be dropped He did not rule out that the Harpy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) deal with China might be abandoned under US pressure.

03-31-05 - A Special Investigation In 1985, he resigned his major?s commission with the Israeli army and emigrated to South Africa to work for a Jewish charity serving the Orthodox community in Cape Town. Karni?s first four years in the country were spent educating Jewish youth and encouraging them to relocate to Israel, according to an article the Israeli newspaper Ha?aretz published shortly after his arrest

03-31-05 - Israel has to return Palestinian lands: Abbas

03-31-05 - Gaza pullout would be implemented unarmed: Israeli security chief

03-31-05 - Palestinians to launch campaign to defend Jerusalem

03-31-05 - Sharansky's right wing politics paraded as "Democratic" Avnery records that earlier as Housing Minister, Sharansky had ?systematically enlarged the settlements on expropriated Arab land in the West Bank, trampling on the human and national rights of the Palestinians.?

03-31-05 - The isolation of Jerusalem, another catastrophe

03-31-05 - Yom al-Ard in Bethlehem

03-31-05 - Transport Ministry Wants Rail Link to Gaza and Jenin to Get National Priority

03-31-05 - Man found guilty in Daytona Beach murder

03-31-05 - Potential Costs of Gaza Pullout

03-31-05 - World Council of Churches concerned about Israeli actions in Jerusalem

03-31-05 - Syria urges Muslims and Arabs to unite against Israel's conspiracies Syria on Thursday called on Islamic and Arab states to maintain vigilance and unity against Israel's conspiracies to divide them

03-31-05 - Durbin open to direct aid to Palestinians

03-31-05 - Somerville's New Divestment Row The issue of divestment in Somerville was brought sharply back in the public eye again this week after the city's pro-divestment organization met to discuss adding a question about divestment from Israel on the city's ballot this November.

03-31-05 - A Jerusalem hospital embodies spirit of cooperation

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

News for 03-30-05

03-30-05 - 3 Palestinians wounded in anti-wall demonstration near Hebron

03-30-05 - Palestinians fire at Abbas compound

03-30-05 - Palestinian women 'have suffered most in intifada' The report lambasts Israel for failing to allow sick and especially pregnant women access to medical care across checkpoints and suggests that some of the worst devastation wrought by the army's demolition of more than 4,000 homes since the Palestinian uprising began in September 2000 has been inflicted on women.

03-30-05 - Israel/Occupied Territories: New report reveals misery of Palestinian women's lives under occupation

03-30-05 - US treading delicate line on Israeli settlements Washington has sought to ease Palestinian anger over Israeli expansion plans on the West Bank without putting too much pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as he prepares a crucial pullout from Gaza

03-30-05 - Columbia Panel Reports No Proof of Anti-Semitism

03-30-05 - Israel's Arab minority marks Land Day The Arab minority in Israel commemorated annual Land Day to protest against ongoing discrimination and appropriation of their land by the Jewish majority

03-30-05 - Dahlan urges Israel to remove X-ray checking equipment at Rafah crossing "We have informed the Israeli side if these machines are not removed we will prevent the Palestinians from travelling through the crossing to protect their health,"

03-30-05 - The battle for the capital Even a disinterested onlooker can see that the elimination of East Jerusalem as a metropolitan center for its Arab hinterlands is now proceeding apace

03-30-05 - Sleepwalking to disaster in Iran John Bolton has made a career out of alienating the Russians.

03-30-05 - How did Jewish settlements begin? It's a secret "We do not reveal such materials because this whole issue of the settlement in the territories has entered a very problematic area of discussions or contact with the Palestinians," Tsur is cited as having said. "You know very well that the settlers did not enter a vacuum, and this certainly touches upon the contacts with the Palestinians. And you see what's happening in the outside world with the whole story about the fence. These are very delicate subjects, very problematic, and I am certain that you don't want to be the one to open these problems to the outside world."

03-30-05 - Israel: Militants Aren't Being Disarmed With the toppling of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, Israel considers Iran and its potential nuclear arsenal the gravest threat to its security

03-30-05 - Jewish Settlers Urged to Give Up Weapons

03-30-05 - Israeli envoy 'attempts suicide'

03-30-05 - Church land deal enrages Palestinians "When we take those [buildings] away from the Palestinians we're saying no - those footholds and strongholds are not going to be in your hands forever and ever," Homeland party member Uri Bank said.

03-30-05 - The planned chaos of illegal settlement outposts

03-30-05 - Nazi Graffiti Sprayed on Grave in Israel

03-30-05 - Israel doubts Egyptians will halt weapons to Palestinians

03-30-05 - Report by Palestinian Christians urges sanctions against Israel The churches have exhausted all other options with Israel," said Rev. Toll, stating that Sabeel's international patron, Nobel Peace Prize recipient Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has consistently compared the South African apartheid system to Israel's segmentation of the West Bank and its 'illegal wall' being built around Palestinian areas creating prison-like

03-30-05 - Woman 'horrified' after trip to West Bank

03-30-05 - Israel honors Egyptian spies 50 years after fiasco As unmentioned by author, the targets of these Israeli spies were AMERICAN, not 'foreign'

03-30-05 - Ultra-nationalist Jews banned from sacred Jerusalem compound

03-30-05 - Mofaz trying to rehabilitate defense industry relations with US Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz will meet senior Bush administration officials in Washington today. In meetings with US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, Mofaz will try to resolve disagreements between the US and Israeli defense establishments over Israel's military ties with China.

03-30-05 - Third Palestinian-European Conference on Israel Apartheid Wall Opens

03-30-05 - Refugees saddened by Hansen's departure "After you leave us, we will be like orphans," said a Palestinian mother whose daughter Noran al-Deeb, a pupil at one of the UNRWA's refugee schools, was shot dead inside her classroom in Rafah.

03-30-05 - Revelations from an Insider The question is: Will it be Israel as Cheney prepared us for recently who makes the attack, or will it be us?

03-30-05 - Manhattan's Friends of the Israel Defense Forces

03-30-05 - A new school for Palestinian children thanks to the Saudi Fund for Development

03-30-05 - The Bloody Paths to Crawford, Texas "The truth is that our one-sided relationship with Israel has only created more enemies for us in the Islamic World and more opportunities for terrorist attacks on our interests."

03-30-05 - New Tack In Divestment War And in another escalation of the fight over economic sanctions on Israel, a prominent Jewish group has started to purchase stocks in companies that could be targets of divestment campaigns.

03-30-05 - Top UK band to visit Palestine

03-30-05 - Intl. peace groups call for Israeli goods boycott It's illegal for American citizens to boycott Israeli products

03-30-05 - Pettigrew disappointed by Israel Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew issued a statement last Wednesday saying Canada was ?disappointed? by Israel?s move to build some 3,500 new homes in Ma?aleh Adumim, a community on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

03-30-05 - Israel-Palestinian business collaboration resuming after 4 years

03-30-05 - Israel's settlements

03-30-05 - SA has a better understanding of Israel, says Sharanksy Relations reached a low point last year when South Africa was one of the few countries in the world to make a formal submission to the International Court of Justice at The Hague against the security wall that Israel was building between itself and the Palestinian Authority.

03-30-05 - Judge tosses suit over L.A. airport terror The Justice Department determined that Hadayet, 41, had acted alone and called the shooting an act of terrorism related to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

News for 03-29-05

03-29-05 - Israeli soldiers injure Palestinian brothers near Nablus as refugee camp stormed

03-29-05 - B'Tselem: Israel maintaining 'strangulation' policy in Gaza Strip The report, titled "One Big Prison," documents what the organization says are Israel's violations of human rights and international law in the Gaza Strip

03-29-05 - Sharon wins vital vote on budget

03-29-05 - Gaza 'still closed' despite truce

03-29-05 - Hamas recruit: I was trained in militant camp in Syria Osama Mattar, now in Israeli custody

03-29-05 - Palestinians "could bring down aircrafts"

03-29-05 - American Jewish Congress Launches Campaign to Fight Divestment and Threats to Israel's Economy

03-29-05 - Israel is among the holocaust deniers Israel has never recognized the murder of the Armenian people, and in effect lent a hand to the deniers of that genocide

03-29-05 - Abbas optimistic militants can join Palestinian mainstream

03-29-05 - Jewish Settlers Warn of Violence

03-29-05 - Ambulances transport Israeli troops

03-29-05 - Dispatch of survey team to Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Areas The Government of Japan will dispatch a survey team to Israel and the Palestinian Autonomous Areas to support the Palestinian effort to achieve economic self-support.

03-29-05 - 10,000 Activists to Temple Mount Next Month

03-29-05 - Palestinian and Israeli peace activists stand trial

03-29-05 - Michigan residents fight Israel's efforts to confiscate land

03-29-05 - Arab trade unions urge Israel to stop settlement process

03-29-05 - Israel Builds a New Segment of the Wall

03-29-05 - IDF Colonel fears settlers' fury

03-29-05 - PNA appeals to UN on Israel's settlement expansion

03-29-05 - Kaddoumi claims Israel poisoned Arafat

03-29-05 - Police to bar Temple Mt. gathering such an event could prompt Palestinian violence at the bitterly contested holy site

03-29-05 - Palestinian Land Day Demonstrations Against Wall

03-29-05 - BBC reporting doesn't tell the whole story I don't think the institutional press like the BBC, which is terribly important in this country ... I don't think it has got the nerve to tell the story the way it is

03-29-05 - Source: Only U.S. can help on Polish property

03-29-05 - Embattled Arab-Israeli soccer star turns into national hero "I respect Israel," he said. "I only hope that Israelis will respect Arabs."

03-29-05 - Palestine: Women?s March to Polluted Wadi Qana Wadi Qana, a valley full of natural springs and perfect land for citrus plants, was so polluted by the surrounding settlements that its 350 residents were forced to leave in 1986 and move to the village of Deir Istya

03-29-05 - Visit by pro-Israeli prof causes uproar at UofT

03-29-05 - Israeli euphoria over Lebanon starts to wear off

03-29-05 - Palestinians bring back stray Israeli soldier

03-29-05 - ADL to Release New Poll on Anti-Semitism in America During ADL Meeting in Washington, D.C.

03-29-05 - Google deletes Hamas ad Google Spokeswoman Debbie Frost said the advertisement was a breach of the search engine?s policy and was therefore removed

03-29-05 - AIPAC betrayed US spies to Iran?

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Monday, March 28, 2005

News for 03-28-05

03-28-05 - Car explodes in Gaza, several people wounded A car that drove in Gaza City that belongs to a Palestinian lawyer suddenly exploded on Monday night in one of the main city streets, wounding at least two Palestinians that were in the car

03-28-05 - Jerusalem Patriarch must go, says Palestinian Authority diplomat A Greek diplomatic source told AFP Monday that a Greek foreign ministry delegation sent to Jerusalem last week to help investigate the land sale controversy is preparing a report noting Patriarch Irineos I's failure to give useful information

03-28-05 - Palestinians call for immediate political negotiations Continued Israeli theft of Palestinian land is a constant signal to Palestinians that the current Israeli government has no intention to fulfill the vision of two-states or to live within recognised and secured borders."

03-28-05 - IDF said changing its checkpoint policy In recent weeks, Border Police at the "Container" checkpoint have either barred passage to East Jerusalem residents heading to Bethlehem, or have warned them that on their return, they will be summoned for questioning.

03-28-05 - Israel plans to retain control over northern West Bank Israeli authorities plan to dismantle some of these settlements and build new ones in their place

03-28-05 - Abbas's Fatah to hold primaries in reform move

03-28-05 - PM: We can't expect explicit U.S. okay to build in settlements

03-28-05 - Malaysian PM calls for int'l campaign against Israel An international campaign similar to the one against South Africa's former apartheid policy is needed to create an independent Palestinian state existing peacefully with Israel, the Malaysian prime minister said Monday

03-28-05 - 'Fence hinders religious freedom' The U.S. State Department?s annual human rights and democracy report says Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as the route of the separation fence, hinder Christian and Muslim Palestinians from reaching their places of worship.

03-28-05 - West Bank: Israeli Soldier Wounded, Islamic Jihad Members Arrested

03-28-05 - Remember Baruch Goldstein once again, we are witnessing intensive violent activity whose goal is to fan the flames of hatred between Arabs and Jews

03-28-05 - Settlers warn of civil war over Gaza withdrawal

03-28-05 - Gaza withdrawal violates U.S. law? This is rich. The utter hypocrisy shines through once again.

03-28-05 - Hamas pledges retaliation for Jewish attack on al Aqsa Mosque Several Jewish groups had threatened to break into al Aqsa Mosque in east Jerusalem on April 10, in case Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon implements his disengagement plan

03-28-05 - PLO to mull militant groups joining - Islamic Jihad "It is necessary to follow up these issues with them (militants) so that we can push forward calm and the political process," or peace talks with Israel, Abbas said

03-28-05 - Budget for cancer mapping doesn't extend to Arab sector Ghanem presents data collected by the Israel Center for Disease Control, which shows that in the past three decades the rate of malignant diseases in the Arab population has risen by 97.8 percent among men, and 123 percent among women, as opposed to a rise of 39.8 percent for men and 24.4 percent for women among the Jewish population.

03-28-05 - Israel turns Qissaria mosque into a nightclub

03-28-05 - Jordan quizzes Orthodox Church head

03-28-05 - Palestinian peace conference kicks off in Malaysia

03-28-05 - Knesset rejects Gaza referendum Parliament in Israel has rejected a bill to delay the country's planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank.

03-28-05 - Their best defence Israel has no choice but to withdraw from the West Bank - not to indulge the Palestinians but to save itself

03-28-05 - A European Student's Experience at Columbia several Israeli Ministries have been involved in an active campaign to "promote pro-Israel activism on American campuses".

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

News for 03-27-05

03-27-05 - Army to confiscate lands west of Bethlehem

03-27-05 - 'Our lives have become hell' Palestinian villagers have endured three days of harassment by settlers from nearby community, local council member tells Ynet

03-27-05 - Israeli minister heads to US to criticise Palestinian security record

03-27-05 - Israel delays handover of town

03-27-05 - US agrees with Israel on West Bank settlement growth: Rice "American policy remains unchanged in accordance with the roadmap, but I just wanted to make certain that everyone understood what the April 14th agreement is,"

03-27-05 - PM: Israel will retain settlement blocs Israel prefers to sidestep the issue of the settlement blocs of Ma'aleh Adumim, Ariel, Gush Etzion and the Jerusalem "envelope," and to continue massive construction in these areas, without reaching an explicit understanding with the United States. So far there has been no agreed-upon definition of the concept of "settlement blocs," or of their

03-27-05 - Palestinians Accused of Arms Smuggling

03-27-05 - Palestinians: Israel tries to weaken Abbas

03-27-05 - Israel brings 3 million settlers into Negev and Galilee With the support of Washington, an Israeli ministerial committee plans to pour some three million Jewish settlers to the Negev and Galileo regions during the coming five years

03-27-05 - U.S. Sticking to Bush Assurances to Sharon - Rice

03-27-05 - Sharon: U.S. Settlement Policy Is Clear

03-27-05 - Abbas Chides U.S., Israel on Settlements

03-27-05 - Palestinians say any Israeli retention of settlements 'unacceptable' "This will destroy the peace process... it will destroy President Bush's two state solution,"

03-27-05 - Israel to PA:Remove anti-aircraft missiles

03-27-05 - Mid-East peace song is broadcast

03-27-05 - Christians Celebrate Easter in Jerusalem with this year's celebrations coinciding with the Jewish Festival of Purim, the Israeli military imposed general travel restrictions on Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza from Wednesday through Sunday, steering many Christians away from requesting permission to travel to Jerusalem

03-27-05 - Syria, Tunisia vow adherence to Arab peace initiative

03-27-05 - Secret talks to bring troops from Jordan

03-27-05 - Abbas to visit Arab, European countries before heading to US

03-27-05 - Jewish settler arrested for vandalism in Palestinian village

03-27-05 - New PA Economics Minister Sunuqrut: We want cooperation with Israel

03-27-05 - Palestinian prisoners plan hunger-strike The prisoners will implement the hunger-strike to improve their living conditions in the prison and to press the administration to change its policy against the prisoners.

03-27-05 - Did soldiers sell rifle to terrorists? Military Police interrogating two IDF soldiers on suspicion of selling weapon to a Palestinian

03-27-05 - After dominating Palestinian life for four decades, Arafat fades into past

03-27-05 - Turkish technical delegation tours Palestine

03-27-05 - Palestinian Christians angry over property sale The head of the Greek Orthodox Church has denied these claims, but his detractors say he also denied a similar story several years ago that he sold land to Israelis who, not long afterwards, starting bulldozing a hilltop and building an Israeli settlement in Palestinian territory.

03-27-05 - Arab Israelis barred from using Road 557 to enter West Bank

03-27-05 - Israeli girl soldier, Palestinian elope

03-27-05 - E-1: the end of a viable Palestinian state "Security" has nothing to do with Israel's expansionist policies. Successive Israeli governments did not establish 200 settlements because of security. Nor did they build a massive infrastructure of Israeli-only highways that link the settlement blocs irreversibly into Israel for security reasons. Nor can the route of the Separation Barrier, nor the policy of expropriating Palestinian land and systematically demolishing Palestinian homes be explained by "security."

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

News for 03-26-05

03-26-05 - Palestinians decry settler attacks The Palestinian Authority has urged the international sponsors of the peace process to pressure the Israeli government to stop attacks by Jewish settlers on Palestinian villagers.

03-26-05 - Old fears haunt Lebanon camps "I'm frightened, frightened to death. If we are disarmed, who's going to take care of us?,"

03-26-05 - No US agreement on West Bank settlement growth: Rice "There is at this point a desire to understand that better, so that we can understand better what a settlement freeze might really mean." In a follow-up phone call to the Post, Rice added that the US administration had had "discussions about steps toward a settlement freeze" but "we've never reached closure on that -- it's complicated."

03-26-05 - Rice adds fuel to debate over future of West Bank Jewish settlements

03-26-05 - Jewish settlements are not legal: Abbas Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday that the Palestinians' attitude toward Jewish settlements will never change, considering building of settlements on the Palestinian lands "illegal and unacceptable."

03-26-05 - Expansion of settlements is killing roadmap: Palestinian official

03-26-05 - Quraya seeks US clarification Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Quraya has urged the United States to clarify its position on Israeli settlements after apparently conflicting statements by top US officials.

03-26-05 - Palestinian star calls for faster reform

03-26-05 - No disengagement in Samaria Although the disengagement from the Gaza Strip and the disengagement from northern Samaria are supposed to take place simultaneously, many people - mainly the Palestinians - will be surprised to discover that the situation in the field will be entirely different.

03-26-05 - Freeze This Settlement

03-26-05 - Sharon wins vital budget backing

03-26-05 - U.S., Israel preparing for Iran war?

03-26-05 - Children of the shadows The criteria, designed to keep the number of eligible children at a minimum and prevent the inclusion of Palestinian children, include: birth in Israel, initial legal entry by their parents - either as tourists or workers, age between 10 and 18, and knowledge of Hebrew

03-26-05 - Purim in Yitzhar: Throwing stones at Palestinians and calling soldiers Nazis

03-26-05 - Russia "concerned" over Israel settlement plans

03-26-05 - AIPAC Probe / AIPAC works to preserve clout in U.S.

03-26-05 - Ex-MI6 man starts US-Hamas talks

03-26-05 - Plan to get militants to give up guns a shrewd compromise

03-26-05 - Hamas divides over truce with Israel

03-26-05 - Arabs Donate $101 Million To Palestine Fund

03-26-05 - Dispute over water keeps pot boiling Israel's 425-mile security barrier being built in the West Bank to keep out terrorists aggravates the vexing contretemps. It has created a sharp reduction of Palestinian water supplies...To keep the pot boiling, Israeli Defense Force Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon recently announced a new barrier will be built around the Gaza Strip before the withdrawal of Jewish settlers in July. Naem Baroud of Gaza's Islamic University charges, ''This will devastate farmlands and reservoirs''

03-26-05 - Settlers stone soldiers No one was hurt in the incident but several Palestinian homes were damaged.

03-26-05 - Sports ; Golf event to raise funds for Palestinian students:

03-26-05 - Analysis / Sharon, Bush and the settlements One again, Sharon came out on top, and paid neither a domestic nor an international price for his critical decisions to strengthen the "blocs."


03-26-05 - The AIPAC Investigation -- Current State of Play


03-26-05 - The Passionate Attachment: America's Involvement With Israel, 1947 to the Present The authors then proceed to explain how the relationship between the United States and Israel violates Washington's warning and proves all his predictions of the consequences of a "Passionate attachment."

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Friday, March 25, 2005

News for 03-25-05

3-25 - Two Palestinian hikers drown in Nahal Arugot Two Palestinian teens who were hiking in the Nahal Arugot area near Masada drowned Friday. The two were part of a group of 10 teens from the village of Beni Na?eem near Hebron.

3-25 - Palestinians under attack from settlers In the latest incident, Israeli settlers in Yitzhar near Nablus attacked the Palestinian village of Asira al-Kabaliya. The mob threw stones at Israeli security forces when they sought to intervene.

3-25 - Five residents, including two children hurt in Bodrus

3-25 - 'Border Guard dumped boy in field' West Bank Palestinian town residents say Border Guard troops provoked local children, severely beat man during raid

3-25 - US firmly backs Israel's right to keep large settlement blocs

3-25 - U.S. Reiterates Support for Israel Plan The U.S. ambassador on Friday reaffirmed Washington's support for Israel to retain major West Bank settlements under any Middle East peace deal just days after Israel announced plans to expand a settlement outside Jerusalem

3-25 - U.S. urges Israel to stop settlement expansion

3-25 - U.S. policy on West Bank is unclear Kurtzer later called Sharon, told him he was misquoted and reiterated the existing U.S. policy,

3-25 - Activists report attack by Israelis The mother of a Louisville woman says her daughter and another Louisville resident were attacked by Israeli settlers in the West Bank city of Hebron and later arrested by Israeli police.

3-25 - Israel expropriates more land for settlements near Qalqilia

3-25 - Israel halts transfer of cities to PA

3-25 - US denies any accord with Israel over large settlement blocs

3-25 - Planned Jewish rally worries Jordan hardliners discussed sending thousands of Jews to the Haram al-Sharif, or Nobel Sanctuary, in order to draw Israeli army and police away from evicting settlers from Gaza and the northern West Bank.

3-25 - FBI probe into leaked secrets takes aim at AIPAC

3-25 - Thousands rally in Gaza to remember Sheikh Yassin

3-25 - Rehearsals for the Rapture Christian Zionists have been longtime and uncompromising supporters of Israel. For some fundamentalist Christians, this support is motivated by a belief in the "end-times" ? a series of events that takes place in Israel after the Jews have returned and solidified their hold on the territory.

3-25 - Israel can't use US equipment to violate Gaza residents' human rights That's the settlers' rights. Palestinians get the full treatment.

3-25 - EU Accuses Israel of Breaching Peace Road Map

3-25 - Russia concerned about Israel plans to build settlements

3-25 - Gaza settlers grow defiant

3-25 - Ottawa teachers suspended over anti-Jewish essay One teacher praised a student essay about martyrdom and killing Israeli soldiers and another helped with the artwork.

3-25 - 4th annual Chicago Palestine Film Festival 2005, April 15-May 3

3-25 - OLD BEAR RUSSIA BULLISH ON ISRAEL There has also been secret cooperation between Israel and Russia on the terrorism problem that has vexed both countries. In one case, when Israel helped Russia with a vital problem against terrorists, Putin called Sharon and told him "I love you" ? in Russian, a language that Sharon speaks.

3-25 - Jordan: Christ. protest church land sale in J'lem More than 1,000 Orthodox Christians in Jordan held a vigil here on Friday to protest the reported sale of church land in the holy city of Jerusalem to Jewish organizations.

3-25 - 'Discovering the Network' Israeli spies, defended by Plaut in the pages of Frontpage ? is this what passes for "patriotic" conservatism these days?

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

News for 03-24-05

3-24 - US won't fight PM over housing plan

3-24 - Israeli plans to expand settlement not final: US The reported comments contradicted an assertion by a Sharon aide who said the Israeli prime minister had told the Americans that government approval for the development was "final."

3-24 - Amnesty: Time to act on removal of unlawful Israeli settlements

3-24 - Israel's separation barrier affects half a million Palestinians -Report They also said that about 130,000 Palestinian children may not be immunized once the wall is finished.

3-24 - Top UN Aide Urges Israel Halt Settlement Expansion

3-24 - Palestinians Seek to Block Settlement Senior Palestinian officials on Thursday asked two U.S. envoys to help block the expansion of the largest Jewish settlement in the West Bank, saying it endangers peace prospects and isolates east Jerusalem

3-24 - An ancient Palestinian village struggles to survive Israeli settlement expansion and settler violence

3-24 - Israel to ask US for $500-700m in disengagement aid

3-24 - Canada "disappointed" at Israeli settlement expansion Pettigrew argued that the plan was inconsistent with international law and the internationally-backed roadmap towards peace between Israel and the Palestinians

3-24 - Greek Orthodox Patriarch again denies alleged Jerusalem land sale

3-24 - UK refuses records on Jenin death "Surely the interests of a British citizen should take precedence over our relations with Israel,"

3-24 - Gaza plan leaves luxury home headache

3-24 - Jordanian diplomacy falters on Palestine, Syria and Iraq

3-24 - Arab League Seeks Israeli Concessions "You cannot give everything to Israel with nothing in return,"

3-24 - The rabbi who pricks Israel's conscience "There is a false equation that if you voice any criticism of Israel you are delegitimising Israel at some level. I believe the opposite."

3-24 - Israel Arab charged for club bomb An Israeli Arab has been charged with murder for his role in a suicide bomb attack that killed five Israelis at a Tel Aviv night club last month.

3-24 - Israel women trafficking soars The report described how the women are sold at public auctions for as much as $10,000 and forced to work up to 18 hours a day.

3-24 - Gaddafi "idiot" remark riles Palestinians

3-24 - Palestinian heroes remembered Palestinian Land Day is marked every year on March 30. It commemorates the killing of six Palestinians 29 years ago by Israeli security forces as they were protesting against the seizure of Palestinian land.

3-24 - Shot by mistake "It is a classic 'shoot-and-cry' situation," Ahmed Tibi said, "But in this case the army doesn't want to pay up. We've asked the army to at least expedite the hospital payment, and we haven't even begun to speak about damages. But things are just going nowhere."

3-24 - 'Far right radicalizing' In a briefing to reporters, the source pointed to a recent increase in disturbances perpetrated by settlers, who are targeting both Palestinians and IDF soldiers.

3-24 - Party under way at murderer's gravesite

3-24 - Rice Warns Israel Against Settlement Expansion

3-24 - Commission on Human Rights continues debate on violations in occupied Arab territories (2/2)

3-24 - Israeli entrepreneurs train to enter U.S. homeland security market

3-24 - Gazans may be barred from TA flights "If Israel totally withdraws troops from Gaza and the Egyptians take over the control over the border with Egypt, then maybe we won't let them use the Ben-Gurion Airport,"

3-24 - A step backward Our position: The U.S. can help Mideast peace by pushing Sharon to cancel expansion move.

3-24 - An Israeli detour

3-24 - Protesters target Caterpillar dealer ''It is ironic that these activists in Milford are protesting the sale of Caterpillar equipment to Israel at a time when Israel has decided to cease this practice of house demolitions," Israel is still demolishing homes 2 3


3-24 - Arbitrator: Reactor workers cannot blame cancer on radiation

3-24 - George Washington, Jonathan Pollard and the Jews Report: Pollard stole 10-volume intelligence 'Bible'

3-24 - Yukos oil fugitives find safe haven in the promised land For the Russian government, they are allegedly dangerous criminals who have made off with billions in unpaid taxes and are wanted on charges that range from embezzlement to murder. For Israel, they are potential valued investors in the country's slowly reviving economy.

3-24 - French goalie refuses to play in Israel

3-24 - Caterpillar distributor is asked to join protest against sales to Israel

3-24 - Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human Rights and the Israeli-Palestinian Struggle

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CNI Action Alert
March 24,2005
As Israeli and American newspapers had predicted earlier, the Israel government confirmed that it is constructing 3,500 new housing units in Jewish colony of Maale Adumim, already the largest colony outside Israel, despite the provisions of the "Roadmap" which state that the existing colonies should not be enlarged. The New York Times editorialized on Wednesday, March 23, about the cynicism of the Sharon government in proceeding with this expansion, especially at this time there appears to be real hope for a renewed peace process.

It makes a mockery of Israel's decision to disengage from Gaza and clearly shows that the Sharon government intends to retain the large Jewish colonies on the West Bank.

Moreover, the construction threatens to cut off Palestinian access to East Jerusalem, which is expected to be declared the capital of an independent state of Palestine and also jeopardizes the presumed "contiguity" of that state.

CNI urges its members and friends to contact their senators and representatives expressing outrage that Israel should allow the peace process, now in a hopeful mode, to be jeopardized, and to seriously consider suspending all aid to the country to show its support for eventual peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. This is not the time to offer muted criticism to Tel Aviv. This is the time to hold Israel accountable for its acts.

Other reports in Haaretz, the Israeli daily, indicate that the Palestinians have continued to uphold their end in any Roadmap "performance" criteria. The head of the research division of Israel Defense Forces intelligence, Brig. Gen. Yossi Kuperwasser, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on March 22 that Palestinian Authority security forces are foiling just as many terror attacks as Israel.

Contact your Members of Congress to express your support in hope of peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine and to register your outrage at the continued defiance of Israel by expanding the Jewish-only colonies in the West Bank. Telephone and fax numbers and email addresses of your representatives, the President, and the Secretary of State are available on

Read some of the Info Alerts and Analyses on CNIF's new website,
"AIPAC on the Verge, Tom DeLay Ensnarls Peace Aid"
"Family of Rachel Corrie Sues Caterpillar"
"One Month after Summit and Casualties Mount"
Readers are encouraged to send in their comments on the various stories. It's easy - see the simple directions on the website.


To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Council for the National Interest Foundation click here:

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Ma'on Settlers Invade Palestinian Land


Ma'on Settlers Invade Palestinian Land

By Diana Zimmerman and Kim Lamberty

20 March 2005

AT-TUWANI-At 9:00 Saturday morning, March 19, CPTer Diana Zimmerman and two
members of Operation Dove were called to the house of one of the At-Tuwani
shepherds, where they found four Israeli army vehicles and the soldiers in
conversation with Palestinian women herding sheep in the area. Suddenly
they saw a large group of Israeli settlers coming out of the trees from the
settlement outpost Havat Ma'on. The settlers walked to Sorora, an abandoned
Palestinian village where several Palestinian shepherds were farming the
land and grazing their sheep. Israeli officials have previously confirmed
that the land there is open for Palestinian use.

The two members of Operation Dove left to investigate, while Zimmerman
stayed behind to film the incident. By the time the internationals reached
the scene, Israeli army vehicles had arrived and only one masked adult
settler and two unmasked juvenile settlers remained. The settler children
threw rocks at the Operation Dove members, and then all three remaining
settlers ran into the trees. The soldiers did not interfere or detain them.
Palestinians on the scene reported that there were about 12 settlers, one
with a gun, who threw rocks at them, chased them, and beat their sheep. As
soon as the army arrived, the settlers retreated.

Zimmerman and the Operation Dove members returned to the shepherd's house to
wait for the afternoon school patrol. At around noon they saw about 100
settlers streaming out of Ma'on settlement and going to the hill behind the
shepherd's house. A large group of Palestinians gathered, and 4 police
vehicles and 8 army vehicles arrived shortly thereafter. A 2-hour standoff
ensued, with the army, police, and internationals standing between the
Palestinians and the Israeli settlers. A high-level Israeli army official
arrived and ordered both groups to back away. Before the Palestinian men
left the area, they all knelt in a line together and said their afternoon

Israeli soldiers dispersed the settlers and they began walking toward Ma'on
settlement. However, instead of turning right at the "short road" leading
toward Ma'on and Havat Ma'on, the settlers turned left and went up the hill
and onto the grazing land of another At-Tuwani shepherd. Israeli army
officials have previously declared this land open for Palestinian use. The
settlers chased all sheep off the hill and toward the home of the shepherd.
Afterward, Israeli soldiers walked all the settlers toward Ma'on settlement.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

News for 03-23-05

3-23 - Settlers Attack and Later Threaten Palestinian Shepherds Five masked settlers with sticks attacked the Palestinian family, injuring two women.

3-23 - Ma'on Settlers Invade Palestinian Land

3-23 - Poison Pellets spread on hillside where Palestinian sheep graze The contaminated site is the same area where Palestinians farmers and
herders were attacked on Saturday March 19th by twelve settlers from the Ma
'on outpost.

3-23 - Israel rejects Arab peace initiative

3-23 - Libyan leader grabs summit limelight, calls Palestinians 'idiots' "The Israelis are idiots and the Palestinians as well," Kadhafi said

3-23 - Country cracks down on foreign Arab presence Most deeply alarmed are Palestinians, whose community in Iraq numbers more than 30,000, most of them in Baghdad. Many came here in 1948, when the British mandate in Palestine ended and the state of Israel was created. "By existing law, almost all of them could be deported," said a senior U.S. official

3-23 - 15 families surrounded, totally isolated in the Gaza Strip

3-23 - UN Official Urges Israel Free Jailed Palestinians He also urged the international community to pressure Israel to dismantle the wall being built on occupied territory, ruled illegal by the U.N.'s International Court of Justice.

3-23 - United States Urges U.N. Human Rights Body Not To Target Israel

3-23 - Israeli army seals off West Bank and Gaza

3-23 - Palm Sunday Procession Challenges Checkpoint Palestinian residents of Bethlehem are not allowed to enter Jerusalem
for any reason including, on this Palm Sunday, to worship

3-23 - Sharon survives key budget vote

3-23 - Transfer of West Bank cities jeopardised by Palestinians: Mofaz Mofaz's comments stood in stark contrast to comments made a day earlier by a senior Israeli intelligence official who praised Palestinian security efforts, saying they had prevented as many militant attacks as the Israeli security forces

3-23 - UN rights expert praises Israeli progress in territories, urges more Israel is still demolishing homes 2 3

3-23 - Syria envoy wants U.S., Israel to withdraw troops too

3-23 - Arabs avoid summit controversy, renew Israel peace offer Israel "does not deserve that we extend to it our hand" in peace, Mussa told a post-summit news conference, accusing the Jewish state of continuing to build settlements on Palestinian land.

3-23 - Athens opposes 'Arabisation' of Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem In Ramallah, on the West Bank, Palestinian MPs -- furious at the alleged sale of Jerusalem land to Jewish investors by the Greek patriarchy -- voted Tuesday for Arab Orthodox Christians to secede from the Greek patriarchy

3-23 - Religious heads call for protection of Jerusalem shrines

3-23 - Palestinians Worried About Unemployment, Poverty

3-23 - China calls for international support for Mideast peace process

3-23 - Gov?t says Yesha under belligerent occupation state representatives Osnat Mandel and Yuval Roitman wrote that "the areas of Judea and Samaria and the area of the Gaza Strip have been held by Israel since the Six Day War and until today in belligerent occupation"

3-23 - UN Investigator: Violence Down in Palestinian-Occupied Territories However, Mr. Dugard says these changes fail to address the main violations of human rights in the occupied territories

3-23 - Jerusalem Patriarch Sees Obstacles to Peace on Both Sides

3-23 - Palestinians fume over British Consulate security wall

3-23 - Thousands of women smuggled into Israel for sex trade

3-23 - British Ambassador Sends EU Message Britain is actively trying to persuade European Union member states to freeze all of Hizbullah's assets, including those of its political and social wing, following a change in government policy, British Ambassador Simon McDonald told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday. The shift followed Prime Minister Tony Blair's meeting with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Jerusalem in December

3-23 - Human rights dynamo backs Corries' suit against Caterpillar

3-23 - Israel not a favoured business location

3-23 - Song of hope

3-23 - Neocons Concentrate on Promoting U.S.-Iran War

3-23 - Life, Sustenance and Love: The Ambulance, the Olive Tree and Feras

3-23 - Control order flaws exposed The Palestinian refugee, who was held for three-and-a-half years, says he cannot understand the double standards of the order, and said it was further exacerbating his psychiatric difficulties.

3-23 - Israeli Human Rights Lawyer Defends Activists in Tradition of Langer, Tsemel "Jenin, Jenin." It screened only three times in Israel before the film board decreed it a piece of propaganda that would upset the Israelis and lead them to think their soldiers intentionally commit war crimes

3-23 - The Americans are going too far A high-ranking Pentagon official declared that Israel has to choose between the U.S. and China, an outlandish comment that deserves no response.

3-23 - Ridiculous and sublime Jerusalem, the site of Christ's death and resurrection, has long mixed religious spirituality with an all too human capacity for earthly nonsense

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

News for 03-22-05

3-22 - Israeli Troops Wound Two Palestinian Boys in West Bank

3-22 - Palestinian teachers seek better pay Thousands of Palestinian public school teachers have staged protests against low salaries and deteriorating living conditions.

3-22 - U.S. Seeks 'Clarification' on New Israel Settlements

3-22 - Hebron Palestinians: Settlers attempted to poison our sheep The settlers reportedly dispersed contaminated feed over a 30 dunam (seven acre) area.

3-22 - 'Hizbullah, Syria planning attack' Jordan's King Abdullah says terror plot aims to elicit Israeli response in bid to distract attention from Syrian problems in Lebanon

3-22 - US pressuring Israel over settlements

3-22 - Greek Orthodox church mired in Jerusalem land row

3-22 - Rabbi guilty of blocking police A Jerusalem rabbi has been found guilty by an Israeli court of trying to prevent the demolition of illegally built Palestinian homes.

3-22 - Israel imposes full closure on W. Bank, Gaza over Purim

3-22 - Palestinians 'foiling militants'

3-22 - Critical dispute over Jerusalem real estate "This puts the entire peace process in jeopardy."

3-22 - Israel must 'give up occupied land'

3-22 - Arab summit to renew Israel offer

3-22 - Putin urges Israel to back Arab peace initiatives

3-22 - Israel has no intention of striking Iranian nuclear sites: Sharon

3-22 - Caterpillar: Making a Killing in Palestine?

3-22 - Settlement restrictions don't faze activists

3-22 - Congress' Bad Behavior The bizarre nature of these one-sided anti-Palestinian provisions were noted by a number of commentators, especially since they are far more restrictive than any passed by Congress during Yasser Arafat?s tenure as PA President, and represent a dramatic challenge by anti-peace supporters of Israel among the Democrats and far-right Republicans to efforts being taken by President Bush to show support for the new Palestinian leadership.

3-22 - Arab Summit Asked to Protect Palestine's Holy Places

3-22 - 'Youngsters willing to go to jail'

3-22 - Putin due in April for historic visit

3-22 - The Vision of a Blind Woman Ms. Al-Hissi, was shot by an Israeli soldier while she was six years old. One week after the shooting, she lost sight in one eye. Four years later, she completely lost her eyesight.

3-22 - The passionate minority and the silenced majority

3-22 - Growing pains "I was shocked by what's been going on. I had no idea what Israel was doing to the Palestinians."

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Monday, March 21, 2005

News for 03-21-05

3-21 - Israel's New Jerusalem Plan Angers Palestinians "Israel is responsible for any consequences resulting from this continuous violation of the road map," he said. "I don't think the Palestinian leadership and people can tolerate this."

3-21 - AP: Palestinians Restrict Weapons Use

3-21 - Trees Uprooted, Residents Attempting To Intervene A private Israeli company working near the village of Bil'in, in the western Ramallah area, is in the process of uprooting over 80 olive trees from the villagers' land now located on the western side of Israel's Separation Barrier.

3-21 - Handover of West Bank city agreed

3-21 - New settlements will close door to peace, warn Palestinians "If the issue of Jerusalem, the issue of borders, the issue of water and the issue of settlements are determined by the Israeli wall and settlements, what is left for negotiation? How do you translate President Bush's two-state solution to a realistic political track, while the land that's supposed to constitute a Palestinian state is eaten up by settlements and walls?"

3-21 - Palestinians saves millions of dollars in corruption clampdown: minister

3-21 - Israel plans new West Bank homes - paper Israel plans to build 3,500 new homes on occupied West Bank land for a residential complex connecting a major Jewish settlement to Jerusalem

3-21 - Israel will continue to expand largest West Bank settlements The Israeli authorities are preparing to revive plans to link Maale Adumim to Jewish settlements in Arab east-Jerusalem, occupied since 1967

3-21 - Jordan MP's want Jerusalem patriarch out

3-21 - Bethlehem bloggers online

3-21 - Israel's Gazan spies included in pullback - source

3-21 - N Zealand 'should take in Vanunu' New Zealand's Green Party has called for former Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu to be offered a New Zealand passport.

3-21 - Choosing Wolfowitz definitely benefits Israel The World Bank will be supervising the implementation of hundreds of million of dollars worth of projects to rebuild Gaza

3-21 - Outside View: Syria's question to Condoleezza

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

News for 03-20-05

3-20 - West Bank: Israeli, Palestinian wounded in two incidents

3-20 - Hebron settlers stepping up attacks Meanwhile Sunday, four settlers were arrested by police after they allegedly attacked a group of Palestinian farmers working in a field near Nablus.

3-20 - Last-minute hitch emerges to West Bank town handover In a move that is also likely to raise tension, Israeli authorities have given the green light for the construction of more than 3,500 new homes in the West Bank east of Jerusalem.

3-20 - Israel, Palestinians Deadlock on Handover Palestinians opened fire on Israeli police and soldiers searching for stolen cars in the Amari refugee camp next to the West Bank city of Ramallah, the military said, wounding two, one critically...
But Hamas and Islamic Jihad conditioned their support on Israel's stopping all military operations against the Palestinians. Israel has promised to honor the truce if quiet continues.

3-20 - New evidence of Israeli West Bank expansion Aerial photographs by Israel's defence ministry have provided fresh evidence that the government is continuing its rapid expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank despite public statements to the contrary.

3-20 - Four settlers arrested for alleged attack on Palestinians

3-20 - Could Gaza really be the next India? "Near Morag (an Israeli settlement in Gaza), we had to give up completely on two schools. Our schools have been hit so many times by Israeli fire and we have had four children killed inside the schools."

3-20 - Palestinian elections body resigns

3-20 - 'Army photographed 10-year-olds'

3-20 - Peres fears Likud split may delay Gaza move

3-20 - Every day, they come Just about every day, they come to nonviolently protest the confiscation of their lands.

3-20 - IDF orders new "impersonal" means for dispersing demonstrations The main feature of the "Venom" is allowing soldiers to fire non-lethal weapons to break up riots without leaving their vehicle and becoming targets of rocks, bottles and firebombs. Using a control panel in the vehicle, the operator can choose the type of ordnance -- stun grenades, smoke bombs, tear gas or rubber-coated bullets -- as well as selecting the proper range,

3-20 - Arabs Reject Jordan Proposal on Israel The original plan by Jordan's King Abdullah II had dropped the traditional Arab call for recognizing Israel in exchange for the Jewish state's withdrawal from land it has occupied since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War

3-20 - Pilgrims Retrace Jesus' Trip to Jerusalem

3-20 - We Still Haven't Learned Lesson of Activist's Death while searching the Internet for information about Rachel, I was stunned at the cruel campaign of vilification and blaming-the-victim that abounds there.

3-20 - Water: the language of peace and war in arid Middle East

3-20 - Arab Jews in Palestine Before Israel

3-20 - Withdrawal rankles Israeli farmers in Gaza "When the bulbs are plucked from the ground they just come right out of the sand with their roots intact," he explains. This makes them easier to clean, helping to meet stringent US inspection standards, he says.

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Every day, they come

Just about every day, they come to nonviolently protest the confiscation of their lands.

I see their photos almost daily in Yahoo News.

Sometimes the youth throw stones which may prompt a volley of rubber bullets or live rounds from an Israeli soldiers.

But they come.

They make a stand in the same way that Ghandi did.

Where are the reports in the American press? Why do they hide these protests from America?

And would Americans be so civil, if it were our land that they came to take by force?

What good is international law, if there is nobody that will enforce it?

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News for 03-19-05

3-19 - Inside scarred minds On his first visit to the Gaza Strip, Daniel Day-Lewis meets the Palestinian families living in the heart of the danger zone - and the psychologists who are counselling them

3-19 - Civilian Dies of Wounds in Nablus as Israeli Aggression Continues

3-19 - Israeli forces invade West Bank towns

3-19 - Israeli forces strafing Lebanese border areas

3-19 - Qureia: Israel seeking to annex Jerusalem

3-19 - Promised land stained by spread of racism

3-19 - EU to offer Israel benefits for easing Palestinians' lives The European Union intends to offer Israel economic benefits in exchange for relieving the restrictions on the Palestinians, EU sources said.

3-19 - Thousands rally in support of Gaza pullout

3-19 - Church Leaders Seek Patriarch's Resignation

3-19 - What future for Israel's Palestinian citizens?

3-19 - 'Will silence those who condemn Zionists' "They stopped it from being broadcast not because of its (Hizbullah) political standing inside Lebanon, religious lessons, shows and movies," he said. "They stopped it because of its determined stance to support the Palestinians."

3-19 - European Union to declare customs exemptions on joint Israel-Arab exports The EU will declare a customs exemption for Jordanian-Israeli exports in the first stage, likely next month. Later on, it will consider easing duties on Israeli-Egyptian exports, and thereafter Israeli-Palestinian exports

3-19 - Despite IDF ban, MK Eitam and his family will relocate to Gaza

3-19 - Arab Ministers Approve Peace Offer, with Conditions

3-19 - Little changes after Jericho's handover

3-19 - No surprise; Palestinian photographer wins the most sad photo prize

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Friday, March 18, 2005

News for 03-18-05

3-18 - Jewish investors secretly buy Old City properties from Greek Orthodox Church Purchasing property in the Old City, which is situated in occupied and annexed east Jerusalem, is fraught with political tensions as Jewish groups often try to obtain properties in the heart of Palestinian areas in a major settlement drive.

3-18 - Israel Backs Temporary Palestinian Truce

3-18 - Midest Extremists Pose Threat to Truce "Now on a daily basis Israeli security provides Palestinian security with information, including recorded phone calls between Hezbollah militants, Hezbollah officers and al Aqsa militants,"

3-18 - Israel to refrain from offensives Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the Palestinian agreement was positive but not enough.

3-18 - Approved Final Route of Separation Barrier Divides Jerusalem and Bethlehem

3-18 - Algeria: No Israel normalisation plan

3-18 - Bethlehem Mayor urges help for Christians The mayor was quoted in the Palestinian daily al-Quds as saying that the Israeli security barrier is damaging the local tourist industry. Not only are Palestinian lands being expropriated to build the wall, but Israel has de facto annexed Rachel?s Tomb. What's more, with land communication between Jerusalem and Bethlehem made more difficult fewer pilgrims are coming.

3-18 - Who shot Brian Avery?

3-18 - Third man bolted to Israel

3-18 - AIPAC on the VERGE, Tom DeLay Ensnarls Peace Aid Good cop (AIPAC), bad cop (Delay) routine. Both are bad for America.

3-18 - Jordan Proposes New Israel Peace Strategy

3-18 - How to launder outposts

3-18 - Israel bans Gaza settler influx Israel has banned its citizens from moving into Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip, aiming to forestall a feared influx of ultra-nationalists bent on blocking a pullout from the occupied territory this summer

3-18 - Sue Israel, not the bulldozer maker If you buy Israel's explanation that what happened was an accident, then why did the bulldozer operator not render aid after he realized she had been run over? That's no way to respond to an accident.

3-18 - Children ask why they can't enter Jerusalem on a donkey

3-18 - Bolton Bring's Pro-Israel Record To UN

3-18 - Media Shows Arab Street Still Seethes About Israel

3-18 - EU blocks Hezbollah TV broadcasts in Europe "The decision is another important step to closer Israeli-European ties," Shalom said

3-18 - Trivializing Palestinian suffering

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AIPAC on the VERGE, Tom DeLay Ensnarls Peace Aid

CNI Info Alert
March 18, 2005

The Jewish newspaper the Forward reported this week that two senior officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the pro-Israel lobby, have been given a paid leave of absence from their jobs. They are Steve Rosen, head of AIPAC's research department, and Keith Weissman, its deputy director of foreign policy issues.

Both men had been questioned by the FBI in connection with the Larry Franklin case. Franklin is suspected of passing classified documents to AIPAC, which passed it on to Israel, and is the subject of a six-month continuing investigation.

The Forward assumes that the paid leave of absence is an effort by the organization to cover itself for the indictments that are looming. David Corn of The Nation on his blog has been suggesting that the case would blow open very soon.

Meanwhile, according to another report in the Forward, AIPAC is reported to have "brokered a deal" on Capitol Hill last week, resulting in the passing in the House of an aid package to the Palestinians that would disallow direct aid to the Palestinian Authority. The pro-Israel lobby had been put in good light by none other than Tom DeLay (R-TX), who announced that he would axe all aid whatsoever to Palestine if severe restrictions on how it was spent were not put in place - and defying both Condoleezza Rice and President Bush. The package that passed - the $200 million as requested by President Bush - is to be used for the construction of "high-tech crossing points," job creation, home and school construction, institution building and road works.

In the past, aid to Palestine included a "national security" waiver, which allowed the President to provide aid if it was in the interest of national security. Emergency aid could be provided without special Congressionally placed rules and regulations.

DeLay, as is well known, is a Christian Zionist, and he not only opposes the Gaza disengagement and but also any effort to remove the Jewish colonies from the West Bank, which he believes is part of ancient Israel.

What the "brokered deal" means is that aid to Palestine will continue to be channeled through the United States Agency for International Development. Millions of dollars have been allocated to USAID projects but left unspent, because few foreign organizations have the financial controls necessary to meet USAID standards. Apparently, Congress is uninterested in speeding aid to Palestine at this critical time, despite the President's wishes.

What the package also contains is a requirement that the funds spent be audited twice. This is a bonanza for American audit companies.

The package passed by the House now proceeds to the Senate.


To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Council for the National Interest Foundation click here:

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

News for 03-17-05

3-17 - Yeshiva students attack Palestinians, wound at least five Military sources told Haaretz the Palestinians were severely beaten and that they were "almost lynched," an expression connoting an execution of defenseless victims

3-17 - Jewish Settlers beat Palestinians Three of the Palestinians needed hospital treatment in nearby Ramallah after the assault which left at least one man unconscious.

3-17 - Palestinian militants agree to extend truce If the truce holds, Israel could more easily carry out its plan to pull its troops out of Gaza, but it could also come under more international pressure to make other gestures

3-17 - Israel will not launch offensives if Palestinian calm observed

3-17 - Israel to tell UNHCR to shape up The UN's High Commission on Human rights (UNHCR) needs to clean up its act or be rendered totally irrelevant

3-17 - Calls for justice echo at memorial for Corrie "But I see this day as a time to celebrate the stand she took for justice," she said. "The stands for justice are not always the most popular ones."

3-17 - New Scandal: Israeli Forces Used Orders to Demolish Two Houses in Rafah to Demolish 25

3-17 - Qorei appeals to Israel to thwart Al-Aqsa mosque strike "We warn that the region will explode if there is any attack against Al-Aqsa,"

3-17 - EU finds no evidence it funded Mideast violence

3-17 - House Sets Limits on Palestinian Aid As DeLay Defies Calls of Bush, Rice The limits on Palestinian aid were the product of a deal brokered by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Before passing the bill Wednesday, House members overwhelmingly rejected an amendment, introduced by Rep. Anthony Weiner, a Democrat from New York, that would have blocked all aid to the Palestinians.

3-17 - Israel Boycotts Peace Conference; Mainstream Media Mum on Meeting

3-17 - Palestinians call for Arab intervention over Israel prisoners

3-17 - Text of the Declaration by Palestinians

3-17 - Aipac Puts Two Officials on Paid Leave

3-17 - Israel: A Call for Divestment

3-17 - Bush, in shift, invites Sharon to Texas ranch

3-17 - Jerusalem and Bethlehem divided by separation barrier The Israeli government has revealed its plans for the route of the separation barrier it is building around Jerusalem. It will cut East Jerusalem and the largest Israeli settlement in the West Bank off from the rest of the West Bank, and will divide Bethlehem

3-17 - Another Gaza tunnel destroyed

3-17 - Japan's star rises in Jerusalem While Japan's image as an unbiased player is a highly prized commodity, its most vital asset is that both Israelis and Palestinians regard Tokyo as trustworthy, an increasingly rare status in the notoriously difficult negotiations

3-17 - Palestinian poverty nears 50% across territories

3-17 - Israel pleased with choice of Wolfowitz Jerusalem Post's Man of the Year of 2003

3-17 - Israelis believed behind vast robbery attempt in Britain

3-17 - Wolfowitz Pick for World Bank Prompts Head-Scratching as with his fellow-neo-conservatives, Wolfowitz also has special concerns about the fate of Israel, where he lived during part of his teenaged years and which now is his sister's home

3-17 - Plot foiled to steal 421 million dollars from Sumitomo in Britain

3-17 - Israel to curb Gaza media access

3-17 - Fight Against Hate Hits High School The Zionist Organization of America has begun offering advocacy training for high school students partly so they aren?t ?susceptible to being taken in by the lies of the Arab propaganists [at universities] who call Israel a human-rights abusing horror,? ZOA National President Morton Klein said.

3-17 - Annan's Bow at Arafat's Grave Sparks Outrage in City U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's decision to lay a wreath at the grave of Yasser Arafat while on his way to the dedication of a Holocaust museum in Israel is infuriating New York politicians and Jewish leaders

3-17 - News: Chicago Lawyers Committee Announces Hate Crime Lawsuit Filed in Anti-Muslim Bombing On Thursday, March 17th Abbas Salmi and his family filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against Eric K. Nix for bombing the family?s van in Burbank, IL on March 21, 2003

3-17 - The Captive Mind The targeting of Khalidi is perhaps most revealing of the movement's larger aims, since he is a redoubtable Palestinian moderate

3-17 - Gaza Solidarity Denied

3-17 - Vanunu faces new jail term Whistleblower charged with breaching gag order

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