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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Ex-Iraqi Jews want compensation

Iraqi Jewish leaders from around the world will demand compensation from the Iraqi government for lost assets.

Meetings have been scheduled for Sept. 18-19 in London to discuss the issue of compensation for Jews who fled Arab countries during and after the creation of the State of Israel and were forced to leave behind their assets, the Jerusalem Post reported.

While the ex-Iraqi Jews don’t believe the current Iraqi government will compensate them, they hope the demand at least can serve as a bargaining chip in future peace talks over compensation for Palestinian refugees who fled during Israel’s 1948 War of Independence.

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News for 08-30-05

08-30-05 - Extremist Jews attack two Arab residents of Israel

08-30-05 - Three Hebron residents badly beaten by soldiers

08-30-05 - U.S. will not press for marking settlements boundaries in W.B.

08-30-05 - Egyptian Envoy Pledges Palestinian Support "It's time to see the suffering ended, to see the prisoners released and to see the Palestinian territories living in security and prosperity,"

08-30-05 - Egypt vows to work for full Palestinian 'liberation' He said Egypt supported Palestinian efforts towards "the complete and total freedom of land occupied in 1967 to pave the way to the creation of a Palestinian state that will take its place in the Arab nation."

08-30-05 - Palestinian assets frozen in U.S. judgment Since the Palestinians didn't pay, Strachman requested a court order freezing Palestinian Authority assets in the United States, the newspaper said. That includes $1.3 billion in an investment fund meant to boost economic development in the Palestinian territories.

08-30-05 - Arabs lose Israeli terror stipend Families of Israeli Arabs shot dead on a bus in Galilee are not considered terrorism victims because their killer was Jewish, the defence ministry says.

08-30-05 - Gaza militants renew truce pledge to Egypt envoy

08-30-05 - Israeli Arabs fear for the future It is hard to say whether Israel's current efforts to make itself more Jewish has any bearing on this deterioration in relations. Really? It sounds like a NO BRAINER to me.

08-30-05 - Army breaks into Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

08-30-05 - Settlers? burn trees in Hebron

08-30-05 - Palestine rejects Israel's threat to roadmap plan

08-30-05 - Civilian Wounded in Tulakrem as Israeli Forces Tear House Down in Qalqilya

08-30-05 - West Bank settler growth clouds progress on peace

08-30-05 - Jordanian monarch urges more withdrawals after Gaza

08-30-05 - Israel seeks more jail time for Briton's killer Taysir Hayb, a Bedouin Arab soldier, was convicted in June of manslaughter for shooting dead Tom Hurndall

08-30-05 - In pictures: Picturing Israel's wall

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Monday, August 29, 2005

News for 08-29-05

08-29-05 - Two killed in Nablus blast A Palestinian scrap merchant and one of his sons were killed yesterday when a mortar shell they found near an Israeli army training site exploded

08-29-05 - Pakistani delegation to visit Gaza, Jerusalem

08-29-05 - Chirac urges disarmament of Hizbullah

08-29-05 - Gaza fishermen dream of freedom on high seas after Israeli pullout Some have even spent days in prison for the "crime" of fishing beyond the Israeli-imposed limits -- just so they can bring home food for the children

08-29-05 - Bush calls for 'courage' from Palestinians

08-29-05 - Old enemies become security partners in Gaza Strip However, the Palestinian performance during Israel's mid-August Gaza withdrawal has revived the dormant security partnership and elicited rare praise from Israel's commanders, who are more accustomed to accusing Palestinian forces of militant activities.

08-29-05 - Arabs fights for power to save cancer victim "We're arguing that the right to life and health are among basic human rights and these cannot be violated on what is basically a planning issue based on discrimination against the Arab-Bedouin minority,"

08-29-05 - Egypt begins fresh Gaza mission

08-29-05 - JORDAN: UNRWA survey on Palestinian refugees underway

08-29-05 - U.S. congressman to present proposal on resettling Palestinians U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa is expected to present a proposal to Lebanese officials suggesting the permanent settlement of some of the country's Palestinian refugees during a trip to Beirut today

08-29-05 - Settler group returns to Gaza Strip "They are still here, in groups guarded by tanks. There are about 150 of them alongside new buses and next to their hothouses. I am looking at them as I speak,"

08-29-05 - EU To Offer Palestinians 60M Euros in Gaza Aid

08-29-05 - PA: Islamic Jihad committed to calm

08-29-05 - Soldiers assault a resident at checkpoint

08-29-05 - Jordan:No plan to repatriate Gaza refugees

08-29-05 - Mofaz orders Hebron Old City evacuation

08-29-05 - The settlers are gone, the polluted water remains

08-29-05 - Wall in southern W. Bank to be completed by end of 2005

08-29-05 - Palestinian cabinet meets on Israeli decision to confiscate lands

08-29-05 - Sharon: More West Bank settlements would go for peace Dov Weisglass, a senior aide to Sharon, has said Israel expected 180,000 of some 245,000 Jewish settlers could remain as part of a final peace deal, with U.S. approval.

08-29-05 - Barrier plan reignites settlement rancor

08-29-05 - Israel asks EU to shun contacts with Hezbollah, Hamas

08-29-05 - Israeli-Palestinian Friendship Blooms at Suwon Fortress

08-29-05 - Pollack named in AIPAC probe Pollack said he did not give the two men any classified information.

08-29-05 - Syria Offers Humanitarian Aid to Palestinians

08-29-05 - Israel braces for PA blitz at UN the Palestinians will not ease pressure on Israel at international forums and will try and bring discussion of the security fence back to the United Nations General Assembly this fall, according to diplomatic assessments in Jerusalem

08-29-05 - Locals help plan peace conference Friends of Sabeel, an organization that gives voice to Christian Palestinians, was formed to support the Jerusalem-based Sabeel that works to bring understanding and promote peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

08-29-05 - Abbas highlights EU role in Mideast peace

08-29-05 - Silence of the Lambs

08-29-05 - Happy to be going back to school For Sahl school provides a safe haven ? a place where he can forget the hardships that he and his family have had to endure as a result of the conflict.

08-29-05 - 'Klinghoffer' opera hits sour note with family

08-29-05 - Sharon Is Winning

08-29-05 - Children's peace hopes at exhibition

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Pollack named in AIPAC probe

Pollack named in AIPAC probe

Kenneth Pollack, a prominent Middle East analyst, is one of two U.S. government officials referenced in the indictment of two former AIPAC staffers.

Pollack, who was a staffer on President Clinton’s National Security Council, confirmed to JTA on Monday that he has spoken with the FBI regarding a December 2000 lunch he had with Steve Rosen, former director of foreign policy issues at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and Keith Weissman, a former AIPAC Iran analyst. Pollack said he did not give the two men any classified information.

A federal indictment says Rosen spoke with an unnamed reporter after the lunch, and gave classified information about policy options and internal government deliberations; information Pollack had access to. Pollack said he has been told he is not a subject of the investigation.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

News for 08-28-05

08-28-05 - Bomber attempts first suicide attack since Gaza withdrawal The bomber was turned away from a bus and was being pursued by two guards when he blew himself up. The guards absorbed most of the blast, sustaining serious burns and shrapnel injuries.

08-28-05 - Palestinian woman injured after being stoned by settlers

08-28-05 - Abbas condemns attack in Israel as 'terrorist operation'

08-28-05 - Palestinian suicide bomber strikes in Israel A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up and critically wounded two guards at an Israeli bus station

08-28-05 - Gaza's children see a brighter future after Israeli pullout "I dream of becoming a pilot. I want to fly over the West Bank, over Egypt. I want to see other skies,"

08-28-05 - Qorei says Israel creating Palestinian 'ghettos' by expanding settlements

08-28-05 - Ex-Gaza settlers to relocate from TA train station to Jerusalem area

08-28-05 - Israel wrecking chance of Palestinian state: Qorei Israel last week decided to confiscate communal Palestinian land, including from within the borders of Abu Dis, to build a section of its West Bank barrier around Maale Adumim.

08-28-05 - Report: Israel Confiscated 13,350 Dunams in the West Bank in the Current Year

08-28-05 - Expanding Israeli presence in West Bank remains controversial

08-28-05 - Palestinians hold back the land grab THE day Aref Dheir returned home from the Rafah market to tell his father he had found a buyer for their 500 boxes of tomatoes, a shock awaited him. In the few hours that he had been away, the Israelis had bulldozed their greenhouses to create a security zone for the Jewish settlement of Morag

08-28-05 - JOIN US IN PALESTINE FOR THE 2005 OLIVE HARVEST CAMPAIGN Palestinian farmers and agricultural organizations, in coordination
with the International Solidarity Movement and the International
Women's Peace Service, announce the 2005 Olive Harvest Campaign. The
campaign will take place between October 15 and November 15.

08-28-05 - Qureia: War for Jerusalem has started

08-28-05 - Israeli cabinet approves Egypt Gaza deployment

08-28-05 - One summer in Gaza Danbury man sees Palestinian side of conflict

08-28-05 - Gaza 'spies village' residents to move to Israel

08-28-05 - Sharon son charged in finance row

08-28-05 - Hizbullah expects U.S. and Israeli pressures to continue

08-28-05 - Palestinian cabinet meets on Israeli decision to confiscate

08-28-05 - Israel Signs Gas Deal with Egypt, But May Get Gas from Gaza

08-28-05 - Vanunu slams 'Israeli Nazism'

08-28-05 - Resident arrested near Hebron

08-28-05 - The myth of irreversibility

08-28-05 - Palestine appreciates India?s age old unconditional support

08-28-05 - U.S. sanctions still in place in spite of military exports deal The Chinese are certain to demand compensation in the hundreds of millions of dollars, as was the case when the U.S. forced Israel to rescind its sale of Phalcon reconnaissance aircraft to China. Well, evidently they didn't learn their lesson the first time. And thus have nobody to blame but themselves.

08-28-05 - Egypt security chief to visit Gaza

08-28-05 - PA successfully returns stolen rifle to IDF

08-28-05 - IDF to complete house demolitions in W. Bank this week

08-28-05 - Solidarity with Palestinians The UAE will join other countries of the world in marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people to be held on November 29.

08-28-05 - How to be a Good Victim The Israelis are not only superior in their strength. They are superior in their magnanimity. The Palestinians still live: don't they? Isn't this proof of Israeli magnanimity.

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News for 08-27-05

08-27-05 - Washington's Fateful Cover-Up of Israel's Attack on the USS Liberty The scheme might have worked, except for the ingenuity of Liberty radiomen. It failed because, despite Israel?s intense jamming of airwaves and bombardment that wrecked the ship?s radio equipment, the crew managed to transmit one lone message?a call for help that was received by a nearby U.S. aircraft carrier, as well as by Israeli intelligence. This is a must-read article.

08-27-05 - Abu Mazen Met With Senior Republican Party Official

08-27-05 - At-Tuwani: Palestinian Villagers Prepare for Night Assaults by Israeli Settlers

08-27-05 - Qurie says settlement building could renew violence Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie said on Saturday Israel's expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank could bar the establishment of a viable Palestinian state and renew bloodshed

08-27-05 - Palestinian cabinet to hold unprecedented meeting in Jerusalem suburb "The cabinet is to meet in Abu Dis as a mark of our concern at the new Israeli settlement plans" around east Jerusalem,"

08-27-05 - Bush puts pressure on Palestinians after pullout

08-27-05 - Wanted Palestinian militant resurfaces in video

08-27-05 - Abbas, Israeli Labour party chief meet

08-27-05 - PA to fight settlement expansion Palestinian officials set to boost international public relations effort aimed at thwarting Israeli construction plans near Maaleh Adumim; PA Prime Minister Qureia: We won't agree to renounce Jerusalem and West Bank

08-27-05 - Israel's Ferocious Young Rebels they seek to stake their claim deep inside the West Bank, where they simultaneously aspire to a pastoral, back-to-the-land lifestyle and use violence and intimidation against Palestinian farmers and villagers.....Israeli authorities have long displayed a certain queasiness about using the full weight of their investigative and legal powers against Jewish citizens suspected of involvement in politically motivated violence.

08-27-05 - PNA, Egypt agree to jointly run Gaza Airport: Shaath

08-27-05 - UN; The Decades- long Israeli Occupation Has Increased Poverty Amongst the Palestinian People UN conference for trade and development pointed out in its annual report that the occupation has helped to reduce the Palestinian production and thus has turned the Palestinian dependent on Israel.

08-27-05 - Settlers throw cocktails bomb at wedding in Qalqilia

08-27-05 - Qurei concerned over Bush remarks Qurei was echoing Palestinian fears that the disengagement plan was aimed at establishing a mini Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip alone.

08-27-05 - Egypt Turns Down Nuclear Treaty Request Egypt's foreign minister on Saturday turned down a request from the world's nuclear watchdog to sign a treaty banning the testing of nuclear weapons, saying Israel should first join a separate agreement calling for a halt to the spread of atomic bombs.

08-27-05 - AT-TUWANI DIARY: Yousef returns

08-27-05 - PNA urges Quartet to intervene in Israeli settlement activities

08-27-05 - It's not Israel that's driving Tehran to nukes

08-27-05 - Efforts underway to arrange post-pullout Sharon-Abbas meeting

08-27-05 - Cabinet to approve Gaza border deal with Egypt

08-27-05 - Gaza's ghost airport awaits better days

08-27-05 - Delegation headed by former Dutch prime minister Van Agt witness restrictions on movement

08-27-05 - EU Envoy Otte: Withdrawal is the Model for Jerusalem "Our position regarding the West Bank and east Jerusalem is identical - they are occupied territories, and the future of Jerusalem will also be discussed in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians,"

08-27-05 - Japan PM hosts Israelis, Palestinians

08-27-05 - A guide to dating Jews earns author 'Nazi' tag Darlene Jospe, from Jerusalem, warned the writer not to think too much of herself because she has managed to attract so many Jewish men.

08-27-05 - Israel Out of Somerville, Boston!

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

News for 08-26-05

08-26-05 - USS Liberty Veterans Present Pentagon With Report on Israeli War Crimes As survivors watched the 90-year-old mother of one fallen hero and the sister of another lay a wreath at the grave marker where 11 crew members are buried, these men, and the women who love them, silently vowed to keep fighting until the murders and the subsequent cover-up are explained

08-26-05 - IDF soldiers attack Peaceful Demonstration with Rubber Bullets There were 4 wounded including a 61 year old peace activist
from Los Angeles, USA, who was injured by a tear gas cannister,
and required hospital treatment, her condition is not
considered to be critical

08-26-05 - 40 wounded in Anti-Wall demonstration in Bil'in

08-26-05 - PM ordered E-1 police HQ built two months ago According to political sources in Jerusalem, two months ago, Sharon ordered that plans for the police station be separated from the plans to build two new residential neighborhoods, which were frozen due to American objections

08-26-05 - US calls for restraint after Israelis kill five Palestinians While insisting that a better flow of information would probably not have prevented the killings in Shfaram, the report said that information about the extremist Eden Natan Zada had not been "analysed correctly". The killer's desertion with an M-16 rifle was not fully reported by the army to the intelligence agency Shin Bet

08-26-05 - Israeli guard stabbed in Hebron Israeli police arrested the Palestinian man, who stabbed the policeman while being searched at a checkpoint.

08-26-05 - Israeli soldiers "focused laser lights on the faces of the people and started shooting randomly"

08-26-05 - Israelis favor evacuating more settlements

08-26-05 - UNCTAD: ?One-third of the Palestinians are unemployed?

08-26-05 - Israel boosts W.Bank settlers while quitting Gaza Thousands of Israelis have streamed into larger West Bank settlements since the start of the year, increasing the number of Jews living on occupied land to 246,000...."Israel's insistence on expanding settlements represents a declaration of war against the Palestinians because it aims to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state by reinforcing and prolonging occupation,"

08-26-05 - Soldiers, Anguish Remain Around Evacuated West Bank Settlements "The settlers have cut our access to our fields, they have burned our crops and olive trees," she said, pointing to charred and truncated stumps. "They think if they destroy our crops they can make us leave."

08-26-05 - Palestinians fight move to declare Gaza occupation over "Gaza will remain under the control of the occupier, who will continue to weigh heavily on our lives through control of border crossings, air space and territorial waters,"

08-26-05 - Israel seeks control of Gaza borders post-pullout

08-26-05 - Realism in Washington? Don't Hold Your Breath

08-26-05 - Israeli pullout may be 'prelude to the big battle'

08-26-05 - Marking the Palestinian Presence at the Heart of the Israeli State A few kilometers outside Nazareth, on the road to Haifa, 1940s Mujaydil was a farming village with around two thousand Muslim and Christian inhabitants. But like hundreds of villages across Palestine, this peace was brutally interrupted by Israeli occupation. In July 1948 villagers were forced to flee their homes and lands. Hundreds came to nearby Nazareth hoping that the international Christian profile of the town would prevent Israeli forces from exiling its inhabitants, as happened in other towns.

08-26-05 - Snapshots From Palestine The following day, when we told our friends who live in Hebron what had happened, they said, "Settlers." Nothing unusual or extraordinary, just the usual Saturday night settler activity. Welcome to Hebron. Welcome to the occupation by night.

08-26-05 - US experts see revival of Mideast talks taking months

08-26-05 - World view - Lindsey Hilsum on youthful extremes Most Israelis watched in disgust as the hilltop teenagers flouted the law and cursed Israeli soldiers, but their parents encourage them. This is the vanguard of a new generation of extremists with no regard for the institutions of their own state, let alone for the Palestinians.

08-26-05 - In the wake of the Gaza disengagement Enforce ban on settlements Disengagement has been touted as a bold step for peace. Yet it is increasingly apparent that Gaza withdrawal is but one side of a two-faced strategy. The other side is increasing Jewish settlement of the West Bank, including Jerusalem

08-26-05 - THE MCLAUGHLIN GROUP TAPED: FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2005 MR. BUCHANAN: What radicalized these kids? This is the point. The horrible situation in Gaza is in part because the Israelis came in. They colonized the place. They brought in those settlements. One-third of the land they took for -- Another interesting episode of The McLaughlin Group.

08-26-05 - Real Surprise In Gaza Yet To Come For Palestinians, the Gaza pullout is a little like a settler shell game. The settlers have disappeared from one place, only to pop up somewhere else. And Israel still controls Gaza?s land and sea crossings. In the eyes of the armed Palestinians, that?s plenty reason to keep fighting.

08-26-05 - Report blames Lebanon for Palestinian refugees' plight

08-26-05 - Ambassador Bolton Praised for Effective Action against U.N. Funding of Palestinian Propaganda Neocon Bolton pleases his American Jewish Congress

08-26-05 - Israeli Source: Former PA official offers help discover Israeli MIA's fate

08-26-05 - Lutherans Jump On Divestment "There's absolutely nothing in the resolution but support and appreciation for Israel's need for security," he said. "Our concern with the wall is the placement of the wall."

08-26-05 - Sheikh calls for revolt, Jewish activist wants Arabs expelled A Tel Aviv couple arrested today admitted to placing the pig in the mosque in hopes, they said, of instigating area Muslims to riot in order to derail the Gaza evacuation plan

08-26-05 - Video: Balata Youth Drama and Dance Group Tours the UK YCC's director said: "The Irish were more 'Palestinian' than we were!"

08-26-05 - EU welcomes Israeli disengagement from Gaza

08-26-05 - Sharon settles row with Vatican

08-26-05 - Israeli, Arab youths reunited at U.S. peace camp

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Friday, August 26, 2005

News for 08-25-05

08-25-05 - Olmert: Israel expects entire US aid package in fiscal 2006

08-25-05 - Israel kills 5 Palestinians after removing settlers Palestinian witnesses said three of the dead were unarmed teenagers

08-25-05 - Israeli Troops Kill Five Palestinians A group of young Palestinians sat outdoors on a warm night, snacking on sunflower seeds and chatting with a well-known militant leader when a group of white-shirted men jumped out of a Mercedes and fired

08-25-05 - Abbas accuses Israel of wrecking peace amid bloodshed Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas accused Israel of wrecking prospects for peace after soldiers killed five militants and plans were unveiled to expand the largest West Bank settlement

08-25-05 - Abbas Urges Militants to Hold Their Fire

08-25-05 - Expanding Israeli presence in West Bank remains controversial Peace Now points out that while Israeli soldiers are expected to bulldoze 2,800 Israeli houses in Gaza and 360 Israeli buildings in the northern West Bank as part of the pullout, 4,000 houses are being built in West Bank settlements.

08-25-05 - Mofaz: Rafah border terminal should be used for exits only Israel has threatened that if the PA continues to object to the Kerem Shalom terminal, it would exclude Gaza from the tax agreement and charge customs on goods moving into Israel from the Gaza Strip.

08-25-05 - Palestinians won't miss long lines at Gaza checkpoint Israeli soldiers shot one of Abu Houli's grandsons as he sat in a field close to the checkpoint.

08-25-05 - Two injured in a protest against the Wall near Hebron Two residents, identified as Ghalib Al Za?arnah, 28, head of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Al Ramadeen, and Radhi Al Za?arnah, 28, sustained several bruises and fractions after the soldiers attacked and clubbed them See these corroborating photos from Yahoo from today's photos

08-25-05 - Israeli wall to ruin Palestinian economy

08-25-05 - Palestinians fear Gaza health crisis after Israeli pullout While Israel regards its departure from Gaza as signalling the end of its 38-year occupation, the Palestinians argue that Israel will remain an occupying power as long as it retains control of its borders and is thus still obliged to meet the health needs of the local population.

08-25-05 - Judge refuses to allow Ognibene on GOP ballot The brief supports a request by the family of the couple to seize and sell off the Palestinian Authority's New York office to pay a court-ordered debt to them.

08-25-05 - Dying for Israel

08-25-05 - Rabbis plan Holocaust-style museum on Gaza pullout

08-25-05 - Gaza father wonders when work will come

08-25-05 - Gaza diary 7: Hakeem Abu Samra

08-25-05 - Zionism key to Israeli-Palestinian conflict: author I am, more simply, a Jewish woman who's been utterly dismayed by the actions of the Israeli Government and state claiming to speak in the name of all Jews.

08-25-05 - After Gaza, Sharon's next aim is ... do nothing Mr Sharon has told Israelis that the withdrawal was intended to allow Israel to hold on to the West Bank settlement blocks, and this week he said he would keep expanding them.

08-25-05 - Next up for Israeli bulldozers: outposts?

08-25-05 - Kfar Darom detainees freed The decision to free the detainees, who were arrested after holing up on the roof of a synagogue in the Kfar Darom settlement last week as part of protests against the Gaza withdrawal, ran counter to earlier police pledges to see them prosecuted to the fullest extent.

08-25-05 - Rebel Fatah factions thorn in Palestinian leader's side

08-25-05 - A Senior Indian Diplomatic Delegation to Visit the Palestinian Territories

08-25-05 - Annan appoints Italian as deputy chief for Palestinian refugees

08-25-05 - Hizbullah denies firing rocket into Israel

08-25-05 - Hamas can enter Palestinian govt after polls-Abbas

08-25-05 - Withdrawal from Philadelphi imminent

08-25-05 - Hundreds of Palestinian security forces move from Jericho to Jenin

08-25-05 - UN urges Palestine to focus on "pro-poor" economic reform

08-25-05 - Group showing Jews Arab West Bank They aim to tell the Palestinian narrative to Jews who do not normally venture across the "Green Line " on trips with mainstream organizations, such as Birthright Israel , the organization from which Birthright Israel took its name

08-25-05 - Settlers attack stores, residents in Jerusalem

08-25-05 - Europe's bear hug The question the world is asking is not "if", but rather "when" ? when will Israel complete the full withdrawal from the territories and when will a Palestinian state be established.

08-25-05 - Mideast conference set for September

08-25-05 - Fitzpatrick departs on weeklong visit to Israel And the Israelization of the United States continues.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Kfar Darom detainees freed

Israel freed scores of pro-settlement activists arrested during a violent Gaza Strip confrontation.

A Beersheba court released the 175 detainees, almost a quarter of them minors, on Thursday after they signed agreements not to take part in violent political protests. The decision to free the detainees, who were arrested after holing up on the roof of a synagogue in the Kfar Darom settlement last week as part of protests against the Gaza withdrawal, ran counter to earlier police pledges to see them prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Several of the protesters were believed to have doused riot police with a chemical irritant as they stormed the synagogue to dislodge them.

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News for 08-24-05

08-24-05 - Five killed in Mid-East violence At least four Palestinians have been killed in a gunfight with Israeli troops in Tulkarm refugee camp in the West Bank.

08-24-05 - Olmert arrives in Washington for talks on Gaza pullout funding

08-24-05 - Israel Seizes Land in West Bank The United States issued a statement that implied criticism of the Israeli move. The barrier "is a problem to the extent that it prejudges final borders, confiscates Palestinian property or imposes further hardship on the Palestinian people,"

08-24-05 - Israel moves to link West Bank settlement to Jerusalem They haven't even fully cleared out of Gaza yet, and the settlement-building ramps up in the West Bank. Will our tax money be funding it via the pullout money Olmert is asking for this very moment while in the US?

08-24-05 - US signs over 50 million dollar direct aid to Palestinians

08-24-05 - U.S. Challenges Fence Outside Jerusalem

08-24-05 - Palestinians predict Gaza border breakthrough The world understands the Palestinian desire for Gaza not to become a prison, Dahlan said. "And I expect a breakthrough in this regard."

08-24-05 - Israel's West Bank barrier 'could destroy peace hopes' Michael Tarazi, a spokesman for the Palestinian Negotiating Unit, said yesterday that the new route approved for the southerly section of the barrier meant it would be taking in more mainly undeveloped Palestinian land "than we ever expected".

08-24-05 - Egypt Gaza border patrol agreed

08-24-05 - Israel to build police station between J'lem and Ma'aleh Adumim

08-24-05 - B?Tselem: ?2600 Palestinians, 230 Israelis killed in Gaza since 1967?

08-24-05 - Palestinian refugees live in agonizing poverty

08-24-05 - Abbas: We want an airport

08-24-05 - UN Security Council welcomes disengagement, urges continued cooperation Israel's UN ambassador criticized a senior UN official on Wednesday for not heaping enough praise on Israel for its pullout from Gaza

08-24-05 - Top Palestinian diplomat in Russia

08-24-05 - Reports don?t tell Palestinian story

08-24-05 - Lebanon: Palestinian kids can go to state schools

08-24-05 - Children's Municipality Council helps improve children's lives in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

08-24-05 - Israelis, Palestinians Back Demolitions

08-24-05 - Israel Group Removes Trees in Settlements And yet, Israel has uprooted thousands of Palestinian olive trees without so much as a blink of an eye.

08-24-05 - Don't hold your breath The US will ask some tough questions before it pays a cent extra aid.Yeh right.

08-24-05 - Is Cindy Sheehan "Anti-Semite"?

08-24-05 - Former Jewish Gaza Residents See Themselves as 'Refugees' The quarter-million dollar refugees. They knew full well what was going to happen, and chose to be gently thrown out, rather than go willingly. Palestinians should be so lucky.

08-24-05 - Army vet gets 'bomber' credit card offer Habbas, a grocer who has lived in the United States since age 3, doesn't know why he would be singled out or how anyone would even know he has Palestinian heritage.

08-24-05 - Palestinians sign export deal for Gaza greenhouse produce

08-24-05 - IMI to supply ammunition to U.S. army in $300 million deal The Yitzhak factory produces light ammunition principally for American forces operating in Iraq, the Israel Defense Forces, the police and the Israeli defense establishment, as well as various western European clients.

08-24-05 - PNA official welcomes Israeli idea for goods transfer between Gaza,W. Bank

08-24-05 - Recreating the Children's Theatre of Jenin Refugee Camp

08-24-05 - PA fears it won't be able to keep civilians out of evacuated settlements

08-24-05 - Israel is in no hurry to dismantle illegal outposts

08-24-05 - Israeli troops to exit Gaza within a month Mofaz said it was too soon to expect further evacuations in the occupied West Bank

08-24-05 - BSU Prof Gives Window into Gaza

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

News for 08-23-05

08-23-05 - Three Palestinians wounded in West Bank exchanges with army

08-23-05 - Israeli settler eviction complete The evacuation will make farming easier for local Palestinians who will be able to move around freely, correspondents say.

08-23-05 - Left behind in Gaza: A tattered economy Gaza's isolation won't end with the pullout. Israel maintains control of the territory's borders and coast.

08-23-05 - Army to close agricultural gates of the Wall in Qalqilia The Israeli Authorities informed the Palestinian Authority that it intends to close the agricultural gates of the Separation Wall in Qalqilia until further notice, which endangers the upcoming olive picking season.

08-23-05 - Israel Says Onus Is Now on Palestinians Impoverished victims of Israeli colonialism and occupation must prove their worthiness to the occupier's liking.

08-23-05 - Palestinian joy as settlers leave "We'll be able to visit our relatives - even our grandfather in Jordan. We haven't seen him for 15 years."

08-23-05 - Accord near on deployment of Egyptian guards in southern Gaza: Israel

08-23-05 - Palestinian: Withdrawal Helps State Plan

08-23-05 - Douglas Feith, radical Zionist

08-23-05 - Israel shows moving settlements is not so hard The World Court brands all the settlements illegal, though Israel disputes this. Even its ally the United States sees them as a sticking point for peacemaking.

08-23-05 - Palestinians must form effective government: Bush

08-23-05 - New questions on AIPAC case The defendants and AIPAC supporters see the new revelations as evidence that federal prosecutors are targeting the powerful pro-Israel lobby for simply conducting the normal Washington practice of trading sensitive information. It's got to be anti-Semitism, not the fact that AIPAC is a foreign lobby. That's it!

08-23-05 - Palestinians can play the Israeli game

08-23-05 - Settlers attack Palestinian journalists as Israeli soldiers look on

08-23-05 - Plea reinstated in JDL case A U.S. judge reinstated a plea deal in the case of a Jewish radical accused of bomb plots against Muslim targets.

08-23-05 - FEATURE-Israeli soldiers show a softer side "Many Palestinians are asking, 'Why does the Israeli army treat us differently? Even during peaceful demonstrations they use bullets and teargas,'"

08-23-05 - UN aid agency says to continue services to Palestinian refugees

08-23-05 - Illegal Occupation of Palestine

08-23-05 - West Bank village constant target for home demolitions

08-23-05 - Russia hails Israel's calm withdrawal

08-23-05 - The key to peace On Sunday, conductor Daniel Barenboim's orchestra - made up of young Arabs and Israelis - performed a landmark concert in the West Bank. But how much can music achieve in bringing hope to a war zone? Charlotte Higgins reports from Ramallah

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Plea reinstated in JDL case

A U.S. judge reinstated a plea deal in the case of a Jewish radical accused of bomb plots against Muslim targets.

Monday’s decision means prosecutors cannot pursue additional charges against Earl Krugel, a member of the Jewish Defense League arrested in 2001 in California for plotting to bomb a mosque and the offices of a Lebanese-American congressman.

Krugel’s accomplice, Irv Rubin, killed himself in jail in 2002.

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News for 08-22-05

08-22-05 - Many of these kids have never known freedom

08-22-05 - Israel says Gaza settlements evacuation complete Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas phoned Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to say he hoped the pullout would open a new page in relations and the two agreed to meet soon,

08-22-05 - Sharon pledges to expand in West Bank As Israeli forces removed residents from the last Jewish settlement still to be cleared in the Gaza Strip yesterday, Ariel Sharon sought to win back support from the Israeli right by promising continued expansion of Israel's West Bank colonies and no more unilateral pullouts

08-22-05 - Palestinians: Settlers vandalize at least eight West Bank villages In a separate incident, two Palestinians were lightly wounded late Monday evening when settlers threw stones at them near the Eli settlement located east of Ariel in the West Bank.

08-22-05 - Palestinian security forces to deploy in Jenin for evacuation of W. Bank settlements

08-22-05 - Israeli Army, Settlers Fighting Media War one settler walked in front of about a dozen television cameras and wailed: "How could they do this? This the land of Israel." When the cameras were turned off, he stopped crying and walked away. Another family invited a television crew into their homes and then insisted that soldiers drag them out

08-22-05 - Abbas says aims to promote peace culture

08-22-05 - Israel completes Gaza withdrawal Violence between Jewish settlers and soldiers erupted in the West Bank yesterday when eight masked Jewish extremists attacked an army tractor near the settlement of Kedumim, slashing its tyres and setting it on fire while a soldier was still in the vehicle

08-22-05 - Abducted Frenchman freed in Gaza A French television technician kidnapped eight days ago in the Gaza Strip has been released unharmed.

08-22-05 - Feature: Gaza farmers impatiently wait for finalizing pullout adding that the first thing he would do is to plant 90 olive trees.

08-22-05 - Dahlan says slight progress in talks with Israel on terminals

08-22-05 - Four murdered Palestinians not considered newsworthy during disengagement

08-22-05 - Israel orders confiscation of vast Palestinian land in Jerusalem

08-22-05 - Israel delays signing Philadelphi deal that the Philadelphi deal between Egypt and Israel is ready to be signed, Israel keeps delaying signing the deal which allows Egypt to deploy 750 Egyptian troops along the border between Egypt and Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip

08-22-05 - UN?s Committee on Women criticizes Israel

08-22-05 - Livni: Israel can expand Ma'ale Adumim "There apparently will be disputes with the Americans over this."
Livni said that despite such differences, Israel should still be able to "strengthen" settlements.

08-22-05 - Army to confiscate 809 Dunams in Abu Dis

08-22-05 - U.S. Muslim leader embraces Orthodox rabbi whose group opposes Israel Before Zionists started pressing for a Jewish state in the early 1900s, Weiss said, Jews lived in harmony with Muslims.

08-22-05 - Analysis: Misreading Washington, again - Jerusalem Newswire while the US may, despite
public objections, overlook the Jewish construction in Judea and
Samaria Sharon claims he has license to renew, it will do the same
for ongoing PLO non-compliance on its commitment to end terror.

The problem for Israel is that while
Washington's current under-the-table understanding for Jewish
building in those biblical lands simply means more houses will go up
on what is now barren land, its failure to demand compliance by the
PLO will mean more dead Jews The only peace some of these Israelis want is the peace with which they can continue to pilfer and 'settle' Palestinian land- and drive the Palestinians off of it.

08-22-05 - Church elects new Jerusalem patriarch

08-22-05 - Chase probing slur letter to Palestinian American

08-22-05 - Sharon: Hero and Goat of Gaza by Patrick J. Buchanan Who do these people think they are? Were it not for the Israeli army, they would not have lasted a week in Gaza. Gratitude isn't the long suit of the Zionist fanatic, two of whom murdered Palestinians to protest the removal of Jews from lands that do not and have never belonged to Israel.

08-22-05 - Army digs trench by the wall in Salfet area

08-22-05 - Mitchell warns Palestinians need jobs, hope

08-22-05 - Arab World Sees Gaza as a Frustratingly Small Step

08-22-05 - Israel says Palestinian militants fired at army posts, PNA denies

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Many of these kids have never known freedom

And that's what it's all about. Here's hoping that they are finally free.







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News for 08-21-05

08-21-05 - Last settlers to leave Gaza Strip The last Jewish settlers in the Gaza Strip are due to move out on Monday, completing the evacuation of all Jewish settlements in the area.

08-21-05 - U.S. to offer billion-dollar 'pullout gift' The United State is set to offer Israel a special disengagement grant to the tune of USD 1 billion, about half the amount Israeli officials have asked for.

08-21-05 - The New Occupation: Trying to Govern Gaza

08-21-05 - Gazans venture to "death zones" as settlers leave "We hope that once all of settlers and soldiers are gone this chapter of blood and destruction will be over,"

08-21-05 - Israel detains right-wing extremist over attack fears An Israeli court placed a right-wing extremist under administrative detention over fears he could attack Arabs or members of the security forces during the Gaza Strip pullout

08-21-05 - Abbas announces extra $30 million in US aid for Gaza Strip Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas said Washington was to give the Palestinians an extra 30 million dollars in aid for water treatment projects, after talks with a senior US envoy.

08-21-05 - Jihad militants dare Abbas to stop their suicide plots

08-21-05 - Violence feared in last stand at two West Bank enclaves Mindful of rising tensions, Israeli officials urged Palestinians in one nearby village to stay indoors, fearing they could be in danger if angry settlers went on a rampage -- a warning repeated on mosque loudspeakers in the area.

08-21-05 - Palestinians Have Hopes for Gaza Airport "It's a symbol of independence,"

08-21-05 - Crippling Gaza checkpoint to go in settlers' wake

08-21-05 - Hamas vows to keep weapons after Israel Gaza pullout

08-21-05 - Settler homes bulldozed in Gaza

08-21-05 - PNA makes efforts to tackle unemployment in Palestinian society

08-21-05 - PLO calls for disarming Jewish settlers The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) on Sunday called for disarming Jewish settlers, warning of more settlers' attacks and crimes against the Palestinian people

08-21-05 - Palestinian gunmen at Gaza parliament demand jobs

08-21-05 - Court jails 2 Jerusalem Jews for beating, robbing Palestinian man The officers who examined Ohayun and Yehuda had difficulty in finding additional motives for the attack beyond hatred of Arabs.

08-21-05 - Gaza pullout a growth booster


08-21-05 - PA doubles salaries of security forces

08-21-05 - Gaza women join Hamas MI6, the British Intelligence agency, has sent officers to Gaza Strip on a secret mission to persuade Palestinian resistance fighters halt their attacks against Israel, The Sunday Telegraph has exclusively revealed....Last week, Israeli officials confirmed that a formal protest had been made to Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary.

08-21-05 - Disengagement distant dream for West Bank gravedigger Laid to rest in a succession of coffins, those he will never forget are 11-year-old Baraa, shot dead as he slept in his bedroom, and Hussein Radwan, a night watchman killed when a rocket smashed into an apartment block

08-21-05 - Arabs and Israelis perform West Bank solidarity concert Sponsored by the Palestinian culture ministry and the Barenboim-Edward Said Foundation, the concert was held to honour the Palestinian-American intellectual who died in 2003 and to boost understanding towards peace in the Middle East.

08-21-05 - Peter Jennings' Middle East By '69 it was clear to the new generation of reporters who worked in the region that however sympathetic one might be to the idea of the state of Israel ? there was another side of the story that basically had been untold

08-21-05 - End of responsibility over Gaza

08-21-05 - Qorei to brief Syrian leader on Gaza pullout

08-21-05 - The Disengagement That Isn?t

08-21-05 - Saddam says he'd sacrifice his life for Arab cause

08-21-05 - Wolfensohn finalizes plans for Gaza after Israeli pullout Wolfensohn is helping the Palestinians and the Israelis to reach an agreement that would determine the responsibilities of each part after the Israeli pullout

08-21-05 - Bil'in: A Struggle in Pictures

08-21-05 - Sharon says settler leaders playing politics

08-21-05 - Barenboim's orchestra plays for peace in Ramallah

08-21-05 - For Sharon, Gaza was just the latest act of a long war President Bush has loaded the dice in Israel's favour and made the achievement of a just settlement a near impossibility. Faced with the combined pressure of the region's strongest power and the world's strongest power, the prospects for the Palestinians look hopeless

08-21-05 - Gaza pullout is a chance for Palestinians to prove they are ready for statehood Resistance groups in Gaza would be wise to emulate Hizbullah's example. Militants will only be harming themselves if they try to exploit the victory of the Israeli pullout. Abbas is right to point out that if militants engage in violence now, they will only be undermining the Palestinian national cause

08-21-05 - Palestinian central election committee ready for elections

08-21-05 - Palestinians face up to settlement expansion in West Bank: Shaath

08-21-05 - Camp Palestinians in despair

08-21-05 - Sharon to address UN general assembly after pullout Sources in Jerusalem said Israel is attempting to counter Palestinian attempts to minimize the disengagement's significance and emphasize Israel's continuing control of the outer envelope of the Gaza Strip and of the West Bank.

08-21-05 - Danny Naveh Demands Explanation of Rice?s Statement Naveh wants the government to declare that Israel will not carry out additional withdrawals and expulsions of Jews.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

News for 08-20-05

08-20-05 - Evicted settlers plan West Bank move to defy Sharon Evicted settlers from Gaza are planning to relocate to settlements in the West Bank to try to ensure that the Israeli government makes no further concessions to the Palestinians.

08-20-05 - 3,000 Palestinian homes to be built on Gaza settlement

08-20-05 - Interview: Palestinians going through critical stage, no failure

08-20-05 - Mubarak Warns Against Isolating Gaza

08-20-05 - Israeli police to evacuate Gaza Strip by Tuesday

08-20-05 - Hamas threatens more attacks after Gaza pullout

08-20-05 - Palestinians on Gaza's frontline want better life after pullout

08-20-05 - Abbas paves way for Fatah-Hamas showdown in Palestinian election

08-20-05 - After Pullout, Gaza Checkpoint Will Still Hinder Access to Outside World Speaking on condition of anonymity because the policy has not been outlined publicly, the official said Israel's response to Palestinian attacks after the evacuation would be far more severe than in the past. The official said Israeli military reprisals would be carefully executed but suggested they would be less influenced by the risk of civilian deaths or other collateral damage.

08-20-05 - Abbas Decree Claims Evacuated Settlements

08-20-05 - At-Tuwani: Expansion of Havot Ma'on Illegal Outpost

08-20-05 - 20 Palestinians Wounded and 10 Arrested in West Bank Peaceful Demonstrations

08-20-05 - Gaza Evacuation Should Be Americans' Last Straw

08-20-05 - Prospects clouded for quick followup to Gaza withdrawal potential spat between Israel and its chief ally loomed over the followup to the operation, which the Americans have hoped would spark movement on the US-backed "road map" to a comprehensive peace

08-20-05 - Gaza pullout far from enough for peace: Abbas "Those who continue with these measures show they do not want peace."

08-20-05 - ?Israel will lose to a billion angry Muslims? Jews will find themselves facing not only five million angry Palestinians, but more than a billion angry Muslims all over the world

08-20-05 - U.S. sheriffs learn from Israel JINSA's mission is to elucidate the important role Israel can play in bolstering American interests as well as the link between American
defense policy and the security of Israel. Following the September 11 attacks

08-20-05 - Love in the air, peace within reach 'My biggest worry about Gaza is this - who will control our borders? Our airspace? Our sea?'

08-20-05 - Hope from Gaza Israel need not fear withdrawal

08-20-05 - Settlers cleared ahead of time

08-20-05 - 'Today Gaza - tomorrow East Jerusalem'

08-20-05 - Palestinians going through critical stage: Dahlan

08-20-05 - 'I know I am holding history' Oud's strings tie Palestinian to the past, offer him and brothers a bright future

08-20-05 - Bush's 'bruiser' squares up to UN in row over Palestinian propaganda How are America's interests being served here? Who do our government officials represent?

08-20-05 - Rage against Israel barrier

08-20-05 - Gazans venture to "death zones" as settlers leave

08-20-05 - NY Times: Satterfield named in AIPAC indictment According to the Times, another American official cited in the indictment has since resigned from government service. However, the Times did not give this official's name.

08-20-05 - Court orders psychiatric examination for suspected killer of four Palestinians

08-20-05 - British NGOs Endeavor to Compel Europe to Punish Israel Several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) started yesterday taking legal actions to force Israel and EU countries to honor their obligations to the Palestinian people in accordance with the resolutions of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which implies the illegitimacy of the racist wall of separation.

08-20-05 - U.S. churches weighing in on Israel's security fence In the debate, some Lutheran church leaders said the wall is an impediment to the peace process that promotes suffering by separating Palestinians from churches, homes and schools.

08-20-05 - Palestinian woman is first Arab woman to climb Europe's highest peak

08-20-05 - Palestinian PM meets Jordanian counterpart, condemns Aqaba aggression

08-20-05 - Amid the discord of the Middle East, the man who brings symphony of hope

08-20-05 - Occupation was wrong As an Israeli citizen, it is my firm belief that the occupation of the Palestinian territories has been detrimental not only to the Palestinians but also to Israel

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

News for 08-19-05

08-19-05 - West Bank withdrawal planned for next week An Israeli military official said Israel would begin evacuating four West Bank settlements in the middle of next week.

08-19-05 - Gaza journalists demand release of colleague

08-19-05 - Israel's Gaza Operation Sets Precedent Having set this precedent, Israel will likely come under increasingly intense pressure to do the same in the West Bank ? though Israeli officials insist it could be years before settlements there even come up for discussion

08-19-05 - Palestinian Leader Promises Better Future

08-19-05 - Abbas: Gaza Pullout Result of Patience

08-19-05 - Abbas voices joy at Gaza pullout

08-19-05 - Palestinian prayers mark pullout

08-19-05 - Gaza's upstairs, downstairs world of the occupation The Bashir family have waited five years to look out of their first-floor window. He seemed willing to wait a few days more.

08-19-05 - Bulldozers demolish homes, but memories linger for Palestinians Across the Gaza Strip, it's rare to find anyone among the 1.3 million Palestinians who doesn't have a tragic or humiliating story of life under Israeli occupation. Brothers killed. Homes demolished. Hours spent sitting at checkpoints.

08-19-05 - Israel/Occupied Territories: Amnesty International condemns killing of Palestinians by Israeli settler, calls for urgent measures to end settlers' impunity

08-19-05 - Army to grab 1200 Dunams near Nablus

08-19-05 - Protest, Grief As Barrier Segregates Palestinian Village From Farms

08-19-05 - J'lem Municipality embraces evacuees The Jerusalem Development Authority will then assist the newcomers with finding an apartment...".. We will give them phone numbers and inform them about the benefit packages available to them on top of the payments they receive from the government." In particular, he was referring to a NIS 20,000 grant, which is available to anyone who purchases a home within the Jerusalem municipal area

08-19-05 - No one knows full cost of Israel's settlement ambitions In 2003, when Israel was granted $9 billion in loan guarantees over three years, the cut was $289.5 million. Officials familiar with the issue, and speaking on condition of anonymity, say that low figure was reached with the help of the influential pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Israel also used private U.S. donations for which it secured U.S. tax-exempt status, said David Newman, a political scientist at Israel's Ben Gurion University who researched settlement funding. U.S. tax laws don't exempt donations for political activities such as settlements. Israel separated the World Zionist Organization from the quasi-governmental Jewish Agency, a move that allowed donors to inject money into settlements without losing tax exemptions.

08-19-05 - Goodbye, cruel West Bank When I was Binyamin Brigade commander, there were four terror attacks in my sector in which members of a Jewish terrorist organization killed four Palestinians. Not one of the perpetrators has been caught to this day. So how can one be surprised at what happened in Shfaram? It's not the first time."

08-19-05 - Sharon meets Menendez, convinces NJ lawmaker to back withdrawal aid Rep. Robert Menendez (Dist. 13) said he was persuaded to support an aid package to Israel that includes $800 million for redeploying IDF forces and $1.3 billion for developing the Negev and the Galilee.

08-19-05 - Israel seeks annual UN holocaust memorial day Israel would like to see the world body devote more resources to the subject, including worldwide education programs, encouraging the preservation of Nazi camps and rejecting denials the holocaust took place

08-19-05 - Putin: We"ll help Palestine though carefully

08-19-05 - American Jews tested by emotional Gaza pullout

08-19-05 - Settlers cleared ahead of time Mr Sharon repeated his assertion that he has no plans to clear more settlements once the withdrawal from Israel's Gaza and northern West Bank colonies is complete

08-19-05 - Tel Aviv: Pig's head thrown into mosque court Police are investigating an incident in which a pig?s head was thrown at a mosque?s courtyard. The mosque is located by the Herbert Samuel promenade in Tel Aviv.

08-19-05 - Ex-AIPAC Staffers Fight Charges

08-19-05 - Palestinian refugees learn new skills at an UNRWA run centre in Damascus

08-19-05 - New Gaza terminal for agriculture is planned

08-19-05 - Palestinians try to reclaim Gaza media spotlight

08-19-05 - 1000 Christian Asian Leaders Gather for Pro-Israel Summit The city of Seoul and local organizations jointly sponsored the event in cooperation with the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus. Asian AIPAC.

08-19-05 - The Media Coverage of Gaza: Many Questions, Few Answers We learned that not all Israelis are believers in American democratic values nor are they the legendary pioneers and Kibbutzniks who made the desert bloom. Many are hard-core true believers in a wild-eyed messianic missions that put biblical beliefs above international law.

08-19-05 - Editorial: Palestine and Israel The real victims in the region remain the Palestinians, the vast majority of whom have been permanently dispossessed of their ancestral lands and forced to live for generations in cramped refugee camps and communities that are overcrowded and lacking in basic services

08-19-05 - Anti-pullout activists turn to arson

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

West Bank withdrawal planned for next week

An Israeli military official said Israel would begin evacuating four West Bank settlements in the middle of next week.

Israeli officials expect to finish the Gaza Strip withdrawal by Aug. 23, and will begin work in the West Bank on Aug. 24, the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press.

Two of the West Bank settlements are already empty, while two others contain hundreds of anti-withdrawal protesters.

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News for 08-18-05

08-18-05 - Jewish settler 'not sorry' for killing Palestinians A Jewish settler who gunned down four Palestinians in the West Bank said he did not regret his actions and hoped someone would kill Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

08-18-05 - Palestinians Relieved, Bitter on Pullout "In the last four years we were subject to their ugly behavior. Now the world is paying attention to them, watching them crying and screaming when no one paid attention to us when they took our land, killed our children and destroyed our houses,"

08-18-05 - Killings deepen West Bank gloom over Gaza plan "We are afraid at any moment that any settler can open fire,"

08-18-05 - Security forces fear Palestinian riots after Shiloh shooting

08-18-05 - The settlers' retreat was the theatre of the cynical There was no "sensitivity training" for Israeli troops, no buses to drive the expellees away, no generous deadlines to get ready, no compensation packages for their homes, and no promise of government-subsidised alternative housing when the bulldozers went into Rafah.

08-18-05 - Gaza settler bastions are cleared

08-18-05 - Abducted French soundman to be released soon: Palestinian Authority

08-18-05 - Settler shooting shatters community

08-18-05 - State Department Condemns Gaza Attacks

08-18-05 - Future of Gaza's Rafah crossing uncertain amid customs battle both cases, Israel would levy tax on goods entering the Gaza Strip before paying them back to the Palestinian Authority, giving it control over the Palestinian economy and continued incentive on businesses to seek Israeli trade intermediaries.

08-18-05 - Israel looks to U.S. for new aid after withdrawal It's more likely that that money would be spent on the forthcoming Israeli (illegal) settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

08-18-05 - North Gaza villagers between a rock and a hard place For the past four years, the gate to Siyafa has been opened by the IDF two or three times a day. Entry is permitted only to residents, not to relatives or friends. Cars are not allowed in and out; a donkey and cart need a special pass

08-18-05 - Settler Attacks Escalate

08-18-05 - Rafah watches as Israel withdraws

08-18-05 - U.S. Diplomat Is Named in Secrets Case The second-highest diplomat at the United States Embassy in Baghdad is one of the anonymous government officials cited in an Aug. 4 indictment as having provided classified information to an employee of a pro-Israel lobbying group, people who have been officially briefed on the case said Wednesday.

08-18-05 - Palestinian National Theater tackles Darwish

08-18-05 - Putin, Abbas discuss Russian aid for Palestinians

08-18-05 - New Settlement Puts Pressure on Jerusalem Palestinians

08-18-05 - Rice Urges Israel and Palestinians to Sustain Momentum Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday offered sympathy for the Israeli settlers who are being removed from their homes in Gaza but also made it clear that she expected Israel and the Palestinians to take further steps in short order toward the creation of a Palestinian state.

08-18-05 - New Envoy to Israel Is Used to Duty in Hot Spots To counter any suspicions about his perspective on Palestinian-Israeli tensions, Jones also said his primary focus will be "speaking to the Israeli people" and taking a tough stand on violence by Arab groups.

08-18-05 - U.S., Israel sign deal on defense exports

08-18-05 - US presses Israel on post-Gaza peace moves The comments appeared likely to put her on a collision course with Sharon, who said on Wednesday that "settlement is a serious program that will continue and develop."

08-18-05 - Success in Gaza could give Bush big lift in region

08-18-05 - Israeli troops storm synagogues

08-18-05 - In pictures Palestinian views on Israel's withdrawal from Gaza Israel takes all our land. So, they left Gaza. Let them leave the West Bank too and we can all get on with our lives.

08-18-05 - Qurei warns against more Israeli extremists' violence

08-18-05 - South Africa hails Israeli move from Gaza

08-18-05 - Young Palestinian artists depict their hopes for a better future in Gaza

08-18-05 - On the streets of Gaza

08-18-05 - N. West Bank must be under full PNA sovereignty: Erekat

08-18-05 - Michael D to form part of European delegation to Palestine he pointed out that thousands of new dwellings are being created in the West Bank in direct and continuing contravention of international law and he called for work on the dividing wall "which divides many from their livelihoods" be halted

08-18-05 - Gaza pullout to bolster US-Israel ties-White House

08-18-05 - U.S. Left May Be Turning Against Israel "Someone is educating these kids, and it is not the pro-Israel community," We are supposed to be eductated by the pro-Israel community? Therein lies the problem.

08-18-05 - Gary Bauer Releases Joint Letter to The President Urging Greater Support for Israel and Rejection of Terrorist Rewards "We therefore appeal to you, Mr. President, to voice unqualified support for Israel's retention" of major settlement blocs crucial to Israel's survival. Bauer is a Christian Zionist.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

News for 08-17-05

08-17-05 - Settler kills 4 Palestinians, rattling Gaza pullout Israeli police said the assailant was a driver who had taken Palestinian workers to jobs in Shiloh, a Jewish West Bank settlement. Once there, he snatched a security guard's gun and turned it on his passengers

08-17-05 - Erekat condemns killing of 3 Palestinians, Hamas vows revenge

08-17-05 - Paul McCann: The world's largest prison camp

08-17-05 - Palestinians Cheer Gaza Strip Withdrawal "Tonight I will sleep at ease. No more fear. No more shooting. Just a good night's rest," said Raafat Attar, 21, who lives a few hundred yards from the settlement. Just two months ago, his car was hit by army fire from a watchtower as he drove home. The water tank on the roof of his house is full of bullet holes.

08-17-05 - Pullout Revives Exiles' Hopes to Go Home "I want to go home, even if I have to walk all the way."

08-17-05 - Watching the Gazan Fiasco it has been carefully designed to create imagery to support Israel's US-backed takeover of the West Bank and cantonization of the Palestinians.

08-17-05 - For Palestinians, Joy and Some Hints of Sympathy "One Israeli settler lady was talking about that she planted some trees, and she wanted the people behind to look after them," he said. He looked over at his wife, he remembered. "She was smiling," he said, "and at the same time she had tears. So it tells you about the conflicting emotions."

08-17-05 - Hamas vows revenge for Jewish settler's killing

08-17-05 - Sharon pledges to continue West Bank settlements "Settlement is a serious programme that will continue and develop,"

08-17-05 - Palestinian family longs for disappearance of The Wall

08-17-05 - Palestinians fear 'big prison' after Gaza pullout

08-17-05 - Bulldozers Used Against Gaza Protestors

08-17-05 - Gunman dines with victims before attack

08-17-05 - Palestinian Farm Family Could Lose Land The residents of the Rafah refugee camp, just next to the Gush Katif settlement bloc, have suffered the most. More than 13,000 of its 90,000 residents have been made homeless by Israeli demolitions since 2000. In most of the demolitions

08-17-05 - In Defense of Cindy Sheehan You don't have to be Jewish to put Israel first, even over and above your own country, as the Christian fundamentalists of the Darbyite persuasion have made all too painfully plain.

08-17-05 - The risk of a third intifada Once Palestinians are preoccupied with rebuilding their shattered lives under international scrutiny, Israel will accelerate the de facto annexation of the settlement blocs in the West Bank and Jerusalem

08-17-05 - Arabs demand school security following the Shfaram attack

08-17-05 - The confiscation of Jerusalem cuts family home in half

08-17-05 - SYRIA: Efforts to improve conditions for Palestinian refugees "The greatest of these challenges is improving living conditions for refugees, attaining access to quality free education, and ensuring healthcare and social services for all."

08-17-05 - MIT program bridges Mideast divide

08-17-05 - Palestinian Banners Fuel U.N. Dispute The United Nations is embroiled in a dispute with American Jewish organizations over the funding of Palestinian banners in Gaza, and U.S. Ambassador John Bolton on Wednesday protested the "unacceptable" payments.

08-17-05 - U.S. Condemns Settler Attack in West Bank

08-17-05 - PM to settlers: Don't hurt troops over disengagement, hurt me As Sharon was speaking, a woman protester stabbed and lightly wounded a woman soldier in Morag settlement, the focus of a tense evacuation of settlers and demonstrators on Wednesday

08-17-05 - Gaza Settlers Push Children to Front Line In the Gaza pullout Wednesday, terrified children were caught in the tug-of-war between settlers and soldiers

08-17-05 - Palestinians mesmerized by scenes from Gaza A quick tour of his home _which faces an Israel tank near the entrance of the Kfar Darom - bears evidence of the daily drama that surrounded the Abu Nifeh family since 2000.

08-17-05 - Abbas calls for serious changes after Israeli withdrawal

08-17-05 - Gaza protester sets herself on fire

08-17-05 - Gaza diary 4: Hakeem Abu Samra

08-17-05 - Mixed Signals On Divestment Front? ?While Democrats are busy making Cindy Sheehan their spokesman and avatar of their views, we see her as yet another example of how critics of Israel within the Democratic Party have taken control of the party?s agenda.?

08-17-05 - Sheehan Reportedly Links Iraq, Israel

08-17-05 - Out of Gaza - and into Jerusalem The feint is an old military trick - the general sends a section of his forces to distract the enemy, so the battalions heading for the real target meet little resistance.

08-17-05 - Jewish terrorist's family: We are ashamed

08-17-05 - Israel expels Gaza Strip settlers

08-17-05 - How Old Friends of Israel Gave $14 Million to Help the Palestinians

08-17-05 - Withdrawal exposes faultlines among Israelis

08-17-05 - Sheehan reportedly made anti-Israel comments

08-17-05 - Failure of SA's homelands should serve as cautionary tale for Israel Like the apartheid government, the Israelis hope that the anger and bloodletting will not be blamed on them but on those left in charge of the territory. But just as ?homeland independence? failed to defuse black anger at apartheid, so angry Palestinians in Gaza ? and the world ? will eventually blame not only the Palestinian Authority but the Israelis.

08-17-05 - One of the Reasons for the War on Iraq Israel is very clearly one of the reasons for the war on Iraq.

08-17-05 - Special Envoy on Disengagement Wolfensohn concludes his fourth visit to the region

08-17-05 - Analysis: 'Goldsteinism' returns with killing of four Palestinians

08-17-05 - 'Peace camp' brings Middle East youth together

08-17-05 - Arab Bank fined $24m for laundering

08-17-05 - Mark Gerban to represent Palestine in the men?s lightweight single at Worlds I am also hoping the push to do this will inspire other Palestinians to pursue their dreams.

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