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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

News for 05-31-05

05-31-05 - Settler shoots, lightly wounds Palestinian man in West Bank

05-31-05 - Demolition threat to Palestinian homes He said he believed it was part of a deal struck by Ariel Sharon with Jewish settler organisations that in return for withdrawing from Gaza he would strengthen settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and was part of a systematic effort to undermine hopes of a peace settlement in which Palestinians would insist on East Jerusalem as its capital.

05-31-05 - Israel to bulldoze Arab homes Mr Margalit, a former councillor, predicts the park will become another settlement in East Jerusalem, an area annexed by Israel in 1967 against international law.

05-31-05 - Egypt says it cannot prevent attacks post-Gaza pullout "Don't expect Egypt to be your policeman in Gaza,"

05-31-05 - Popular TV Anchor Chastises Israeli Policy Israel's Walter Cronkite, a respected TV journalist who has delivered the main evening news since 1968, has stepped out from behind the shield of measured neutrality with an angry indictment of Israel's settlement policy and occupation of the Palestinians.

05-31-05 - Muslims say Israel to raze suburban Jerusalem mosque

05-31-05 - Palestinian rerun vote put off, defusing Hamas threat

05-31-05 - IDF arrests Israeli activists protesting against separation fence

05-31-05 - State of the State Secrets The crime committed in this case involves not only the theft of vital U.S. secrets but a concerted effort to influence American foreign policy on behalf of a foreign power.

05-31-05 - Check-in time for settlers at decaying Gaza hotel Among the newcomers are members of Hilltop Youth, a West Bank group prone to violence, and Israelis linked to the anti-Arab Kach group, which is high on the security watch list

05-31-05 - Symbol of Freedom Waits for Takeoff "But if there's no way in or out ? if Israel controls the entrances and exits, if it keeps the airport closed ? then Gaza," Sourani said, turning up his palms and smiling faintly as he uttered a much-invoked Palestinian phrase, "Gaza is just one big prison."

05-31-05 - Israeli firms 'ran vast spy ring' Interpol and the authorities in Britain, Germany and the US are already involved in investigating the espionage, which Israeli police fear may involve major international companies

05-31-05 - Row over El Salvador Arafat park Israel called the businessmen "people of ill will" and said it would delay the return to San Salvador of ambassador Yonatan Peled in order to express its displeasure

05-31-05 - Israeli planner says don?t rule out Osiraq-like strike on Iran

05-31-05 - With Hand on Heart: Pelosi Admits Israel Comes First

05-31-05 - Israel likely to hand over two cities soon: Palestinian official

05-31-05 - Knesset to debate razing of Silwan homes "This is an ethnic cleansing and large-scale deportation that boggles the mind," he wrote. "Such a plan can lead to a huge explosion, which the Jerusalem municipality, and you particularly, would be held accountable for."

05-31-05 - Israel can defend itself if Golan Heights are returned "But I insist on the word 'peace' and the need for a serious Syrian leadership in the peace process,"

05-31-05 - SA to resume co-operation with Israel Israel was one of the main suppliers of weapons and military technology to South Africa during the apartheid regime

05-31-05 - Unclear whether Israel will cooperate with new Greek Orthodox patriarch For now, Israel says it won't support anyone who opposes, in principle, the sale of property to Jews in East Jerusalem

05-31-05 - Amdocs exec questioned in industrial espionage affair

05-31-05 - With criticism toward Israel, Bush President Bush's announcement Thursday of $50 million in funding for the Palestinian Authority reverses last month's victory for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, when the pro-Israel lobby helped draft provisions in congressional appropriations that essentially blocked direct aid to the Palestinian Authority.

05-31-05 - AUT boycott debate that has put Palestine back on the map

05-31-05 - Jews, Protestants heading to Israel The two sides began meeting in late 2003 to discuss the Middle East, as mainline Protestant denominations were become increasingly vocal in criticizing Israeli treatment of the Palestinians. This stance remains a sharp departure from the strong support given to Israel by evangelical Christian leaders.

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Monday, May 30, 2005

News for 05-30-05

05-30-05 - Aide of ex-Palestinian minister murdered in West Bank A journalist and engineer by training, Rantissi was perhaps best known for his efforts in the Geneva Initiative, an unofficial peace plan drawn up by Israeli and Palestinian intellectuals and politicians in November 2003.

05-30-05 - City to raze homes of 1,000 residents in East Jerusalem neighborhood The Silwan houses are within a neighborhood the Palestinians call "al-Bustan" and the municipality calls "King's Valley." Ethnic cleansing

05-30-05 - Palestinians slam Israel threat to re-occupy parts of Gaza

05-30-05 - Palestinians warn Israeli strike threatens truce

05-30-05 - The Coverage--and Non-Coverage--of Israel-Palestine At one point an Israeli soldier poked his gun out the porthole of his vehicle, aimed at a boy nearby, and pulled the trigger. The boy, who looked to be about 13, was shot in the lower abdomen with a metal bullet coated by rubber. A Reuters photographer had photographed this incident, and an Associated Press cameraman had filmed it. We were told that the video of the incident had been sent to the Associated Press bureau in Jerusalem, and that it had been erased.

05-30-05 - Court orders IDF to compensate Jenin family wounded in raid

05-30-05 - Israel plans to demolish Jerusalem mosque

05-30-05 - Four Bedouins planned to attack soldiers

05-30-05 - PA discovers weapons' smuggling tunnel

05-30-05 - Our man in the territories A soldier in uniform told Yavin that the Hebron settlers were inciting him to shoot and kill Palestinian children. Activist Noam Federman and his wife tell him on camera that an ultimatum has to be presented to the Arab residents of Hebron: Either they leave the country immediately, or the Israel Air Force will bomb their homes. Not far from their home, Yavin filmed a bit of graffiti on a wall: "Arabs to the crematoria." A Border Policeman, a muscular, tough-looking guy, says in a heavy Russian accent, "I am only following orders, I do what I am told." Yavin asserts: "We simply do not see the Palestinians as human beings."

05-30-05 - Palestininans shelve collaborator execution plans

05-30-05 - London couple remanded in Israel's biggest industrial espionage case


05-30-05 - Jerusalem clergy appoint new head

05-30-05 - AIPAC Seeking to Distance Itself from Possible Spy Trial

05-30-05 - Why Did Feith Resign? Could it have had something to do with the Larry Franklin spy scandal?

05-30-05 - Uzbek Unrest Shines Light on Leader's Ties to Jewry In Israel, one key supporter of Uzbekistan has been Natan Sharansky, the former Soviet refusenik who until recently was minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora affairs.

05-30-05 - Franklin admits he disclosed classified information in AIPAC affair

05-30-05 - Palestinian doctors demand jobs

05-30-05 - Settlers demand IBA fire Chaim Yavin

05-30-05 - Weekend of Non-Violent Action Against the Wall

05-30-05 - Sharon unhappy with results of Bush-Abbas meeting Israel rejected the American administration's suggestion to use U.S. Security Coordinator Lt. -Gen. William Ward as a facilitator in security coordination of the disengagement.

05-30-05 - Sharon and Abbas to meet in Jerusalem

05-30-05 - Knesset limits granting of citizenship to Palestinians married to Israeli Arabs

05-30-05 - Hamas threatens suicide attacks in UK a senior Israeli security official told World Net Daily.

05-30-05 - Christian Leaders Meet with Palestinian Authority

05-30-05 - The emerging water wars Despite decades of indoctrination, Israelis are water-guzzlers. They quaff 4-6 times the water consumption of their Palestinian and Arab neighbors

05-30-05 - "Bush Totally Mooted Sharon's Plan to Retain Settlement Blocs" Bush said that no change in the 1949 armistice lines could be considered for the final status without the agreement of the Palestinian Authority. This emptied of all content that which Sharon has bragged about the U.S. recognizing, for the first time, Israel's right to annex settlement blocs."

05-30-05 - The Non-Prosecution of AIPAC The prosecution appears to be bending over backwards to keep AIPAC out of court, and AIPAC is doing all it can to help its supposedly rogue employees - employees who had to be fired because their unauthorized actions so embarrassed AIPAC - while appearing not to

05-30-05 - Hamas rejects Abbas call to renounce violence

05-30-05 - Thousands Demonstrate in London for a Free Palestine and boycott of Apartheid Israel!

05-30-05 - The 'mother country' Many of the people who participated in the post-war events leading to the creation of the state of Israel used terror, as might be defined even by George Bush. They assassinated, kidnapped, bombed, robbed banks and generally spread terror amongst the Arabs and the British authorities in Palestine and got their "mother country". Most were European. Begin was in fact Polish!

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

News for 05-29-05

05-29-05 - Israel strikes Gaza refugee camp Witnesses said two Palestinian civilians were hurt when the aircraft fired three missiles at the camp.

05-29-05 - Israeli army kills more Palestinians In a television documentary due to be broadcast on Israeli Television, Channel 2 this Tuesday, a soldier in uniform appears on the camera telling the documentary presenter, Haim Yavin, a news anchorman for more than 30 years, that Hebron settlers were constantly urging him to kill Palestinian children.

05-29-05 - West Bank clashes leave two dead

05-29-05 - Abbas: Era of suicide bombers may be over

05-29-05 - PNA welcomes US expansion of security envoy's power

05-29-05 - PNA criticizes Israel for closing registration offices in east Jerusalem

05-29-05 - Israel May Re-Occupy Gaza Cities During Pullout, Official Says

05-29-05 - Abbas seeks Bush's help to deploy Jordan-based Palestinian troops Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has sought US support for the deployment of the Jordan-based security troops in the West Bank, a demand rejected by Israel, Palestinian sources said Sunday.

05-29-05 - Israel approves Palestinian prisoner release

05-29-05 - Israelis Nab 18 in Computer Espionage Case According to police, a computer programmer developed software known as a Trojan horse on behalf of three of the country's largest private investigation firms. The private investigators then sneaked the program into the computers of their clients' major competitors via seemingly benign e-mail attachments.

05-29-05 - Justice Dept. to indict two AIPAC staffers under U.S. Espionage Act Sources involved in the case confirmed that the Espionage Act is on the agenda. However, there is also the possibility that the Justice Department is raising the intention to use that law with the purpose of reaching a plea bargain concerning a lesser offense, albeit one that is still covered by anti-espionage legislation in the U.S.

05-29-05 - EU meets with Israel, Arab neighbors over cooperation

05-29-05 - Israel is helping the rise of Hamas

05-29-05 - Analysis / Israel completing capital's borders with walls There is hardly a single Palestinian who does not know what is being done on the borders of East Jerusalem.

05-29-05 - PNA to focus on Israeli separation wall during Euro-Mediterranean meeting: official

05-29-05 - Fatah, Hamas to hold bilateral meeting

05-29-05 - Tough love Palestinian man living with former IDF soldier in West Bank settlement detained

05-29-05 - What Indians And Palestinians Share

05-29-05 - U.S. keeps moving Mideast goal posts

05-29-05 - Road-tripping in the Strip

05-29-05 - Israel's Propaganda & Intimidation Guides

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What Indians And Palestinians Share

What Indians And Palestinians Share

Kevin Frayer
Palestinians salvage belongings in the rubble of destroyed buildings and houses in the Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip, in this Oct. 16, 2004 file photo. Amnesty International on Wednesday, May 25, 2005 accused Israeli soldiers operating in the Palestinian territories of committing war crimes, including unlawful killings, torture, destruction of property and targeting medical personnel. The London-based human right's group's report for 2004 also condemned the deliberate targeting of Israeli civilians by Palestinian militants as a crime against humanity.

Published on 5/29/2005

Controversy over Indian rights in Connecticut recently intensified when the federal government reversed its recognition of Stonington's Eastern Pequots and Kent-based Schaghticoke tribes. Overall, officials and the public appear pleased. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said, “One reason this is so historic is because no positive recognition decision has been reversed before. This is a first for the nation, which makes it all the more significant and satisfying,” according to The Litchfield County Times.

Clearly, it's not satisfying for Connecticut's indigenous peoples as their rights and attachment to the land continue to be challenged even centuries after first contact with European settlers.

Due-process arguments put into high relief the irony experienced by America's native peoples in obtaining recognition: they must prove they exist. They must demonstrate that their people and cultures actually survived government intentions to eradicate them and seize land on which survival depended.

Meanwhile, the original injustice is submerged in a bureaucratic system organized to disavow it: even applying for BIA recognition costs millions, encouraging many tribes to resort to casino investors despite their corruption of traditional native values. Indian participation (let alone success) in this admittedly suspect process arouses only insecurity and hostility among my non-Indian Kent neighbors. Tellingly, references to original dispossession and the enduring traumatic impact of European contact are circumvented. Expressions of collective responsibility or apologies are absent.

Most Americans experience a kind of collective denial about our shameful history. Yet its legacy lives dangerously on — not just at home but also in our foreign policy.

As Attorney General Blumenthal began challenging Schaghticoke recognition, then-Palestinian presidential candidate Mahmoud Abbas was visiting some of the 400,000 Palestinian refugees in camps in Lebanon, reassuring them that their right to return to their homes in what is now Israel would not be abandoned in future negotiations.

There are more than 6 million Palestinian refugees who have been waiting to go home since the 1947-49 Naqba(“catastrophe”). Most refugees live within 60 miles of their former homes, some close enough to see and weep for lost orchards and fields.

Like America's native peoples, Palestinians bear the burden of proof of their existence and right to their ancestral lands.

Possession of keys and deeds, or official registration as refugees with the U.N. haven't succeeded. Neither has international law. In fact, in keeping with several bodies of law, the U.N. explicitly conditioned Israel's 1949 U.N. admittance on its implementation of Resolution 194 affirming Palestinians' inalienable right to return home. Despite this, Israel has refused to allow its native peoples to return. The U.S. has implicitly supported this since the Truman administration.

Indeed, American Indian dispossession is older than that of the Palestinians. But the same national formative act — and its denial — constitute a significant component of the “special relationship” touted between the U.S. and Israel. This denial begs attention to fully explicate the complacency of American foreign policy in the face of undeniable antipathy toward the U.S. that has only grown since the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Like Americans, Israelis “know” what their own historians have amply documented: Palestinian dispossession is the foundation of their state. Between 1947 and 1949, more than 75 percent of the native population was expelled by Zionist forces that seized their lands for exclusive Jewish-Israeli use. Then, in 1967, 35 percent of the population of Palestinian Gaza and the West Bank were forced out, some made refugees twice in a generation.

But for Palestinians and Israelis, this colonial past is present.

Every day since 1967, the 3.3 million Palestinians in the Occupied Territories continue to experience the post-modern version of manifest destiny: 400,000 Jewish settlers facilitate an ongoing Israeli land grab — 200,000 during the Oslo “peace” period. In the past four years alone, Israel confiscated over 56,000 acres of Palestinian land, razed another 18,000 acres of farmland, uprooted over 1.1 million trees. Over 250 miles of Israeli-only bypass roads and hundreds of checkpoints have created more than 200 disconnected Palestinian reservations. Even if Israel evacuates Gaza, Prime Minister Sharon insists that the huge (illegal) West Bank settlements will stay. His intention is underscored by the soon-to-be-completed “separation” wall, which will seize another 15 percent of West Bank land and leave 600,000 Palestinians in an open-air prison between it and the Green Line.

Meanwhile, Israel's non-Jewish citizens cannot rent, own or live on “state” lands reserved exclusively for Jews — 93 percent of the country. Under Israel's Law of Return, any Jew born anywhere can immigrate to Israel and become a citizen, yet indigenous refugees cannot go home.

Why does Israel continue violating international law? Its answer embraces that historically familiar — but no less ethnocentric — assertion: to maintain its “Jewish” character. Yet even within the Green Line, Israel is now, and has always been, a multicultural land where about 28 percent of its citizens are non-Jews, including at least 20 percent who are Palestinian.

But to the world's formerly colonized people — the vast majority of the world's population—there's strong identification with the injustice to Palestinians that sustains hostility toward Israel and the U.S., and threatens the security of Americans as well as Israelis. At the deepest psychological level, American Indians and Palestinians bear witness to the fact that human attachment to home and land can neither be dismissed nor divided by politicians with impunity.

But it's not too late. Israel has not reached the entrenched U.S. condition that reduced American Indians to less than 1 percent of our population (about a third of whom live on reservations to which they were confined over a century ago). Instead, 78 percent of Jewish-Israelis occupy only 15 percent of the country, making it feasible for Palestinian refugees to return to largely unoccupied land with little displacement of Israelis living there now. Sharing the land is a matter of fairness and international will, not viability.

Like the European colonization of America, the colonization of Palestine began with the imperial mindset that particularly flourished in the 19th century. We give Israel billions of dollars annually in aid, weapons and political support to underwrite those 19th-century colonial practices for which, surely, most 21st century Americans and Europeans are ashamed, however much they may want to forget.

We cannot return to colonial America to undo the degradation of our own native peoples. But we can act to make sure ethnic cleansing doesn't continue in Palestine, now, in our names and with our money.

Justine McCabe, Ph.D., is a cultural anthropologist and clinical psychologist who lives in New Milford.


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Saturday, May 28, 2005

News for 05-28-05

05-28-05 - Israeli troops kill gunman in West Bank "The gunmen drove past an Israeli army base and opened fire from their car. The soldiers returned fire and hit the three gunmen,"

05-28-05 - Settlers attack residents in Hebron, child injured

05-28-05 - Two Palestinians Killed, One Delayed at Checkpoint On Thursday evening, IPC correspondent reported that another civilian died of a cardiac arrest after being prevented from reaching the hospital for treatment by Israeli soldiers manning a checkpoint near Nablus City

05-28-05 - Erekat hails Abbas' visit to US as big success

05-28-05 - 'Wall in capital could trigger war'

05-28-05 - Washington expands Mideast security pointman's mandate: report

05-28-05 - Palestinian demonstrators call for prisoner release

05-28-05 - 'Lost' tribe of Israel recognized After Israel's Interior Ministry allocated an annual quota of 100 immigrants from the Indian tribe in 1993, Shavei Israel helped about 800 Bnei Menashe young men and women convert and settle in Israel -- mostly in the occupied Palestinian territories.

05-28-05 - Palestinians recruit 5,000 police for Gaza pullout

05-28-05 - Bush vows to pressure Sharon if PA disarms militants

05-28-05 - Half-blind 15-year-old boy faces long jail sentence

05-28-05 - Iran says U.S., Israel are the real nuclear threats

05-28-05 - Palestinians to attend Euro-Med meeting

05-28-05 - No money for Gaza fence The new fence was designed to be built on Israeli territory in its entirety and would have required the government to compensate Israeli farmers whose land would have been expropriated in the framework of the project.

05-28-05 - 'Walking Coffins': a New Method to Protest Israel's Apartheid Wall

05-28-05 - Fatah, Hamas form joint committee to end crisis

05-28-05 - Give voice to the Palestinian call for freedom This is not an issue of "Palestinian against Israeli" or "Arab against
Jew." It is a struggle of humanity and freedom against injustice and

05-28-05 - Hopes Leaf out for NATO Peace Force in Palestine

05-28-05 - Truce talks focus shifts to West Bank

05-28-05 - Pelosi Gives a Pep Talk to AIPAC According to Pelosi, the biggest danger to Israel today comes from Iran, whose nuclear ambitions, though still unproved, also threaten the US. Her perspective contains the seed of ominous things to come, because, after all, something will have to be done about Iran, right? Yes, and soon

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Friday, May 27, 2005

News for 05-27-05

05-27-05 - Palestinian man killed in explosion in Gaza

05-27-05 - President backs Palestinians, warns Israel about expansion Bush said Israel should "stop settlement expansion" and help "improve the daily lives of Palestinians" by easing checkpoints.

05-27-05 - IDF troops take over Palestinian family's home to watch soccer

05-27-05 - Israel publicly positive, but quietly seethes after Abbas-Bush summit

05-27-05 - Abbas: Bush Is Committed to Mideast Peace

05-27-05 - Peres: Israel must dismantle more W. Bank settlements

05-27-05 - U.S.: Our position towards Israel is unchanged The Israeli official insisted that there was nothing new in Bush's statements about the settlements, and also expressed satisfaction over the fact that Bush did not give Abbas any written document similar to his letter to Sharon last April.

05-27-05 - Egyptian mediators fail to break impasse in Palestinian political feud Joined by Egyptian mediators, Hamas and Fatah officials held a second day of talks Friday. Although no agreement was reached, the two sides issued a joint statement saying the talks had reduced tensions. They said discussions would continue

05-27-05 - 26 Percent Unemployment in Palestinian Territories "Lasting peace can be established only if it is based upon social justice,"

05-27-05 - Israel/Occupied Territories: Letter to Knesset Members: Do not deny redress to victims of human rights violations The new proposed amendment would expand the field of exclusion from compensation much further, to such an extent that virtually all of the 3,500,000 Palestinian men, women and children who live under Israeli military occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip would effectively be barred from bringing claims for compensation against the State before Israeli courts.

05-27-05 - When the Jews take Washington AIPAC is regarded as one of the most influencial Jewish lobbies in Washington, if not the most influencial one. This means that whenever Congress approves the transfer of USD 2.5 billion in military aid to Israel, or when the U.S. supports Israel during a U.N. vote, the lobbyists have something to do with it.

05-27-05 - Protests in Middle East over US Koran abuse report

05-27-05 - Israel dismisses Hezbollah rocket threat as mere electioneering

05-27-05 - Canada pledges 9.7 million dollars for Palestinians

05-27-05 - Mr. Sharon goes to Washington Israel?s true power lies with Jewish lobby in U.S.

05-27-05 - Four Palestinians arrested in West Bank More PR needed after yesterday's Abbas visit

05-27-05 - AIPAC has been given the go ahead to replace the U.S. congress

05-27-05 - New York Times Publishes CNI Foundation Ad The Council for the National Interest Foundation (CNIF) placed a full-page advertisement, titled AIPAC's Agenda is Not America's, in today's edition of the New York Times

05-27-05 - Hamas slams Bush condemnation as 'unjust'

05-27-05 - Government: Tampa Central to Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leadership

05-27-05 - US-Palestinian summit restores balance to Mideast diplomacy

05-27-05 - Public broadcasting more balanced than major networks "While NPR's Mideast coverage has frequently been criticized by pro-Israel partisans, research and analysis by FAIR has found a strong and consistent slant on NPR toward an Israeli perspective on the conflict,"

05-27-05 - Nuclear treaty talks end without result Egypt also played a prominent role in the bickering by insisting on sanctioning Israel for not declaring its alleged atomic weapons and not joining the NPT.

05-27-05 - Report: UK Jews blast church report on divestiture from Israel "If we discovered, for example, that we owned stock in a fast-food chain doing business in one of the settlements, the first appeal would be to encourage that company to move itself out of the settlement. Divestment would be a last resort,"

05-27-05 - Abu Mazen at the White House: For the Record

05-27-05 - Israel Trying to Attract Young Immigrants

05-27-05 - Ali Othman When the state of Israel was created in 1948, Palestine disappeared from the map, leaving Ali stateless on American soil.

05-27-05 - From 'Balance' to Censorship: Bush's Cynical Plan for NPR How terrible and how self-defeating it would be for American Jews, among the most enthusiastic practitioners and consumers of journalism in this country, to help wreck one of their exemplars, National Public Radio

05-27-05 - "According to security sources" - what remains of the Israeli media

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Abu Mazen at the White House: For the Record

Abu Mazen at the White House: For the Record

Date: May 27, 2005

President Bush welcomed President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House with the remarks that promised a return to the Road Map, outlined what responsibilities must be carried out by Israel as well as Palestine, including the demand to stop new construction in the settlements, and asked that Israeli troops return to positions prior to September 28, 2000. Remarkably, the statement asks that Israel not prejudice final status negotiations over Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem.

Will the Israelis live up to their responsibilities, and can the United States keep to these promises?

"Mr. President, it is my honor to welcome the democratically elected leader of the Palestinian people to the White House.

"We meet at a time when a great achievement of history is within reach, the creation of a peaceful, democratic Palestinian state. President Abbas is seeking that goal by rejecting violence and working for democratic reform. I believe the Palestinian people are fully capable of justly governing themselves, in peace with their neighbors. I believe the interests of the Israeli people would be served by a peaceful Palestinian state. And I believe that now is the time for all parties of this conflict to move beyond old grievances and act forcefully in the cause of peace.

"President Abbas's election four months ago was a tribute to the power and appeal of democracy, and an inspiration to the people across the region. Palestinians voted against violence, and for sovereignty, because only the defeat of violence will lead to sovereignty.

"Mr. President, the United States and the international community applaud your rejection of terrorism. All who engage in terror are the enemies of a Palestinian state, and must be held to account. We will stand with you, Mr. President, as you combat corruption, reform the Palestinian security services and your justice system, and revive your economy. Mr. President, you have made a new start on a difficult journey, requiring courage and leadership each day -- and we will take that journey together.

"As we work for peace, other countries must step up to their responsibilities. Arab states must take concrete measures to create a regional environment conducive to peace. They must offer financial assitance to all -- to support the peaceful efforts of President Abbas, his government and the Palestinian people. And they must refuse to assist or harbor terrorists.

"Israel must continue to take steps toward a peaceful future, and work with the Palestinian leadership to improve the daily lives of Palestinians, especially their humanitarian situation. Israel should not undertake any activity that contravenes road map obligations or prejudice final status negotiations with regard to Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

"Therefore, Israel must remove unauthorized outposts and stop settlement expansion. The barrier being erected by Israel as a part of its security effort must be a security, rather than political, barrier. And its route should take into account, consistent with security needs, its impact on Palestinians not engaged in terrorist activities. As we make progress toward security, and in accordance with the road map, Israeli forces should withdraw to their positions on September the 28th, 2000.

"Any final status agreement must be reached between the two parties, and changes to the 1949 Armistice lines must be mutually agreed to. A viable two-state solution must ensure contiguity of the West Bank, and a state of scattered territories will not work. There must also be meaningful linkages between the West Bank and Gaza. This is the position of the United States today, it will be the position of the United States at the time of final status negotiations. The imminent Israeli disengagement from Gaza, parts of the West Bank, presents an opportunity to lay the groundwork for a return to the road map. All parties have a responsibility to make this hopeful moment in the region a new and peaceful beginning. That is why I assigned General Kip Ward, who is with us today, to support your efforts, Mr. President, to reform the Palestinian security services and to coordinate the efforts of the international community to make that crucial task a success. The United States also strongly supports the mission of the Quartet's special envoy, Jim Wolfensohn, to make sure that the Gaza disengagement brings Palestinians a better life.

"To help ensure that the Gaza disengagement is a success, the United States will provide to the Palestinian Authority $50 million to be used for new housing and infrastructure projects in the Gaza. These funds will be used to improve the quality of life of the Palestinians living in Gaza, where poverty and unemployment are very high. I've also asked Secretary Rice to travel to Jerusalem and Ramallah before the beginning of the Israeli withdrawal. Secretary Rice will consult with Israelis and Palestinians on the disengagement, their shared commitments and the way back on the road map.

"As we work to make the disengagement succeed, we must not lose sight of the path ahead. The United States remains committed to the road map as the only way to realize the vision of two democratic states living side-by-side in peace and security. It is through the road map that the parties can achieve a final permanent status agreement through direct negotiations.

"The people of the Middle East have endured a long period of challenge, and now, we have reached a moment of hope. Leaders from around the world have made a moral commitment: We will not stand by as another generation in the Holy Land grows up in an atmosphere of violence and hopelessness. With concrete actions by the United States, the Palestinians, Israel, and other nations, we can transform this opportunity into real momentum.

"Mr. President, we will work with you to help realize the dream of a free and democratic Palestine, to bring greater freedom, security and prosperity to all peoples in the region, and to achieve the lasting peace we all seek."


To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Council for the National Interest Foundation click here:

Council for the National Interest Foundation
1250 4th Street SW, Suite WG-1
Washington, District of Columbia 20024

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New York Times Publishes CNI Foundation Ad


New York Times Publishes CNI Foundation Ad

Washington, DC (May 27, 2005) - The Council for the National Interest Foundation (CNIF) placed a full-page advertisement, titled AIPAC's Agenda is Not America's, in today's edition of the New York Times. The ad calls for AIPAC to be registered under a proposed Foreign Lobby Registration Act (FLORA), which CNIF will be drafting and promoting this year. Such an act would require all lobbies that work on behalf of a foreign power to register and make their operations more transparent and reveal their source of funds and activities.

We have been thrilled by the hundreds of calls and emails that we have received today in support of our advertisement. The full text of the ad is included below and a Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the ad can be seen at our website:

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader here ( to view the ad as it appears in the newspaper.

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The ad ran in all regions of the country except the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas and appears on page A5 in the main news section of the paper. The same advertisement appeared in the Tuesday, May 24th, edition of the Washington Times, during the AIPAC annual policy conference, where the paper was distributed to attendees by a CNI Foundation employee.

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Join the campaign to contain and constrain the Israel lobby, especially the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and its allies, including Christian Zionists.

The top priority for Middle East peace is to contain the overwhelming influence on U.S. Middle East policy by the right-wing government of Israel.

Almost every nation is perplexed at American permissiveness towards Israel, which has resulted in a nation without borders and policies without common sense.

"Doing work as a lobbyist, I often think: What would the Israelis want me to do - so, where is the line between being a pro-Israel lobbyist and representing the wishes of somebody else? I don't know where that line is. . . . When does [our work] change from being a cheerleader to being a client?"

- Senior staffer with a major American Jewish group (The Forward, May 13, 2005)

Until Israel defines itself and becomes a good neighbor to the Palestinians and Syrians, the issue of failed Middle East peace efforts will continue to metastasize terror around the world.

The Debate We Are Missing

The Israel lobby is out of control. It shuts down any rational debate or even any discussion of Israel's actions. Three past heads of Israel's security service, Shin Bet, have said that the actions of the present Israeli government are self-destructive, yet those views are not heard by the American public.

The many organizations that make up the Israel lobby include several whose main effort is to intimidate editors and producers in the media and prevent an open discourse about Israeli policies and our uncritical support for those policies.

What Is Good for Israel Is Not Always Good for America

The agenda of AIPAC and of the Israel lobby has never been the agenda of America in the Middle East. The present government of Israel is undermining long-term American interests and the war on terror. Even the half-step of disengagement from Gaza and a few of the Jewish colonies on the West Bank is not what Palestinians and a majority of peace-seeking Israelis have dreamed of and struggled for.

"We have one advantage over other organizations - we only have to promote the state of Israel."

- Former AIPAC Executive Director Thomas Dine, speaking at an AIPAC conference

Israel, Stop Spying on America!

The close relationship of the Israeli lobby with the embassy of Israel and its right-wing government has created conditions for widespread espionage that has undermined the formation of credible policies for the United States in the Middle East.

Our national security has been breached and incidents have continued almost up to this day.

Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger said that he could not "conceive of a greater harm to national security than that caused by" Jonathan Jay Pollard, a Naval Intelligence officer currently serving a life sentence for selling a roomful of classified documents to Israel.

Now we have another break in American intelligence, this one resulting in the arrest of a mid-level Defense Department analyst, Larry Franklin. The case directly involves high-ranking AIPAC officials, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman. AIPAC vigorously defended both men for months before firing them to preserve AIPAC's credibility with their contributors and with members of Congress. Franklin is accused of passing classified information on to the AIPAC officials, who in turn called the Israeli embassy and a reporter at the Washington Post. Franklin approached AIPAC because he wanted them to influence President George W. Bush.

Promoting the agenda of the government of Israel, even using U.S. classified information to do so, has been one basic strategy of the Israel lobby.

The Lobby Reveals Itself

Lobby spokespersons are quite brazen in describing how they operate:

"It is routine for us to say: This is our policy on a certain issue, but we must check what the Israelis think."

- Activist with a major American Jewish group, The Forward (May 13, 2005)

And they like to work in the dark:

"A lobby is like a night flower: It thrives in the dark and dies in the sun."

- Steve Rosen, recently fired AIPAC policy director, in an internal AIPAC memo, cited Jerusalem Post, August 24, 2004

Three Israeli generals are on the program for AIPAC's annual policy conference this week, but not a single American in uniform is there. If an American goal in invading Iraq was to ensure Israeli security, then why didn't AIPAC honor one of the wounded Americans instead of three Israeli generals?

New Legislation is Needed

Join the campaign to support legislation that will apply to all lobbies working on behalf of foreign governments. We propose a Foreign Lobby Registration Act (FLORA), an act designed to make lobbies supporting foreign governments more transparent and accountable to the American people. It will also make clear that those lobbies do not work on behalf of American interests but, in fact, work to support the narrow interests of a foreign government.

More than 60% of American voters according to a Zogby International poll believe AIPAC should be registered as the agent of a foreign government. If implemented under a FLORA, this would mean transparency in resources used by AIPAC dedicated to furthering the right-wing government of Israel. Contributors would have to be publicly listed. It would also put an end to the undeserved tax-exempt status that some foreign lobbies enjoy.

We are joining with other organizations and individuals, including former congressmen, to promote such legislation this year.

The Council for the National Interest Foundation (CNIF) is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization that works to promote a rational and even-handed Middle East policy in the long-term interest of America, Israel, and the Arab states. It was founded fifteen years ago by former Congressmen Paul Findley (R-Illinois) and Paul "Pete" McCloskey (R-California) and its vice chairman is former Senator James Abourezk (D-South Dakota). We hold Capitol Hill hearings on the Middle East peace process and American policy towards the entire region. See our websites or call us at 800-296-6958.


To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Council for the National Interest Foundation click here:

Council for the National Interest Foundation
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Thursday, May 26, 2005

News for 05-26-05

05-26-05 - Bush meets Abbas, reaffirms backing for Palestinian state "A viable two-state solution must ensure continuity of the West Bank, and a state of scattered territories will not work," Bush said. "There must also be meaningful linkages between the West Bank and Gaza."

05-26-05 - Bush pledges $50 million in aid for Palestinians

05-26-05 - Bush calls on Israel to end settlements

05-26-05 - Time is short for a deal with Israel, Abbas tells Bush in symbolic meeting

05-26-05 - Bush praises Abbas' new start US President George W Bush went out of his way to pour praise on Mahmoud Abbas on his first visit to the White House as the Palestinian leader.

05-26-05 - Detainee in Australia tries suicide A Palestinian who is now the senior detainee in Australia's immigration system has attempted suicide after five years of confinement.

05-26-05 - US-Palestinian relations back on track

05-26-05 - Evangelicals Joining Gaza Pullout Protest

05-26-05 - Hamas, Fatah agree on dialogue to end tensions

05-26-05 - Academics vote against Israeli boycott Academics voted today to overturn their controversial boycott of Israeli universities

05-26-05 - Many Gaza settlers agree to move The settlers said they were still opposed to a pullout, but that 1,000 of the 1,600 settler families in Gaza were willing to move to Israel.

05-26-05 - Gaza plan leads to warning of rise in 'Jewish terror'

05-26-05 - Arab countries to confiscate US dictionary for distortion The latest edition of the dictionary "Webster" identified "anti- Semitism" as opposing Zionism

05-26-05 - Bush stalls Abbas on reviving road map But while Mr Bush praised Mr Abbas as a "man of courage" and applauded his "rejection of terrorism", he signalled that, like the Israeli government, he sees no urgency to return to the US-led "road map" peace plan.

05-26-05 - Bush sticks on stand against Hamas

05-26-05 - PA minister: If Israel doesn't demolish Gaza homes, we will

05-26-05 - Militant group says committed to conditional calmness

05-26-05 - Israel blocks Islamic Movement's participation in London meet

05-26-05 - Pocket Parks to Be Built Across West Bank, Gaza Because of urban sprawl, many Palestinians live in heavily congested communities with far too few, if any, green spaces, USAID said. Urban sprawl? Palestinians live in crowded refugee camps because of the creation and expansionism of the state of Israel (and our funding/backing thereof).

05-26-05 - Palestinian Foreign Minister Warns of Dangerous Situation "The situation on the ground is marred with the same extremely dangerous practice by Israel, namely settlement activities and the continuation of the construction of the wall, in addition to specific actions in Jerusalem and around it,"

05-26-05 - At the UN, Palestinian democracy tests American and Israeli limits

05-26-05 - Saudi Arabia to build residential units city in Gaza

05-26-05 - Orthodox Rabbis Welcome President Abbas

05-26-05 - Academic boycott will lead to Israeli self-examination

05-26-05 - Dance idol blasted for anti-Israeli quotes Israel Prize winner and well-renowned Israeli dance choreographer slammed for telling Canadian newspaper Israeli army commits "war crimes" in the West Bank; He said he expressed personal opinion

05-26-05 - Letter: Joe needs to take stand against Israel

05-26-05 - Film Review: Rachel Corrie- An American Conscience

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News for 05-25-05

Some of the archived articles hosted from my site may not work for
awhile due to server problems.

05-25-05 - Israel and the Occupied Territories The Israeli army killed around 700 Palestinians, including some 150 children, in the Occupied
Territories, most of them unlawfully. Many were killed in deliberate as well as reckless shooting, shelling and bombardment of densely populated residential areas or as a result of excessive use of force. Some 120 Palestinians were killed in extrajudicial executions, including more than 30 bystanders, of whom four were children

05-25-05 - Amnesty slams Israel 'war crimes'

05-25-05 - Abbas visit is symbol of new hope This will be the first time that this president has rolled out the red carpet for a Palestinian leader.

05-25-05 - Administrative Detention

05-25-05 - Sharon pledge to help Abbas 'just for show': analysts "We are dealing with the Palestinians like a teacher with a naughty schoolboy, when in reality it is Israel that does not want to work with the Palestinians on the pullout" of settlers from the Gaza Strip this summer

05-25-05 - Abbas seeks 'clear' US commitment to Palestinian state

05-25-05 - Mahmoud Abbas's visit: What's at stake?

05-25-05 - Israeli army camouflages assassinations as attempted arrests: B'Tselem The report, titled "Take No Prisoners", charges that the alleged lack of a gun battle in the 43 cases shows there was a premeditated intention to kill the pursued Palestinians, rather than arrest them.

05-25-05 - Israeli attempt to discredit Abbas? "It is crystal clear that these anonymous persons are Shin Bet agents, Palestinian organisations are smarter than sending boys with explosives to pass through Israeli checkpoints and roadblocks." Kassem noted that TV cameras and Israeli reporters were always brought there each time a Palestinian boy was "captured" with an "explosive belt."

05-25-05 - Bush Plans to Give More to Palestinians Any decision to provide direct aid could anger some members of Congress who say they still do not believe the Palestinian Authority should be trusted with U.S. assistance

05-25-05 - PNA seizes Israeli listening devices targeting militants

05-25-05 - AFP INTERVIEW: US committed to "contiguous" Palestinian state: Rice

05-25-05 - Jailed Fatah leader to run in elections Marwan Barghouti, prominent Fatah leader now imprisoned in an Israeli jail, is likely to run in the coming Palestinian legislative elections slated for July 17, his wife Fadwa Barghouti said on Wednesday.

05-25-05 - Al Shawwa: New Developments in Fields of Energy and Natural Resources

05-25-05 - Hamas denies fraud in Palestinian municipal elections

05-25-05 - OPT: The humanitarian impact of the West Bank Barrier on Palestinian communities

05-25-05 - Abbas says does not plan to delay Palestinian vote Rep. Tom Lantos of California, the senior Democrat on the International Relations Committee, said after the meeting with Abbas: "I told him he would get full support from the Congress if circumstances would necessitate postponing the elections."

05-25-05 - U.S. PR Blitz Aimed at Palestinians Maybe if we stopped paying for the bullets that kill the Palestinian children, and stopped vetoing UN resolutions that are designed to uphold international law, the ads wouldn't seem so hypocritical, to say the least.

05-25-05 - The Franklin Affair: A Spreading Treason If we observe how we were lied into war with Iraq, and by whom, the whole affair looks more like an Israeli covert operation by the day. U.S. soldiers in Iraq are taking bullets, RPG attacks, and plenty of casualties, while Ariel Sharon ensures the stillbirth of a Palestinian state and takes a good part of the West Bank.

05-25-05 - Hizbollah says will fight to keep its arms Under mounting international pressure to disarm, Lebanon's Hizbollah said on Wednesday it had more than 12,000 rockets that could strike anywhere in northern Israel and would fight anyone who tried to take them away.

05-25-05 - Salvadorian Inaugurate Plaza for Arafat

05-25-05 - Lecturers to go second round on Israeli boycott

05-25-05 - Autumn of a Patriarch the Church has in the past sold land that has subsequently had settlements built upon it.

05-25-05 - AIPAC's Big, Bigger, Biggest Moment Perle provoked cheers from the crowd when he favored a military raid on Iran, saying that "if Iran is on the verge of a nuclear weapon, I think we will have no choice but to take decisive action." When Harman said the "best short-term option" is the U.N. Security Council, the crowd reacted with boos

05-25-05 - U.S. won't demand PA disarm militants until after elections

05-25-05 - Jordan removes restrictions on entry of Palestinians

05-25-05 - S Africans decry al-Aqsa desecration Organisers said they "believed the country has a unique moral responsibility to move beyond mere condemnation of Israeli war crimes, by leading an international campaign to isolate Israel".

05-25-05 - Israelis weigh Iranian nuclear threat Israel has been encouraging other countries to try and curb Iran

05-25-05 - Canada: PM urged to influence Mideast peace process

05-25-05 - Sharon Gets Hostile Reception in D.C.

05-25-05 - Israel sensing shifts in U.S. relationship

05-25-05 - IDF officers recommend Israel hand over Jenin to PA before pullout

05-25-05 - Frist: Double the funding for Palestinians

05-25-05 - Palestinian militants suspend jail hunger strike Relatives said the nine prisoners denied any involvement in the bombing and accused the Palestinian Authority of "appeasing Israel" by keeping them behind bars

05-25-05 - The academic boycott helps show Israel is not above the law Israel is a record-breaking state when it comes to violating international law. The reason is simple: the international community has never tried to hold Israel accountable for these violations and this lack of accountability has encouraged Israeli governments to proceed with further practices and policies that show scant regard for international law.

05-25-05 - Abbas in Washington / Analysis - Abu Mazen's hard time

05-25-05 - Fears over Holy land hotel project

05-25-05 - Profs combat academic anti-Israel bias While the bulk of pro-Israel campus activism in North America has focused on educating and empowering students, a group of professors wants to combat anti-Israel bias among academics.

05-25-05 - Extreme sportsman plunges into Holy Land rapids for peace

05-25-05 - Palestinian farmers, women and youths support the AUT position to boycott Israeli universities We wish to stress our respect and high appreciation of this courageous and moral position, which signaled the globally rejected racist and colonial policies of the State of Israel towards the native Palestinian people with which some Israeli academic institutions identify themselves

05-25-05 - "Save the Date", Solidarity with Palestinian People in New York The Palestine Activist Forum of New York (PAFNY), has called for joining the "stand up for justice in Palestine", on June 5th, 2005.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

News for 05-24-05

05-24-05 - Amnesty Int'l accuses IDF of war crimes, crimes against humanity The human rights group says that during the past year, IDF troops have killed more than 700 Palestinians and among them over 150 children.
Most of the deaths were caused by shooting, explosions, and aerial attacks on residential areas, according to the report.

05-24-05 - Israeli Troops Further Restrict Movement Across West Bank

05-24-05 - PA Rejects Sharon's Prisoners Pledge "This comment is pure propaganda because he is in the United States"

05-24-05 - Abbas to tell Bush: 'Stick seriously' to peace plan

05-24-05 - No Security Deal for Israel, Palestinians The Palestinians on Tuesday warned of "chaos and instability" after Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank if the Israelis don't show more flexibility on key security issues ahead of the withdrawal.

05-24-05 - First lady urges action in Mideast First lady Laura Bush said after a solo mission to the Middle East that the United States should move as quickly as possible to shore up the shaky Israeli-Palestinian peace process

05-24-05 - Abbas seeks US pressure on Israel to revive 'road map' But the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, told a leading pro-Israel pressure group in Washington that, like Ariel Sharon, the president would demand that Mr Abbas do more to "curb terrorism" before the US-led "road map" to a Palestinian state was revived.

05-24-05 - Abbas to ask Bush to stop expansion of settlements Shaath added that as far as the Palestinians are concerned there is no guarantee that the withdrawal will take place at all. "The disengagement is a unilateral plan. First came the [Jewish] holidays, then they postponed the withdrawal and Sharon can also cancel it unilaterally. The greatest danger is that during the withdrawal Israel will unilaterally expand the settlements," he said.

05-24-05 - Abbas counters Sharon's refusal of refugees' right of return

05-24-05 - Israeli Discriminatory Law Tears Apart Thousands of Families

05-24-05 - Jewish terrorist convicted in Haifa

05-24-05 - Work on Philadelphi barrier continues Construction work continued unabated along the Philadelphi Route on Tuesday, despite Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's recent statements declaring that Israel will hand the area over to the Egyptians if Palestinian weapons smuggling is stopped

05-24-05 - Return of the Red Card: Israel-China-U.S. Triangle

05-24-05 - Sharon Offers Cooperation to Abbas Sharon mixed tough statements with others that suggested compromise. He said, for instance, that Israel would not accept Palestinian refugees, that it would retain an undivided Jerusalem as its eternal capital, and that Israeli Jews would remain on the West Bank.

05-24-05 - Palestinian teachers union dismiss Sari Nusseibeh

05-24-05 - PA Working to Open Dahaniyeh' Airport

05-24-05 - Bethlehem Mayor Says He'll Preserve City

05-24-05 - Prosecution revises indictment against pro-Palestinian activist

05-24-05 - Israeli troops arrest Palestinian teen Another PR op for the Hasbara Committee?...

05-24-05 - Clergy cut links with patriarch in Middle East

05-24-05 - Not Laura...But Ronaldo The checkpoints prevented Ronaldo from granting the wish of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy named Hamad al-Nairib who lives in the Rafah refugee camp

05-24-05 - Agreement signed by Arabs not worth paper its written on: Sharon

05-24-05 - Trade union criticises Israeli harassment of workers

05-24-05 - Has U.S. made a deal with Hamas? Arab newspaper reports U.S and E.U. offer to remove Hamas from terror organization list if it dismantles military wing

05-24-05 - Egypt-Hamas meeting on PA election crisis ends without result A five-hour meeting between Egyptian mediators and Hamas leaders in Gaza ended early Wednesday with no progress toward resolving an internal crisis over local elections that could endanger the cease-fire.

05-24-05 - Beilin: Sharon Can Fool AIPAC but Not Us Beilin stated the key to understanding the prime minister is his choice of words, the ?elimination? of terror, not the ?prevention? of terror, explaining this guarantees there will be no additional progress vis-א-vis the implementation of the Road Map Plan.

05-24-05 - US accuses Syria of undermining Mideast peace process

05-24-05 - Palestinians must fix financial problems-Wolfensohn

05-24-05 - Just In Time Terrorism: Al-Qaeda in Palestine

05-24-05 - Glick: Imprisoned Pollard is Bad For US, Israel and US Jewry

05-24-05 - Ex-Analyst Is Expected to Face New Charges A former Pentagon analyst, already accused of illegally disclosing military secrets, will be charged as early as Tuesday with illegally keeping classified documents at his home in West Virginia

05-24-05 - Pelosi Delivers Speech to American Israel Public Affairs Committee; Text of Remarks "There are those who contend that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. This is absolute nonsense. In truth, the history of the conflict is not over occupation, and never has been: it is over the fundamental right of Israel to exist.

05-24-05 - State of exclusion Seven women from Birmingham recently attempted to take money to a project for needy Palestinian children in the Occupied Territories.

05-24-05 - Both Palestinians and Israelis will benefit from a boycott

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News for 05-23-05

05-23-05 - Israeli military, police and settlers prevent Palestinians from grazing A ten-year-old Palestinian boy needed six stitches in
his chin as a result of an injury from a rock thrown by a settler. On
Monday, 16 May, 2005 twenty settlers attacked Palestinian shepherds and
their animals on this "disputed" land, killing three sheep and injuring
several others (four of these injured sheep have since died).

05-23-05 - Ch. 10: Soldiers used Palestinian teenager as a human shield

05-23-05 - Israeli Knesset: Do Not Extend Discriminatory Law

05-23-05 - AIPAC rejects PA request on US aid bill AIPAC rejected a request of the Palestinian Authority not to interfere in the approval of a bill that would allocate $200 million of aid to the PA, Israel Radio reported.

05-23-05 - Israeli Occupation Turns Nablus into Waste Dump and Settlements Sewage System Jabr added that all the settlements of Nablus pump their waste water; domestic or industrial, into the valleys and fields owned by Palestinians, which polluted every component of the environment and affected human beings and animals alike.

05-23-05 - Rice urges Mideast parties to fulfill peace obligations Speaking to a conference of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPIC),

05-23-05 - Palestinian moderately hurt by PA police officers in Ramallah

05-23-05 - Abbas heads to U.S., wants Bush to pressure Israel Sharon's top security adviser Dov Weisglass will precede Abbas to Washington on Tuesday to urge the White House not to promise the Palestinian leader any concrete steps towards statehood, a senior Israeli political source said

05-23-05 - Pressure grows on Palestinian leader to delay parliamentary elections But Hamas has warned that it will view any postponement as a breach of the agreement which brought it into the ceasefire.

05-23-05 - Sharon tells U.S. Jews: Israel will never negotiate over J'lem Weissglas will tell the officials that if the U.S. takes steps to support the Palestinians on the eve of the pullout it could make it more difficult for Sharon to implement his disengagement plan.

05-23-05 - Youth arrested west of Bethlehem Israeli army spokesperson released to contradicting statements on the event; first statement reported that the youth was carrying a fake bomb, which was composed of a car battery and some wires, while the second report revealed that after the soldiers searched the youth, they found an artificial explosive belt.

05-23-05 - Bush to Urge Abbas to Stamp Out Terror She also suggested that Israel could not be expected to negotiate peace terms if terror and authoritarian rule were not curbed in the Middle East

05-23-05 - American think-tank looks ahead to Palestine, 2015

05-23-05 - What Abbas wants from US

05-23-05 - AIPAC vows all employees will obey U.S. laws Kohr said that the strong attendance at the convention proved how great the support for it was in the American Jewish community and sent a message to Israel's and AIPAC's opponents as well as the Jewish community that "we are here to stay."

05-23-05 - Encouraged by cease-fire, Palestinians plunge into stocks

05-23-05 - Sharon sets Israeli terms before Abbas visits U.S Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Monday coupled a long-standing vow to hold on to three West Bank settlement blocs forever with a signal that other parts of the occupied area could be traded for peace

05-23-05 - News Analysis: Abbas expected to balance US Mideast position

05-23-05 - 'Balanced' view of M-E issue

05-23-05 - Speaker Hastert Address to American Israel Public Affairs Committee Annual Policy Conference We must demand that Syria remove all its forces, both military and intelligence assets, out of Lebanon. We must cooperate to end Iran's continued financial support of Hezbollah. We must cautiously support European efforts to cease Iranian plans to develop nuclear weapons.
Whose war is this?

05-23-05 - Egyptian delegation arrives in Gaza to mediate between Fatah, Hamas

05-23-05 - Chinese FM to visit Palestinian territories in June

05-23-05 - Getting Published While a Spat Is Hot At issue is a coming book by Mr. Finkelstein, "Beyond Chutzpah," which charges Mr. Dershowitz with distorting facts in his 2003 book "The Case for Israel." Mr. Dershowitz's book sought to counter many modern criticisms of Israel; much of "Beyond Chutzpah" consists of point-by-point responses

05-23-05 - AIPAC Strikes Back In what seems to be AIPAC's answer to the latest Star Wars theme, an interactive display on Iran's nuclear program has been set up this week in our nation's capital.

05-23-05 - American Anglican bishop opposes divestment in Israel Shaw wrote that divestment was "especially inappropriate" at a time he described as a "period of hope for peace" in the Middle East. He said divestment would harm Palestinians because of the connection between the Israeli and Palestinian economies

05-23-05 - Academics may end Israel boycott

05-23-05 - Reaching the un-reached On a sunny Thursday morning, we headed towards Mneizel to immunize children against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) as part of the national immunization campaign.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

News for 05-22-05

05-22-05 - Hebron: 32 Israeli Peace Activists Arrested While Attempting to Visit Palestinian Families in Tel Rumeida A dozen settlers had
attacked the Abu Haikel home, and moved closer as they stoned and broke
windows where the children hid in fear. Israeli soldiers did nothing. Abu
Haikel rushed to protect his children and was subsequently blindfolded and
detained by soldiers while his children cried.

05-22-05 - Mother of shot activist accuses Israeli army of cover-up Israel also refused to cooperate with a British coroner's inquiry and barred Mr Hurndall's brother, Billy, from travelling to Israel to investigate the shooting.

05-22-05 - Israeli officers seek Gaza pullout delay - source Some top Israeli army officers want to delay a withdrawal from the Gaza Strip for up to six months due to slow preparations and worries over the strength of Palestinian militants

05-22-05 - Truce and reforms on the agenda as Abbas heads to the White House

05-22-05 - Palestinians, Israelis protest as Laura Bush visits Jerusalem holy sites Ashraqi told AFP: "We told her about the reality of the occupation and how it interferes with everything in our lives. We also told her that we want President Bush's two-state vision to become a reality on the ground."

05-22-05 - Israel, Palestinians Pushed at World Forum Olmert said Israel would deny a chief demand of the Palestinians ? and of the World Bank ? for the reopening of a Palestinian-owned airport in Gaza, even after the Israeli pullout

05-22-05 - US lawmakers defend Bush Mideast policy at Jordan summit "If the United States were to give up its support of Israel this will lead to another Holocaust in the world like what happened in the last century," US Republican Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon said on Saturday. But it's ok to do this to the Palestinians?

05-22-05 - Israeli soldiers foil suicide bombing

05-22-05 - Dubai billionaire wants to buy up Gaza

05-22-05 - Rafah activist ?killed by British doctors?

05-22-05 - Protesters Heckle Laura Bush in Jerusalem

05-22-05 - Jayyous Gate 25 Reopened, Permits Needed for Farming Equipment Earlier this week, Israeli Forces reopened West Jayyous Gate 25, but Palestinian villagers need Israeli permits for gate access for their farming equipment and donkey carts.
Since the construction of the separation barrier in Jayyous, Israeli bulldozers razed several hundred citrus and olive trees. Moreover, the farmers lost access to six groundwater wells they used for farmland irrigation. The wells are on the Israeli side. As a result of the lack of irrigation approximately 15,000 citrus and live trees died. The farmers received no compensation for their agricultural loss.

05-22-05 - 350 Palestinian Child Prisoners in Israeli Jails, PPS Says

05-22-05 - Jumblatt calls for armed Palestinian brigade President of the Democratic Gathering and Chouf MP Walid Jumblatt said the creation of an armed Palestinian brigade attached to the Lebanese Army Command would resolve the issue of the refugee camps' disarmament

05-22-05 - Jerusalem residents scramble to fight wall

05-22-05 - Hurndall trial nears completion

05-22-05 - Olmert: Egypt May Take Over Gaza Crossing

05-22-05 - Hecklers Target Ariel Sharon in New York

05-22-05 - Sharon Demands End to Palestinian Attacks Visiting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on Sunday demanded an end to recent Palestinian attacks in the Gaza Strip, saying there must be "complete quiet" for peace-making to move forward

05-22-05 - Impacting on AIPAC A survey recently commissioned by the National Journal magazine among members of Congress ranked AIPAC second on a list of the most effective lobbies in Congress. What does that mean? That even under investigation, AIPAC still has immense power and that members of Congress are not unnerved by the rumors and reports.

05-22-05 - Jerusalemites call on intl community to save their lands

05-22-05 - Hamas says ready to hold dialogue with US, Britain

05-22-05 - Militants held by Palestinians start hunger strike

05-22-05 - George Galloway Receives A Hero's Welcome Home Galloway also announced that a Respect victory at Tower Hamlets would result in it being twinned with Jenin in occupied Palestine and that he would fly the Palestinian flag from the town hall, an echo of his campaign in Dundee, Scotland.

05-22-05 - Court: Vanunu did not violate parole conditions by visiting PA

05-22-05 - PM: Pullout will take place 'exactly as scheduled' Sharon, speaking to reporters while en route to the United States, rejected the idea of postponing the disengagement for six months

05-22-05 - West Bank: USAID launches $12 million road reconstruction program

05-22-05 - Leaders of Palestinian factions in Syria hold talks on truce

05-22-05 - Best Policy: Talk Tough with Israel Why is there no action from the president? Is it because he remembers when his father, back in 1991, did something similar by suggesting to delay the $10 billion loan guarantee to Israel as long as it continued to build illegal settlements on the West Bank only to see his father have to apologize a few days later for suggesting such a move?

05-22-05 - Ibrahim becomes Avraham

05-22-05 - Jordan, PA and Israel agree to save Dead Sea

05-22-05 - No agendas at the Agency helm People with an extreme right-wing agenda, who are unwilling to tolerate any compromise with the Arab world and the Palestinian people in an effort to obtain peace agreements, figure prominently among Sharansky's supporters in the Jewish world

05-22-05 - WEF expands education initiative to Palestinian Authority

05-22-05 - Palestinians' mass march on Netzarim They will storm the homes of the settlers, pulverize them and turn them into dust. "The flocks of settlers," as they are often called in the Palestinian media, are to the Palestinians the embodiment of the cruelty and evil of the Israeli occupier. All the frustration and the bitterness of the residents of Gaza will be directed against the houses, and against anything that remains in Gush Katif and in the other settlements

05-22-05 - Why Israel must make sacrifices A trip to Gaza has convinced a Lib Dem peer that Sharon's policy is self-defeating

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

News for 05-21-05

05-21-05 - Call for the release of two peaceful demonstrators! Riyad Muhammad Yassin Barnat, a 28-year-old construction worker and farmer, father of four, and ?Alian Ibrahim Ahmad Abu Rahmeh, a 29-year-old school-bus driver, father of two, have been detained by the Israeli army following a peaceful demonstration in their West Bank village of Bil?in on 28 April 2005.

05-21-05 - Israelis close key Gaza checkpoint Effectively dividing the area into two parts, the closure has paralysed traffic between the northern and southern Gaza Strip

05-21-05 - Abbas to ask Bush for clarifications on peace plan "We want two basic issues. We want him to give us political support and economic support that was promised by Congress because our people are in dire need of it," Abbas said

05-21-05 - Palestinians win deal with gunmen to save truce

05-21-05 - Israel, Palestinians disagree on summit plan Palestinian officials have said President Mahmoud Abbas would meet Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on June 7, but Mr Sharon's aides denied a date had been set or plans finalised

05-21-05 - Mideast water shortage could fuel political tensions: experts

05-21-05 - Al-Qaeda gains Palestine foothold the Jerusalem Post has quoted unnamed Palestinian Authority security officials as saying that a new group called Jundallah or 'Allah's Brigade' had links to the terrorist organisation headed by Osama bin Laden.

05-21-05 - Israel Denies Coma Patient Life-Saving Treatment Abroad

05-21-05 - Hebron: 32 leftists arrested Left-wing activists come to neighborhood of Tel Rumeida to express solidarity with Palestinians, say settlers threw objects at them

05-21-05 - First Lady emerges as Bush's secret weapon Palestinians were furious to learn that it listed Jericho, a key West Bank town in the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority, as part of Israel. Mrs Bush, 58, is due to visit Jericho today as her tour, which also takes in Israel and Egypt, continues

05-21-05 - Belief In Al-Arian-9/11 Link False Yet Not Uncommon

05-21-05 - Hezbollah fires rockets on Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms Lebanese militiamen fired rockets on the Israeli-occupied Shebaa Farms district causing no casualties, in response to Israeli warning fire at shepherds who had entered prohibited territory, officials on both sides said

05-21-05 - U.S. Senator Tells Arabs to Focus on Home While top Israeli and Palestinian officials discussed security at a Middle East forum Saturday, an American senator advised Arab leaders to focus on injustices in their own countries and reminded them that U.S. policy is security for Israel first and justice for Palestinians "if possible."

05-21-05 - World Activists to Protest Pro-Israel Conf. in US The coalition includes prominent congressmen as Paul Findley, a Republican Congressman from Illinois, who said the US strategic relations with Israel discredit the image of the US and drag Washington into unnecessary wars with Iran and Syria.

05-21-05 - US Jews plan show of support for PM While AIPAC publicly touts its strengths ? with some 5,000 people expected, this conference may be the biggest in the organization's 51 years, it draws more members of Congress than nearly any other non-government event and it culminates in a massive show of lobbying for Israel on Capitol Hill

05-21-05 - Jewish fanatics flood into Gaza to resist withdrawal The new arrivals are Jews of the extreme right, many of them Americans. They are the vanguard of a radical force building up in Gush Katif, a string of Israeli farming communities separated by barbed wire and army posts from 1.3m Palestinians who are crowded into Gaza?s refugee camps.

05-21-05 - Why Israel must make sacrifices

05-21-05 - Love letters to Hamas, Hizbullah Senior Hamas and Hizbullah members receive letters from American and British governments, report two United Arab Emirates? newspapers

05-21-05 - Cisco Systems to supply Palestine Telecoms

05-21-05 - Iran deplores US, Israeli policies

05-21-05 - Sharon's visit to America misses chance to set diplomatic agenda Israel's ability to maintain the security envelope around the Gaza Strip after the retreat is on a collision course with the internationally financed construction of the Gaza Port

05-21-05 - Book Review: Sabra and Shatila 1982

05-21-05 - U.S. split over gesture to Abbas ahead of talks

05-21-05 - Israeli, Palestinian share hopes Women seek to reconcile adversaries.

05-21-05 - Laura Bush urges Arab women role

05-21-05 - More Manly Galloways, Fewer Slimy Colemans Long before Iraq became an issue, the outspoken Galloway was a gallant defender of Palestinian rights. Both in England and the U.S., to speak up for Palestinians will get you on the s-list right away. Fanatical supporters of Israel are well-entrenched in both the British and American establishments.

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