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Sunday, April 30, 2006

News for 04-29-06

04-29-06 - Seven Palestinians wounded in Israeli artillery fire Seven Palestinians, including two children, were wounded by Israeli artillery fire in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian medical sources said.

04-29-06 - Palestinians: Settlers killed a horse Palestinian farmers in the West Bank are charging they were attacked by settlers in the Ramallah region Saturday night. According to the Palestinians, the settlers also shot and killed a horse. ....According to the Palestinians, about 20 settlers attacked them around 3 p.m. and set a dog upon them, injuring one Palestinian. The Palestinians say the settlers prevented them from reaching their agricultural land.

04-29-06 - Settlers attack IDF jeep driving Palestinian children from school Residents of the West Bank settlement of Maon, located in the southern Hebron Hills, renewed their efforts on Saturday to prevent Palestinian children from traveling to and from school.

04-29-06 - Hezbollah lambastes US for listing it as terrorist group The decision by the U.S. State Department just proves the correctness of Hezbollah's stance and policy on fighting Israeli aggression and U.S. hegemony, said Hezbollah in a statement issued on Saturday

04-29-06 - Palestinian Territories Falling Into Chaos At a butcher shop in the al Amari refugee camp in the West Bank, owner Aviv Hajj said his sales have fallen by 80 percent, but he still supports Hamas because "they are straightforward." His father, 76-year-old refugee Khamis Hajj, also expressed support for Hamas, but like many Palestinians does not share its call for Israel's destruction.

04-29-06 - BBC VIDEO: Working for nothing: Palestinian teachers going without pay

04-29-06 - Gaza: Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis and Israeli Interference

04-29-06 - Jordan sends 3rd batch of humanitarian aid to Palestinians The shipment comprises of 27 trucks laden with 400 tones of food supplies, medicine and other medical equipment.

04-29-06 - The Trip from Tulkarm to Ramallah: 3 road blocks, 5 check points, 7 cars

04-29-06 - Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, the Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace Join thousands of American Jews in helping to bring the West Bank settlers home voluntarily to Israel.

04-29-06 - Poll: Hamas popularity drops, remains higher than Fatah

04-29-06 - Bilin residents Protest the construction of the Wall on their land

04-29-06 - 2 detained for Dahab attack

04-29-06 - Rift Grows Between al-Qaida, Muslim Groups The widening rift largely has not been acknowledged among Western powers, who tend to lump Islamic radicals together. The U.S. list of "Foreign Terrorist Organizations," for example, puts al-Qaida with Hamas and the Lebanese-based Hezbollah....."Quite a few observers believe Israel tends to overstate al-Qaida links to Palestinian terrorism because they want to be seen as equal victims of a global movement against the West," said Jeremy Binnie of Jane's Terrorism and Insurgency Center in London. Of the claims in the article : "Israeli officials said recently that Palestinians have established contacts with followers of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq. The officials also said al-Zarqawi had established footholds in neighboring countries - Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. " Does this have anything to do with the fact that Israel is providing our government with 'letters' purportedly from an Al-Qaeda operative which were meant for al-Zarqawi?

04-29-06 - A Kid's Cartoon From the Middle East Has a New Mideast Peace Plan the real goal of "Ben and Izzy" is more serious: to help young Americans and Arabs steer clear of the prejudices of their parents and grandparents, which may have been reinforced by the Sept. 11 attacks and the war in Iraq.

04-29-06 - U.S. Ambassador John Bolton Lies, Insists the U.S. Didn't Violate the UN Charter And this war was drawn up in Herzlia, Israel, in 1996, with the Project of a New American Century; and why do you have credibility other than that you've just got the biggest guns?
Watch the video from the link they provide. The reporter put a hot coal to Bolton's cojones - and rather nicely, I might add.

04-29-06 - Vanunu Meets President Carter

04-29-06 - U.S. Aid to Palestinians Vital to Repair Effects of U.S. Aid to Israel

04-29-06 - Abbas calls for Palestinian conference on economy, politics

04-29-06 - Mubarak arrives in Jordan for talks with king As soon as he landed, Mubarak went immediately from Aqaba's airport to Abdullah's palace for talks on "the situation in the Palestinian territories and ways to help the Palestinian people surmount their economic crisis", the official said.

04-29-06 - Alison Weir Tells Marin Audience "What The Media Leave Out" An even far greater distortion occurred in the media's reporting of children's deaths, Weir continued. During the same time period 28 Israeli children and 131 Palestinian children died, but primetime news programs reported the deaths of Israeli children at a rate up to 14 times greater than the number of Palestinian children

04-29-06 - PLO Official Rules out Immediate Talks with Israel

04-29-06 - CNI In the News: Listen to "Conversations" With Eugene Bird The President of the CNI Foundation, Eugene Bird, can be seen 10:30 AM (EDT) on Monday, May 1st, online at

04-29-06 - Scots photograher reveals pictures of Kennedy killing According to some witnesses, a woman in a polka dot dress was seen fleeing the hotel shouting jubilantly, "We shot him". One of the images taken by Benson shows the back of a woman who seems to fit the description. I had seen a very short special on the RFK assasination on cable (Discovery or History channel perhaps)a few years ago whereby an investigator claimed that that case is still open, despite claims to the contrary in the press.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

News for 04-28-06

04-28-06 - Food aid demand to rise in Palestinian territories: WFP The World Food Programme said it expected the number of people needing food aid in the Palestinian territories to rise by 25 percent in the coming months as rations fail to get through Israeli checkpoints and public workers go unpaid.

04-28-06 - Steppingstone to War : House passes 'Iran Freedom Support Act' Passage is a major goal of AIPAC, Israel's premier lobbying organization in the U.S., which for the past two years has featured the alleged Iranian threat to America as its convention theme: this year's conclave featured a multimedia exhibit supposedly dramatizing how Iran is "pursuing nuclear weapons and how it can be stopped." As Middle East expert Trita Parsi, of the John Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies, put it: "I don't see any other major groups behind this legislation that have had any impact on it."

04-28-06 - Deeper Than We Know Stewart, a relentless critic of the Iraq War, was left slack-jawed and speechless when the Israeli hero before him said that America largely "got it right" in Iraq...They are different beings, these two communities. One is a sovereign state of enormous vitality and strength. The other is a confident, influential minority within the world's greatest superpower

04-28-06 - Quartet's envoy to Middle East stepping down Middle East envoy James Wolfensohn has decided to step down because of divisions within the Quartet of international mediators over his role now that Hamas controls the Palestinian Authority, officials said

04-28-06 - Iran Denounces Israel Election to UN Panel Ambassador Javad Zarif accused Israel of "violating every single Security Council resolution that has been adopted about the Middle East." He also lashed out at Israeli criticism of Iran's own election as a vice-chair of the commission, noting the Jewish state has refused to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty but "has the audacity to talk about another country having a seat."

04-28-06 - Israel's High Court Declines to Intervene to Open Karni Crossing

04-28-06 - New Israel government to 'reduce' settlements Labour, like all potential coalition partners, has had to accept the outline of his plan that could see around 70,000 Jews uprooted from the occupied West Bank but the largest settlement blocs built on Arab territory retained. ALL of the settlements built in occupied territory are illegal under international law.

04-28-06 - Colonizers Vandalise School Property in Tel Rumeida Colonizers from Beit Hadassa colony in Tel Rumeida on the outskirts of the old city of Hebron vandalized a school path at Qurtuba school which is used by local Palestinian children

04-28-06 - Chirac Seeks Fund to Pay Palestinians French President Jacques Chirac proposed on Friday the creation of a World Bank fund to pay the 165,000 Palestinian Authority employees living without wages since an international freeze on aid. The idea, intended to help needy Palestinians without rewarding their militant Hamas government, is part of quickening European efforts to solve the dilemma as the Palestinians' plight grows more dire

04-28-06 - McCain warns Russia, China on Iran A leading U.S. senator warned Russia and China on Friday of damage to their relationship with the United States if they refused to go along with sanctions against Iran.....He said that military action would be very complicated but the United States could not risk a nuclear Iran exterminating Israel.

04-28-06 - Hamas says in principle no problem with World Bank account "The Palestinians know who is behind the crisis. They know that Israel and the United States are behind the crisis. We believe the anger will be directed against Israel instead of the Palestinian government," he said.

04-28-06 - Israel vows 'swift' border work If he succeeds, tens of thousands of Jewish settlers will lose their homes and large areas of occupied Palestinian land will be annexed.

04-28-06 - CPT at-Tuwani update April 16-20, 2006 The villagers spoke about the
situation and the problems with settlers attacking Palestinians in the field
and the children from Tuba. They said that 'there was no problem having the
settlers live in Ma'on or in the treed outpost, but it was a problem when
the settlers attacked them and tried to take their land.'

04-28-06 - Nobel laureates to brainstorm world problems in Jordan The June 20-21 conference, the second of its kind, will discuss challenges to global security such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how the gathering can respond to humanitarian emergencies around the globe.

04-28-06 - Western powers seek broader role for Abbas's guard If expanded to 3,500 members, the presidential force would rival in size a new police force being set up by Hamas

04-28-06 - US reacts cautiously to French call for Palestinian aid

04-28-06 - Ferment Over 'The Israel Lobby' Some measure of Walt's exposure is financial. Bernard Steinberg, director of Harvard's Hillel center, brought this issue up unprompted to me: "I talked to someone in Harvard development and asked what the fallout had been, and he said, 'It's been seismic.'" .....The authors have gotten support from hundreds of e-mails, three-quarters of which congratulate them, Mearsheimer says
An excellent piece and a good look into the making of the Israeli lobby study by Walt and Mearsheimer, and the aftermath, by The Nation. A must read.

04-28-06 - Israeli military: Palestinians have smuggled Katyusha rockets into Gaza The official, speaking in halting English, initially said several dozen Katyushas have reached Gaza, but later said that he had meant to say "a few."....He cited the Katyushas as a possible reason for military action.

04-28-06 - Palestinian Trade Delegation Set To Arrive In Oman The visit aims to further enhance cooperation and partnership relations between the Sultanate and Palestine and to explore areas of joint investment.

04-28-06 - Israeli Arab sisters pioneer boxing in traditional Muslim town

04-28-06 - Hunger for Scripture

04-28-06 - U.N.: Israel ignores migrant queries Jorge Bustamante, the U.N. official who tracks the rights of migrant workers, said Israel never responds to his requests for information, Ha?aretz reported Friday.

04-28-06 - The United States, Israel, and the Possible Attack on Iran I disagree with the author's view that the US is encouraging Israel to attack Iran. IT's quite the other way around. Despite being critical of Israel, Zunes is known for his inability to lay blame at the foot of Israel for its part in the Iraq debacle and now this.

04-28-06 - Western siege of Palestinians fuels misery, anger

04-28-06 - Common Ground: The right of Palestinian return


04-28-06 - China, Russia top blacklist in annual US trade review In addition to China and Russia, the 11 other countries on this year's list are Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Ukraine and Venezuela.

04-28-06 - Professors bridge Mid-East divide

04-28-06 - Brandeis award to Kushner criticized The Zionist Organization of America criticized Brandeis University for giving playwright Tony Kushner an honorary doctorate. Kushner, who is Jewish, is a strident critic of Israel and Zionism.

04-28-06 - Palestine Israel and Me: a Power Play

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Navy charges evangelical chaplain

The U.S. Navy filed disciplinary charges against a chaplain who has complained of not being able to evangelize.

The lowest disciplinary charges have been referred against Lt. Gordon Klingenschmidt for allegedly refusing orders not to protest in uniform against Navy regulations that bar proselytizing. Jewish groups have led the effort to limit proselytizing in the armed forces. Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), who has led such efforts in Congress, was informed of the charges Friday.

Brandeis award to Kushner criticized

The Zionist Organization of America criticized Brandeis University for giving playwright Tony Kushner an honorary doctorate. Kushner, who is Jewish, is a strident critic of Israel and Zionism.

ZOA President Morton Klein called Kushner a “hostile critic of Israel” and asked the university to rescind the honor “as a matter of principle.” “This guy is the Noam Chomsky of the playwriting world,” Klein said. A Brandeis spokesman said the university had no comment, and Kushner could not be reached.

Kushner recently wrote the screenplay for Steven Spielberg’s “Munich,” which some Jewish commentators felt drew moral equivalence between Palestinian terrorists and the Israeli anti-terrorist hit squad that tracked them down.

U.N.: Israel ignores migrant queries

Israel allegedly is one of six nations ignoring U.N. inquiries on migrant workers.
Jorge Bustamante, the U.N. official who tracks the rights of migrant workers, said Israel never responds to his requests for information, Ha’aretz reported Friday. Bustamante says he has made eight separate queries since 2002. One had to do with allegations that Israel only shelters foreign prostitutes who agree to testify against their slavers and turns away those who refuse, fearing for their lives; other queries have to do with the alleged neglect of foreign workers injured on the job.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry says it transfers U.N. requests to the relevant ministries.

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News for 04-27-06

04-27-06 - Israeli attack on Gaza kills one Medical sources said the dead man was a teacher on his way to school when he got caught up in the attack.

04-27-06 - Former Military Chief: Keep West Bank He laments what he describes as widespread combat-fatigue among Israelis and says Israel must come to grips with many more years of needing to occupy the West Bank.

04-27-06 - Testimony of 25 March Settler Attack in Susiya Without prior warning, he awoke when the settlers beat him
on the head with a stick. He lost consciousness until the settlers dragged
him outside the tent; they continued to hit him with sticks

04-27-06 - Bill addresses Palestine If passed, one outcome of this bill would be the limitation of U.S. humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, including the potential cessation of entire aid projects.

04-27-06 - The United States of Israel? something surely has to give....
Across the United States, there is growing evidence that the Israeli and neo-conservative lobbies are acquiring ever greater power. The cancellation by a New York theatre company of My Name is Rachel Corrie - a play based on the writings of the young American girl crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza in 2003 - has deeply shocked liberal Jewish Americans, not least because it was Jewish American complaints that got the performance pulled.

04-27-06 - Iran Gets First North Korean-Made Missiles Israel's military intelligence chief said

04-27-06 - Ahmadinejad says Germans exploited by 'greedy Zionists' "Sixty years after the war, why do the Palestinian people have to burn in the crimes of Zionists under the pretext of the Second World War?"

04-27-06 - Palestinians Making Do With Less in Crisis "We will see people on the streets very soon." He also predicted increased hostility toward the West, Music to Israel's ears. 'See, we have a common enemy!' The fact is, the Palestinians voted Hamas into their government to fight corruption. Then the EU and America cut the aid. Irony.

04-27-06 - Call for NATO to include Australia He said NATO should extend its protection to Israel, also as a way of deterring Iran, which has called for Israel's destruction and is, Aznar wrote, clearly pursuing nuclear weapons.

04-27-06 - Sweden, Israel quarrel over military exercise pull-out The Swedish foreign ministry said on Wednesday that the Spring Flag air exercises in Sardinia on May 8-25 "have been organised for peacekeeping operations and we don't want to take part because of Israel's participation".

04-27-06 - Russia in Delicate Balancing Act With Iran Like China, the other permanent council member that opposes sanctions, Russia is eager to maintain commercial ties with Iran that include arms contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars - another persistent source of friction with the United States and Israel - and the $800 million Bushehr reactor project.

04-27-06 - Hamas weighs proposals to ease isolation: officials They said ideas such as a 2002 Arab peace initiative, U.N. resolutions on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Palestine Liberation Organization's national agenda -- all of which include recognition of Israel -- were on the table.

04-27-06 - Land reclamation project helps Palestinian farmers protect Situated just 8 kilometres from Bethlehem, and close to the Israeli border, over 60 percent of Nahlin's land had been confiscated over the years by the Israeli army to construct settlements in this strategic area

04-27-06 - E. Jerusalem building plans approved The building plans in question are for the city's Beit Hanina and Shuafat neighborhoods on approximately 1,000 dunams of land

04-27-06 - AT-TUWANI UPDATE: 7 - 15 April 2006 "Every year the settlers take more of our land."
The settlers graze their sheep on Palestinian land and threaten the
Palestinians with guns. The family had already had to move after the
military demolished their home in Susiya. Then in 2000 the military came
with bulldozers, demolished one of their large tents, and tried to destroy
their cave by filling it in with large boulders.

04-27-06 - Israel raises profile in Iran fray "What I do worry about in this whole process," he adds, "is that there will be some unexplained incident that happens deliberately or not deliberately, that will be perceived wrongly by one side or the other - that's how WWI got started."

Again, we see people referring to an incident that may be forthcoming.

04-27-06 - Iran has bought long-range missiles, says Israel The BM-25 missiles would pose little threat to western European capitals, although a missile fired from northwestern Iran could potentially reach Istanbul and Kiev....The news comes as Tehran faces a UN-imposed deadline to suspend its enrichment of uranium....."I would not want to exaggerate the threat from this, and I think the Israelis have a very understandable agenda by which they do want to exaggerate it," he said. "The news comes as Tehran faces a UN-imposed deadline to suspend its enrichment of uranium"

04-27-06 - West Bank: Islamic clerics want to close YMCA The YMCA has offices across the West Bank giving work for 140 Palestinians, of whom 84 are Muslim.

04-27-06 - Jewish Groups Join in Bid To Aid Arabs, But Spar Over Olmert Tie to Rightist Last Wednesday, a new task force made up of Israeli experts and leaders of American Jewish organizations and charities held a press conference in New York to unveil a new campaign to help Israel's Arab citizens, who make up 20% of the population.

04-27-06 - Jerusalem, the Eternal and Divisible Capital But in the battle for demographic hegemony, these same governments have made it increasingly difficult for Palestinians to exercise those residency rights and have done everything possible to rescind those rights from as many Palestinians as possible, especially those who have been out of the country for any extended period of time. The desired outcome, as far as Israel is concerned, is that these people will be forced to leave the city and move into other non-Jerusalem parts of the West Bank
This is what's commonly referred to as 'ethnic cleansing' - and it's coming from the Jewish Forward, no less.

04-27-06 - Armed group to join 'outlawed' Palestinian force

04-27-06 - Court: No humanitarian crisis in Gaza The High Court of Justice on Thursday accepted the state's argument that there was currently no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip and that the state was making maximum efforts to keep the Karni crossing open and enable cargo trucks to cross over between the Gaza Strip and Israel. Preposterous. Only in Israel.

04-27-06 - Palestinian Health Minister Values King's Directives to Send Aid Convoy

04-27-06 - Goldsmith talks over Gaza deaths The attorney general is to meet the families of two Britons shot dead by Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

04-27-06 - We Are Not Anti-Semites! We ARE Semites!

04-27-06 - Newsline: Grants from Church of the Brethren funds total $158,500 A grant of $25,000 has been sent from the EDF to fund medical treatment for Palestinian people at the Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem. The Israeli government has suddenly stopped funding for the only cancer treatment facility available for Palestinians. The funds will help provide dialysis, radiation, chemotherapy, endoscopy, and head and neck treatments. The grant supports a CWS appeal.

04-27-06 - Worried banks in Palestinian areas beef up security

04-27-06 - Hamas, Iran rekindling hatred of Jews: US official Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick used a US Holocaust remembrance to warn of new efforts by Iran and the militant Palestinian group Hamas to incite hatred of the Jews.

04-27-06 - EU says Israel key to avoiding Palestinian crisis "Israel has also increased the closure of territory in the West Bank and into and out of Gaza. Addressing these problems will do more to help the Palestinian people than any measure the EU can take," Ferrero-Waldner said.

04-27-06 - FEATURE - Two years out of Israeli jail, Vanunu's life on hold "What sort of democracy limits a man's liberty on the pure assumption that he could break the law again?" The same country that treats all Palestinians as terrorists and potential terrorists (kids).

04-27-06 - Revocation of residency of Palestinian parliament members is illegal It should be noted that, despite Israel 's annexation, East Jerusalem is an integral part of the Occupied Territories , so its Palestinian residents are protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the occupying power from forcibly transferring civilians from their homes. Israel 's proposed action would flagrantly violate Israel 's obligations under the Convention.

04-27-06 - Settlers to get East Jerusalem police building in exchange

04-27-06 - 53 year old Palestinian political prisoner dies of medical neglect in Israeli prison

04-27-06 - Study: Holocaust affects Jewish identity The Holocaust is proving more important than Israel in positively affecting Jewish identity among many young Jews, a new study found.

04-27-06 - Ex Mossad chief suggests Hamas negotiations The former director of the Mossad spy agency said Israel shouldn?t rule out negotiations with Hamas.

04-27-06 - Poll: Most Palestinians want talks with Israel Although Hamas' popularity has risen in the first two months since its late January parliamentary victory, three-quarters of Palestinians want negotiations with Israel, leading pollster Khalil Shakaki has found.

04-27-06 - Many Israeli Holocaust survivors live in poverty If I thought that the money would actually get to them, and not to the Israeli government, I would send them some.

These survivors have a lot more in common with the Palestinians than they realize.

04-27-06 - Hebron Update 16-21 April 2006 At Qurtuba School settler youth attacked the Ecumenical Accompaniers with
stones, then pursued a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
who was videotaping them. Montgomery and an ISM woman attempted to intervene.
They too were hit with stones. No one was seriously injured.

04-27-06 - Sweden called to explain Hamas visas Prosor conveyed the message that Sweden would not be looked upon favorably as a participant in the peace process following Stockholm"s indication that Israel was not considered a peace-loving country, according to Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mark Regev. Truth hurts.

04-27-06 - Swiss president criticised for Hamas remarks Israel and Swiss Jewish groups have criticised Moritz Leuenberger for speaking out against a boycott of the Hamas:led Palestinian government.

04-27-06 - Indonesia refuses to play Fed Cup in Israel

04-27-06 - Former chief of mission to Iraq citicizes Israel lobby

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Ex Mossad chief suggests Hamas negotiations

The former director of the Mossad spy agency said Israel shouldn’t rule out negotiations with Hamas.

Efraim Halevy called the terrorist group that heads the Palestinian Authority a “deadly enemy,” but said that “in certain circumstances, and if they meet certain requirements,” relations could change.

Addressing the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations on Thursday in New York City, Halevy said those preconditions would include a strong Hamas-led government that honors past agreements and does not allow terrorist attacks.

He said Hamas should not be forced to recognize Israel ahead of negotiations.

“We need to show them the carrot from time to time,” he said.

Study: Holocaust affects Jewish identity

The Holocaust is proving more important than Israel in positively affecting Jewish identity among many young Jews, a new study found.
“The Holocaust continues to be profoundly important to a broad spectrum of young Jews, yet Israel appears to be much less important in positively affecting Jewish identity,” said the American Jewish Committee study on young American Jews, being released Thursday.

However, the report continued, among the Orthodox and those who have traveled to Israel, Israel retains a powerful positive resonance.

The report also found that young Jews connect to Judaism in less conventional ways than their elders, and that young Orthodox adults — who tend to marry earlier and have more children than other Jews — are likely to be a much larger, and hence more influential, group in the future.

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Israeli Holocaust survivors live in poverty

I would donate money to them if I thought that the money would actually get to them, and not to the Israeli government.

These survivors have a lot more in common with the Palestinians than they realize - they are both being victimized by the Israeli government.

Many Israeli Holocaust survivors live in poverty By Jonathan Saul
Mon Apr 24, 11:36 AM ET

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors in Israel are living in poverty because they are not getting enough help from the Jewish state, social welfare groups said on Monday.

Israeli Holocaust survivors live in poverty

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News for 04-26-06

04-26-06 - Palestinian security prevent attack on Gaza border Six members of the Palestinian security forces were shot and wounded by militants who had planned to ram an explosives-packed vehicle into a Gaza- Israel border crossing.

04-26-06 - Israel kills Gaza gunman

04-26-06 - WCC PROTESTS ISRAELI SETTLERS' VIOLENCE AGAINST CHRISTIAN VOLUNTEERS IN HEBRON In a letter sent on 25 April, 2006 to Israeli ambassador Mr Aviv Shir-On, the director of the WCC Commission of the Churches on International Affairs, Peter Weiderud, requested appropriate actions by the Israeli authorities and law enforcement agencies to stop "abusive, unlawful and violent behaviour by settlers toward Palestinians and internationals".

04-26-06 - Jewish, Christian and secular activists call for an end to Hebron violence The workers claimed that Israeli settlers are now frequently executing planned, violent attacks. In the past month alone, two international workers have required stitches to their heads after being stoned, and another has suffered concussion. On 22 April 2006, a group of adults and teenagers attacked a Palestinian shop using sharpened metal poles. They assaulted children and international volunteers in the process.
This is the only view of the settlers that Americans will get to see. Mainstream American media will rarely if ever print the ugly truth about the violence by some settlers. That story by Landers was all over the news according to Google. Forget about this one and the like-minded one from today's news by the WCC - it's highly doubtful that one whiff of them will make a blip on the MSM radar.

04-26-06 - URGENT ACTION: Halt construction of new wall in south Hebron hills There is no security justification for this low wall. Despite the planned
low height, however, such a wall would have a devastating effect on the
villages in the area by preventing vehicle and livestock movement across the
bypass road.

04-26-06 - Yes Mr. Solana, the EU has abandoned the Palestinian people As a direct result of the Israeli siege combined with the EU's aid cutoff, humanitarian officials report widespread hunger in the occupied territories and hospitals are running out of medicine

04-26-06 - ICRC Press release No. 06/36 - Israel / occupied and autonomous Palestinian territories : Civilians must be spared in all circumstances As a result of Israeli military operations during the past weeks - particularly the shelling of the Gaza Strip - a number of civilians, including two children, lost their lives and many others were wounded.

04-26-06 - US won't view pullout line as final Israeli border: newspaper In an interview published previously, Olmert said the aim of his planned meeting with U.S. President George W. Bush will be to secure international support for the pullout, including financial assistance We will pay for Israel to withdraw from (some of the ) territory that it has illegally occupied for nearly 40 years.

04-26-06 - WEST BANK: Journalists attacked in Nablus by Israeli soldiers

04-26-06 - Hamas does not object to funnelling aid via Abbas The Hamas-led Palestinian government will not object to all foreign funds being funnelled through the office of President Mahmoud Abbas, Finance Minister Omar Abdel-Razek said on Tuesday.

04-26-06 - Arab League head urges Europe to renew aid to Palestinians

04-26-06 - Hamas says it could adopt Arab peace plan

04-26-06 - Abbas calls for international conference 'immediately' "I believe that to resolve the conflict, both sides should not be left alone with this imbalance of occupier and occupied," Abbas said

04-26-06 - Hamas appeals to banks to help end funding crisis

04-26-06 - Israel resumes construction of the wall near Hebron

04-26-06 - Israel drops militant trial plan Israeli officials said there was not enough evidence to try him for the killing - though he would be tried for other "security offences".

04-26-06 - Christians on the West Bank face more fire bomb attacks One theory is that the violence is the work of the rival Fatah faction, aimed at discrediting Hamas and creating chaos in the Palestinian territories

04-26-06 - Police probe building of West Bank settlement neighborhood Peace Now attorney Michael Sfarad, who is also representing residents of Bil'in on whose land Matityahu East is being built, has provided the state with documents allegedly indicating that Gutterman and other council officials had a hand in illegal construction on an unprecedented scale

04-26-06 - Israel rejects Abbas' proposal of negotiations

04-26-06 - UN aid to Palestinians likely to increase, but Authority plays crucial role - Annan Concerned at the prospect of a further deterioration in the living conditions of Palestinians in the new political climate, Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today that the United Nations would most likely increase the scale of its assistance and urged intensified donor support to the people, while stressing that the Palestinian Authority remains critical to averting a humanitarian crisis. Israel has effectively shut the Palestinians in - closed them off from the rest of the world- and orchestrated a successful campaign to cut all funding to their government, whilst withholding tariffs that it collects on their behalf (to the tune of millions per month).

04-26-06 - Fatah gunmen say will set up new militia Gunmen from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement announced on Wednesday a plan to form a new militia, a move likely to raise tensions with the governing Hamas group over security control in the Gaza Strip.


04-26-06 - PC(USA) group will get first-hand look at Israel/Palestine The purpose of the trip, which will involve teams from PC(USA) presbyteries, is to give participants a first-hand understanding of the situation in the region. It will include meetings with a variety of Israeli and Palestinian individuals and organizations and invite participants to plan ministries to be implemented upon the group's return to the United States.

04-26-06 - U.S. stance on two-state solution hasn't changed: Erekat Erekat made the comment in response to a report carried by Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz on Wednesday, which quoted sources as saying unofficially that the U.S administration would probably support an Israeli unilateral withdrawal but without recognizing it.

04-26-06 - Wary of Iran, Gulf will quietly fund Palestinians

04-26-06 - Abbas' Dangerous Game

04-26-06 - RI READY TO EXTEND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE TO PALESTINE: PRESIDENT Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono here Wednesday expressed his country's readiness to extend technical assistance to Palestine, saying Indonesia was continuing to hope that the Palestinian problem can be settled in a dignified manner.

04-26-06 - Arab - international civil society organizations unite in solidarity with the Palestinian people some 150 representatives of civil society organizations from Arab countries, Europe, South Africa, North America and Palestine will convene in Beirut, in order to ensure effective coordination and action, across the globe, against US- and Israel-led unilateralism and isolation of the Palestinian people. Experts and activist delegates from over 15 countries have already confirmed their participation.

04-26-06 - Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) Position Paper on the Decision to Stop International Aid to the Palestinian National Authority

04-26-06 - 'Israel among worst human traffickers' Entitled "Trafficking in Persons: Global Patterns," the report claims that, "virtually every country in the world is affected by the crime of human trafficking." However, Israel, along with nine countries, was named as the worst offenders of illegal trade in human beings.

04-26-06 - Norway promises aid to Palestinians

04-26-06 - Israel condemns burning of flag Protesters shouted "Intifada" and "Free Palestine", according to media reports.

04-26-06 - US should call for direct talks with Iran Washington, closely backed (and sometimes urged, it appears) by Jerusalem - especially since the recent barrage of fanatically anti-Israel rhetoric of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - professes to view Iran as a major threat and agrees with the Israeli view that it is an "existential threat" to the Jewish state.

04-26-06 - Top White House posts go to Jews For Republicans, there is still a feeling that Bush does not receive the credit he deserves from the Jewish community. "We have Israel's best friend and it still hasn't changed the way the Jewish community sees him,"

04-26-06 - Pro-Israel "Nutjobs" on the Attack In the United States, we do not have full-throated, full-throttle debate about Israel. In Israel, they have it as a matter of course, but the truth is that the accusation of anti-Semitism is far too often raised in this country against anyone who criticizes the government of Israel.

04-26-06 - Visiting rabbi impressed with Muslims for their hospitality

04-26-06 - This Shit Is Funny As Hell Guilty despite the lack of evidence. It's just business as usual according the concept of Israeli 'justice'.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

News for 04-25-06

04-25-06 - Kevin Zeese: "Hawkish Israeli Lobby Wants War with Iran!"

04-25-06 - Israel and the Occupied Territories: Amnesty International calls for international action to prevent human rights deterioration in the West Bank and Gaza Strip For more than a decade, such funding from the EU and the US has been crucial to enabling the PA to deliver health, education and most other key services to the Palestinian population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. These governments assumed this responsibility in light of Israel?s failure to do so although, as the occupying power, it is Israel that has the primary responsibility under international law "to ensure that the basic needs of the population in the occupied territories are met." Israel's stated goal is to "put the Palestinians on a diet". They have never nor will they ever give a rat's about the Palestinians - it's why they sit in refugee camps and have for nearly sixty years.

04-25-06 - Mossad head goes to Washington Israel's Channel 1 television reported Tuesday that Meir Dagan was in Washington for talks expected to include the prospect of curbing Iran's nuclear program.

04-25-06 - 1 injured in Palestinian, Israeli clash Israeli forces fired rubber bullets Tuesday at stone-hurling Palestinian youths at a refugee camp near Nablus, leaving one seriously hurt, a report said.

04-25-06 - Call for Israeli Army to disclose its open fire policy The group, B'Tselem, argues that the secrecy is allowing senior Israeli military staff to avoid responsibility for the killing of innocent civilians....Former army officer Yanai Israeli says he has seen a number of innocent Palestinian civilians shot by soldiers uncertain of the open-fire regulations.

04-25-06 - U.N. Envoy Warns of Mideast Deterioration He said Israel must also heed the secretary-general's call "to ensure that its military actions are proportionate and ... do not endanger the civilian population, as several attacks did during the month."

04-25-06 - Israel able to defend itself: Olmert "We don't see enough of a response from the world."

04-25-06 - Palestinians will not cross 'red line' of civil war: Abbas

04-25-06 - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait pledge $97.5M US in aid to Palestinian Authority

04-25-06 - Hamas government makes urgent appeal for funds The government has warned of economic collapse within months after Israel froze tax receipts and Western nations cut aid to the Palestinian Authority. March salaries to 165,000 government workers have gone unpaid while April wages are due next week

04-25-06 - Jordan 'arrests Hamas militants'

04-25-06 - Hamas Says Banks Afraid of Transfers Banks fearful of U.S. retribution are preventing millions of dollars in foreign aid from reaching the Palestinians, the Palestinian finance minister acknowledged Tuesday. How did Israel's problems become OUR problems, you ask?

04-25-06 - Mixed Palestinian views rocket fire An eight-year-old girl died recently when a shell crashed into a room in her home where she was watching television. And a few days later a teenager was killed while he was playing football.

04-25-06 - 30 Arrests Made in Egypt Resort Attack The militant Palestinian Hamas organization called them a "criminal attack which is against all human values."

04-25-06 - Turkish business group commited to Gaza industrial project A top Turkish business group said it remained committed to reviving the decaying Erez industrial zone in the Gaza Strip to create jobs for impoverished Palestinians, despite unabating violence in the area.

04-25-06 - Syria agrees to take group of Palestinian refugees from Iraq Jordanian officials have urged other countries neighbouring Iraq to take new arrivals. Maybe Jordan is using this discovery of the Hamas 'weapons cache' - which was part of some alleged plot by Palestinians - as a pretext for its refusal to allow in any of these (new) Palestinian refugees.

04-25-06 - Jordan says Hamas leaders in Syria ordered attacks

04-25-06 - Israel makes common cause with Egypt after attacks

04-25-06 - George Galloway on the Qana Massacre "Has the deputy prime minister had time to see the devastating pictures of the shattered United Nations peacekeepers' base in the south of Lebanon? In the past few hours, more than 50 Fijian soldiers, Lebanese and Palestinian refugees - men, women and children - have been slaughtered by the Israeli invasion force"

04-25-06 - Syria rejects accusations on Hamas weapons in Jordan Separately, the Hamas-led Palestinian government's foreign minister Mahmud Zahar reiterated his group's denial of smuggling any weapons into Jordan.

04-25-06 - Israeli Bulldozers Shovel Lands in Hebron Israeli bulldozers and vehicles started Tuesday shoveling and seizing more lands for building new sections of the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank (WB) City of Hebron.

04-25-06 - Harper singles out Hamas, Iran in Holocaust speech Canada won't ignore threats from Iran and the Hamas-led Palestinian government against Israel, warns Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

04-25-06 - Let the AIPAC Spy Trial Begin The mainstream U.S. press and certain Middle East think tanks spend a great amount of time scouring the branches of government for recruits willing to release highly sensitive classified information of high interest that ultimately finds its way to Israel.

04-25-06 - Review: "The Wall and the Checkpoints"

04-25-06 - Israel detains Hamas spokesman in West Bank

04-25-06 - New round of national Palestinian dialogue to start soon

04-25-06 - Could Israel and the US be cooking a deal? Perhaps Israel and the US have been working together on a deal for borders to be recognized where the fence is and also to include Ariel and E1. Afterall the US has been micro managing the location of the fence from day one. Publicly they are still against the inclusion of Ariel and E1.
3. For that to go forward the US would have to finance it and agree to it.
Hell no.

04-25-06 - The Prophecy of Oded Yinon: Is the US Waging Israel's Wars? A year later and the US government is no longer portraying Iran's purported nuclear ambitions as a threat to Israel, but a threat to the United States. In this way the case against Iran and the possible repercussions emanating from that, can be sold to the American people. Suddenly Israel's concerns have become theirs. A very interesting article.

04-25-06 - MONTREAL Police Force Violence at Palestinian Political Prisoners Event

04-25-06 - Deal to boost Palestine ties A deal was signed yesterday to boost economic and trade relations between Bahrain and Palestinian businessmen.

04-25-06 - Knesset panel session postponed A session of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Commitee was postponed over the controversial participation of an Israeli Arab lawmaker.

04-25-06 - U.S. accepts Turkey-Hamas meet The February meeting with the terrorist group, which won victory in Palestinian Authority legislative elections in January, angered Israel, and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice confirmed this week that the Bush administration also sought explanations. If the move angered Israel, then why is my government seeking 'explanations'?

04-25-06 - FBI's Israel Interests in Columnist's Files Detailed FBI agents last month sought the identities of pro-Israel reporters who had worked for columnist Jack Anderson or were close to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) when they asked to look through the late journalist's files, according to Mark Feldstein, director of the journalism program at George Washington University.

04-25-06 - Israel plans to launch satellite to spy on Iran's nuclear program

04-25-06 - Iran-Israel Linkage By Bush Seen As Threat President Bush is risking a backlash that could injure the Jewish community - and his own cause - by repeatedly citing Israel as his top rationale for possible U.S. military conflict with Iran, Jewish leaders and Middle East analysts warned this week. Nevermind the fact that the efforts and bellicosity of the Israeli lobby may yet cost America more blood and treasure in another Middle East war that they've pushed for, as long as these folks can get away with it (again), then it's AOK.

04-25-06 - Druze refusenik to receive jail sentence for third time "I don't feel that I belong in this military considering its actions in the Palestinian territories. I don't feel the duty to enlist

04-25-06 - Touching the third rail U.S. interests have gradually merged, a perception carefully nurtured by AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee

04-25-06 - Jerusalem's volatile archaeology

04-25-06 - Member of Christian Group Recounts Recent Trip to Israel When an Israeli settler attacks a Palestinian, Springfield resident Matt Chandler said, the local government fines him one Shekel - about 25 cents.
"There is a façade of justice" Chandler said

04-25-06 - Another McCarthyite Smear Job: A Top Middle East Scholar, Juan Cole, is Falsely Accused of Being "ANTI-SEMITIC" to Stop Yale From Hiring Him Not surprisingly, Mr. Fund uses the McCarthyite tactic of guilt by association to fabricate his otherwise-nonexistent case against Juan Cole. For instance, he accuses Professor Cole of having blogged his support for a supposedly "anti-Semitic" Harvard study, "The Israel Lobby And U.S. Foreign Policy," by Professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt.

04-25-06 - Anna Baltzer talks about her experiences in the Middle East I began to hear, for the first time, the other side of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian (conflict)," Baltzer said. "I learned more than I ever did growing up as a Jewish-American, so that's what prompted me to go to Palestine."

04-25-06 - No, It's Not Anti-Semitic An abridged version of the Mearsheimer-Walt paper was published by the London Review of Books and is available online at . Read it and decide for yourself whether it is anti-Semitic

04-25-06 - Peace workers refused visas despite assurances Delegates denied visas include three Palestinian men who work in the peace movement in Gaza

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Mossad head goes to Washington

The head of Israel’s Mossad spy service reportedly is holding talks with U.S. counterparts.

Israel’s Channel 1 television reported Tuesday that Meir Dagan was in Washington for talks expected to include the prospect of curbing Iran’s nuclear program.

Dagan, who took over the Mossad in 2002, is believed to have streamlined the agency so that its main areas of operations are Iran and Al-Qaida.

U.S. accepts Turkey-Hamas meet

The United States accepted Turkey’s explanation for why it hosted a delegation from Hamas.
The February meeting with the terrorist group, which won victory in Palestinian Authority legislative elections in January, angered Israel, and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice confirmed this week that the Bush administration also sought explanations.

“The Turks made very clear that while they wanted to meet with Hamas, they wanted to send a very strong message to Hamas that Hamas needed to accede to the ‘Quartet’ requirements,” Rice said Monday.

The diplomatic Quartet of the United States, European Union, Russia and United Nations guides the Middle East peace process and has required Hamas to recognize Israel and end terrorism if it wants international ties. The Turkish message was “completely consistent,” Rice said.

Knesset panel session postponed

A session of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Commitee was postponed over the controversial participation of an Israeli Arab lawmaker.
The sensitive panel was to have heard Monday from the military chief of staff, Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz, but the briefing was deferred given a debate over whether Issam Mahoul of the United Arab List should be allowed to take part.

Mahoul, the second Arab ever appointed to the committee, drew censure across the Israeli political spectrum by meeting earlier this month with Palestinian Authority lawmakers from Hamas.

Several faction heads called for him to be disqualified from the panel, if not from the Knesset.

Leading Israeli Arab lawmaker Ahmed Tibi protested the postponement of the session, arguing that Mahoul was being penalized for his political views.

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News for 04-24-06


04-24-06 - Gaza hospital fights for life after international aid cuts "I do not want to sound like I'm making this out to be a catastrophe, but the truth is it's turning into a disaster,"....."We have ordered materials in Israel, but they've closed Karni crossing so nothing can be delivered."

04-24-06 - Triple blasts rock Egypt resort Among the 62 wounded there were three Danes, three Britons, two Italians, two Germans, two French people, a South Korean, a Lebanese, a Palestinian, an American, an Israeli and an Australian

04-24-06 - Israeli justice slams soccer racism In his ruling Sunday, Levi said the chant ?Death to Arabs? has become too common in Israel, especially at soccer games.

04-24-06 - Prospects for two-state solution in Mideast receding: UN coordinator the UN coordinator also said Israel was partly to blame as "we continue to witness the creation of facts on the ground, including settlement expansion and a route of the (West Bank separation) Barrier which deviates from the 1967 borders, raising serious concerns whether it will ever be possible to achieve a viable and contiguous Palestinian state."

04-24-06 - FEATURE - Gaza patients turned back as health crisis worsens Palestinian health officials said the ministry also had to scale back the number of patients it transferred abroad for treatment because of accumulating debts. "That means I may lose my son," said Musa Bahloul, standing next to his 13-year-old boy, who needs a kidney transplant.

04-24-06 - Abbas warns of 'social, economic catastrophe' unless aid resumed Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas has warned against a "social and economic catastrophe" in the Palestinian territories if economic assistance does not resume soon.

04-24-06 - Palestinians: Settlers vandalized our quarry Palestinians from the village of Hawara, south of Nablus, accused settlers on Sunday of torching trucks and an electrical generator used in a local quarry, resulting in hundreds of thousands of shekels in damages.

04-24-06 - Israel raises alert for possible Iranian missile attacks The decision of raising the vigilance level was made due to specific intelligence but did not mean general tension in the region, the report said.

04-24-06 - Israel to draw border in West Bank swiftly: Olmert

04-24-06 - Fla. tourist critical in Israeli bombing

04-24-06 - Hamas Threatens to End Truce With Israel Hamas angrily rejected a warning by the moderate Palestinian president Monday that he could dismiss its month-old government, threatening to scrap a truce with Israel if he does

04-24-06 - Jordanian king for Iran dialogue, nuclear free Mideast "Totally cutting aid will cause the Palestinians suffering. They are already suffering economic and social privations," the monarch told El Pais.

04-24-06 - Iran biggest threat since Nazis, says Israel as Ahmadinejad provokes new outrage

04-24-06 - 3RD LD: Japan, EU urge Iran to halt uranium enrichment, discuss E. Asia The statement also said Japan and the European Union will strengthen consultations on energy issues, given the record high levels of oil prices, and will continue to provide necessary aid to meet the basic human needs of the Palestinian people.

04-24-06 - Punishing Good People

04-24-06 - Iran's Ahmadinejad says Israel 'cannot survive' "Why did you force them to take refuge in Palestine? Why do you think they are comfortable in Palestine? They left because of your anti-Semitism," he said of European states.

04-24-06 - Jerusalem police stop Armenian pilgrims from attending Easter ceremony Armenian church officials said the police behaved rudely to church members and senior clergy and arrested four Armenians near the Old City police station, releasing them only after the Armenians stopped the festive procession to the church in protest.

04-24-06 - Israel to commemorate victims of Nazi Holocaust

04-24-06 - Many Israeli Holocaust survivors live in poverty Tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors in Israel are living in poverty because they are not getting enough help from the Jewish state, social welfare groups said on Monday. What a total disgrace. Shame on the Israeli government which DOES manage to spend millions of dollars on the construction and expansion of illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories.

04-24-06 - Palestinian family calls for release of child from Israeli jail A Palestinian family called on the International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC) and human rights organizations to immediately intervene to help free their son from Israeli detention.

04-24-06 - Israel fears Iran may spark nuclear arms race An Israeli government committee has reportedly warned that Iran's nuclear programme is likely to encourage other countries in the Middle East to develop atomic weapons. This is ironic given that Israel was the first nation in the Middle East to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel has not signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty to this day, to boot.

04-24-06 - AIPAC judge approves Rice subpoena Judge Ellis turned down a defense request to order the deposition of three Israeli diplomats identified in the indictment, saying he lacked the authority to do so.

04-24-06 - Israeli experts help rehabilitate Iran's earthquake-hit areas Iran and the Jewish state had close economic ties before the 1979 Islamic revolution, with Israeli companies playing a central role in the construction of Iran's modern infrastructure.

04-24-06 - Ireneos I is still the Greek Orthodox Patriarch, says Israeli government The Government, in fact, as the Israeli press has often said, wishes to force Theophilos to legitimise the sale of prominent Church properties in Jerusalem by Ireneos to Israeli settler organisations

04-24-06 - Norway turns down US request over Hamas representatives' visit "There is a long tradition in Norway and in the Foreign Ministry for having wide contacts, talking to various organizations and movements. This is a practice we shall continue. The Americans are aware of this and we are sticking to it," Oh dear.

04-24-06 - Europe's unwavering support to the Palestinian people

04-24-06 - U.S. terrorism finance expert arrives to discuss measures against Iran An official U.S. terrorism finance expert arrives here Tuesday to discuss economic measures against Iran and the Palestinian Hamas government. The official, Stuart Levey, is Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence in the Department of the Treasury.

04-24-06 - Rice subpoena allowed in AIPAC case as judge pushes trial date to August The trial date, originally scheduled to begin April 25, has now been set for Aug. 7, even as the judge in the case continues to suggest the case might not go to trial at all.

04-24-06 - Malaysia opposes Israel ties Malaysia said it would not establish relations with Israel until the Palestinians secure statehood.

04-24-06 - Haniyeh has sisters in Israel The Palestinian Authority?s Hamas prime minister has three sisters in Israel, a newspaper reported.

04-24-06 - Abbas seeks Turkey's aid to emerge from crisis In an interview Monday with CNN-Turk television, the president of the Palestinian Authority warned of "a threat of possible famine" in the territories if economic assistance does not resume soon.

04-24-06 - Two Trials And a treasonous trio While the AIPAC case revolves around a future war ? intelligence about Iran ? and the Libby case is focused on intelligence leading up to our invasion of Iraq, they are both legal fronts in the same fight.

04-24-06 - Hungry and shell-shocked Z. spent many years in jail, as did his brother. Another brother was a wanted man until he was killed in an assassination. Z. says he has several times prevented armed groups from firing rockets from their area. Because of his family history, he was able to stand in front of them and say that they have "had enough of destruction and bloodshed, we are not afraid of you. No benefit comes from fighting the occupation with the homemade rockets you are firing."

04-24-06 - Israeli Chief of CIA's Investment Group Mysteriously Resigns - AGAIN! Amit Yoran was director of the National Cyber Security Division within the US Department of Homeland Security created following the 9/11 attacks. Amit Yoran, the son of Israelis, will be responsible for protecting federal computer systems from viruses, terrorists, and hackers.
Ran Dagoni, Washington 17 Sep 03 15:34
. Tell me there's no problem with that little statement.

04-24-06 - Egyptian analyst: Can't rule out that Mossad was involved in attack "The Mossad's ability to penetrate the Bedouins in Sinai is known," Salim said in an interview with al-Jazeera. (Roee Nahmias) Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act." : elite U.S. Army study center

04-24-06 - Israelis Warned Before Blasts To Stay Away From Sinai

04-24-06 - US may consider offering Abbas funds "We will keep contact with President Abbas - we will also keep contact with any organizations that report directly to him or any independent Palestinian entities," Welch said at a panel discussion during the annual conference of the Anti Defamation League (ADL).

04-24-06 - Stabilizing security in Occupied Palestinian Territory major challenge, Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace tells Security Council

04-24-06 - Abbas orders security forces to scrap anti-Hamas rally

04-24-06 - A Saban Center for Middle East Policy Briefing: Devising a New Strategy for Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

04-24-06 - Painful, shocking, unmissable Many of the films in this week's Palestine Film Festival are not just for anoraks; they will touch and entertain a much wider audience

04-24-06 - Rooting for Ordinary Israelis to Wake Up Once you let the humanity of the other into your consciousness, you can never go back

04-24-06 - Fatah denies attacking Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza

04-24-06 - All War-All The Time The Israel lobby appears to be the only major organized force that is actively pushing the United States toward crisis in Iran. Along with the lobby's leading member, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), there's the American Jewish Committee (AJC), which has taken out full-page ads in major US newspapers with the less-than-subtle heading: "A Nuclear Iran Threatens All", depicting radiating circles on an Iran-centered map to show where its missiles could strike

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

Haniyeh has sisters in Israel

The Palestinian Authority’s Hamas prime minister has three sisters in Israel, a newspaper reported.
According to Yediot Achronot on Monday, three of Ismail Haniyeh’s sisters are married to Israeli Arabs and live in the Negev town of Tel Sheva.

The women enjoy Israeli residency status and used to receive regular visits from Haniyeh, who lives in the nearby Gaza Strip.

Because of Haniyeh’s involvement in Hamas, however, he has been banned from entering the Jewish state for years.

Malaysia opposes Israel ties

Malaysia said it would not establish relations with Israel until the Palestinians secure statehood.
“Tel Aviv has yet to fulfill certain conditions,” Foreign Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Ahmad Shabery Cheek was quoted as saying by the Malaysian national news agency Bernama.

“Therefore there is no reason why Malaysia should review its current stand.”

But Cheek, apparently distancing himself from anti-Semitic comments by former prime minister Mahathir Mohammed, also spoke about the need to distinguish between Israeli policies and Jews.

“We must remind the citizens that the Jews are not our enemies,” he said.

“What we are against is the Zionism practiced by the current administration in Tel Aviv.”

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News for 04-23-06

04-23-06 - Israeli troops kill Palestinian militant in Bethlehem One Palestinian militant was shot dead and two others were wounded by Israeli special forces in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, Palestinian security and medical sources said.

04-23-06 - Settlers Attack A gang of 30 militant Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian grocery shop today, and assaulted the owner?s son and several others.

04-23-06 - Hamas guards open fire on Fatah supporters in Gaza Three people were wounded after guards loyal to the governing Hamas movement opened fire on supporters of the former ruling Fatah faction at the Palestinian health ministry, police said.

04-23-06 - Hamas-led Palestinian government receives first aid "We have received 50 million dollars and 20 million dollars had been received by the Arab League, while 20 million dollars more were on the way,"

04-23-06 - Palestinian Territories: MDM-Greece condemns the suspension of direct financial aid to the Palestinian Authority and the military attacks upon civilian population

04-23-06 - Occupation orders reveal settlement expansion in north Hebron district The municipality of Beit Ummar states that some 500-600 dunums of village land will be destroyed for the Wall?s footprint, with another 6000 dunums of land cultivated with grapes and almond trees isolated behind the Apartheid Wall.

04-23-06 - Extent of planned attack on Nazareth's Basilica of the Annunciation emerges weeks later However, evidence from subsequent court hearings and police investigations has painted a very different picture of what the Habibis intended. They had come well prepared for a large attack and had chosen as their first target not the Basilica but the city's biggest mosque. A second look at that church incident from a month or so ago.

04-23-06 - Hamas Distances Itself From Bin Laden Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the group's ideology is vastly different from al-Qaida's but noted that international sanctions on the Hamas-led government would naturally anger some Muslims.

04-23-06 - Bin Laden call falls on deaf ears

04-23-06 - Palestinian employees to receive salaries soon: minister

04-23-06 - 12 Arrested and Wounded in Hebron, a Private Hospital Stormed In Nablus By IOF

04-23-06 - Mofaz: Palestinian Katyusha strike failed

04-23-06 - Tape a vexing reminder of US failure to find bin Laden In the tape, bin Laden called on Muslim fighters to go to Sudan to wage war against "crusader thieves", and slammed the international isolation of the Hamas-led Palestinian government as proof of a "war by crusaders and Zionists against Islam."

04-23-06 - Daniel Barenboim attacks Ehud Olmert's "unilateralism" "We must recognize that the creation of Israel entailed the expulsion of Palestinians. So we cannot ask the Palestinians to accept Israel's right to exist. (But) we can ask them to recognize that Israel does exist", Barenboim continued.

04-23-06 - China's Hu says ready to work for Mideast peace

04-23-06 - Abbas arrives in Turkey for talks on aid, Mideast peace Abbas is hoping that his tour -- which will also take him to Norway, Finland and France -- will help convince donor countries to resume sending aid to his people in order to overcome a long-standing financial crisis.

04-23-06 - Israelis get civilian PM and defence minister

04-23-06 - US-Israel counter-terror plan proposed Israel advocates are behind new legislation that would create an office within the Department of Homeland Security for counterterrorism cooperation between the United States and its allies. Israel is one of a handful of countries named in the legislation that US officials believe could provide technological assistance. The effort comes as numerous states and municipalities, as well as law enforcement agencies, are sending representatives to Israel to pick the brains of counterterrorism leaders. The Israelization of the United States is nearing completion. No surprise to see that AIPAC is behind this legislation. Why the United States is targeted by terrorists in the first place should be the number one thing that gets addressed and redressed. Instead, our governnment only treats the symptoms.

04-23-06 - Israel in midst of terror wave: official

04-23-06 - Militant says he would rather fight Israel than divide his people

04-23-06 - 'Israel has no jurisdiction in W. Bank' The Jerusalem District Court ruled on Sunday that even if the Palestinian Authority does not have the status of a state, it is immune from lawsuits filed by private individuals because it has the elements of a sovereign or quasi-sovereign entity.

04-23-06 - Holy Land: peace campaigners arrested in protest against new wall

04-23-06 - Fatah slams Haneya's silence towards anti-Fatah speech

04-23-06 - Embittered Easter; Christians denied permits to pray in Sepulcher church

04-23-06 - Is The Israel Lobby Effective?

04-23-06 - Voice Of The People It's time we stopped being Israel's big brother and took our politicians to task for accepting the Israeli lobby's bribes. Our national interests do not coincide. Why should we sacrifice one more American soldier's life or spend one more of our tax dollars to defend a country that has never defended us.

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Some headlines and summaries from JTA

AIPAC judge approves Rice subpoena

The judge in the AIPAC classified information case approved a subpoena for Condoleezza Rice based on a defense claim that she was an informant.

In a pretrial hearing Friday in the case against Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, former lobbyists for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Judge T.S. Ellis II approved subpoenas for the secretary of state; William Burns, the ambassador to Moscow; David Satterfield, the deputy ambassador to Iraq; and Anthony Zinni, a retired general who was President Bush’s envoy to Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in 2001-2002.

Lawyer Abbe Lowell told the judge that Rice had delivered information to Rosen similar to the allegedly classified information at the center of the indictment. Rice was the national security adviser to the White House during the period covered in the indictment – 2002-2004 -, and her rank would undermine the prosecution’s claim that Rosen and Weissman should have understood that lower-ranked officials were not authorized to feed them such information.

Judge Ellis turned down a defense request to order the deposition of three Israeli diplomats identified in the indictment, saying he lacked the authority to do so. Rosen and Weissman allegedly relayed defense information to the diplomats.

Israeli justice slams soccer racism

An Israel Supreme Court justice rejected the appeal of a soccer fan convicted of inciting hatred against Arabs at a game.
Edmond Levi made the ruling in the case of Shmuel Tahan, a Betar Jerusalem fan who was convicted of incitement against Arabs at a soccer game in Jerusalem four years ago, the Jerusalem Post reported.

In his ruling Sunday, Levi said the chant “Death to Arabs” has become too common in Israel, especially at soccer games.

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News for 04-22-06

04-22-06 - Hebron settlers assault two female international aid workers Members of the group said that dozens of settlers assaulted two women volunteers as they blocked the way to settlers who wanted to break into a
Palestinian-owned store. Both women were hurt.

04-22-06 - Soldiers attack priests, Christians while celebrating Holy Saturday in Jerusalem Dimirty Diliani, who heads a coalition of Palestinians Christians, reported that soldiers attacked worshipers and priests who gathered around the church; several residents and priests were injured

04-22-06 - At-Tuwani Release: Israelis and Palestinians arrested demonstrating against Police and soldiers also assaulted several Palestinians.
Soldiers and police repeatedly shoved away and pushed to the ground members of
Ta'ayush and CPTers Maureen Jack and Diane Janzen as they tried to prevent the
arrest of one of the Palestinians. Police arrested one of his brothers for
trying to prevent his arrest, violently kicked another brother on the face after
shoving him to the ground, and pushed his 75-year-old mother to the ground
several times, kicking her hard in the stomach.

04-22-06 - 'Holy Fire' Ceremony Held in Jerusalem Dimitri Diliani, who leads a coalition of Palestinian Christians, said Israeli police blocked Palestinian Christians from entering the Old City, allowing in only foreign worshippers.

04-22-06 - Banks balk at sending funds to Hamas government

04-22-06 - Hamas courting Palestinian civil war: Fatah

04-22-06 - Abbas calls Jordan's Hamas 'weapons cache' dangerous

04-22-06 - Rival students clash in Gaza City The latest tensions showed again how deep the divide is between the factions and how suspicious they are of one another.

04-22-06 - Bil?in Demonstration Calls For Boycott of Israeli Products

04-22-06 - Hamas, Fatah agree to end violence

04-22-06 - Israeli soldiers force 18 family members into single room as they overtake the home

04-22-06 - Senior Abbas Aide Rushes to Gaza A senior aide to Mahmoud Abbas made an emergency trip to the Gaza Strip on Saturday to try to bridge the rancorous rift between the moderate Palestinian leader and the Hamas militants controlling parliament and the Cabinet.

04-22-06 - UPDATE 1-World Bank says relations with Hamas up to board The World Bank will continue 10 existing development projects in Palestinian-ruled areas but won't start new ones until its board of member countries decides how to proceed with the new Hamas-led Palestinian government, a senior bank official said on Friday.

04-22-06 - America must take action against Iran: Israeli official Do you think that the United States has really reached a point where it is ready to operate militarily in Iran? "Public opinion is ready and Congress supports it. I assume that the administration does, too."

04-22-06 - Arab aid to Palestinian Authority blocked: official Aid pledged by Arab countries to the cash-starved Palestinian Authority has been held up, a senior Palestinian official said, blaming foreign opponents of the Hamas government

04-22-06 - FBI is accused of 'trickery' in spy case Using the signed form, the FBI agents then approached Mark Feldstein, director of the journalism program at George Washington University, for help in accessing the documents, saying they had the family's permission to see them. He balked.

04-22-06 - Deaths stun community Cousins Mayada Jafar, 15, of Kinnelon and Athear Jafar, 16, of Jefferson Township were walking along the shoulder of Kinnelon Road around dusk Thursday when a car driven by Eugene C. Baum struck the girls from behind and sent them flying over a guardrail

04-22-06 - Not Next Year, Not in Jerusalem

04-22-06 - Barroso calls on Hamas to show willingness for peace "We want to keep our support to the Palestinian people," Barroso told a forum held by the EU Institute of Kobe University.

04-22-06 - As Eye See It : Palestinian Christians: persecuted, betrayed, forced out of their homes

04-22-06 - The Passionate Attachment:U.S. Support for Aggressive Zionism, the Real Problem in the Middle East

04-22-06 - Rice: Hamas Can't Survive Without Israel American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice declared on Friday that the Hamas government will have to compromise with Israel in order to receive needed financial assistance.

04-22-06 - Last rites for shrivelling Dead Sea Bromberg said Israel was misusing its water to grow produce unsuited to the environment. 'We have to ask, "Why are we growing bananas, a tropical plant, in the desert?" The economic returns do not make sense,' he said.

04-22-06 - Spokesman Denies Rice Leaked Defense Info

04-22-06 - Swiss take unique look at American 'poet of apprehension' She dedicated that novel in 1983 to the "courage of the Palestinian people" and a later work to the "the dead and the dying among the Intifada."

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