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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

News for 01-30-07

01-30-07 - Hamas commander shot, despite ceasefire

01-30-07 - Hamas militant killed in Gaza despite truce

01-30-07 - Palestinian security officer dies of wounds he sustained on Monday Palestinian medical sources reported that a Palestinian security officer of the 17 force, a Fatah affiliated force, died on Tuesday morning due to wounds he sustained on Monday during the Hamas Fatah infighting in Khan Younies city in the southern Gaza strip.

01-30-07 - Abbas condemns Eilat suicide bombing

01-30-07 - Abbas denounces Hamas executive force as 'illegal' Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has condemned the existence of the so-called executive force answerable to the Hamas-controlled interior ministry as "illegal."

01-30-07 - Hamas, Fatah swap hostages under Gaza truce deal

01-30-07 - Israeli special forces stage ambush, shoot and injure 12 year old in Jenin Mahmoud Abed was on his way back to Kafr Dan Village with his 12 year old son, Sa'ed. When he saw that the area was closed, he began to turn the car around in order to return to Jenin City. Israeli soldiers opened fire and shot the child.

01-30-07 - Olmert approves shifting Wall route to include settlements The move will lead to the creation of two Palestinian enclaves, inhibited by at least 20.000 residents, while both settlements have 1500 settlers living there.

01-30-07 - Explosion in shop in Rafa, southern Gaza

01-30-07 - Civilians caught in the crossfire

01-30-07 - Let Our Children Live Abir Aramin has joined the thousands of other children killed in this country and the territories it occupies.

01-30-07 - Police Interview Guilford College Accusers

01-30-07 - Demographer: Israel should relinquish Palestinian areas of Jerusalem

01-30-07 - Israel not likely to face sanction for breaching cluster-bomb pact A pro-Israel lobbyist said one possible repercussion is that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) may reintroduce legislation to make the sale of cluster bombs explicitly conditional on not using them in civilian areas.

01-30-07 - Bush: Iraq failure impacts Iran ** Israeli leaders have expressed concerns that controversies surrounding the Iraq war will inhibit U.S. resolve in confronting Iran?s nuclear program.

01-30-07 - MPs meet Hamas and criticise embargo against Palestinians

01-30-07 - Israeli army abducts 23 Palestinian men from a village near Nablus

01-30-07 - If Arafat were still alive If Arafat was poisoned, it doesn't necessarily mean that Israel was behind it. Towards the end, he was a convenient excuse for Israel to refuse to negotiate a peace deal.

01-30-07 - MPs attack UK-backed financial boycott of Palestinian Authority The report by the all-party International Development committee criticises the UK-backed financial boycott of the Palestinian Authority and says that this is drawing Palestinians closer to Iran.

01-30-07 - Reflection: Suffer the Little Children Israeli soldiers were detaining a
group of schoolgirls about 100 yards from their school gate. The soldiers do not
usually stop the children there, and they looked confused by the situation. A
small girl, six or seven years old, nervously moved away from the group, then
ran as quickly as she could towards her school gate. She did not stop when the
soldier shouted. The soldier raised his gun, but she probably did not notice,
she was so intent on reaching her school. Had she been, as young children often
are, anxious about being late for school?

01-30-07 - HEBRON REFLECTION: Commentary on recent video showing Hebron settler woman harassing Abu Aisha family We were welcomed to Abu Aisha's home. After the customary tea, they began to
tell us their stories. One of the daughters had been stoned by the settler kids
a few days ago and another daughter had been hit with a metal bar. Because the
settlers were stoning their windows, they put grilles in front of them but the
settlers poked metal bars through the grilles and broke the new windows. They
showed us a bullet hole high up in one of the windows and the holes that the
bullet had made in the curtains.

01-30-07 - Jewish Student Sentenced to House-Arrest For Phony Bomb Threat Yeshiva student and dual Israeli-American citizen Yechezkel Wells was sentenced to six months of hour arrest for phoning in a phony bomb threat last summer. Outrageous.

01-30-07 - Gaza anxious over fragile truce

01-30-07 - Baker: Syria talks may help Israel If the Bush administration opened a dialogue with Syria it could remove a major roadblock to Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking - Hamas' refusal to recognize the Jewish state - former Secretary of State James A. Baker III said Tuesday.

01-30-07 - Israeli forces demolishing East Jerusalem homes Tuesday morning Israeli forces are demolishing more Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem. Several Bedouin homes were slated for destruction to expand the Ma'ale Adumim Settlement. Jerusalem's ICAHD is on the scene as Israeli bulldozers tear through the East Jerusalem neighborhoods of Azaria and At Tur.

01-30-07 - Israeli army abducts one Palestinian man and attacks residents houses in villages near Hebron

01-30-07 - Launch of major coalition to end Israeli occupation of Palestine Actors, politicians and members of human rights, solidarity and peace movements, including Pax Christi, gathered today in Westminster for the launch of a new coalition ENOUGH: End the Israeli Occupation of Palestine.

01-30-07 - Peres rejects Qatari leader's proposal for direct talks with Hamas-led government

01-30-07 - Project part of 'strategy to help Palestinians' A Dh47.7 million housing project under construction in the Gaza Strip is part of the UAE's "long-term commitment" to the Palestinian people, according to a Red Crescent official.

01-30-07 - Legislative Council holds session without many from Hamas, leftist says PLC is outside the conflict

01-30-07 - Israeli Realism on Iran Belies Threat Rhetoric Occasionally, Israeli officials do let slip indications that their fears of Iran are less extreme than the "second holocaust" rhetoric would indicate. Last November, Deputy Defence Minister Ephraim Sneh explained candidly in an interview with the Jerusalem Post that the fear was not that such weapons would be launched against Israel but that the existence of nuclear capability would interfere with Israel's recruitment of new immigrants and cause more Israelis to emigrate to other countries.

01-30-07 - Bush unveils security aid for Palestinian ally

01-30-07 - Russia wants Palestinian aid freeze lifted

01-30-07 - Call to honor ICJ ruling against Wall and fight land confiscation in western Salfit The Popular Committee to Resist the Apartheid Wall is calling for the implementation of the Hague's decision of two years ago. The International Court of Justice ruled that the Israeli Wall being built inside the West Bank was illegal, must immediately be stopped and what had been done already must be removed and compensated for.

01-30-07 - U.N. says 700 Palestinians stranded at Iraq border Some 700 Palestinians are stranded at the Iraq-Syria border, living in inhumane conditions in no-man's land after fleeing violence in Iraq, the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday.

01-30-07 - Potter star backs Palestinian cause Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes launched the ENOUGH! campaign with an emotional appeal to fellow Jews to stand up against Israel.

01-30-07 - Judge rejects complaint in AIPAC ex-staffers case The judge in the classified information case against two former AIPAC staffers dismissed their request for a hearing on what they called violations of grand jury leak laws.

01-30-07 - SLU group hosts pro-Palestinian event

01-30-07 - Wolf Blitzer is a Zionist

01-30-07 - Fresh lenses trained on ME conflict Seven young Israelis and seven young Palestinians have gathered in a monastery in the hills above Jerusalem to begin a six-month photographic dialogue.

01-30-07 - Nasrallah vows Lebanon will be graveyard for invaders Nasrallah, addressing a huge crowd gathered for the sacred Shiite day of Ashura, accused US President George W. Bush and Israel of "trying to defeat resistance movements in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq by starting civil wars."

01-30-07 - Students Under Occupation Take a Stand In 2005, student photographers from Birzeit University and Al-Najah University in the West Bank came together to document student life and the obstruction of Palestinian education under military occupation, through the artistic expression of their own ideas and experiences

01-30-07 - Decorated Journalist and Middle East Expert Robert Fisk to Speak at Ithaca College

01-30-07 - Israel was skeptical of Iraq, scholar says "Israel was very aware of the fact that from its point of view, Iran was the bigger threat." Israel wants all of its enemies removed - by US.

01-30-07 - Essay linking liberal Jews and anti-Semitism sparks furor A historian at New York University, Mr. Judt said in a telephone interview that he believed the real purpose of outspoken denunciations of him and others was to stifle harsh criticism of Israel.

01-30-07 - The media let readers down

01-30-07 - Our Opinion: Get Carter The Former President Should Speak at Emory

01-30-07 - Carter's Controversy

01-30-07 - Not my Israel

01-30-07 - Former FM says Israel a captive of Shoah memories he concluded his speech with criticism of Israel and Jews in general, saying "if the strongest nation in the Middle East refers to every war and every threat as a threat of Holocaust, we ourselves are making the Holocaust banal."

01-30-07 - Event billed as speech by ex-terrorists draws ire "Where is the FBI? Where is the (Immigration and Naturalization Service) to strip his citizenship, as they did with so many others with so fewer allegations?" These 'former terrorists' are darlings of the Israeli lobby - THAT'S why they're allowed in this country; to propagandize. Others that committed lesser crimes are in our PRISONS right now.

01-30-07 - Public meeting to address Guilford fight

01-30-07 - Miriam backs peace drive Actress Miriam Margolyes will today help launch a new coalition calling for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

01-30-07 - Iran, Israel, and our shared security goals By Newt Gingrich The US should have as an explicit goal, regime change in Iran, as its constitution makes them a revolutionary regime.....If we are going to live with the Palestinians then we need to gain control of their urban spaces

01-30-07 - U.S. not ready to resolve Mideast problem - Russian analyst "Ultimately, the president will have to put pressure on Israel, for it to make even minimal concessions. However, it is very doubtful that under the current conditions, Bush has sufficient political capital,"

01-30-07 - Supporting the Holy Land On his return from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with other bishops from around the world, Bishop Joan Enric Vives Sicilia called on Christians to visit the area without fear.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

News for 01-29-07

01-29-07 - Three Israelis dead as Eilat suffers first suicide attack It was the first suicide bomb in Israel for nine months and the first ever in the Red Sea town, a tourist destination hundreds of miles south of Israel's major cities and the Palestinian territories.

01-29-07 - Gaza ceasefire comes into force A ceasefire has begun in Gaza after several days of fierce fighting between the two main Palestinian factions - Hamas and Fatah.

01-29-07 - Bombing in Israeli resort town shatters lull in attacks The bombing comes ahead of a Washington meeting of the international Quartet of Arab-Israeli peace process sponsors, the US, the United Nations, the European Union, and Russia.

01-29-07 - Israeli aircraft strike Gaza tunnel

01-29-07 - Russia says Hamas to recognize earlier accords with Israel The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is ready to recognize earlier accords with Israel thanks to the joint effort of Russia and Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday.

01-29-07 - Forgotten emergency in the Occupied Palestinian Territory UNICEF is appealing for £13 million to address the humanitarian needs of children in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

01-29-07 - Voices: Palestinian factions - Adli

01-29-07 - Voices: Palestinian factions - Tom

01-29-07 - Bush's backdoor attack: Iran via Hizbullah New policy authorizing attacks on Iranian agents in Iraq also allows for covert ops against Iran-backed terror groups all across ME, including Hizbullah Evidently, the US just isn't doing enough to take out Israel's enemies.

01-29-07 - Voices: Palestinian factions - Said

01-29-07 - Voices: Palestinian factions - Laila

01-29-07 - Ministers decide to beef up policing of West Bank settlers The Yesh Din organization expressed disappointment with the decisions, claiming that previous attempts to deploy a police force specifically intended to deal with settler violence have failed.

01-29-07 - Voices: Palestinian faction violence The BBC News website spoke to people in Gaza and the West Bank about the situation.

01-29-07 - Refugees protest cuts in international relief The current cuts are specifically targeting the area of education, Jarme said during a demonstration near the Wall that now runs along the northern side of the northern Bethlehem refugee camp.

01-29-07 - Peace Now: New construction at outposts slated for evacuation

01-29-07 - Israeli army abducts 17 Palestinian men from northern West Bank areas

01-29-07 - Political prisoners move to hunger strike: What is happening is an insult to what we have sacrificed "There is no recourse for the prisoners but to declare an open hunger strike in protest of the security problems that threaten to set back the national project many years in an effort to restore the Palestinian cause.?

01-29-07 - Ethnic Cleansing in Jerusalem, Israeli Style by Paul Findley

01-29-07 - Abbas arrives in Cairo for talks with Mubarak The Abbas-Mubarak talks will focus on the internal Palestinian clashes and the efforts to end the crisis in order to return to national unity talks in an attempt to form a unity government.

01-29-07 - Palestinian bomber had lost his daughter The Palestinian who blew himself up in the Israeli resort of Eilat on Monday was unemployed, despondent over the death of his baby daughter and driven to avenge his best friend's killing by Israeli troops, relatives said.

01-29-07 - United States: Cut Off Cluster Munition Sales to Israel "We've investigated cluster munitions in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, but we?ve never seen use of cluster munitions that was so extensive and dangerous to civilians," said Steve Goose, director of the arms division at Human Rights Watch. "The issue is not whether Israel used the American cluster munitions lawfully, but what the US is going to do about it."

01-29-07 - 6th college player charged with assault

01-29-07 - Africa serves as inspiration to Palestinian cause: Abbas "The fight of African leaders to free themselves from colonialism and racism is a great source of inspiration to our people who are the last people to still be the victims of colonialism."

01-29-07 - US studies Israel's cluster bomb use in Lebanon Opinion among US officials was divided, the New York Times reported at the weekend. The paper said some middle-ranking officials at the Pentagon and the state department were arguing that Israel had violated prohibitions on using cluster munitions against civilian areas......"What is shocking and completely immoral is 90% of the cluster bomb strikes occurred in the last 72 hours of the conflict, when we knew there would be a resolution," the UN humanitarian chief, Jan Egeland, said soon after the war ended.

01-29-07 - Future for Palestinian Christians

01-29-07 - Witness Disputes Parent's Account Of Self Defense

01-29-07 - Beirut family struggles with war's legacy echoing the views of Hizbullah leaders, this family's anger is aimed at Israel and the US, which many Lebanese and Arabs blame for not stopping Israel from systematically destroying Lebanon's infrastructure.

01-29-07 - Exclusive: IAF to buy US smart bombs According to defense sources, the funds for the deal will come from the IAF's procurement fund. The deal will not require congressional approval since Israel is exercising a previously approved option to purchase the system.

01-29-07 - Israel is the real winner of America's War on Iraq and Iran (If attacked)

01-29-07 - Former CIA chief: Let Pollard go "My view is that a 20-year sentence is enough," James Woolsey, who directed the spy agency from 1993-1995, told Arutz Sheva, an Israeli radio station. They're both traitors.

01-29-07 - JDO spurs shutdown of Neturei Karta hotline The JDO published on its Web site the phone number of Emily Trone, manager of Eagle Teleconferencing Service. Trone decided to take down the Neturei Karta's voice mail after receiving more than 100 calls Monday, she told JTA. "People started threatening me," she said.

01-29-07 - U.S. cool to Saudi Arabia's peace broker offer

01-29-07 - Cluster bomb wounds two Belgian soldiers in Lebanon A cluster bomb explosion has wounded two Belgian soldiers on demining operations in southern Lebanon following last summer's war between Hezbollah and Israel, a UN spokesman said.

01-29-07 - Israel's existence is in peril, expert tells crowd at temple ''The goal is getting the Palestinians to give up,'' scholar and columnist Daniel Pipes told the crowd Sunday night. Pipes is a neocon.

01-29-07 - Palestinian journalists face sticky situation

01-29-07 - Advocates to speak on struggle for peace

01-29-07 - Photo Exhibition Against Checkpoints at Huwwara

01-29-07 - Federation of Palestinian immigrants has new board of directors The Palestinian Arab Confederation of Brazil (Copal) is now called Federation of Brazilian Arab Palestinian Organizations (Fepal), and its new president is Elayyan Aladdin.

01-29-07 - Catholic, other leaders seek more vigorous U.S. role in Mideast peace

01-29-07 - White House lukewarm to Saudi mediation offer The White House reacted cautiously to Saudi Arabia's offer to mediate talks between rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah, casting doubt on Hamas's commitment to forging peace with Israel.

01-29-07 - US oks cases against accused terror-funding bank Israelis and other foreign nationals can pursue claims in US courts accusing the Jordan-based Arab Bank of promoting Palestinian suicide attacks by funneling Saudi money to bombers' families, a judge ruled.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

News for 01-28-07

01-28-07 - 25 killed in Gaza violence as factions abandon talks

01-28-07 - Saudis seek Palestinian dialogue Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has invited rival Palestinian leaders to a meeting in Mecca aimed at ending a recent wave of factional fighting.

01-28-07 - PCHR: Are We Proud of This?! The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights issued its findings from the Fateh - Hamas clashes. The full report follows: 19 Palestinians, Including Two Children, Killed and at Least 70 Others Wounded in Shameful Bloody Clashes between Hamas and Fatah Movements.

01-28-07 - Fatah accepts Egyptian initiative to end fighting with Hamas

01-28-07 - Religious leaders take to the streets of Ramallah and Gaza City in protest of internal fighting Religious leaders staged sit-ins Sunday in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in protest of the Fateh ? Hamas fighting

01-28-07 - Gazans seek refuge from fierce Palestinian clashes Residents said some families were evacuating homes near the worst of the fighting. Others were keeping children inside and staying away from windows, fearing sniper fire.

01-28-07 - Iraq: UN Agency Raises Third Alarm in Week at ?Unrelenting Violence? Against Palestinians

01-28-07 - Islamic Jihad fires two rockets on Israeli locations

01-28-07 - Israel's Arab problem hits home I was even more disturbed when I brought it to the attention of some of my colleagues in the prime minister's office. One of my superiors simply shrugged it off, while another colleague had this to say: "Look, this is a Jewish state. And at least we let him into the paratroopers -- that's pretty good for an Arab!"

01-28-07 - Abdullah: Palestine comes first Israel must not conclude a deal with Syria at the Palestinians? expense, Jordan?s king said

01-28-07 - After 'hate-crime' melee, calm eludes Quaker school

01-28-07 - Palestinian families exert their clout amid factional fighting

01-28-07 - Nuclear plans in chaos as Iran leader flounders ** The detailed descriptions of Iran's problems in enriching more than a few grams of uranium using high-speed centrifuges - 50kg is required for two nuclear devices - comes in stark contrast to the apocalyptic picture being painted of Iran's imminent acquisition of a nuclear weapon with which to attack Israel.

01-28-07 - First Arab joins Israeli cabinet All Israeli cabinet ministers - except for the ultra-nationalist Minister of Strategic Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman - voted in favour of Mr Majadele's appointment.

01-28-07 - Brushing the dust off the Journalist Union after a long slumber After the three day media workshop in the eastern West Bank's Jericho, the question remains whether elections will be held in the Palestinian Journalists Union.

01-28-07 - Appeal from Israeli prison for mass popular action to stop internal conflict

01-28-07 - Jenin District raids: they screamed in my face 'you're a liar' Israeli forces conducted over 30 invasions of the Jenin District during the month of January. The towns of Yamoun, Kafr Dan and Tamoun were particularly hard hit, as were Jenin and Tubas cities. Families of the so-called wanted were threatened with the harshest penalties, while Israeli forces raided and searched homes at length, as was the case this morning.

01-28-07 - US attacks Israel's cluster bomb use A congressional investigation found Israel improperly used US-made cluster bombs during its 1982 invasion of Lebanon. President Ronald Reagan's administration imposed a six-year ban on sales of the weapons to Israel. However, the country also makes its own cluster munitions.

01-28-07 - German-Israeli movie invited to Tehran film festival Avital was very surprised by this, and said in an interview to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper that "the movie is not pro-Palestinian, and it is clear that it was made by an Israeli. It?s a very balanced movie."

01-28-07 - Olmert: Israel won't let the world be indifferent to calls for Israel's destruction

01-28-07 - Anti-Semitic incidents up in Europe In Austria, incidents jumped 66 percent in the past year, in Germany 60 percent This is odd since they both have strict Holocaust denial laws and both have had in recent years high profile trials/sentences using these laws. Those laws were put in place to prevent incitement against Jews, evidently.

01-28-07 - Lebanon faces prospect of civil war

01-28-07 - US Mideast policies ?radicalise? moderates

01-28-07 - Kerry Blasts Foreign Policy, Says U.S. Has Become 'International Pariah' That's because we've taken up the policies and orders from that OTHER international pariah (strange that nobody else has).

01-28-07 - Faith leaders meet Condoleezza Rice to urge greater support for Middle East peace A delegation of Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders is meeting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the State Department today to support increased US engagement in achieving peace in the Middle East.

01-28-07 - Silencing the Criticism Israeli government spokesman Nachman Shai outlined Israel's media strategy with 30 to 60 U.S. Jewish leaders, focusing concern on CNN, and especially two Palestinian reporters. "We are putting real pressure on the heads of CNN to have them replaced with more objective pro-Israel reporters that are willing to tell our side of the story."

01-28-07 - What home means in Cyprus and Palestine

01-28-07 - Jewish organizations sponsor anti-IDF tours in US This is a phenomenon that must not be ignored," the report said. The report urged for action to be taken against the refuseniks and their organizations, saying "their negative effect on Israel's image must by stopped."

01-28-07 - US official cautions of ME states'' acquiring nuclear weapons Allowing certain countries in the Middle East to acquire nuclear weapons will throw the region into a spiraling arms race, Deputy Chairman of US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Gary Seymour said Sunday. No kidding?

01-28-07 - Palestine sends one-athlete delegation to Winter Asiad for friendship Mohammed Elbatta, an amateur giant slalom skier, is the sole athlete representing Palestine in the sixth Winter Asiad, which attracts all 45 members of the Olympic Council of Asia for the first time.

01-28-07 - Abbas, Fatah Would Win New Palestinian Ballots Read the accompanying article, then scroll down bottom to see which outfit commissioned this poll. Now do the same for this one.

01-28-07 - Hezbollah leader condemns Bush attack "What we did wrong is that we do not succumb to the United States of America, what we did wrong is that we stand and still stand by the Palestinian people ...That is what we did wrong,"

01-28-07 - UN Changes Mission of Korean Troops in Lebanon

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

News for 01-27-07

01-27-07 - Palestinian factions fight gunbattles in Gaza A 6-year-old boy was among the dead. Residents said he was hit at home by a stray bullet during a clash between gunmen from Hamas and President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction near the town of Beit Hanoun.

01-27-07 - Death toll mounts in Gaza battles Saturday's deaths raise the toll since Thursday night to at least 22.....Those killed on Saturday included a boy of 11 or 12 who was hit during a shootout late at night between the two factions in the northern Gaza Strip.

01-27-07 - Arab Doctor Will Be Allowed to Stay A German heart surgeon of Arab extraction, who has been working in Palestinian Authority areas without a permit, will not be deported back to Germany, although he is in violation of Israeli law by remaining in the PA without a permit.

01-27-07 - West Bank heart surgeon says faces deportation Thousands of expatriates of Palestinian origin have been entering the West Bank for years on tourist visas because of the difficulty of getting permanent residency cards and other permits issued by Israel.

01-27-07 - Palestinian attorney general sets up special team of prosecutors to put lid on lawlessness

01-27-07 - Abbas aide says PNA receives 130 million dollars in January

01-27-07 - Israel planes dump "suspicious green balloons" on southern Lebanon

01-27-07 - Israeli warplanes intrude on Beirut airspace

01-27-07 - HEBRON REFLECTION: Commentary on recent video showing Note: This month, the video of a Hebron settler woman cursing a Palestinian
woman from the Abu Aisha family on Tel Rumeida prompted wide Israeli and
international outrage. For most people who have served in Hebron, what the
settler woman was doing in the video seemed tame when compared to the settler
violence they had witnessed since 1995.

01-27-07 - Hebron Update 15-21 January 2007 The delegates met with a Palestinian resident of Tel Rumeida at his place of
work. He told them that the settlers were angry because his neighbor's daughter
had photographed them attacking some children and advised the delegation that it
was too dangerous to visit his home.

01-27-07 - Conference in Hebron Shuhada Street used to be one of the city's main thoroughfares. The Israeli
army has prevented Palestinians from using the street for the past six years,
and has also enforced the closure of all the stops and stall on the street. This
has had a profound, detrimental effect on the livelihood of thousands of
Palestinian families.

01-27-07 - Peaceful Actions calling for the opening of Shuhada Street to Palestinians

01-27-07 - ATFP calls for Arabic speaking doctors The American Task Force on Palestine program will rotate the doctors into the West Bank for for one-week stints.

01-27-07 - Khatami to Haaretz: No chance of talks between Iran, Israel

01-27-07 - College reviewing witness accounts

01-27-07 - Poll: 75 percent believe national unity government would lead to lifting the blockade 9.5% of respondents believed that the last visit of US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice to the Middle East achieved some progress in pushing forward the peace process and the implementation of the Road Map; 80.7% believed the contrary.

01-27-07 - Rattling the Cage: Against a preemptive Holocaust ** The Iranians have weapons of mass destruction - chemical and possibly biological, too. They also have missiles that can reach anywhere in Israel. If they are so bent on wiping us out, even if it means their own extermination, why haven't they showered tiny little Israel with WMD-armed missiles? The answer, again, is that while the Iranians are crazy, they're not that crazy. Some excellent points made towards the end there.

01-27-07 - U.S. may cite Israel for use of cluster arms - report Several U.S. officials said they expected little further action on the matter, the Times said.

01-27-07 - Chief Palestinian Justice calls for demonstrations appealing for unity The Sheikh called for sit-ins tomorrow to demonstrate on behalf of unity beginning at noon in Ramallah and at 11:00 in Gaza in the square in front of the Legislative Council building.

01-27-07 - Al Aqsa Mosque remains under threat as Israelis continue excavation and synagogue construction "The Israeli occupation authorities continue broad digging inside the Old City of Jerusalem."

01-27-07 - Israel to assist the U.S. in efforts to boycott Iranian banking The American government has asked for help from Israeli sources to comprehend the internal developments in Iran and elements that affect the stability of the regime. The intelligence community in the U.S. has hired Farsi speakers and experts on Iran, but U.S. officials believe that Israeli intelligence has more experience with the subject and has great advantages in this field.

01-27-07 - Report: Russia tracking IDF movements

01-27-07 - Don't slam Carter; Israel's grip is real

01-27-07 - Jewish sect ostracized over Iran meeting When Cohen returned from Iran, he needed police protection. His house was barraged by hundreds of eggs, his window smashed by a brick and a billiard ball and he continues to be pelted with pebbles, eggs and insults in the street, he said. Last week, two tires on his Volvo were slashed, he said, and his synagogue has closed its doors to him

01-27-07 - Israel shouldn't be above criticism, 1/27 According to Deborah Lipstadt, Jimmy Carter should have written a book about the Holocaust instead of the current mistreatment of Palestinians in their Israeli occupied territory.

01-27-07 - Is Dershowitz qualified to do book reviews? The photo is priceless.

01-27-07 - Israel's Increased Isolation Contrary to Binyamin Netanyahu's suggestion that 9/11 turned Americans into Israelis, 9/11 made Americans realize that while they sympathize with Israel, they do not want the United States to become Israel. An interesting piece by M.J. Rosenberg.

01-27-07 - Youth leaders discuss Israeli-Palestinian conflict

01-27-07 - Barack and Hillary: Can Israel rely on either? Hillary Clinton also voted for the war in Iraq and, as of yet, has not called for a timetable for troop withdrawal despite the pressure to do so. One must conclude that there is little basis on which to doubt Hillary Clinton?s sincere support for and dedication to Israel?s safety and security and her determination and strength when it comes to national security and defense. So voting for the war in Iraq is seen as 'dedication to Israel's safety and security'? Read on. "the next US President will have to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat, which will impact Israel first and then the entire world. At this point we simply cannot afford to allow a person with incoherent, weak and inconsistent views on national security and foreign policy to become the presidential nominee of a major political party in the United States." Who's 'we'???

01-27-07 - U.S. notes Israel progress on human trafficking The U.S. State Department said Israel made ?noticeable progress? in combating human trafficking.

01-27-07 - Lawmakers to launch captive Israelis appeal Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.), the chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Middle East subcommittee; Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), the ranking member of the subcommittee; and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), the ranking member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, will join Karnit Goldwasser, whose husband Ehud is among the captives, in launching the appeal on Tuesday.

01-27-07 - Council for Peace and Security nixes Israeli Arab 'Vision' document The Council for Peace and Security on Saturday expressed opposition to the "The Future Vision of the Palestinian Arabs in Israel" document presented by the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, saying it "rejects Israel's existence as a Jewish democratic state."

01-27-07 - Homage to Herzliya - The Lobby wants war with Iran **

01-27-07 - World War III has already begun, says former Israeli spy chief A third World War is already underway between Islamic militancy and the West but most people do not realize it, the former head of Israel's intelligence service Mossad said in an interview published in Portugal.

01-27-07 - Time to adopt 'Madrid Model'

01-27-07 - Solidarity march for Palestinian people

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

News for 01-26-07

01-26-07 - Fifteen killed in Gaza clashes Fifteen people were killed in the Gaza Strip yesterday, including a two-year-old child, in the deadliest single day of fighting between rival Palestinian factions since Hamas came to power a year ago.

01-26-07 - Hamas suspends talks with Fatah

01-26-07 - DAVOS-Abbas: Hamas deal should take less than 3 weeks Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Friday it should take no more than three weeks to reach agreement with Hamas Islamists on forming a national unity government,

01-26-07 - TV: Hamas suspends all coalition talks with Fatah "Following the awful massacres committed today in Gaza and northern Gaza, we have decided to postpone all dialogue with Fatah,"

01-26-07 - Americans turned back at the border ?Under the pretext of security measures the Israeli army detained members of the delegation representing pro-Palestinian American institutions and committees. Some of the members of the delegation were interrogated and all were detained for five hours while documents were examined.?

01-26-07 - Accusers say they want to be left alone Parents of three accused football players issued a statement defending their sons Friday, saying one of the players, Michael Robert Six, was attacked with a belt. Cohen said Khader took off his belt and swung it in self defense.

01-26-07 - Jordan's king asks for quick solution of Israeli-Palestinian issue

01-26-07 - Palestinians attacked in North Carolina "There is a need for national recognition that the effect of negative stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims has created a dangerous environment where incidents like this can occur," the Arab American Institute said in a statement. It particularly blamed calls by some North Carolina state officials to intern Arab Americans.

01-26-07 - Israeli forces beat up a Palestinian man in Jerusalem Ali Rumi, 31, was beaten up by Israeli soldiers on Friday morning while he was trying to cross a military checkpoint near Jerusalem.

01-26-07 - Strawberries and the crossing When the Karni crossing is closed, vast quantities of strawberries enter the local market in Gaza and they cannot absorb such quantities. In this situation, the losers are the farmers like Abu Mohamed who says, "When Karni is open, we sell a kilo of strawberry for 30 shekels to Europe (5.5 Euros). When it is closed, we sell a kilo for 3 shekels in Gaza (.55 Euros)."

01-26-07 - ?Hate Crime? of Beatings Divides a Campus The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had begun an investigation to determine whether the attack was a hate crime.

01-26-07 - Palestinian children encouraged to go to jail Basically shifting them from one prison to another one (that has food/shelter).

01-26-07 - Israeli army blows up two Hezbollah bunkers The Israeli army says it has blown up two Hezbollah bunkers discovered near the Jewish state's border with Lebanon.

01-26-07 - An act of nonviolent resistance in a wedding ceremony Mohammad Ahmed Brijeh said that he was starkly rejecting the Israeli policy of confiscating Palestinian land. Instead of giving in, he invited his family and friends to a ceremony on southern Bethlehem land that will more than likely soon be covered by the Wall.

01-26-07 - Pushing the barrier One village spilt in two by Israel's controversial wall has been staging a non-violent protest for two years.

Watch the report

01-26-07 - Palestinian President arrives in Madrid for talks

01-26-07 - Emirati enclave in a Palestinian city The UAE Red Crescent Authority (RCA) has completed the first phase of the $13 million project to build an Emirati enclave in the Palestinian city of Khan Younis.

01-26-07 - Spain offers aid to Palestinian president Spain is to provide seven million euros (nine million dollars) to the office of Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said.

01-26-07 - Villagers helpless in face of settlers' land grab For more than 20 years this small agricultural area has served as an example of how Israeli military occupation and right-wing Jewish settlement have ground away at the lives of Palestinian civilians......Susya villagers and the human rights groups have filed numerous complaints, sometimes with photographic and video evidence of settlers assaulting Palestinian civilians, including children on their way to school. So far, locals say, no Jewish settler has been punished and when police or soldiers are present they usually fail to intervene to protect Palestinians.

01-26-07 - Al-Qaida No. 2: PA Chair Abbas is a 'traitor,' sold Palestinian land

01-26-07 - Canada searching for comfortable role Most Canadians believe, quite erroneously, that Palestinian Arabs willingly abandoned their homes in the 1948 War ? so tough luck on them

01-26-07 - Man sentenced for funneling cocaine Eden Hafaja, 37, was sentenced to 88 months in prison by U.S. District Judge David S. Cercone I just want to remind you of the sentence that this man will be getting for drug-related crimes in the US. Note the disparity.

01-26-07 - Netanyahu urges pension to quit Iran Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly urged Massachusetts pension fund officials to pull money out of businesses that deal with Iran.

01-26-07 - June 4 date set for AIPAC staffers case The judge in the classified information case against two former AIPAC staffers set a June 4 trial date Oh sweet mystery of life at last I've found thee....OHHHH....

01-26-07 - Beirut lifts curfew after clashes A civil war for every state in the region. Iran and Syria are the next candidates for 'democratization'- neocon-style.

01-26-07 - Jewish Shoah conference participants banned from Israel Neturei Karta members who attended Iran's Holocaust denial conference to be denied entrance to Israel by Interior Minister Bar-On, according to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper

01-26-07 - Khatami slams controversial Holocaust conference Iran's former president Mohammad Khatami has criticised a controversial conference on the Holocaust -- held in Tehran late last year -- in an interview published in Israel's mass-selling Yediot Aharonot.

01-26-07 - Hillary the Favorite in Race for Jewish Donations Clinton, he said, "has personally proved herself to the Jewish community on Israel, on which she was once questioned." Read on.

01-26-07 - Lebanon clashes fuel civil war fears

01-26-07 - Hezbollah blames clashes on Israel Hezbollah?s leader said Israel was to blame for internecine violence in Beirut.

01-26-07 - Arafat took secrets to his grave, widow says Suha Arafat, widow of the late Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat, admitted that she does not know whether her husband was poisoned to death.

01-26-07 - Israel hails UN condemnation of Holocaust denial Diplomats in New York have said the resolution, which does not name any country, was inspired by the behaviour of Iran, where certain leaders, including President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have described the Holocaust as a "myth."

01-26-07 - Iran's Khatemi denies criticising Holocaust conference "I never gave any interview to any Israeli newspaper and the comments attributed to me have been made up,"

01-26-07 - U.N. adopts Holocaust denial resolution Venezuela, while supporting the resolution, said Israel's "excesses under the pretext of legitimate defense has led to a new holocaust against the Palestinian people."

01-26-07 - When the mute talks to the deaf Read this individual's diatribe about a group of Palestinian women who spoke of the harsh conditions of Israeli occupation at a local church, and then note who he works for at the bottom of the article.

01-26-07 - Gordon R. England, then Navy Secretary, was honored with JINSA?s Henry M. "Scoop"Jackson Distinguished Service Award in 2001 England is currently OUR Deputy Secretary of Defense.

01-26-07 - Protesters Caught in Crossfire in Bil?in

01-26-07 - Emma bids for MidEast peace Record-breaking actor Emma Thompson revealed today why she is helping to make political history by supporting Britain?s first broad-based alliance for a just peace for the Palestinians in the Middle East. The only person ever to have won film Oscars for acting and writing is backing a new historic drive for a just settlement between Israelis and Palestinians.

01-26-07 - SCHUEFTAN AT HERZLIYA Israel will have to leave most of the territories, certainly the heavily populated parts of it, unilaterally. There is simply no other option.

01-26-07 - Groups debate anti-Semitism in larger context of criticism of Israel questioning Israel's right to defend itself against hostile neighbors could be anti-Semitic, ADL officials say, because such hostilities threaten the country's very existence.... "This is a new costume for a hate that's existed centuries," said Stein. This modern anti-Semitism, she said, just replaces the word "Israel" for "Jew." So they would have everyone believe in order to silence the critics. Not working.

01-26-07 - Fearing Iran Israel fears an Iranian bomb will only enhance Iran's confidence to shape the future of the region as it likes. Israel's nukes have pretty much guaranteed Israel's confidence to shape the future of the region as IT likes.

01-26-07 - Navigating the minefield of politicians' verbal gaffes Hugging Suha Arafat might have been the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton politically, as far as the American Jewish community is concerned - that's what a prominent Jewish leader told me earlier this week.....Why was this unfortunate incident so good for Clinton? Because it taught her an important lesson: Every word, every gesture is watched and counted, especially in this volatile area of interest. She was never caught again hinting at any compromising views she might have, or had. Note the source.

01-26-07 - Hezbollah buries dead, urges Lebanese unity

01-26-07 - Saudi ambassador says U.S., Iraq should agree before troop withdrawal Prince Turki called for the revival of the Middle East "road map for peace", first outlined by Bush, that aims to establish an independent Palestinian state.

01-26-07 - Candidates court Israel, cite Iran risks

01-26-07 - Palestinian cleric denies ties to militants that got him deported

01-26-07 - Palestinians Want Peace Settlement with Israel Again with Angus-Reid tacking on its version of Middle East history while masquerading it as a 'poll'.

01-26-07 - Fear of a Shia full moon "If the Americans succeed, we will be able to regain Iraq. The extremists want to defeat the Americans at the expense of losing Iraq. If Iraq is divided into two sectarian states, they will be magnets for sectarian war across the Muslim world."

01-26-07 - Thousands of Israelis seeking asylum in Canada: reports

01-26-07 - AJCongress may leave campus coalition In a letter this week, AJCongress Executive Director Neil Goldstein denied an earlier announcement that his organization was pulling out of the Israel on Campus Coalition, a 31-member consortium of Jewish groups dedicated to boosting Israel?s image on American college campuses.

01-26-07 - New York group to receive award from bombing memorial

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Friday, January 26, 2007

News for 01-25-07

01-25-07 - Hamas jeep hit with explosives in northern Gaza refugee camp, killing 1 Masked Palestinian militants set off explosives next to a vehicle from the Hamas armed force in northern Gaza after nightfall Thursday, killing a Hamas man and wounding seven others, Hamas and hospital officials said.

01-25-07 - One killed in an Israeli invasion into Tulkarem

01-25-07 - Palestinian journalist freed after three years in detention without charge or trial

01-25-07 - Palestinians in Gaza suffer record poverty: Abbas The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees said last month that living conditions among Palestinians had slumped to levels not seen since the 1967 Middle East War, adding the crisis deepened dramatically last year.

01-25-07 - Human rights group demands Israeli army stop using undercover troops The letter was prompted by a Jan. 4 Israeli arrest raid involving undercover troops in the the West Bank city of Ramallah in which four Palestinian civilians were killed. The civilians would have stayed clear of the area if the soldiers had been wearing uniforms, B'Tselem said.

01-25-07 - Family of a ten-year-old Palestinian child killed by the army demand justice to be served

01-25-07 - Gunmen open fire at the Canadian and German embassies in Ramallah Security devices initiated a probe into the two attacks, and deployed dozens of security personnel and policemen around the embassies and governmental institutions in the City.

01-25-07 - Palestinian Interior Ministry begins giving 'stateless' Palestinians new ID cards The Palestinian government has begun issuing papers to thousands of Gaza residents caught in a legal limbo with no residence permits, an Interior Ministry official said Thursday ? but Israel continues to regard them as non-persons. Read between the lines here: Israel refuses the entry of Palestinians into PALESTINIAN territories (along with entry into Israel via the right of return).

01-25-07 - Palestinian social fund supporting Gaza Strip women and traditional embroidery The project is based in the Gaza Strip to ?protect cultural heritage? and is providing sewing machines, embroidery materials and other essentials for the traditional embroidery sewn by generations of Palestinian women.

01-25-07 - IDF builds fake Muslim city to prepare for war Arab music was played in the background throughout the entire exercise, to get everyone in the mood. Arab music gets you in the mood for what?

01-25-07 - The winding road to Zuwata: soldiers, guns and chaos

01-25-07 - Israeli settlers abduct a youth, beat and cut him with sharp tools Eyewitness reported that three settlers abducted Ra'fat Samih Al Khateeb, 16, as he was heading back home after visiting a relative living on the main road that links Hizma with Jericho. While this website may not be CNN, let's keep in mind that settlers have in the past attacked Palestinian children. (They usually get away with it too).

01-25-07 - Palestinians Side With Abbas on Early Elections

01-25-07 - Israeli Army abducts 28 Palestinians from West Bank in dawn incursion

01-25-07 - Jimmy Carter Defends 'Peace Not Apartheid' I had two basic hopes for this book. One, that it would stimulate peace talks. Second, that it would reveal for the first time, to the American public, the horrible oppression and persecution of the Palestinian people and it would precipitate for the first time any substantive debate on these issues.

01-25-07 - Palestinian political prisoners ask for help reintegrating into society as release is on horizon Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails are planning ways of re-integrating into society in anticipation of a prisoner release. Hopes still remain that at least some of the 11,000 political prisoners in Israeli jails will be exchanged for the captured Israeli soldier.

01-25-07 - Two More N.C. Football Players Charged Two more Guilford College football players were charged with ethnic intimidation and assault Thursday in connection with a racially charged fight at the school, a newspaper reported.

01-25-07 - The hidden cost of free congressional trips to Israel These trips are defended as "educational." In reality, as I know from my many colleagues in the House and Senate who participated in them, they offer Israeli propagandists an opportunity to expose members of Congress to only their side of the story. The Israeli narrative of how the nation was created, and Israeli justifications for its brutal policies omit important truths about the Israeli takeover and occupation of the Palestinian territories. The CSM gets one right.

01-25-07 - Life under Hamas a rough ride Within the limitations of what was possible, Palestinians voted for Hamas because they were sick of years of corruption and mismanagement by Fatah, and because they believed Fatah's approach to Israel was not working.

01-25-07 - Abbas talks peace with Israeli foreign minister

01-25-07 - Israel tries to cut off Tehran from world markets Pressure will be applied to major US pension funds to stop investment in about 70 companies that trade directly with Iran, and to international banks that trade with its oil sector, cutting off the country's access to hard currency. The aim is to isolate Tehran from the world markets in a campaign similar to that against South Africa at the height of apartheid.

01-25-07 - Netanyahu urges trial for Iran leader, fearing new Holocaust He added he was also trying to drum up support within the United States for a trial. "Wolf. WOLF!!!"

01-25-07 - PCHR weekly report on Israeli violations in the occupied territories

01-25-07 - EI EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Israeli document gives frightening glimpse of apartheid

01-25-07 - Despite Palestinian nonviolent resistance, Qalqilia village under threat of demolition

01-25-07 - Livni warns Abbas against striking deal with Hamas Both Livni and Abbas stressed a desire for a two-state solution, but disagreements were evident on the subjects of borders and the Palestinian refugees.

01-25-07 - Hebron's main street closed for years "When guests come here the army opens the street in order to show the foreigners that there is a freedom of movement, but when the guests leave the freedom of movement leaves as well and the street is closed again,"

01-25-07 - What killed Palestinian girl? On Thursday, with help from B'Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, the family published an autopsy report determining that Abir was killed by a rubber bullet shot to her head.

01-25-07 - Gov't offers aid to Palestinian refugees at Lebanon donors meet Beckett said Thursday that in addition to the 58 million pounds London has pledged for Lebanon over the next four years, "Today I am announcing an extra 48 million dollars (24.3 million pounds) to go to UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees)."

01-25-07 - New clinic in Palestinian village eases life for hundreds of patients In addition to the clinic, World Vision plans to establish a cultural centre that will also be used as a women?s centre. It will be the only centre of its kind in the area.

01-25-07 - Local Residents Rally Against Occupation in Tel Rumeida Over a hundred local residents attended today?s peaceful demonstration at the Tel Rumeida checkpoint against colonist violence and road closures in Hebron

01-25-07 - OPT: West Bank and Gaza ICRC Bulletin No. 18 / 2007 - Latest report on ICRC activities in the field The rate of destruction of Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem has risen dramatically in recent weeks. Since 15 January, seven houses have been demolished on orders from the Israeli authorities and 13 families lost their homes. The grounds for the demolitions were the lack of construction permits. However, extremely complicated procedures and rigid zoning laws make it close to impossible for East Jerusalemites to obtain the required permission.

01-25-07 - More Charges In Guilford Incident; Students Walk Out More than 250 Guilford College students walked out of class Thursday, protesting what they called racism on campus. Meanwhile, two more students face criminal charges in the incident, which brings the total number of people charged to five.

01-25-07 - Israeli Army abducts 17 Palestinians, among them two women, from villages near Hebron

01-25-07 - Jewish congresswoman urges special envoy
A Jewish congresswoman introduced a resolution urging the Bush administration to appoint a special envoy to the Middle East.

01-25-07 - Policing politics in school curriculum At the Israel Action Center, Brysk has been working with various schools in the Greater Boston area to help construct curriculum from a pro-Israel perspective.....While organizations like the IAC openly admit their desire to design pro-Israel curriculum, they stick to the facts of the situation, they say, unlike the Wheels of Justice. What happened to all the blather (from these same people!) about 'balance', hmm? Note the source.

01-25-07 - Israel, Jordan, Palestinians agree on economic zone: Peres

01-25-07 - Diary: Carter urged Pope John Paul II to speak about Israel Carter recalls talking with the pope during the October 6th, 1979 meeting about his work on the Camp David Accord between Egypt and Israel and telling him that Jews in the US were upset the Pope had not yet mentioned events in Israel.

01-25-07 - More Deception from the War Criminal The Bush Regime is the first neoconservative regime in US history. Bush hides the neoconservative agenda behind "the war on terror," which essentially is a hoax. The main purpose of the neoconservatives' "war on terror" it to eliminate any effective Muslim opposition to Israel's theft of Palestine and the Golan Heights.

01-25-07 - Small steps, not giant leaps However close Iran is to getting the bomb (and US military analysts are noticeably cooler about the imminence of armageddon than their Israeli counterparts) a convenient conclusion emerges from the current Israeli military consensus: yet again Israel faces an "existential threat".

01-25-07 - Beirut under curfew after clashes Four people were killed and more than 150 injured, police said.

01-25-07 - Israel MPs allow Katsav absence

01-25-07 - The Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project

01-25-07 - Allies rally behind Lebanon with aid

01-25-07 - Russia bans dual citizens from gov't Hmm, say I wonder - where is Douglas Feith?

01-25-07 - Sparking debate, SCAI launches divestment push

01-25-07 - ADL Condemns Guilford College Hate Crime The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has condemned the reported bias-motivated attack on three Palestinian students at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina.
'Bias-motivated attack'?

01-25-07 - Presiding Bishop among religious leaders calling for renewed Israel/Palestine peace initiative Notice that this propaganda was also released on this day by the Jerusalem Post. It coincides with the concern of these bishops for Palestinian Christians. Consequently, Israel-defenders in the MSM American media are also touting the Post's piece.

01-25-07 - Ordinary Palestinians and Israelis Ask World Leaders at World Economic Forum in Davos, 'What Are You Willing to Do to End the Conflict?'

01-25-07 - Palestinian conflict Is the American civil rights movement truly over if certain members of society have gone from lynching blacks to lynching Arab students?

01-25-07 - Guilford president urges patience with investigation as students plan walkout Prompted by the Muslim advocacy group's involvement, a conservative California news website that monitors radical Islamic groups and advances a counterterrorism agenda,, launched an inquiry into the incident the following day. Looks like the neocons are going to look for an excuse to justify this attack. Any old excuse will do.

01-25-07 - Hollywood Is Accused Of 'Islamophobia' Hollywood has for years portrayed Arabs/Muslims in a negative light. It may coincide with the foundation of Israel.

01-25-07 - U.S. Picks an Inauspicious Time to Restart Mideast Talks David Makovsky, a Middle East expert with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said for the United States the Israeli-Palestinian issue was not central. "The issue is a derivative of getting Arab support for Iraq and Iran policy," he said. "They want a broad front, and this is part of helping those Arab leaders they see as important on these other issues."


01-25-07 - Most Americans don't know real Palestinian story

01-25-07 - In the Land Of the Lonely It matters little to Harel and the other Israelis who have settled in Migron that they are living on land that much of the world believes belongs to the Palestinians, in homes that many of their own countrymen would just as soon see abandoned. In fact, the residents of Migron seem to pride themselves on being among the biggest loners in the Middle East. "We're supposed to be a Jewish, democratic state," says Harel, a broad-shouldered ex-paratrooper still in the army reserves. "But if you ask me, it's more important that this be a Jewish state than a democratic one, and for us, Judaism is the land of biblical Israel. It's more here than in Tel Aviv.".....For the most part, the Palestinians in the West Bank live like ghosts on the periphery of the Jewish settlements. The nearby Arab villages are usually walled off, and settler-only highways, guarded by army checkpoints and concrete walls, have turned Palestinian communities into islands

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

News for 01-24-07

01-24-07 - IDF kills teen crawling toward Gaza fence An Israel Defense Forces patrol shot and killed a 15-year-old Palestinian who tried to cross into Israel from the Gaza Strip yesterday. Two other teens were arrested and then returned to Palestinian territory.

01-24-07 - Two P.A security members injured by soldiers east of Gaza Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Wednesday at night that two members were shot and injured by the under-cover forces of the Israeli army east of Gaza City.

01-24-07 - Jewish settlers vandalise West Bank village The settlers also smashed car windows and shouted "death to the Arabs," witnesses added.

01-24-07 - Closure of the Rafah Border crossing barred 200 patients from traveling to Egypt for treatment In its statement, the Ministry stated that 200 patients were referred to Egyptian hospitals since they need urgent hospitalization, but are still waiting to be allowed through.

01-24-07 - Fatah, Hamas rivals clash in Gaza as national dialogue renews Four Palestinians were shot and wounded on Wednesday during clashes erupted in northern Gaza Strip between militants loyal to the rival movements of Fatah and the governing Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

01-24-07 - Four Palestinians Wounded during Infighting in Beit Hanoun Witnesses said that the infighting ensued after members of the interior ministry?s executive force blockaded the houses of Jamal Al?Atamna and Wajdi Dabour for several hours

01-24-07 - Peres grateful to Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad

01-24-07 - $5m hospital on way for Palestine A $5 MILLION (BD1.89m) paediatric hospital being built in Palestine with Bahraini money is nearing completion and is expected to be officially open by May.

01-24-07 - Jerusalem: 16 year old attacked by settler then arrested by Israeli police Israeli police forces arrested a 16 year old Palestinian boy in the old city of Jerusalem on Wednesday morning, after he was hit and abused by an Israeli settler.


01-24-07 - Judge refuses to release prisoner for brother's funeral The Beer Sheva courthouse refused to release an illegal resident jailed in Israel to attend his brother's funeral.

'illegal resident'? Irony. Does Israel jail its 'illegal residents' of Palestinian land?

01-24-07 - Students Speak Out on Guilford College Fight Some who attended the forum, like Vurhan Ghanayem, a Palestinian scientist at Research Triangle Park, are upset the school has not suspended the suspects and that the school will not call the incident a hate crime.

01-24-07 - Americans told to 'wake up' to plight of Israeli Arabs "The shame in the way Arabs are treated is the shame of all Jews,"

01-24-07 - US church leaders keep focus on an Israel-Palestine solution "The Palestinian Christian leaders have asked us to bring to your attention the very grave situation of Jerusalem," state their US counterparts. "With the construction by Israel of the separation barrier, many of the faithful - both Christians and Muslims - are excluded from the Holy City, and Jerusalem is severed from Bethlehem."

01-24-07 - WITNESS-The road to Gaza between two worlds

01-24-07 - Bush: Hezbollah a threat

01-24-07 - Disillusion sets in amid poverty and factional conflict Palestinians are turning their back on party elected on promise of reform

01-24-07 - Israeli Army invade Tulkarem and surrounding area, search houses

01-24-07 - Palestinian cemetery attacked by settlers and soldiers in West Bank

01-24-07 - Palestinian president to visit Spain after Davos forum

01-24-07 - Israel raises nuclear stakes with Iran ** A senior British military source said yesterday that the Israelis were serious about the use of military force to stop Iran, and were now engaged in preparing public opinion for such a prospect. "They're watering the turf. The Iranians are not under enough pressure," the source said.

01-24-07 - Israeli Army invades a Bethlehem town and abducts sixteen local youths

01-24-07 - Demise of US, Israel Imminent According to a statement released by the Presidential Press Office, Ahmadinejad further noted the frequent failure of the plots of the hegemonic system in the Middle-East region, and said that the demise of the US and Zionist regime is imminent.

01-24-07 - Carter Wins Applause at Brandeis As the audience was silent, he spoke of roads Palestinians could not use and of the more than 500 checkpoints in the tiny West Bank. He suggested that a group of Brandeis professors and students visit the occupied territories for a few days and meet with leaders and private citizens "to determine if I have exaggerated or incorrectly described the plight of the Palestinians. "

01-24-07 - Conference of Presidents postpones Dubai trip

01-24-07 - Funds pledged for Lebanon summit Why should the world be expected to pay for the destruction that Israel has continued to rain down upon Lebanon (and Palestine)?

01-24-07 - Edwards Veers Hard Right During a lamentable speech he made in Tel Aviv, Edwards sanctioned a US war against Iran; denied the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group (ISG) and bashed the Palestinian people.

01-24-07 - Lebanon conflict oil 'contained' the report indicates that the conflict has left other significant environment problems, some of which pose a threat to human health and welfare. A number of bombed sites, including Jiyyeh, are contaminated with toxic substances which may compromise water supplies

01-24-07 - Scandals shake Israeli public's faith "The credibility of all the leaders is in question, because most of them are either under investigation or have a cloud of corruption over them," Mr. Smith says, "and there is a perception that corruption is a real problem here."

01-24-07 - Rep. Keith Ellison Should Drop in on the Christian-Jewish Party in the House of Representatives I know this is perhaps unfair, but aren't we pretty well stacked on Israel caucuses and short with the broader Arab region? What about a caucus that includes the Arab states and Israel -- tough I know, but it would be a good goal for the Congressmen chairing these groups.

01-24-07 - I Missed The Light Switches In Our House For the entirety of my stay in Palestine, my little, precious hometown of Rummaneh, just outside Jenin did not have electricity. And I still have not yet learned how to adapt my laptop and PDA to run on the kerosene lamp that seems to do for most people after sunset

01-24-07 - Smears for Fears Everything Clark said, in short, is true. What's more, everybody knows it's true. The worst that can truthfully be said about Clark is that he expressed himself in a slightly odd way.

01-24-07 - At Brandeis, a dialogue Carter's refusal looked more like common sense than cowardice to anyone who remembers Dershowitz's debate with Noam Chomsky of MIT about Israel at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, an exchange that degenerated into personal attacks that Chomsky later characterized as infantile.

01-24-07 - Break the Silence Mural Project: Art and Action The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice & The Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project present Break the Silence Mural Project: Art and Action

01-24-07 - An Alternative Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

01-24-07 - Football, Twelve-Year-Old Boys, and Military Curfews: Elizabeth Laird's "A Little Piece of Ground" The title A Little Piece of Ground is about more than the makeshift soccer field the boys create. It's a metaphor for the plight of the Palestinians and millions of other people around the earth. These are the people who have no place to call their own, thanks to the greed and fears of those who control not only the land the landless live on, but their daily lives, as well

01-24-07 - Israel faces nuclear Holocaust warns Gingrich The Israeli people are facing the threat of a nuclear Holocaust, former US Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich warned the Herzliya Conference held by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya on Tuesday afternoon.

01-24-07 - Group that criticized Israel to stay in campus coalition despite protests The decision did little to quell disquiet within the 31-member coalition, which was created in 2002 to advance a pro-Israel agenda on campus.

01-24-07 - US politicians rip Iran in Herzliya US politicians grovel at the altar of Israel.

01-24-07 - The new cold war in Lebanon and Palestine

01-24-07 - Hezbollah says opposition holding back from ousting cabinet

01-24-07 - Saudi, Iran working on deal to end Lebanon crisis Saudi Arabia and Iran, backers of the main rivals in Lebanon's political crisis, are negotiating a deal to end the standoff, Lebanese political sources said.

01-24-07 - Israeli PM warns of 'severe steps' against Iran he also reassured the Israeli public that "as serious as the Iranian threat is, the threat of a nuclear attack on Israel is in no way imminent."

01-24-07 - Out to check Iran n-work, Israel lobby in US meets PM Seeking to build a bridge with New Delhi, a delegation of the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group at the Capitol Hill met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last evening. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee's current agenda is to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, isolate the Hamas-led Palestinian government and seek greater security for Israel.

01-24-07 - Withheld report on Middle East trip raises questions If Khan?s report does include recommendations based on the Arab peace initiative, it would contradict statements Prime Minister Stephen Harper made last year to the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy that it was impractical to demand that Israel revert to pre-1967 borders.

01-24-07 - Canada considers more Palestinian aid

01-24-07 - Hunting down Yasser Arafat FILMMAKER Sherine Salama was the last person to interview Yasser Arafat, four weeks before he died in a hospital in Paris.

01-24-07 - American Jews should change their stance

01-24-07 - Rabbis for Human Rights: The Other Face of Judaism

01-24-07 - Canadian Arabs and Muslims threaten to campaign against Tories Canada?s largest Muslim and Arab groups say they are fed up with the Conservatives? pro-Israel stance and will work against the Tory government in the next election.

01-24-07 - Academic begins hunger strike to protest 'government harassment' Sami Al-Arian stopped eating after being held in contempt for refusing to testify before a grand jury in Virginia. That's according to a news release from the Tampa Bay Coalition for Justice and Peace.

01-24-07 - Mockery and deception continue When Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas flew to Damascus last weekend to meet with Khaled Mishaal, the head of the Hamas politburo, he took with him many expectations

01-24-07 - Left-wing rabbis split on anti-IDF group During a board meeting Monday in Jerusalem, some leading members of RHRI strongly criticized Rabbis for Human Rights North America (RHR-NA) for honoring a New York-based legal advocacy group that sued two senior Israeli security officials for perpetrating "war crimes."

01-24-07 - Dome of the Rock on Vodka Bottle in Israeli The Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine Sheikh Mohammed Hussein condemned the behavior of the Israeli company saying that "the marketing of wine bottles with a picture of the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine in Jerusalem, on them is an Israeli attempt to humiliate Muslims everywhere".

01-24-07 - Your desparation is showing Da cat is now prancing round the room, tail high in the air. (I think he shat in the bag to boot. Enjoy).

01-24-07 - The US is taking us for a ride on the peace process Like previous administrations, perhaps even more, the Bush administration tends to adapt to what Israel wants.

01-24-07 - Israelis aren't 'racist' - they're worried Nope, it's racism. You failed to prove that this particular man engaged in any of the behavior that these other Arab politicans purportedly engaged in. You are making your judgement solely on the fact that this man is an ARAB - that's racism. (This must be rocket science).

01-24-07 - A Jesuit Gives Voice to Peace Activists in the Holy Land

01-24-07 - DHS students discuss Middle East

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